• JiveWorks is Upgrading to 9.0.1 on April 4

    In order to take advantage of Jive's latest features and capabilities for a hosted community, JiveWorks is upgrading to Jive 9.0.1 on Tuesday, April 4, 2017 starting at 5 pm PT. Since this is a major upgrade, the syst...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Examples of employee-centric communities on Jive

    I'm starting this list as a result of all the great customer and partner community examples Jive customers shared during our Community Manager Appreciation Day offer ( Community Managers - have a Starbucks on Jive! )....
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  • Jive Environment Healthcheck

    Scott Romney
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  • How to upload a image from a Custom View Tile?

    My goal is to create a Jive status update with an image attachment from a Custom View Tile. The problem is that I can't find a way to upload image file to Jive?   Here is my code for creating the update, which ...
    Robert Hanson
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  • Parameters for osapi.jive.corev3.contents.search

    Hi,    Can anyone tell me what all parameters can be applied to the OSAPI Content Search API? I am specifically interested in providing the document creation date range to get all document within that date ...
    Raj Vachhani
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  • Tutorial: Reclaim Your Whitespace on Your Overview Page

    One piece of feedback I've experienced myself and also heard from other users, is the frustration with how much empty space there is on every page within our instance of Jive-n, named Cloud City. In most cases, the ex...
    Julie Cardinali Brancik
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  • Groups Invitation Question

    Good Day,   I am trying to better understand how the invitations for groups work. I noticed there is an option to invite people to a group using an email address rather than a username. I am wondering if the opt...
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  • Why do I not see all documents attached to posts in Google Groups in Jive using StreamOnce?

    I see them for the first Google Group post but if someone replies with an attachment I don't see the attachment in the External Content Jive post. Inline images work fine, just attachments aren't there?   Here's...
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  • rich text editor issue

    Hi guys,   Has anyone of you experienced this issue?   When you are typing something inside a native Jive content (any), once the vertical scroll bar appears, the text editor window keeps jumping up and do...
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  • Save Draft Not Always Available - Why?

    I'm trying to understand why Save Draft is not always available on documents when they're new and / or edited documents. It doesn't always happen to the same individual that is experiencing this too - or consistency a...
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  • How do I leave a private group message conversation?

    I know I saw the option to leave a Group Private Message conversation previously but now I only see "hide new activity" when I'm not looking at the actual message and viewing from inbox.  This prevents me from ge...
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  • In Jive 8.0.2, How to enable the video download option for the end user?

    In Jive 8.0.2, How to enable the video download option for the end user?
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  • how to show contents in the tile

    Hi,   I am trying to convert RecentContent Widget into tile and able to get the content through osapi. Please anyone can suggest how to display content icon in the tile like we have in recent content tile. Any...
    Sowjanya Gonuguntla
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  • Which system property controls max page size for REST API /people/@all?

    The Get All People API has a count parameter for the page size described in the docs as "Maximum number of instances to be returned (i.e. the page size) which will be bounded by the system property" however it does no...
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  • Calculating the ROI of your community - Whiteboard Friday

    Open video

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  • What is a Waiting on Bug Fix case?

    What is a Waiting on Bug Fix case?  Some support cases are assigned a bug or improvement ID and changed to a Waiting on Bug Fix status. These cases no longer appear in the Open Cases tab in your customer JiveWor...
    David Bastedo
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  • Reward badge image sizes

    We're thinking about changing the badge icons to align with our company's brand.  Are recommended image sizes/formats published anywhere?   Same for mission badges.
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  • Setup error: Failed to create jive user.

    I'm new to Jive and tying to install it on virtual pc for testing purposes. I used CentOS 7 Minimal as server OS, installed all packages, mentioned in RPM Dependencies document and made all fixes, mentioned in Pre-Ins...
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  • create-via-email request-vcards message has no attached vcards

    the Actions menu > create via email option promises to send a vcard to me, but all i got was an email with a mailto link.   This message contains the vCards you requested for [group] as well as email addresse...
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  • Want to inform our product direction? Take this survey!

    We created a survey to learn more about your collaboration style in the modern workplace. This is a chance for you to tell us how you collaborate and interact (or don't) with Jive, so that we can improve your experien...
    Sarah Chaney
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