• My Funny Valentine

    For those of you who know me (and my alter ego Mike Mercado), I may have seemed a complete recluse, hiding in the hills above Silicon Valley cursing the fates for my non-designer loincloth and fully gas-powered transp...
    Mike Mercado
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  • Crazy Question - is there any way to have new documents published avoid being listed in the Activity Stream

    I have a user who publishes a lot of documents relating to projects in process. While he is fine with publishing them, and doesn't want to make them private or restrictive in any way, it sticks in his craw that all th...
    Patty McEnaney
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  • Is there an easy way to change the "author"of documents en masse -- sort of like bulk content management?

    I'd like to be able to change the name of the author of several documents in a space, as he has left the company. The documents are valid and we'd like to keep them and assign a new person to that role and permission ...
    Angela Watson
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  • Do merged spaces carry over their followers?

    Hi, All,   I need to merge two spaces and am wondering if the folks following both spaces carry over or whether I will need to instruct followers from both to follow for the new one.   Thanks in advance.
    Angela Watson
    created by Angela Watson
  • Mac OS X support for the office & outlook plugin

    119 votes
    It would be good if Jive can release a plugin for office & outlook that supports Mac OSX. We have a lot of users who are currently and soon to be using Mac OS X and they would really like to be able to push conten...
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  • Possible to exclude members from the Individual Leaderboard?

    I have a client who wants to exclude her employees from appearing in the individual leaderboard so it only includes member activity. Is this possible?   I didn't see this option on the Users > Leaders tab in ...
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  • Customer Issues with 2016.1 Cloud Release

    Use this table to report on bugs or issues we've found in the cloud release. Note that this page is an unofficial, user-maintained document and often contains issues that have been reported to Support but not yet corr...
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  • Ability to Merge Discussions

    25 votes
    Request to add the ability to merge separate discussions into one.
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  • Social Learning in online communities (higher ed and beyond)

    I was on a call with Brooks Jordan and Scott Dennis and the topic of social learning in higher education came up. It made me realize that I hadn't shared the Internet and Higher Education article that I helped write w...
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  • Add attachments while commenting on a document

    14 votes
    Users should be able to add attachment while commenting on document just like they can add attachment while replying to a discussion.
    Shruti Singhal
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  • Allow all replies and comments to have the Advance Editor

    53 votes
    For all Content that can have any form of reply or comment applied to it, allow it to use the same editor that was used to create that content. Most content can use the Advance Editor so if it was available to create ...
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  • How vital is Bootcamp to the JW experience?

    Question for this gang...   I'm very new to community management, but the community I oversee is well-established. My employer is sending me to JiveWorld, which will be my first time. I'm very much looking forwa...
    Frank Field
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  • Ability to add URL redirect in Cloud

    11 votes
    With corporate changes in branding, there can be the need to change an URL for the new branding standards.  My understanding is that Jive product team has decided to not support redirects for cloud instances eith...
    Helen Chen
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  • Jive Support Alerts

    For real-time status updates, please follow our status page here: Jive Software Status.
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  • Can I create document style extended properties?

    Crazy question here. I'm on Jive Cloud and want to change the styling (css) of the document content. What I want to do, ultimately, is refer to a /resource/... *.css file.   So while documents currently get any...
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  • Allow emails to be included when exporting attendees from events

    30 votes
    We have needed to send users a special message regarding events they have RSVP'd to like "make sure you arrive 15 minutes early" or "bring a water bottle to this workout event", and currently you are unable to export ...
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  • HTML Tile changes in 2016.1

    As part of the 2016.1 release (see One Stop for the Jive-n/Jive-x 2016.1 Cloud Release), we have updated the HTML tile Add-on. In this post i will detail the changes we've made to improve the HTML tile usability and ...
    Yuval Twig
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  • Assigning a Task to Multiple Users

    76 votes
    It would be great to assign a task to multiple users. We are creating a project space to get Q3 planning underway. We have tasks that we expect all departmental heads and managers to accomplish and then as far as ever...
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  • Task feature in groups

    10 votes
    Our users would like the ability to assign tasks in a group or space.  Is this function something that has ever been considered? 
    Kristin Gilligan
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  • Jive Anywhere v2 is released!

    Since the recent Jive Anywhere v1.2 release and the many improvements it brought, we've been working hard to make Jive Anywhere an even more integral part of your productivity and workflow solutions. This release...
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