• What should we call this place?

    I'm not convinced that we have the best name yet for this onboarding classroom.   Is the word "onboarding" even a term that resonates with new members? It's like training but not entirely because it's more about...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Introduce Yourself!

    Hey everyone!   Welcome to the virtual onboarding classroom for new JiveWorks community members in the first half of 2017. This classroom will be your place to get comfortable using Jive, navigating the JiveWork...
    Libby Taylor
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  • News Stream filtering

    Hi Troy Gardella,   I have a question related to news stream filtering. During our training we covered that news stream filter can be configured with profile fields or Jive permission groups.   If I have a...
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  • RTE / Bangapp - Can't edit

    In the last cloud release, with the new text editor enabled, we can't edit bang apps. We can insert, however there is no mechanism to edit. Does anyone else experience this issue? We are currently on 2016.3.4.0
  • Are you a customer? Request customer-only access today

    Sign up by adding your name to the comments below!   Looking to access information posted in the Customer Hub? Want to be able to access the new Ideas for Jive?   Please add your request to the comments b...
    Libby Taylor
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  • "my JIVE Licenses"

    Dear Team,   do we have a license for Event Module Version 9.000?  And do we have licenses for the version 9.000 for the other modules listed in “Contracts an Licenses” as seen below?   fo...
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  • Do documents in a view document tile receive incremental views if someone looks at it in a page?

    If a document is synced to a view document tile would the document receive views if someone views it on the page or would only views count if they view the actual document?   Thanks, Mark
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  • We'd like to turn off all notifications when people follow other people.

    i.e. If follow my VP, he doesn't want to receive a notification about it. How do we make that the default behavior in our spaces.
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  • Content Changes and Edits

    Is there a way to create a table of sorts, or is there a report available, where I can see a log of who made changes to a particular piece of content and/or, the changes that were made?  I know that currently, we...
  • Unable to apply labels

    I've created my Labels, but I don't see the Apply Label button that's supposed to be next to the Following button. Any suggestions? I'm on Cloud & have Profile Evolution turned on. Thanks for the help!
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  • Why are deleted documents still @mentionable?

    As an admin, not only do I see all deleted documents as part of a search (which mat be kind of useful) - but I also see deleted documents when I try to @ mention the name of the document that replaces it with the same...
    Carl Samberg
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  • Help with integrations

    Hello, We are trying to set up multiple integrations in our Jive instance and are having quite a difficult time getting any of them to work accurately. We want to get our google drive/docs integrations set up, but ca...
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  • Welcome to Your Onboarding Class!

    I'm Libby Taylor, the senior community manager of JiveWorks. Also meet Sarah Chaney my community manager partner-in-crime. We are here, along with some customer experts, to help you with your new community membership ...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Seeking a mentor!

    Alicia Freites, online community manager,  I would love to share ideas and experiences on how to improve our Blueprint System internal community. We are located in Toronto, Canada. I am new at this job 3 weeks ...
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  • Welcome Rob Shapiro as our next volunteer community manager!

    In case you missed my blog Become a Unicorn and Boost Your Jive Advocate Points, I asked volunteers to come forward to help with peer-to-peer community management in Internal Communities and External Communities. Say ...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Jive Rest API contents endpoint and filtering for questions only

    Hello,   I want to get all questions via JIVE Rest API, but the contents endpoints does not allow me to take question as a value in the type filter. The error message is "invalid filter expression". It is po...
    created by jgoldhammer
  • Count of particular Widget used in the places.

    Hi everyone,   We where planning to de-commision one of the cusotmized widget and I wanted to know how many spaces are using this widget before decommisioning is there any way to get the details via Query or Res...
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  • Showing latest blogs from company website

    What I am wanting to achieve is a way to show the "Latest blog posts" from our company website. The blog is Drupal, is there to import that into the community? Anyone have experience with drupal blogs?
    created by dennismsmith
  • Cornerstone LMS Integration?

    I know that we discussed this at the Learning Unconference at JW16, but alas I'm still recovering from that trip so ... is there Cornerstone/Jive integration or is that in the works?   Asking for a friend.
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  • Jive Swag at JiveWorld17 - What Would You Buy?

    We are exploring having a Jive swag store at JiveWorld17!   We would love to hear from you on the kind of branded items that you typically purchase and any other thoughts you have on the subject. All items will ...
    Libby Taylor
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