• E Card Addon Server Hosting Requirements

    Scope   The purpose of this document is review the requirements for hosting our Addon Server which will include our ECard App/Tile.   Hosting Requirements   OS: Preferably Linux Runtime: Java 7 We...
    Chris Wilkinson
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  • Training videos

    Are the previous Jive training videos available somewhere in this community? or do they need to be emailed to me?
    Amy Schwenk
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  • Ability to configure the 404 page

    20 votes
    The 404 page within Jive always is not easy to change. It's part of the WAR file so changing it pretty intrusive. As a result, most communities end up NOT changing the 404 file and instead having just the default one....
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  • How to manage images?

    On the site we have a slideshow carousel widget on one of our Spaces. However, we are no longer able to upload new photos that go with the slide. It tells us we have hit the 50 image limited and need to manage our ima...
    Michelle Farr
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  • Jive 8 local setup issue

    Hi All-   Im getting following error trace when I try to run mvn -U jive:create-project to install Jive 8:   [WARNING] Failure to transfer com.jivesoftware.maven.plugins/maven-metadata.xml from https://m...
    Surabhi Mishra
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  • POM error

    Hi Developer   setting up a fresh project causes the following error. Can someone help, please?   Thank you - Guido   Ryan King   > mvn clean install -Djive.setup=false [INFO] Scanning for ...
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  • Unable to build a plugin

    Hi   I've been trying to build adobe-forums locally (for dev purpose) but it fails with the following error: *****************************************************************************************************...
    Sachin Saini
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  • 8.0 Help for System Administrator - Table of Contents

    WelcomeWhat's New in Jive 8? Jive in Translation Understanding the PlatformPlatform Architecture Services Layer Understanding Jive SearchAbout Cloud Search About On-Premise Search How On-Premise Search Works System...
    Jive Docs
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  • Using Nitrous.IO with the Jive Node SDK

    Overview Setup Instructions Jive Node SDK Walkthrough using Nitrous.IO   Overview  We get lots of feedback from developers working on systems behind a firewall who want to quickly test out the ap...
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  • Metrics

    We created group specific missions and now we're looking for a way to measure how many points our members are earning each month from the missions that we established.  I can't seem to find this in the nitro cons...
    Ciara Vitolo
    created by Ciara Vitolo
  • Part II: Driving Social Adoption

    In Part II of the Six-Part Blog Series on Social Business Strategy, I discuss the need for starting small when attempting to get massive participation across your organization in your internal community.   Succe...
    Elysha Ames
    created by Elysha Ames
  • How-To: Install Maven

    Step-by-step instructions for getting Maven up and running to support your development. Current Maven Version: 2.2.1 Use other versions at your peril.   Note: Mac OS X comes pre-installed with a copy of Maven; b...
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  • where we get the credential to use http://maven-secure.jivesoftware.com/archiva/repository/jive.internal

    Hi!   I am starting with widget development, I have done following steps:   1. Configured Eclipse with XML tools and M2Eclipse plugin. 2. Downloaded Maven Binary   Now while configuring setting.xml to b...
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  • Community Professionals: Declare Your Value!

    Do you work with communities as a moderator, administrator, manager, strategist, program owner or business owner?   The Community Roundtable publishes annual research that profiles the skills, contexts, professi...
    Rachel Happe
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  • Jive Release Schedule

    **Please note that any future dates in this table are subject to change. **   Want to gain insight into Jive, connect with other Jive Customers, and discuss the latest and greatest? You should join the Jive Cus...
    Harini Sridharan
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  • Finding the Jive Database Schemas

    Where do I find the Jive Database Schemas? Jive 8 Database Schemas Jive 7 Database Schemas Jive 6 Database Schemas I need help building a custom SQL query. What tables do what? Can Jive Support hel...
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  • Delayed Notifications

    Our team uses Producteev daily to manage our projects.   Recently Producteev has been delayed in posting notifications across multiple platforms, to different team members.   For example, a task would be ...
    Nico Natrin
    created by Nico Natrin
  • New Bug Submission

    Our company uses Producteev on a daily basis.   When emailing to task@producteev.com, the body of the email becomes the first comment in the task.   Multiple times, the comment section (the body of the e...
    Nico Natrin
    created by Nico Natrin
  • Please Share Your Gamification Titles/Rankings

    At CSC, we are updating our gamification to go from 7 rankings to 11 rankings for first time since launch in 2009. We will change all the titles to rekindle the gamification with our upgrade from v4.5 to v6 as well as...
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  • Can you set a maximum points level or do some sort of mission and reset?

    We want to mimic the behavior in in the game Titanfall, where you have a maximum level but you can "reset" yourself and get a badge that you max-ed out.  Does anyone see a way to do this?  
    Buck Bard
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