So you've taken a Jive Training session via webex and now you have a recording link for the native ARF format that Webex uses.  Great!  Wait, what if you want to upload that to your Jive community?  Well unfortunately there are two problems:  it doesn't support that format and the files are generally too large.  So how do you take the file and convert it?


You need to download Network Recording Player from the Webex site:




This program allows you to open up downloaded ARF files and then choose to convert them to MP4, WMV or SWF.


  1. Install the program
  2. Open Network Recording Player
  3. Choose File > Open and find the ARF file you downloaded
  4. Once the file is open you can choose to pause the playback (it auto plays the file on open)
  5. Choose File > Convert Format and choose the format you want to use.  We recommend using MP4 as it's fully supported.
  6. When the dialog appears there is only 1 thing you need to do:  choose the option "Video" in the radio buttons.
  7. Optional:  choose to either start the conversion now or schedule it for later (wait for it, we're getting to that cool feature).
  8. If you have more then 1 recording:  start the first one, then open the second ARF file and schedule the second one for a later time that day!  Rinse, repeat as necessary!


From experience the process took roughly 1.5 hours to convert a 1 hour training session (I'm being very generous with time) and will depend on the specs of the computer doing the conversion.  I recommend doing a test run if you have multiple vides and seeing how much time you need to budget.


Questions?  Post a comment to this blog post!