Jive discovered an issue with the Twistage service today which results slow uploads of large videos for all customers. Behavior that may be noticed is: after a user uploads a video they get a "The ID provided is invalid" or "No ID was provided" error in the video player, but the video later becomes playable after a period of hours. We're currently working with Twistage to get this issue resolved and video uploads back to normal performance.


If you're experiencing an issue with your community's video service, please file a Support case and a representative will investigate to confirm that it stems from this issue.


Please feel free to post a reply here if you have any questions relating to this issue. Updates will be added to this blog post as they become available.


Latest Update - 2012/12/15 4:00 PM PST:

We believe the root cause of the issues is now understood and resolved. Video content uploaded recently (and going forward) should not see this issue. We are attempting to confirm that all older video content is now properly linked, but there is still a chance that a few videos created before Friday, December 15 may exhibit the problem. Please enter a support case if you see a problem and we can fix it manually . We will continue to monitor and report if we see any unexpected new issues.


Update - 2012/12/14 5:30 PM PST:

This continues to be an issue for a few customers, and Twistage is continuing to troubleshoot. Please enter a support case if you see a problem with an urgently needed video, or if the problem does not clear after 24 hours. We will continue to monitor and report any new developments.


Update - 2012/12/13 3:30 PM PST:

We are aware of new reports where this still appears to be an issue and we believe this is related to the video backlog awaiting processing.  We will continue to monitor and report any developments, but expect affected videos should be working again, once the backlog has caught up.


Update - 2012/12/12 9:50 PM PST:

Changes were made to resolve the issue earlier this evening, and preliminary testing confirms that the issue is resolved. We will continue to monitor performance and post here if any new news develops.


Update 2012/12/12 8:30 PM PST:

We believe the issue has been resolved, and are working to confirm.