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  • Jive Support Alerts

    There are no active support alerts   Follow the status page at http://status.jivesoftware.com/ real-time status updates as the investigation continues.
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  • Community News - MyJive Group Tile

    Become a Jive Advocate!   Sign up to become a Jive Advocate and learn about upcoming opportunities.   FIND OUT MORE
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  • Using JPDA Remote Debugging with SBS & Linux Setup

    This was not as easy as I'd like, but this could be a feature add for management.   As the jive user, visit the following file:   ~/applications/sbs/bin/manage   Around line 115, make the following u...
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  • Jive Hosted Akamai Configuration Guidelines

    Special Configuration required by Akamai  Enable PUT / DELETE methods <security:allow-put>on</security:allow-put> <security:allow-delete>on</security:allow-delete>   Honor HTTP Cac...
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  • Upgrade failure because of user profile issue (SBS 3.0 to 4.0)

    Some users have been seeing an upgrade failure because some user accounts were missing a "jiveusercontainer". Before SBS 4.0, this was only created if the user created a personal blog. The simple fix for this is to cr...
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  • Hosting FAQ

    This document has been replaced with the new Hosting Services FAQ located in the Jive Hosting Group. If you do not have access to this group please click the link and use the option to request to join. A member of Jiv...
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  • Constant values used in SBS WebService calls

    Some of the Jive SBS WebService calls require you to pass in an integer constant value for certain parameters.   Documented below are the standard constant values within SBS that you can use for each parameter:...
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  • Automated database dump retrieval from cloud

    A few of our hosted customers have raised the question of how to automate the process of retrieving database dumps.  Currently, using the cloud admin tool and getting a one-off dump is the option many are choosin...
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