As of Wednesday, 5/30/2012, we will be removing the 'jivedw_activity_agg_user_day' table from Business Objects.  This will only affect customers who use the BOBJ plugin, and we expect that most of those customers will not notice any effect either.  This will affect reports and queries that use the activity count object with no reference to member (either as a result object or in the qf area as !=null).  These reports should still function, but if you find that they do not, you will need to remove the activity count object and re-add it.


The reason for removing this table is that it contains the same information found in the 'jivedw_activity_agg_day' table, but counts activity in a way that is confusing.  The same information will still be available in Business Objects from the more intuitive 'jivedw_activity_agg_day' table.  If you have questions about this change, please let us know.