• We're Moving the Onboarding Classroom Friday, July 21, at 3 pm PT

    Hey everyone,   We want to give you the head's up that we are moving the Onboarding Classroom to a new Sub-space under Community Help this Friday afternoon from 3-5 pm PT.   We had originally thought that...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Looking for an idea for summer programming?

    This is a quick post to share an idea from Keeley Sorokti.   Jive for Office nudge We've been working on ways to get more people to not only download Jive for Office, but to understand how easy and useful it is....
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  • Pulling Metrics for Jive Daily

    Jive-n cloud customers can now pull Jive Daily usage metrics using the Data Export Service. For a guide, see How To: Use the Data Export Service API Explorer | Jive Community   Here are examples of items that ca...
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  • New Features for the Delegate Access (Ghost Blog) Add-On

    Late Saturday evening, July 15, 2017 your Jive Professional Services team will be updating the Delegate Access Add-On.   What is Delegate Access? Delegate Access is an optional Add-On available from Jive PS that ...
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  • It is official Pearson is now in the Cloud…

    ...And since the last few weeks have been a rollercoaster I’m taking some time out to have a coffee and reflect on the experience. Of course quiet reflection is not really my thing and so I’ve decided to W...
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  • Up Up Down Down - What to do when someone games your community?

    On occasion, you may come across a user(s) in your community who look to be 'gaming' the system by completing activities only to gain points. This can take the form of   Liking everything in sight Following a t...
    Oliver Beirne
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  • Truth Initiative Uses Community to Help People Quit Smoking

    I'm in love with the Jive product because it has the potential to create a community where users can build relationships, inspire each other, and do so much more with cross-functional teams without regards to geograph...
    Sarah Chaney
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  • In Times of Turmoil, Wear Community like Armor

    Life can get overwhelming sometimes. Perhaps, for example, your vendor gets acquired right before your manager announces she's leaving days after your intern is leaving and around the same time you are apartment hunti...
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  • Introducing the JiveDev QuickStart App

    If you were there with us at JiveWorld17, you know that we announced the jivedev QuickStart App's availability in the Global Registry. That means that not only is it available in our sandbox AND JiveWorks community fo...
    Rashed Talukder
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  • Work Anniversaries Recognition Script

    Don't you wish Jive notified you about work-anniversaries like Linkedin? Now it can with this simple integration we've open-sourced.   This script generates status messages in the group of your choosing announc...
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  • SFDC case management v1.2 release notes

    The Salesforce Case Management Connector links your Jive community to your Salesforce and allows customer to engage with your support team. Customers can manage their cases right from within your community in a famili...
    Shai Sagi
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  • Tracking Traffic from Jive System-Generated Emails with Google Analytics

    Hi analytics folks - I'm Corey Mathews, a senior consultant on the strategy team here at Jive. I recently had a client ask me how they could see how many people were clicking through from their email digests, so I tho...
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  • Speedier Custom View Tiles with Gala

      We have some exciting news to share for Jive Cloud customers! There was a lot of requests to increase the performance of Custom View Tile's load times and to satisfy that without compromising security, we're p...
    Rashed Talukder
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  • Jive 9.0.2 is Now Available!

    Jive 9.0.2 is now available for Hosted and On-Premise customers!     For more information – including known issues and what was fixed – please check out this document posted by our Senior Pro...
    Sarah Chaney
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  • Staying Ahead of the Curve in the Automotive Industry

    The automotive industry has come along way in the past hundred years, and it's only picking up speed. John Schneider, VP of Product at Jive Software, addresses this change in Solving for industry-level collaboration i...
    Sarah Chaney
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  • SmarterPath Release 3.1 – Custom Course Icon & Advanced Analytics

    Doing learning differently continues to be our goal. Please see below the main features that are part of SmarterPath 3.1.   Custom Course Icon can be uploaded for each course - visible in different parts in Smar...
    Linda Werner
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  • Become a Unicorn and Boost Your Jive Advocate Points

    You may have heard me talk about the Unicorn badge here in the Jive Community. It's a badge that I personally give to people who help me out with special tasks. You know you want it, maybe you even covet it when you s...
    Libby Taylor
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  • (Video) Robust Idea Collaboration for Jive Now Available

    TemboSocial has released Ideas, a robust Idea Collaboration Add-On for Jive.   View the Video   Run multiple idea discussions simultaneously Multiple Idea discussions can run simultaneously on any pag...
    Steven Green
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  • Community with a capital C

    Our Learning Consultant Stan Jeffress speaks about a community that has meaningful business impacts: http://bit.ly/capital-C #community  
    Christopher Böckelmann
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  • "The last mile" in a training context

    Our learning consultant Stan Jeffress speaks about „the last mile“ in a training context. Read more: http://bit.ly/1-mile #learning  
    Christopher Böckelmann
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