As many of you have already noticed, we recently added a new feature into our case creation process, where you can choose your preferred support region!


In support, we are a global organization, and by default we will assign your case to the next available Jive Support agent, regardless of location.  This is normally great, but sometimes this results in an agent working on a case in a different timezone than our customers.  As a result, many of our customers have requested that we instead distribute cases based on a preferred region.  We recognize the need for both situations: some customers prefer the fastest initial response possible, while others prefer a guarantee that the Jive Support agent will be working in a timezone similar to their own.  With this latest feature, we give our customers the ability to choose whichever option works best for them at the time of case creation!


In the case creation screen, you now have the Support Region option (in screenshot below, EMEA is selected).



Within the Support Region drop down, you have the following options:



While the default remains "No Preference"  (continues current workflow), you can now choose a preferred region, thereby guaranteeing a Jive Support agent within that Support Region will work on your case!  To learn more about this exciting new improvement, please see our Frequently Asked Questions!