• The Best Way to Test Our New Features in Cloud Releases

    Today we are announcing Jive's new Cloud Private Preview program for our Cloud customers. If you like being prepared for Jive product releases, testing new features ahead of time, and getting an advance look at the ne...
    Hernan Guelman
    created by Hernan Guelman
  • Issue with encrypted database using JIVE 8

    Hi,   IS any one using MSSQL 2012 database with JIVE 8? We are facing issues connecting our JIVE 8 application to any encrypted database. If we use an unencrypted database we are able to bring up our applicatio...
    Anusha Dittakavi
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  • subspace, can't upload or download from Google drive

    Hi, I am having issues with a payroll space webpage under sunrun account. File storage is via google drive integration. For whatever reason, user is no longer able to upload or remove documents or the payroll page. ...
    Michael Kong
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  • Is WebHook available when user profile picture is updated?

    8.0.2 Hosted   We would like to use Jive's user profile picture for other employee page display for internal systems or document generation that includes employee picture.   Anyone else caches the pictures...
    Peter Yao
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  • How to log into jive

    What is Lorem Ipsum?Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of typ...
    Michael Kong
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  • Bringing JiveWorld's Power of Connection to Chicago

      Hi Chicago Jive Customers,   Whether you were able to attend JiveWorld and can't get enough of connecting with your peers, or even if you weren't able to join this year, we're giving you another chance to ...
    last modified by katie.herd
  • Where are cases that I opened that were not resolved?

    I had three cases open in Humana - Digital Center of Excellence and now there is only one. Justin Hein please advise?
    Trish Dever
    created by Trish Dever
  • REST API v3 .NET Examples

    I had the opportunity to recently work with the Jive V3 Rest API populating profile information using .NET.   Most of it was pretty strait forward except for updating the profile Image.   However after a b...
    Dale Cox
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  • Jive for sharing relevant news articles

    I am working on a community that would pull in newsfeeds from different Google News keyword searches, Twitter feeds, and any other media, social or otherwise, pertaining to RBC. I am wondering if anyone else here has ...
    Kristen Pyszczyk
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  • Cleaning up tags - Your best ideas please

    Good day all, Some spring cleaning I am beginning to undertake is the cleaning up and removal of duplicate tags. How have you done this and what are your best practices? Best, Toby
    Toby Metcalf
    created by Toby Metcalf
  • Possible to hide number of Ideation votes but still allow voting on ideas?

    Probably not, but worth asking.  Would like to keep voting functionality, just hide the # of votes from non-admins.   Boo! Yeah!   Looking forward to your input!   Nicole Gragnola Rich Blank ...
    last modified by amishalove
  • Are you a new customer? Request access to the Jive Customer space now!

    Sign up by adding your name to the comments below!   Looking to join the conversation in the new Jive Customer space? We can help you here!   If you would like access to the Jive Customers space, please ad...
    Pele Ahloo
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  • How do you manage documents for follow-up?

    Hi, All!   How do you manage your documents to ensure that they're updated and accurate?  Is there a way to set a reminder to return to a document to ensure it's up to date?   There's "mark for action...
    Frank Field
    created by Frank Field
  • How to get database connection from Custom Plugin?

    Hi,   I need to connect to my Jive8 database connection and execute DML queries. Would you please let me know how to do it?   I have extended JiveJdbcDaoSupport in my DAO implementation class and using be...
    last modified by varun.bhalla@oracle.com
  • Is it possible to customize the "Getting Started" function in Jive 6.0?

    Where would i start if i wanted to customize Getting Started function?
    last modified by Michaelr
  • Posting Within Tasks - Not Working

    trying to post a comment or a file is currently not working. when you try a red banner pops up at the top of my browser. i kept trying.  then checked on my iPhone 6, and each post had posted, but with no attach...
    James Hein
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  • Top Places to Ask a Question in the Jive Community

    Find out if your question is already answered Use the Find Answers widget on the home page to see if your question has already been posted and answered in the community.   Still need to ask a question?   ...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Merge of Event and Project Calendar

    57 votes
    My understanding is that that events (we have the event module installed) is a different content type than task and thus events appear in the calendar tab of a project whereas tasks appear in the Project Calendar sinc...
    last modified by chris.snow
  • How to manage Product Documentation

    Hi all,   We are currently in the process of implementing our external Jive community. We planned on using Jive as out File repository for Product Documentation but are running into roadblocks with categorizati...
    Bobby Khaleghian
    last modified by Bobby Khaleghian
  • Asset Library Use Case

    I have the following use case and I'd like some specific guidance and recommendations on how I can use the features in Jive.   USE CASE- for the communications team to be able to share assets (images, PDF infogr...
    Mia Crampton
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