Update, 2/11/13, 5:05 PM PT


ETLs are caught up and data for your instance should be current. If you see any issues and/or your data is not caught up to the present, please open a support ticket and an engineer will investigate. Thank you for your patience while we worked to resolve this issue.

Update, 2/4/13, 5:15 PM PT


Access to the SFTP is restored. Reports from the February 1st and on will begin to be populated as the ETLs are ran overnight (or if you run them manually). I'll monitor the data from the SAP side and provide a final update when everything is caught up. I will try to respond to all questions within the comments, but please create a case to ensure a response.

Update, 2/4/13, 2:45 PM PT


The data reload process for activity between the 15th and 31st is complete and you should be able to report on that. In order to reload this data, we had to stop the processing of activities from the February 1st and on. We're now switching back to our standard configuration so that the rest of the data (from the 1st and on) can catch up. Hosting has identified some issues with our current SFTP configuration and they're currently working through this. I will update again later today with the latest status.

Update, 2/2/13, 11:15 AM PT

The data reload process is underway. It is roughly 30% complete and will continue to be monitored over the weekend.


Update, 2/1/13, 4:30 PM PT


Data reload process is beginning and we will have a better idea on the ETA within a few hours.

Update, 2/1/13, 1:00 PM PT


Support is on a Webex with SAP right now to validate that the fix for missing activity data is working correctly. Once we validate the fix and get SAP's sign-off, Jive will begin the data reload process (at which point we'll have a rough idea on the ETA of all reports working again).


Initial Post, 2/1/13, 10:00 AM PT


Jive discovered an issue at BiOD that is affecting the loading of analytics data into the BObj universe. Any data that was transferred after January 15th is potentially corrupt. If you have a report that filters on activity or container type, you may be getting unexpected results. My team is working with SAP to push a fix out now and will test the data reload process after that.


Reloading this data will take several days to complete, during which time the normally scheduled ETL processes will be suspended. Once the fix has run to completion, the normal ETLs will continue and current data will be loaded into the system. I estimate that all data, including current, will be restored by late next week and I will provide updates if this timeline changes. Please track this post for more information; I (or someone on my team) will post updates every few hours. I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.