Use with Week 1: Pick the best use for your team.

You know you've been there - you have a Word doc that you created and now need to get input from a handful of others on the team.

The nightmare begins -

  • You attach the doc to an email asking for feedback
  • Bill provided some bullets of feedback in an email directly back to you
  • Angel made some edits in the doc but didn't use 'track changes'.  Some are contradictory to Bill's feedback.
  • Liz forwarded it on to Jacqueline who replied with some thoughts, but only replied back to Liz.  Liz just pasted in those thoughts along with hers in a revised version of the document.

And on...and on...and have multiple versions of the same doc along with random emails of input.  Good luck putting it all together.


But wait!  There's a better way!

What if you could create a document, easily share it with your colleagues, and all edit the same doc with having one click access to review past versions and see people's comments, and reactions to comments, all in an easily readable thread.


Don't think it's possible?  Check out how Trisha Liu from HP has been able to escape email jail and work smarter and faster with her colleagues around documents.

You can see exactly how to do this when you're in your Jive for Teams trial by clicking on the 'Get Started' button on top and selecting the 'Collaborate on Documents' guided tour.  See the picture below that shows exactly where this is in the product.

collaborate on docs tour.png