Due to emergency maintenance that is being performed on the Jive hosting environment, communication with the SAP BI servers has been temporarily suspended.  This will prevent data from being propagated to the BI servers and thus, the data will not appear in your BobJ reports.  We apologize for the inconvenience this causes and will be providing updates to this post as they become available.


Update 3-26, 9:50am PST:  On Saturday, Jive migrated our Business Objects staging server to another machine.  Most instances are now transferring data to our new staging server.  Some instances have not transferred data yet to the new server, but we are updating the configuration and expect them to transfer data tonight.  The data transfer process is up and running, but it may take some additional time to catch up from the issues earlier in the week.  We will update again when we see all instances transferring data.


Thanks for your patience on this.