• Is there documentation on the "copy document" feature?

    I would love to train my users on the "copy document" feature. Is there any documentation on this?
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  • Increasing number of custom navbar links

    Hi,   Custom Navbar links are limited to only 5 . Is their any way to increase it??   Thanks.
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  • Are there videos for other types of content?

    Hi,   These videos are great but mostly talk about status updates, documents, blog posts and discussions. Are there any videos or training materials on the other content types?   Also is there any kind of ...
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  • Any limit on number of versions?

    https://community.jivesoftware.com/message/1409483   Is there any limit to the number of version on a document in Jive?
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  • Video approach with Jive 6 support ending next September

    As I've mentioned before, I love the videos that you've put together for users to become more familiar with Jive.With support for Jive 6 ending next September, is there an intention of updating these videos to include...
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  • Help for streams?

    Hello - are you planning any videos on streams?  Custom streams (why you'd want one), editing streams, and the differences between Connections, Email Watches, Inbox, and Actions are the biggest confusion points w...
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  • What program was used to create the training videos?

    I have created about 25 training videos in my community but the videos are not clear. I am trying to find a program that can capture my screen as I talk and have the finished product be a clear, quality video.
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  • Are there any Jive 7 Training videos?

    Looking for Jive 7 training videos.
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  • Training Request: Managing a Space

    I can not find training I can give my super users on how to manage a space. So I end up showing them, over and over, the tips and tricks.  But it is too much content for them to absorb in a single session.  ...
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  • Are there any training videos for Jive for Outlook/Office?

    This would be great!
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  • Jive Training Videos

    Carrie Gilbert I am with Easter Seals and we have just purchased Jive Software for our organization. I would like to share some of these introductory videos with my staff here at HQ without asking them to sign for the...
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  • Access to download training videos

    Hey Carrie Gilbert,   In an annoucement you made today you mentioned we could request to have access to download the traiing videos. Our community love the videos and I would hate to lose the. Can I please have...
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  • Embed Videos

    Can we embed these training videos into our our instance or training material?  We would love to use them to allow our user to get more comfortable with Jive and not require a Jive Community Account.   Than...
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  • Training video download

    Branched from an earlier case https://community.jivesoftware.com/casethread/290551   Hi Ashish,   Thanks for filing this inquiry to look into obtaining compatible source files for the Jive training videos....
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