• Community Everywhere examples?

    Is anyone using Community Everywhere on a publicly available site that I can take a look at to see it in action?   Thanks!   John
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  • Which URL schemes does Jive for Mobile support?

    Anuj Verma and all,   I'm a big fan of Launch Center Pro on my iPhone, which I use for task automation. The app supports hundreds of third-party apps and actions using URL schemes, such as launching Google Maps ...
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  • Which versions of the iOS mobile app can be used with a hosted Jive 7?

    If you're running a hosted version of Jive 7, can you use the Jive Mobile 2.x iPhone app with it?
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  • How to mark 'assumed answered' thread back to a question on Jive 6 platform?

    Hi, Recently, we just upgraded our community to Jive 6 platform.  I encountered an issue and hope any of you can help me.  I was cleaning up all discussion threads in the community and have marked some thre...
    Cathy Liu
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  • Build and Run Your Local Jive Customization

    NOTE:  This document assumes you have Maven installed and configured, and that you have Maven: How To Create a New Maven Project, and that you have PostgreSQL installed.   Create a DatabaseThe Jive instance ...
    Ryan King
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  • Jive for Office Module

    Overview   Jive for Office brings social business capabilities of Jive directly into Microsoft Office applications. With Jive for Office, Office documents can be easily accessed from and saved to Jive—where...
    Mor Avital
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  • CMR content leaderboard views

    Are the views in this report unique views or total page views?  Also, does this account for anonymous users?  I read a couple threads but was not sure.   Thanks, Matt
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  • How are anonymous users (in an external community) tracked in the analytics database?

    Does anyone have any insight and/or details on how guest / anonymous users are tracked in an external community?   Are they all tracked as a single "anonymous" guest ID in the analytics database? (it appears so)...
    Bill Chamberlain
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  • Undocumented Jive System Properties

    System properties can be set in the Admin Console (System > Management > System Properties) and allow a great number of fine-grained configuration options which are not available through the user interface. Many...
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  • @Mention showing usernames instead of full names

    Good morning all!   We recently turned on SSO for our community and that function works perfectly. However, with the application of SSO, the @mention now shows usernames (which are numbers) instead of names. Th...
    Brett Carpenter
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  • Jive Platform - Developer Resources (WIP)

    DEVELOPER RESOURCES LEARN MORE TUTORIALS EXAMPLES REFERENCES   DEVELOPER RESOURCES The following are the official resource kits for each of the developer extension points on the Jive platform....
    Ryan Rutan
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  • How many years of community management experience do you have?

    created by Maggie
  • Copy tasks to a different project, different network

    Open for Voting
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    We tend to follow a pattern of tasks across projects like discuss-here, faq, planning; Coping such tasks to different projects with subtasks would be handy. Off course unique assignee, follower and notes should not be...
    Deepteesh Dey
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  • Jive Release Schedule

    **Please note that any future dates in this table are subject to change. ** Current Plan of Record  Targeted Release Date Platforms / Product Language Packs Versions Other Notes Fall 2014 (tentative) Jive Clou...
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  • Hello Jive Customers,

    Hello Jive Customers,   My name is Beni Kuhn and I am the CEO of Setesys in Brazil , I'm very ansious to colaborate with them
    Beni Kuhn
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  • Are anonymous users included in CMR reports?

    Are anonymous non-logged in users included in the CMR reports (such as content/place views or participating users)?
    Genevieve di Leonardo
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  • Getting Started > Deploying a Jive Node SDK Project

    Once you've installed the Jive Node SDK and created a Jive service with it (such as an app, a tile, a cartridge, an external storage framework), you can deploy your project by installing the add-on associated with you...
    Yuval Z
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  • Ask me anything? Of course you can - in Jive!

    Guest post by Paul Vinelli   A lot of people are familiar with Reddit's "Ask Me Anything" forums, where some of the world's most fascinating people will take on any question from passionate fans.  While we a...
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  • How is the overal experience with your Jive?

    I don't know whether such a poll has been created.   Please rate your experience with Jive.   1 being Lowest and 5 being Highest
    Naveen Ganapathiraju
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  • How do you get back to your content?

    Hi there! I'm working through some UX flows in Jive, and would love your input. As a user who creates content in Jive, how do you typically get back to your content in draft state, content recently authored, content ...
    Jason Zeiber
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