• What are the supported browsers for Jive 8?

    I found documentation on supported browsers for Jive 7: Jive 7.0 Community Admin Documentation . What about for the latest for Jive 8?
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  • What are recommended tiles for "Your View"?

    We want to provide users with some recommended tiles to set up within Your View. Does anyone have any feedback on tiles that are most widely used for Your View?
    created by akoplen
  • Does "Rating" content affect search results? What other impacts does rating content have?

    I.e., does a piece of content with an average rating of 5 starts as opposed to one with 1 star appear higher on search results? What other algorithmic impacts do user ratings have as it relates to that piece of content?
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  • How to Rename Structured Outcomes

    Summary  Jive allows users to mark pieces of content as having a certain outcome, like "Decision", "Final", "Helpful", and so on.  These are called Structured Outcomes in Jive.   These various outco...
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  • How to: Configure Phrase Substitutions

    Summary Versions Accessing and Extracting the i18n File Sample i18n Files Configuring a Simple Phrase Substitution Configuring an Advanced Phrase Substitution Related Content   Summary ...
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  • How to get total number of contents, posts, documents?

    It seems a simple task to get the total number of all contents or different content, but I was not able to find out how that could be done.   Could anyone give a REST API search example to return the total count...
    Gwowen Fu
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  • How do I make my own files web accessible in Jive?

    Suppose I have a situation where I do need host few javascript and script files on to the jive web server one of the app nodes, then how would I accomplish this? Did anyone try this before? Please help.   Thanks...
    Sachin Kumar
    created by Sachin Kumar
  • Sr. Jive/Java Developer (Community & Learning)

    Description This role will support web based applications for our Academy & Communities team.  This role will work closely with our IT Project Managers, infrastructure team, support team, database administra...
    Nida Onay
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  • How do a create a URL to a blog post if I only have the blog post ID (Jive v6)

    I'm writing some queries against the Jive Analytics database and I want one of the columns that's returned to be the URL of the blog post.  Is there a way to format a URL so that it goes directly to that blog usi...
    Casey Gum
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  • Excluding Certain Users from the Gamification Leaderboards

    The idea is to remove employees (or any users) from the leader boards so that they don't "clog up" the leader board list.   Users can be hidden from the leader board by designating the user as "Anonymous". ...
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  • IE8-9 bug? IE10-11 works.  Not passing #canvas data to gadgets.views.getParams()?

    Hey Ryan Rutan - Is this a known issue?  Update: I can confirm IE10-11 does work. Chrome   IE9 IE10 The IE console also seems to be littered with these?
    Butch Marshall
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  • Is there a built-in way to do text mining on Jive communities?

    I work for a company that uses the Jive community platform. We'd like to analyze what people are saying about certain products on our community forums. I can (and am currently) building a web scraper and data pipeline...
    Greg Kinman
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  • Partners, request access to Partner Home here!

    Partner Home is where Jive Partners can access training and enablement content from the Jive Partner Enablement team and engage directly with the Jive Partner team. Get access to all of the latest and greatest informa...
    Lee White
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  • Jive and Password Management

    Is Jive secure and safe enough to use as a password management tool? The credentials stored would be for databases, ftp, websites, social accounts, etc ...   Thanks in advance.
    Salim Bourget
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  • Email address of a Group?

    We're hoping to integrate our hubspot workflows with some of our groups in our Jive instance. In integrating with hubspot, we'll be able to drip on members to remind them the benefits of community, etc. There is the "...
  • Why don't promoted search results showing in Spotlight Search?

    We have both a hosted instance (currently JIve 6.0.3 but we will be upgrading to Jive 8 late summer-ish) and a Cloud instance.  I have tried the promoted content feature on a limited basis in our Cloud instance a...
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  • REST API and getting the total number of records?

    Hi,   I'm using the jive 3.7 REST API.  I'm using the /people endpoint and trying to get a total count of the number of users.  I know I can page through the results and make multiple API calls using t...
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  • Question: why are there different view numbers in system blog posts?

    When I look at our individual system blog posts, the number at the bottom of the blog gives a number. When I click Impact Metrics, the Views number is much higher.   What accounts for the difference in these num...
    Eileen Foran
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  • How To Build Customer Loyalty - One Person at a Time

    Gone are the days when customers were faceless names or account numbers in a system. With the advent of online communities, companies can connect with customers in very individual ways by providing care and support as...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Jive SDK language expansion to start soon ... Can you contribute?

    For those of you that following our Jive Software · GitHub repo, you may have seen the following projects created in the past month or so: jivesoftware/jive-sdk-python · GitHub - I know Pawan Shah has b...
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