• New GDPR Date Protection Rules and Jive

    Hi there,   Wondering what Jive has planned to ensure that UK based customer communities (like ourselves) remain compliant with the forthcoming GDPR data protection rules?   I have a copy of your current p...
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  • Event Calendar Widgets

    I searched JiveWorks before and found this article on event calendar widgets.   I would like to use this, but can't figure out how to add this on to my space.   No option comes up in my settings, template...
  • Creating TemboSocial Ideas Tile Does not Work

    We've determined a Jive API (osapi.jive.corev3.search.byExtProp({key:"tembosocialideasenable","value":true}).execute(function(result) {})) has stopped functioning properly.   The TemboSocial ideas tile now loads...
    Melvin Berena
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  • Strange UI problem in Jiveworks

    I've been seeing this for a while. It affects both Firefox and Chrome.     I see this behavior when trying to find the place to post a support case, sometimes when replying.   It DOES NOT happen whe...
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  • Jive Support Q&A Archive [CTA]

    Check out the Jive Support Q&A Archive
    Sarah O'Meara
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  • Configure search widget to search partner site/space

    I am partnering with another company that is also using Jive for their community and knowledge base.  is there a way for my site to search their space and return document/article results?
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  • Is it possible to build a custom stream (via News-feature) based on specific skills which users have entered in their profile?

    With the Jive News feature one can build custom streams for users matching different rules based on their profile fields.   The skills which a user can add to their profiles seem not to be handled as a profile f...
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  • Delivering latest news to community members

    Hello,   I am sorry if this question has been already addressed somewhere or documented. We are currently on Jive SBS 2016.3.8.1   I am struggling to make our community members to receive latest content. ...
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  • What happens when I check "Make your content visible to everyone in your community."

    What happens when I check the last Publish location option that will "Make your content visible to everyone in your community."  If the document is not in a space and a category within that space, how does someon...
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  • Jive Support Alerts

    There are no active support alerts   Follow the status page at http://status.jivesoftware.com/ real-time status updates as the investigation continues.
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  • Can we upload GIF's into Static Resources

    I have been trying to upload a GIF file into Static Resources, so I can use it in an HTML tile.   I have tried to do this a Chrome and Firefox, but both don't succeed. Sometimes I get an error message, but it do...
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  • Are Jive Software's information security practices documented anywhere?

    We are required to perform a risk assessment on our third-party vendors relating to Information Security as part of our GRC program and I'm wondering if Jive has any of their practices documented or if I need to engag...
    Jeff Shurtliff
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  • Jive-X Document Permissions & Permissions

    Hi, Is there a permission group to give users where they can create documents, edit their own documents, but not edit others documents? Also is there a chart on what all the permission levels do (i.e. adminster, cr...
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  • Not found Analytics Services in Add-ons tab

    I read the docs, try to use DES API Using the V2 Jive Data Export Service (Analytics) My jive is https://kloudless-tech.jiveon.com/ and I use admin account chihhung@kloudless.com to login. In the following steps...
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  • Enabling Ghost Publishing

    We have recently launched a newsletter that we are publishing as a blog post.  It is produced by a team of people, but we want the actual post to come from one of our leaders.   We were looking at the JiveW...
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  • Video Publisher Not Working

      Currently trying to upload a video, but we are unable to. Has anyone seen anything like this/know of a fix? Thanks!
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  • Error Adding Action Item

    When a page has an action resolved on it already, adding another action item seems impossible. When I try to add new after the initial is resolved, it just gives me the following error message. Is this expected behavi...
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  • How can i include a particular domain to my valid domain whitelist as an admin.

    As an Admin i want to add some domains to my whitelist ,so that it doesnot gives error on registration time ,how can it be done?
    created by hnamdeo
  • Anyone else receive error when attempting to move spaces with external storage provider integration?

    I am attempting to move spaces in my community but keep receiving the following error:   An error has occurred while saving place metadata to external storage provider
    Donna Skoog
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  • Problem with Jive Daily on Android

    Hello, There is a problem with Jive Daily app for Android.   1) The user can't see comments when opens the post.   2) The tile Trending does not work. It displays posts but when a user tries to open one, t...
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