• How do I moderate Content?

    What are the moderation settings and how do I use them?
  • Is there Documentation for Moderation Settings?

        I need to learn how to use moderation on our site to direct comments to a specific moderator for review before they are posted on the site. Is there documentation somewhere on how to do this??
  • Remove Image URLs from Notifications Emails

    When email notifications that include content are sent from our Jive instance images in the content are not included in the email, but are instead replaced with the URL to the image. I understand that images are diffi...
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    last modified by eric.anastas
  • Direct Messages | Increase maximum participants?

    Can we increase the maximum amount of participants a user can add to a Direct Message?  I believe our maximum is currently set at 100 and we'd like to increase this number?
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    created by sherinunn
  • Are deleted versions hard deleted or soft deleted?

    I don't see a way to restore them, but I'm not sure if they really free up space on our 2016.x legacy cloud instance.
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    created by Nik Edmiidz
  • HTML Tile Height

    Hi Everyone!   I recently posted an idea regarding HTML tile height:   The current functionality of the HTML tile "height" feature can be quite frustrating. Having the height set for optimal viewing on one ...
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    last modified by navamarshall
  • Welcome to discussion on Spark S/W

    Any tutorial of Spark baiscs is appreciated
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  • Jive training video audio quality

    We have noticed audio quality issues with a reasonable number of the video training video available in AW (see the first video of Foundation 1). We have shared these in the Help and Support space of our community and ...
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    last modified by lukemorgan
  • Top Departments don't get filtered by time in the little circle graphs

    Can anyone explain how the Top Departments filt... | AureaWorks After clicking on "Top Departments" in the Impact Metrics, you can see views by department in the stacked area graph below. This graph changes as y...
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    last modified by Nik Edmiidz
  • Jive dashboard in MS Word

    Is there a way to have the Jive dashboard in Microsoft Word default to the hidden state? Every time I open a Word document I have to go and hide it manually (it takes up too much screen space).   Thanks, Daniel
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    last modified by danielpasono
  • When upgrading our SAML identity provider and using DNS to point to new one, should we still get a new IDP Metadata file?

    We are upgrading our SSO  from AD FS 2 to AD FS 3, and will point the existing domain to new AD FS server's IP resulting in no change to entityID URL in existing IDP Metadata.   In this case, will we need t...
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    last modified by Nik Edmiidz
  • The Get Started link for "Welcome to Jive Platform Training"

    The Get Started link displayed on the landing page appears to be broken. Is this content still available?
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  • Gamification Reporting

    Is there a way to bulk export all users with their points levels?
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    last modified by lpagan
  • How can I share a post, a document, an event between two or more communities in JIVE 8 ?

    I am looking to create a post/doc/event once, and share it across 2 or more social groups or communities: is there a way to share instead of re-creating a copy via edit/select/copy/paste (as copy function not backport...
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    last modified by claudeschlesser
  • Our instance is down. . . .what do I do

    I get the following message when I try to surf to our instance this morning.        An error occurred while processing your request. Reference #97.77c8d917.1515766233.9fdd0e7d     ...
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  • Are other former Jive-X (now Aurea) communities down?

    Our community is down and this is the error I'm getting:   An error occurred while processing your request. Reference #30.8294dc17.1515714774.1589c0e0
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    last modified by daniy
  • Can we download and share the Cloud training videos?

    Hi. We'd like to include the Jive videos -- or a portion therein -- in our help & feedback section in our new cloud site.   a) any chance we can get them all bundled as a .zip folder? b) what's the option...
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    last modified by tonyafrizzell
  • How do I cancel a scheduled training reservation?

    Need to cancel my reservation Jive Management and Measurement on 12/14.  Please do it for me or provide instructions to do it myself.   Thank you!
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    created by Dave Monfore
  • Hi, can I synchronize my outlook calender with the JIVE one ?

    Hi all,   I am wondering if there is a possibility that I can use info I that is stored in my professional oulook calendar into the calendar in JIVE ?   Regards,   Erik
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  • How to inline comment in cloud?

    Hello,   I am considering moving to cloud and I have access to a cloud instance, but I cannot figure out how to inline comment.  My current environment is hosted and we have what looks like a manila folder ...
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    last modified by achiu