• News streams don't seem to populate with shared content

    If a blog is written in one place without a News stream rule set up and then shared with another place that is set up as a News stream, the blog won't show up in the News stream. I think it should. Thoughts?
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  • Tag management tool

    48 votes
    Add a feature - tool for our owners and administrator ; Often we re-create the tags. Could we manage by community the list of tag and change directly the similar or wrong tag
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  • Ability to edit link added via Helpful Links Tile

    13 votes
    One can add Link Title, Link Url and Icon when adding a Link in the Helpful Links tile.   Please enable edit for the added Link so that users can change the icon, title or link at a later date instead of just hav...
    Reena Dsouza
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  • Allow ability to move tiles across columns not just up and down

    23 votes
    It is frustrating when designing a page and not being able to move tiles anywhere on the page (similar to how widgets work).  I go through all the work to create the tile and realize I need it on the left instead...
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  • Is image uploaded through API temporary?

    In our Jive instance, attachment are disabled. So, in order to create a content with images, we are using following steps   Upload an image through /image api endpoint. /image api call return image details with ...
    last modified by ashish.bhaskarwar
  • App not displaying under Apps menu - Please help

    Hello,   I created an UI App and deployed the add-on package on developer sandbox. But the App not displaying under Apps menu.   Here is my definition.json ====================   {   ...
  • Jive Release Schedule

    **Please note that any future dates in this table are subject to change. **   Want to gain insight into Jive, connect with other Jive Customers, and discuss the latest and greatest? You should join the Jive Cust...
    Kirsten Wickland
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  • Moderation queue impacting content

    Good day everyone, I am looking for definitions of how content is ranked and climbs the Recent Content ladder. I understand when something is published and receives new comments, it will bubble up to the top. If a ...
    Toby Metcalf
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  • Trigger e-mail notifications for edits on blog posts, discussions, events, photo albums or polls

    17 votes
    Currently, Jive triggers no e-mail notifications for edits made to blog posts, discussions, events, photo albums or polls -basically, only edits made to documents trigger e-mail notifications.   It would be very...
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  • Email Formatting for Escalation requests not that clean

      There is raw html which isn't rendered.
    Nik Edmiidz
    created by Nik Edmiidz
  • Jive/Integration Users and How They Are Used

    Summary Details User Details FAQ Can I delete these users? Can I lower their level of access? Should I be concerned of misuse? Can I update the passwords or usernames for these accounts? ...
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  • When creating a new product idea, it automatically adds a positive vote for the creator.

    1 vote
    Many time people create a product improvement and do not realize that they haven't "voted" on their own product improvement. This should be a default for creating a product improvement that the creator automatically h...
    Toby Metcalf
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  • JavaScript API to retrieve current place (group/project)

    Hi,   Is there any possible way to get the place within whose context the a jive app is opened by the user? There is a osapi.jive.corev3.people.getViewer() to get details of the current viewer. Similarly is ...
    Satyajeet Shahane
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  • Jive Daily Feedback and Feature Requests

    Starting a consolidated list of feedback and feature requests for the Jive Daily mobile app. Request Description Reported On Reported By Outcome More intelligent explore people option Under Explore->People the...
    Nicolas RAFFIN
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  • Is there a tile for categories?

    I've created categories for my major content hubs; however, I can't find a tile to display them on the activity page.  I really don't want to use overview/widget based since these pages need to optimized for mobi...
    last modified by deirdrewalsh
  • Display PDF in a tile?

    Can you display a PDF in a place using a tile?
    Daniel Mudgett
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  • Update on Producteev for Task Management

    Hello Producteev Community,   Firstly, thank you for using Producteev and being passionate supporters of it. It means a lot to those of us in the Jive products team where we work to shape the roadmap  based...
    Dilshad Simons
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  • Markdown anyone?

    Do you guys know markdown?
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  • Workflow concept in Jive

    May I know if there is solution to have workflow in Jive especially in Documents? Just like a series of tasks that will produce an outcome. For example, when someone published a doucment, the sytstem will routes the...
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  • Allow admin adding/editing of tags and categories for discussions and questions

    10 votes
    * Community type: jive-x and jive-n   * Pertains to what feature? bulk manage   * Software version you are on: cloud   * Idea details: Allow adding/editing of tags and categories for discussions and que...
    Kirsten Laaspere
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