In an ongoing effort to improve our support processes (not just the direct case channel), I am excited to announce that the Jive Customer Support organization has recently launched a full management program around discussions in the Jive Support space in the Jive Community. Specifically, the Support team at Jive will be monitoring all new discussions created in the Jive Support space to ensure as many questions as possible are reviewed and answered.


Along with this new program, Jive has updated the case creation wizard to add a new "Create A New Public Discussion" button as an alternative way to get help!




Be sure to review Best Practices for Creating a Public Discussion if you have any questions around when your question is better served as a public question instead of a private support case. As always, if you are running into issues specific to your instance or experiencing a critical issue, please reach out to Jive support immediately through a new support case in your MyJive support group.


For those customers who run their own Jive-x support community, and who are interested in rolling out a similar program, you can learn more about the Jive-x CRM Connector here: JiveX CRM Connector - brief overview.  Additionally, we will posting an implementation guide that we developed as we went through this implementation, similar to what we did with our Knowledge Base Implementation Guide.


We are eager to hear your feedback on this program.  If you have any questions or concerns please comment so we can further improve your support experience with Jive!  Also, just because we are answering discussions does not mean you cannot contribute as well!  Please chime in!  We want our support community to be as vibrant as possible!