This morning, Jive discovered that the data transfer process from Jive analytics databases to SAP has been delayed.  Additionally, Business Objects reports will not currently refresh.


We are working with SAP to resolve this.  Please track this post for more information; we will post updates as they are available.  We apologize for the inconvenience.




Update 9:50am PST: The ETL has been running again since 9:15am PST.  We are still seeing a backlog of queries on the database.  In order to clear up the database contention so that the problem does not continue to occur, we will need to clear out all of the queries currently running.  We will do this as soon as the next ETL run completes.  During this short time, you may see errors with any reports you have currently refreshing.  But, after we are finished, reports should refresh quickly again as usual.  We will update here when this maintenance is complete.


Update 11:55 am PST:  SAP is about to restart the Jive database.  Refreshing reports will not be possible for a brief period of time.  After this, we expect the database contention to clear up.  We will update again when we complete this maintenance.


Update 1:00 pm PST: We have successfully restarted the database and resumed the ETL process.  Data for many instances is several days behind on data transfer - we expect that it will take a couple of days to fully catch up.  If you continue to see further issues with loading reports, please file a support case.


Update 6:12 pm PST:  We have found another issue with data transfer to the Business Objects servers.   Unfortunately, we will need to delay this week's data transfer from Jive instances.  We will write another blog post on Monday March 26th with the status of the system.


Thanks for your patience.