• Have anyone customized Jive mobile App?

    Hi there, Have anyone customized Jive mobile App? We have different spoke/applications for which Jive is the HUB. We are using SSO for navigation between these spokes. We are planning to have a single Mobile App tha...
    created by hymavathi
  • Complaints about notifications from new, extremely active user

    I'm looking for best practices for how to handle a couple of extremely active users that have started marking things as helpful and leaving comments on content. It's only been a few days, and I've had several complain...
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  • I can't verify my account, I'm not getting any notification from producteev

    Hi,   I have account in Producteev from company DFO (Directfocusonline). I can login into the system but I'm not getting any emails from you.   I'm not able to verify my account (I tried to send verificat...
    last modified by shay.hayo@dfo.global
  • Custom View Tile config data not accessible in view.js

    I'm attempting to build a custom view tile with a configuration for some of the sources my API calls will need.   The tile itself is working, and my configuration screen for the tile pops up as it should with al...
    created by roguen
  • How can we help you differentiate Jive from competitors?

    Hi Bay Area User Group!  Thank you so much for an awesome meeting last week, I gathered a lot of great feedback which I'll share with the team. I also had a great time meeting with everyone, and I look forward to...
    Sarah Chaney
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  • Add "Hello <User Name>" in the top menu bar

    Hi I would like to add a welcome message to the logged on user. It should appear at the left are of the top menu bar   Anyone can tell how is it done?
    last modified by lshaki
  • Welcome to the External Community Managers group: Please introduce yourself!

    Hello and welcome! I'm Gia Lyons, Program Manager of the Jive Community, and I started this group in hopes of sharing tips and techniques with other managers of externally facing branded communities. Please introduce ...
    last modified by gialyons
  • Have any of you integrated Webtrends into your instances?

    We're looking at adding some deeper analytics into our instance and wondering if any of you are using Webtrends, and if so how difficult an integration that would be. Thanks in advance!
    Don Shell
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  • What systems/apps have you replaced with Jive?

    If you've used Jive for any amount of time it's no surprise that customers have replaced existing technologies with their Jive communities. We've see replacements of all sorts – from unsanctioned, Web 2.0 apps l...
    last modified by tim.zonca
  • after changing the mail address, user has lost his groups

    Hello,   I have here a request from a user which has created a group and since we changed her mailaddress in our directory, she has lost the access to the group. As she is the only user with owner-rights, we do...
    last modified by marcel.graf
  • Analytics - WebTrends

    Hi,   We would like to integrate WebTrends with our on-prem solution. I only see Google and Marketo part of Third-party Analytics. How do I get this accomplished? Any help would be appreciated.  
    Aqeel Burhani
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  • Have you transitioned your community to tiles from widgets? Why or why not?

    Since tiles have been introduced, there has been a push for us to use them over widgets, but the introduction of tiles has been slow and widgets still offer more functionality and I think, a better experience.   ...
    last modified by heatherausmus
  • Recurring tasks being "closed"

    My team is having an issue with random recurring tasks closing themselves once the task has been marked completed. We use Producteev to track when to invoice our clients and make various time-sensitive payments.  ...
    last modified by mmanzano
  • Will "Mark as Reserved" feature be available in Jive for Office?

    hi, we love this new feature! Will this be incorporated into a future release of Jive for Office .. and if so, when would this be due? cheers
    last modified by scastle
  • Community Site Map

    Does anyone know if there is a quick way to get a structural design of your community site?   I'm looking for something like a sitemap or hierarchical map of all the places, space, groups, and pages that map up...
    last modified by aluciani
  • How to Manage Your Inbox

    Your Inbox     Your community Inbox is the one place where all activity pertaining to you and the content that you have followed, liked, or commented on will appear. Since your inbox is such an important asp...
    last modified by madeleine.fernando
  • Has anyone experienced problems with copy & pasting a screenshot in IE11 into a document using the Snipping Tool?

    If so, are there any 'workarounds' available? My company won't change from IE11, and users currently need to save a screenshot image then use the attach image functionality within their content. Those few that have a...
    last modified by barry.grant
  • What method of welcoming and engaging new members works best for you?

    last modified by Maggie
  • Importing an HTML Quick Start Guide

    Hello support,   I have an HTML Quick Start guide that I need to import into a Jive community. Is there a way for me to accomplish this?   Here is a screenshot of the Guide:     and the folde...
    last modified by reza.khan
  • Give user the ability to delete conent

    Is there a way to give a user the ability to delete content, a blog, as an example, without giving them full admin rights?
    last modified by twilliams@byredwood.com