• I cannot access my Inbox

    Note I DO NOT HAVE A CUSTOMER GROUP RIGHT NOW. Libby told me to post a discussion here.   I am unable to access my inbox. Can someone please help me?  
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  • Jive for Office/Outlook MSI Installation Parameters

    For Office and Outlook: Argument Parameter What it does /q   Silent installation DISABLEATSTARTUP 0 Toolbar enabled (in registry: Addindisabled=false) DISABLEATSTARTUP 1 Office toolbar enabled; Outlook...
    Yuval Twig
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  • JiveWorks is Now Live With Version 9.0.1!

    Hello, JiveWorks! Have you noticed anything different coming into JiveWorks today? If you have, that's because we are now running on Jive 9.0.1!   When did it happen? The upgrade started at 5pm PT last night (...
    Sarah Chaney
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  • Why am I unable to save a new Event to my Group?

    I have a public group and a private test group. I can create a new event(s) in the test group as expected. When I browse to my public group and follow the same steps to create a new event, the public group is not show...
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  • Export profile data

    Hello,   I would like to produce a report that exports all the profile details of all my Jive users. This is possible when you export a list of Group members, however I can't produce the same results when I down...
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  • Looking for Candidates to Discuss Universal Search

    Hello JiveWorks Community!    We’re in the process of researching options for Universal Search. We’d love to learn about how your organization uses its search tool, what you're using for search...
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  • Considerations on Catering to Multi-Lingual / Multi-Language Community

    As use of our product grows internationally we are beginning to see participation our our community by users whose first language is not always English and who may not even speak English proficiently.  Catering t...
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  • Have any of you integrated Webtrends into your instances?

    We're looking at adding some deeper analytics into our instance and wondering if any of you are using Webtrends, and if so how difficult an integration that would be. Thanks in advance!
    Don Shell
    created by Don Shell
  • flash object embedded in a html tile

    Dear all,   I've got a request from one of my colleague who would like to display a flash object stored on an external website.   I've tried the html code <iframe> and <object> but without succ...
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  • Not able to change activity in News Streams

    For some reason I am not able to change anything in the New Streams section in my preferences other than in Following or News Digest. Why can't I check the email box or change the activity?  
  • Is there a way to manipulate the headers-

    Don't want to see things like "TRY Jive", get a demo and other things that might confuse the rest of the team.
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  • com.jivesoftware:commons-csv-1.0-SNAPSHOT-r609327- Missing

    Hey,   while setting up Jive from the scratch, the JAR in the title was missing. I couldn't find it in the Jive Repository either, I endet up coping it from the local maven repository of a colleague which solved...
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  • not able to add banner image to blog post

    I am not able to add a banner image to a blog post it does not give me the option. Am i missing something.
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  • Why are strategy badge images not saving consistently?

    I am uploading custom images to the strategy badges and they will show up, but once I navigate out of the configuration page it is not saved. Oddly, one has saved and depending on the browser I'm using, different ones...
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  • Upgrading jive 7 to jive 8 is there an update team I can engage if something goes wrong

    I'm upgrading an on prem/hosted Jive 7 to Jive 8 on May 24 2017. Is there an upgrade team I can contact if something goes wrong. Like the site not coming back up
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  • Broken "start discussion" link in Jive space @OurNorthwestern.edu

    Hi Jive,   We have a broken "start discussion" button in one of our Jive spaces.  This issue was discovered during our upgrade to Jive 8 and reported by Karl Kooistra on March 7th. The suggested next step w...
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  • Ghost publish (delegate access) videos, polls and events?

    Is it correct that we can only delegate access for questions, discussions, blog posts, files and documents? And that this is not possible for videos, polls, events and ideas? I just want to double check that it is not...
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  • System Defined Groups and Place Permissions

    Hello All,   Currently we have a place that we want all to be able to view, including people not logged in to Jive. A logged in member can view the place, but someone not logged in cannot.   I was wonderi...
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  • How do you configure upload of images to specific social group?

    We have some groups that are created around a yearly live event each year. We've moved to Jive recently and would like members to actively upload images to this year's social group  as the even occurs but don't w...
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  • Unable to remove document approver

    We have a number of documents that currently have 1-2 people named as approvers: the creator of the doc and one other person (myself).   Initially, we were both set as required approvers for each document, and wo...
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