Jive discovered an issue at BiOD that affected the loading of analytics data into the BObj universe. Depending on several factors, this may have resulted in up to 14 days worth of missing data from your Business Objects reports (Aug 13th to Aug 27th). We've since resolved the underlying data-loading issue and have implemented a fix that will reload the missing data.


Reloading this data will take several days to complete, during which time the normally scheduled ETL processes will be suspended. Once the fix has run to completion, the normal ETLs will continue and current data will be loaded into the system. We estimate that all data, including current, will be restored by the middle of next week. Please track this post for more information; we will post updates as they become available. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.


UPDATE Aug 31 14:25 PST

Import of data that was missing due to the data-load issue is complete and normal ETL processes have resumed - current data is now loading into BObj. For most instances, this means data beginning from Aug 26/27th. We estimate that ETLs will be "caught up" by the middle of next week.



Data restoration is on schedule. We'll provide another update soon.


ETLs are back on schedule and data should be current. If you notice discrepancies with your particular instance, please raise a Support Case and a support engineer will investigate. Thank you for your patience while we fixed this issue.