• Attachment Compression FAQ

    Overview: This document attempts to address the most frequently asked questions regarding the compression that takes place in Jive when attaching files to documents and discussions. Q: Why are my files that I...
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  • Which home page style do you use?

    What do you use on the home page of your Jive instance? As well, explain why in the comments after voting!
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  • Connecting with Jive

    Have you joined with jive on the various social and business applications?   Do you have a preference?   Select from the options below (I've not yet figured out how to make the options multiple selection)
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  • What kind of Jive User are you?

    One question for the success as a Jive User Group would be to see what types of users are in this area and how do they use Jive.   I see the following as a brief first pass: Jive User Types Administrators Comm...
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  • Change URL when changing Group name

    90 votes
    The customer would like to see the url path correspond to the group name when a group name is changed.   Thanks, Declan O'Doherty
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  • Sort by feature for connection streams

    1 vote
    Hey Folks,   This idea was brought forth by a user on our Jive instance.   Is there a possibility of including a way to "sort by" when managing your connections steams?   Hopefully this makes sense, but...
    Bryce Gilhooly
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  • Being able to sort custom streams

    44 votes
    Once a custom stream is created, it would be great if there was a  way to move it up and down and rearrange it in order of importance.   Another way to put it: If I have 10 streams, I would like to rearrang...
    Dave Gray
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  • Problem in fetching content using OSAPI.

    Hi Ryan Rutan, Anup Gandhi I am facing problem in fetching the content using the following API: osapi.jive.corev3.contents.search({      'place':'/places/'+GroupPlaceId,    ...
    vidya shinde
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  • What are changes required for plugins to migrate from Jive 6 to Jive 8(

    Hi ,   This is Srinivas. Coming to my query,im working on an assignment to make changes to custom plugins of our application to migrate from Jive 6 to Jive 8. I'm expected to use Jive version.   C...
    Srinivas Pasupulate
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  • The 10 Most Important Questions for Community Managers to Ask

    For community managers, knowing the right questions to ask is the key to success. Why? If you can crack the code on what community members want and need from each other – and from the organization – then y...
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  • Lost in Translation? We can help!

    In Multi-language communities language barrier can become a major obstacle in communication and collaboration.  If you want to know how to provide content/documents in different languages in real time enhanc...
    Sayoda Saydalieva
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  • Ability to archive a group

    67 votes
    Just like a project.
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  • How can I hide a document from 'Top & Trending' stream?

    Hello community,   I am re-designing the news page layout for my community. One of my key destinations (which would ideally be in an image tile at the right hand side) is actually a document. As a key document, ...
  • When do I receive my invite to MyJive secret support group?

    Hello team,   I am experiencing a couple of technical problems with my Jive instance but I don't seem to have access to my private support group. (MyJive)   I tried looking for the invite in my inbox on th...
    Anastasia Terzoglou
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  • Status Update Moderation and Feed

    40 votes
    Status updates need to have a 'report abuse' link along with the reply, comment links.   Status updates should also be visible via an RSS or ATOM feed for use elsewhere in a site or for moderator review.
    William England
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  • Update on Producteev

    Hello Producteev Users,   I would like start of with thanking you with your patience with Producteev as I know it has been a stressful few months.   I am happy to announce that we have partnered with the fou...
    Shantanu Rangnekar
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  • A formatted text/html tile (for Purposeful Places)

    12 votes
    Hi all   Really enjoying the new "activity view" for groups and spaces as a contrast to the "overview". But in order to explain what we're asking of group members, would it be possible to have a formatted text o...
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  • Export Impact Metrics!

    32 votes
    Impact metrics are USELESS if more than 10 people have viewed your content because you cannot currently export the list of viewers.  This needs to be remedied ASAP for impact metrics to have any real value.  ...
    Kirsten Laaspere
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  • Bring back bulk-invite to social groups

    38 votes
    In Jive 5, there was a feature to bulk-invite a list of users into a social group, via a CSV file.  This feature was removed in Jive 6, supposedly due to issues with stabilizing it.  This was a very handy fe...
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  • List the Structured outcome when viewing the content list of a Place or of the entire community

    16 votes
    It would make structured outcomes more user-friendly to list a small "badge" of sorts on the content list.   It would ideally look something like this: For clickable structured outcomes (outdated, action, etc...
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