• Winter 2015 Cloud Release Content

    Follow this to get updates on all content and upgrade notices for this release.   Latest content is added to the bottom of the list. Sneak Peek: JiveX Winter 2015 Cloud Release Sneak Peek: Jive Winter 2015 Clo...
    Dilshad Simons
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  • No Producteev notifications in February

    Hi all-   I have several monthly-repeating tasks with notifications, and none of them produced a notification in the web app, the mobile app, or sent an email in February (the last notification I have is January...
    Stephen Bash
    created by Stephen Bash
  • How to get a docunent/discussion's binary files using rest API?

    If any binary file is attached to a document or discussion - is there an API to get that file?
    Lea Reznik
    created by Lea Reznik
  • Can't install Jive on CentOS

    CentOS Linux release 7.0.1406 (Core) jive_sbs_employee-   Make step by step like in instruction Jive 7.0 Community Admin Documentation After install rpm try jive setup from user jive...
    Vladimir Brodsky
    created by Vladimir Brodsky
  • Calendar Date Range

    Open for Voting
    2 votes
    I'd like to see a feature added that allows for a range of time to be scheduled in the calendar instead of just a due date. That way we can block off maintenance windows for proper project management practices and als...
    Stephen Johnson
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  • Endorsements - did you need to deactivate for HR reasons?

    Wondering if any other communities were required by HR or legal for that matter to deactivate endorsements. If someone is endorsed and then gets a poor review or is fired, creates a discrepancy and potential issues. &...
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  • Where to start on knowledge base strategy (conceptual approach not technical)

    We are hoping to create a visual map of the applications (functions?) that are needed to get our work done. Once we have this visual map created, we will incorporate this into an Executive Summary of what we think...
    created by babate
  • Copy tasks to a different project, different network

    Open for Voting
    3 votes
    We tend to follow a pattern of tasks across projects like discuss-here, faq, planning; Coping such tasks to different projects with subtasks would be handy. Off course unique assignee, follower and notes should not be...
    Deepteesh Dey
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  • Introduce Yourself!

    Hi all -   Welcome to the Fundamentals course! My name is Claire Flanagan and I will be one of the Course's Community Managers. I have been at Jive for two years now and prior to that was CSC's Social Strategist...
    Claire Flanagan
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  • Is it must to open ports when hosting on-premise environment

    Hello Team,   It is given that list of ports to opened for various components. As we are planning to buy/use Jive in highly secured environment , we do not want to allow any ports in firewall. Hence, I would lik...
    Hemalatha M
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  • Are you responsible for providing collaborative networks for your employees?

    Work is changing and conventional intranets haven't kept up. CIOs and IT leaders need a new generation of intranet that's social, mobile and connected. In this recent Gartner report, you will learn how to build consen...
    Jen Burns
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  • My iframe html widget doesnt always size right

    I've created an html widget on my jvie 6 Overview page, but I find it doesn't always size correctly.  Sometimes the bottom half is hidden until I resize the window.   Any ideas?  Is there anything I sh...
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  • How to post blogpost modification updates to Activity , connection and inbox streams

    Hi , we have a requirement to send emails to all the followers of a blogpost when Minor edit (Which has been removed in Jive 7) is not checked in. We wrote a plugin that sends emails to all the followers. But how can...
    Hymavathi Oruganti
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  • ActivityManager addActivities

    I have a list of Activities (com.jivesoftware.eae.service.client.api.Activity) But it seams like, that only adding them to the ActivityManager does not process them.   Is there anything I have to do after addin...
    Johannes Lauber
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  • How do I change the colors on a user profile page?

    I'm looking to change the colors of the user profile page because the text and background colors are almost the same, making it difficult to read. This is the area where "Title, Department, Phone Number, and Email" go.
    Robert Pessagno
    created by Robert Pessagno
  • Pearson's New Workstyle is Transforming How Leaders Lead

    There were so many excellent submissions for the 2014 Jive Awards that we wanted to shout from the rooftops, but we decided to do one better and share these customer stories in our community. The first customer we wan...
    created by leigh_pankonien
  • Data Export Service API Explorer: Additional/Altered Action Names

    I am attempting to create a report that shows which users provided each Correct response in my community over the last six months.   Using the Jive Data Export (Analytics) Service seems to suggest using ACTIVITY...
    Paul Bradley
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  • Editing Log In Page

    Hello there, just so I don't forget to say it, I'm on the Cloud instance of Jive.   I am looking to see what edits can be made on this page: Now, our employees don't usually see this page, since we use a SSO...
    Austin Openshaw
    created by Austin Openshaw
  • Analytics Data Model

    Overview of Design Activity Fact Table Aggregate Fact Tables Jive Object Dimension User Dimension User Profile Fields Profile Fields Time Dimensions Analytics Event Code Reference O...
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  • What advice would you give to a new Digital Community Manager?

    What advice would you offer up to a new Digital Community Manager?
    Adrianna DiNapoli
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