• Anyone else receive error when attempting to move spaces with external storage provider integration?

    I am attempting to move spaces in my community but keep receiving the following error:   An error has occurred while saving place metadata to external storage provider
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  • Problem with Jive Daily on Android

    Hello, There is a problem with Jive Daily app for Android.   1) The user can't see comments when opens the post.   2) The tile Trending does not work. It displays posts but when a user tries to open one, t...
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  • Going live from sandbox

    HI Ryan Rutan, we are in one situation where there is one live website of jive for the current client and its new design and changes along with editing and updating the contents to be done on a sandbox jive website. O...
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  • Deactivate user function is not available

    Hello   I am the new jive administrator at my office.  I am trying to deactivate a user.  The guides on jiveworks reference an "Admin console" where I am able to deactivate users.  But, I do not s...
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  • Unable to install Jive for Office v 30.7.48 Error 1925 you do not have sufficient privleges.

    Anyone else run into this? I tried logging in as local admin, domain admin etc and it fails every time.  
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  • Removing the "Welcome" Email

    Hi there,   In Jive Cloud, if you delete the "Welcome" email template: Will this just delete the text included in the template, but still technically send out an email, it would just be blank? Or, would it r...
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  • how can i get jive.rpm ?

    I want to  set up a small instance of Jive for evaluation and testing purposes , how can i get jive.rpm? thanks for you answer.
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  • I am thankful for Jive Support reps who are trying so hard to help us

    This time of year always makes me step back and think about what I am grateful for. I just got off a called with Ryan Farber in Customer Support who is dedicating his whole day today to work on a very serious issue in...
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  • Image Gallery

    One of our image galleries has 14 photos loaded. The images are visible in the small display box as you click through using the arrows you can see all 14. However, once you click to maximize the box, only half of thos...
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  • Issues with HTML Tiles

    I am having issues adding HTML tiles to my spaces.   I paste the code. Preview looks exactly like I want. But the cursor turns to the red "No" sign and won't let me submit & save.   How do I fix this s...
  • CM Reports for Spaces & sub-spaces

    I have run some CM reports for Content. One report based on top level Space and included it's sub-spaces.   However, when I run each of the sub-spaces on their own, the counts don't equal up (ie: my 3 sub-space...
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  • How do I create a new 'update status' link

    I'd like to create a 'update status' link next to the users' profile in the main header.   I want this to have the same effect as using the update option from the create menu. (creates a small popup)   It ...
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  • What's the difference between the two back end systems to change functionality?

    I was trying to change permissions for a space and employees were still able to comment.  I could not figure it out, so I decided to look at the Admin Console instead of going to the old version of the permission...
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    created by aknutson
  • Provisioning a user through Okta fails

    We use Okta as a SSO service provider, and signing in to link.jiveon.com always goes through Okta. Now, we have two users, roel.villerius@securelink.nl and malak.ibrahim@securelink.nl which already has accounts in Jiv...
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  • How to add new URL Schemes to Jive?

    Our users ask us to allow for more clickable URLs within Jive.   For example, some users want to type integrity://XYZ and this shall be 1. accepted as URL entry and 2. be rendered a clickable link. Once I know ...
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    created by Frank Nestel
  • Adjust Settings for where (Space) a Discussion is Posted to?

    Is there a way to modify the existing spaces a member posts a discussion to and to require others in Jive 6.0?  See image  
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  • Unable to access the SAML menu in the Admin Console

    I'm trying follow the instructions in the following article for integrating our Jive tenant with out Azure AD instance:   Tutorial: Azure Active Directory integration with Jive | Microsoft Docs    Ho...
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  • User Marshalling Error

    We are currently experiencing a weird issue. We have Jive SSO setup with Okta and user provisioning for Jive is turned on in Okta. I follow the steps below to recreate the issue:   1) I log in to the Jive admin ...
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  • Jive integration with MailChimp

    We're trying to find out if a MailChimp integration between MailChimp and Jive (has to work for cloud) exists that can essentially use MailChimp custom templates but populate them with the Jive data that would be used...
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    created by joel.gralton
  • Why notifications don't appear anymore?

    Hello! Why the notifications icon in our Jive Community is always grey, even when we have news?
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