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Kelly Carlsted

I Love User Groups!

Posted by Kelly Carlsted Jan 3, 2014

Hello Jive Customers,


My name is Kelly Carlsted and I am the marketing events coordinator at Jive, where I help put on events like JiveWorld. As we move into 2014 I’m also excited to announce that I will be managing Jive’s user groups and will have the opportunity to work with our amazing community moving forward.



A little bit more information about me:

  • I love my hush basset dog Dakota
  • I am getting married in Lake Tahoe next June
  • I love "glamping", hiking, and generally spending time outdoors
  • During the winter I can usually be found snowboarding in Lake Tahoe
  • I am part of a book club and love to read fantasy novels
  • Outside of San Francisco, my favorite two cities to visit are London and Prague
  • My favorite things about Jive are the product and the awesome people I work with


Starting just 3 months ago, my first event with Jive was JiveWorld. I was completely blown away by the conference and hearing all of your success stories! It is true that Jive has the best customers.  In this new role, I will work with you to organize meet-ups, secure speakers and provide potential agenda topics. User groups are a place for customers to self-reference and self-assist each other, leverage relationships, and build new ones. Also, user groups are a way for you to be kept up to date on product information.


My goals for the community:

  • Just like JiveWorld, I want to focus on networking
  • Introduce/solidify best practice sharing into the User Groups
  • Grow the community
  • Have regular meet-ups throughout the year that are fun and productive
  • Within each user group, establish a group leader that will help organize events and be a community liaison
  • Bring back feedback generated by the user groups to Jive
  • Be a resource and advocate for you


I will be reaching out to each user group in the few weeks to establish our first meet-up of the year in February, but I need your help! I am looking for someone who would be willing…

  • To host a meet-up
  • To establish the user group dates
  • To own the relationship between Jive and the user group
  • To insure that the user group keeps cadence
  • To insures meeting notes & attendance are recorded

I want to reiterate that I am really excited about this opportunity and look forward to working with all of you.

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