• Sharing Jive training videos

    Hi gang, is there anyway I can be sharing some of the training videos into our own Jive community as part of our Getting Started content collection for new users?
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  • Any idea when we're going to see updated User Reference Guides?

    The most recent I can find are related to 2016.1. With the new Profiles and Content Evolution, the platform's changed quite dramatically since then.   The instructions for how to get around Jive version 2016.1 ...
  • Reuse of training materials

    There was a request if the training materials can be edited and posted to internal communities.  Looking for the same answer?  Can materials be reused, repurposed?
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    created by msimpson
  • Can you mark content as "final" in Jive 8?

    I have a colleague that is using the "finalized content" tile in the group's activity page, but she cannot mark anything as "final." We can mark as "official" and "outdated" in the actions widget for the content, but ...
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  • Where do I find Jive Administrator training?

    Looking for "getting started" in setting up our intranet.  Not end-user training. Is there any?
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  • IDEA: Search Enhancements & Unsuccessful Searches

    The "Top Successful Searches" report in Community Manager Reports is helpful, however, it would be amazing to have visibility of what people are searching for and NOT finding. This would allow admins to have a more co...
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    created by navamarshall
  • how to remove functions and content

    I am trying to clean up our Jive space. A previous coworker was in charge of the space before, we have since removed her credentials and I have been added on as a community manager. I cannot find any training on how t...
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  • Are there any user videos planned for Jive Cloud?

    Are there any user videos planned for Jive Cloud, similar to the Jive 8 videos?
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  • Documentation as Documents?

    I've been browsing through the documentation here: https://docs.jivesoftware.com/cloud_int/end_user/jive.help.core/#user/UsingaJiveCommunity.html, and I'm noticing it's much more robust than the content that is availa...
  • How do you block users from downloading video?

    There is a new feature that allow video download (which is great).   However I want to control the distribution of the educational videos posted. How can I stop/block users from downloading video... thx
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  • How can you filter by content type ?

    Displaying recent content , I would like to be able to limit the content displayed . For example, we want a widget that only displays ONLY polls another that displays ONLY documents , etc...   How can this be do...
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  • Are we allowed to use the Jive 8 Training videos on our tool to help our users?

    They are terrific and very clear instructions - sure would be great to be able to use them to train our users.
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  • Training materials on how to manage Overview page & settings for a particular space?

    Hello! Our agency is rolling out a new "social intranet" using Jive, and part of my job as content editor/community manager is to train people on how to manage the space for their office or department. Though we've do...
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  • Training videos

    Are the previous Jive training videos available somewhere in this community? or do they need to be emailed to me?
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  • How can I make it so 5 or more announcements show at the top of the screen.

    Presently only 1 announcement shows, with an option to see another one on the right.   How can I change it so 5 or more show before it offers the option for the next set of announcements?   Thank you.
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  • Is there documentation on the "copy document" feature?

    I would love to train my users on the "copy document" feature. Is there any documentation on this?
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    last modified by akoplen
  • Increasing number of custom navbar links

    Hi,   Custom Navbar links are limited to only 5 . Is their any way to increase it??   Thanks.
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    last modified by spoorthy
  • Are there videos for other types of content?

    Hi,   These videos are great but mostly talk about status updates, documents, blog posts and discussions. Are there any videos or training materials on the other content types?   Also is there any kind of ...
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  • Any limit on number of versions?

    https://community.jivesoftware.com/message/1409483   Is there any limit to the number of version on a document in Jive?
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  • Video approach with Jive 6 support ending next September

    As I've mentioned before, I love the videos that you've put together for users to become more familiar with Jive.With support for Jive 6 ending next September, is there an intention of updating these videos to include...
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