• Fine tuning of the http maxthread parameter

    Hello,   We are currently doing high traffic load testings on our on-prem instance. We found that increasing the webapp.http_maxthreads parameter from 40 to 60 improves the performance of the front nodes. This...
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  • Creating Jive-hosted Apps

    Overview Creating a Jive-hosted App Manually Creating a Jive-hosted App with the Jive Node SDK   Overview  With the Fall 2014 Jive Cloud release (version 8c4), you can now have Jive host your ap...
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  • Whiteboard Friday - Creating engaging content

    Open video

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  • need an option for password length=8, character types=3

    15 votes
    My company requires that passwords are 8 characters long and using 3 character types (numbers, cap letters, lwr case letters). The only option you offer with 8 characters is with 4 char types, which is overkill for ou...
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  • Sophisticated Rules to Select Content for News Streams

    20 votes
    We'd really like to see an option to have some more sophisticated options to configure news content sources. As of today we can feed in only places and blogs as content sources. However some important users don't have...
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  • Expand Polling tool to include multiple sets of questions

    17 votes
    It would be terrific if we could create polls that include sets of questions similar to the multiple choice matrix options of some survey tools. Example: Should the Annual Meeting be in: STATE1, STATE2, STATE3 AND tak...
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  • Jive's core APIs should return the total number of results

    10 votes
    Jive's core APIs such as v3 content or search API should return the count of data (total number of results). At present, the only way to find the count is to go manually through the "Next" link in the API till the Nex...
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  • Allow multiple owners for a Project

    69 votes
    In the same way there can be multiple owners for Group, my end users routinely ask me that there should also be multiple owners for a Project. There are times when more than one person is managing the status of a proj...
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  • How to get all the members details in OSAPI by passing the user  profile's fields location etc.?

    Hi Scott A Johnson Rashed Talukder Ryan RutanLea Reznik Matt Dickens   We are working on the application to send the "Notifications (short description with images & expiration limits)" to particular user pro...
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  • Allow for searching/filtering of content on Jive mobile site/app

    2 votes
    It would be great if we could search and filter the content lists in specific community on the Jive mobile app and on mobile browsers. It's very hard to find specific content on Jive sites while on a mobile device, an...
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  • How do I get Customize Site permissions?

    Hello, I would like to sue Themes and customize links in the navigation menu, in order to do that I need to have special permissions. How do I get them ?   Thanks Chani.A.
    created by chani
  • Swagger4Jive: When adding a tile, never displays the configuration page, fails with error 504

    Hello All,   I am trying to get Swagger for Jive - An Open Source Add-On for the Open API Initiative running in my Jive 8 Cloud instance. I am building it with jive-sdk, I am able to install it and configure it,...
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  • Are you a new customer? Request to be added to the Jive Customer list!

    Sign up by adding your name to the comments below!   Looking to join the conversation in the new Jive Customer space? Want to be able to access the new Ideas for Jive? We can help you here!   Please add yo...
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  • Need User Info in HTML Widget

    I need to grab current user first, last name and email for use in an HTML widget. Is there a way to do this with JavaScript and REST or will I need to create a custom widget?   I thought I would ask before figur...
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  • [Event] Add in calendar Outlook 2010 for event creator

    1 vote
    Use case When the event creator want add the event in the outlook calendar (Office / Exchange 2010), it's not working. Idea is to allow this creation
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  • Calendar synchronisation with Outlook

    3 votes
    Dear Jive developers,   it turns out that all our users are expecting from a modern platform like Jive that a synchronization with Outlook is possible. As we are using Jive as an internal platfrom People definet...
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  • Events: Linking Outlook with Jive Event

    38 votes
    Link Outlook calendar item to the Jive Event so that changing the event in Jive sends an update to Outlook.
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  • [Survey]  feature "Change your vote"

    1 vote
    Use Case : I have already answer to the survey but somme new Idea is become from "other" choice or comments and I want change my vote.   My case : A survey for the Project name and some new idea has been propo...
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  • Survey (multi-question Polls)

    25 votes
    I think there should be the ability to post a Survey, just like a Poll but with more than one question. We have received a number of requests for multi-question surveys, and the general consensus is that the Poll func...
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  • Ability to "unvote" on an idea and maintain an accurate score

    25 votes
    Currently if a user votes on an idea and gives +5 points then changes their mind they cannot remove just those 5 points. Their only option is to "downvote" the idea and then an additional ten points are removed instea...
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