• make an intelligent copy of a presentation page model ?

    Bonjour,   Je voudrais faire une demande d'évolution concernant la fonction de copie de modèle de page de présentation : en effet, actuellement, si l'on copie un modèle de page sur sa...
    created by larquey
  • depending auto-complete at web-interfaces

    Does anybody know, if there is a standard option to have two depending input fields at aurea CRM web, for example: zip and town   I want to enter a zip code (e.g. 1020) and need a depending input field, which al...
    created by gallien
  • Disable Embedly/ Jive 9 Video

    We will not be able to use Embedly to Embed Videos in Jive 9. We disabled this by setting system property embedly.enabled to False.   This results in system not embedding any videos and 400 Bad Request error. &...
    last modified by swaran
  • Issue Tracking Document for Jive Customers | 2018

    I am creating this document to track and share important discussions, blogs, questions that are happening in the AureaWorks community related to mission-critical functionality in Jive communities. Customers are helpin...
    last modified by gregor.scott
  • Any other customers with significant Jive for Office and Jive for Outlook problems?

    In the last year, the number of issues reported for these two add-ins has increased. And at the same time, the resolution for anything discovered has decreased significantly. In fact, in at least one of our cases, we ...
    last modified by tmaurer
  • Whose still using Jive in NZ ?

    Are any other companies still using Jive in NZ ?   What version ? We need to upgrade to Jive 9 to retain support, anyone done this recently ?
  • Can you upload more than one video clip in the same document or video file?

    Can you upload more than one video or video clip in the same file?
    last modified by cjwood
  • Tiles by Social Edge: Navigation Tile

                Navigation Tile This tile is probably our simplest and most fundamental. It offers an elegant way to present important links in a wide or narrow column. As a community m...
    Erin Haines
    last modified by Erin Haines
  • Upload a local attachment with a document using Javascript API

    Hello,     We're creating a tile containing a form which create a jive document. For the moment, it's working well.   We want to attach a file to this document, so after a look to osapi.jive.corev3.at...
    last modified by romainpaillas
  • Question about collaboration

    Hi,   Our company launched our Jive community in March. So far, our community has been focused on communication but we are getting ready to start telling users that they can use the community for collaboration, ...
    last modified by brucekramer
  • Error With No Message?

    Whenever I add or edit a task, a red bar appears at the top of the page as if there were an error. However, no error message appears. If I refresh the page sometimes the changes have been made, sometimes they are lost...
    last modified by jtalbott
  • 2017.1 analytics deep dive/ feature update?

    We are currently on 2017.1.1 and I've noticed the absence of a number of important metrics in the new cloud analytics.  Specifically, summary place analytics (e.g., most frequently viewed places) and people-relat...
    last modified by phobbs
  • My producteev doesn´t work

    I cant edit taks
    last modified by dianacf1988
  • The dreaded "red bar"

    Every time we try to add details to an existing task, or add a new task, a red bar appears at the top of the page. Currently, we cannot add new tasks or add notes to an existing task.
    last modified by donnafredlund
  • Error in producteev

    The following error shows up (red line with the error on top of the page)  Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)  https://producteev.com/api/tasks?access_...
    last modified by roland84
  • How do I recover my password when I need to update my email address? i.e. I now don't use that email but also can't use forgotten password.

    Stuck, tried to logon using my old email and password, the password needs to be changed but I can't as I needed to update my email. Would really like to fix it so I don't lose all my work.
    last modified by cybershell
  • We can not add comments and also unable to add attachment  to the tasks

    Hi,   We are using web version of producteev and facing issues on file attachment and adding a comments to the tasks.     Regards, M. Hassan
    last modified by mhassan7
  • Free Producteev does not work...

    My company have a free account, but in the last weeks we have many problem to use the producteev. Almost all actions in the system has errors, and we cannot test properly  the features.   What's happening?
    last modified by brunobresciani
  • We can not receive e-mail from Producteev, including password reset email.

    We can not receive e-mail from Producteev, including password reset email.  Can you please remove "ldeo.columbia.edu" and "columbia.edu" from the bounce list, assuming that's cause.  Thank you.
    last modified by klai
  • can't export my tasks

    Hi,   I want to export all of my tasks because producteev is discontinued but it never happens. I click on export tasks button and it says loading for a few seconds then nothing happens. Tried on all 3 different...
    last modified by fahri.uzun