• Jive 7 scenario - adding an Activity page to my group

    When we deployed Jive 7 (on-Prem) about a month ago, I prepared some scenarios and used them during UAT (to get sign-off from the business stakeholders that the functionality worked as expected), and then added them t...
    Claire Tazzioli
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  • Lessons learned from our Jive 7 (on-Prem) implementation

    As some of you have not yet upgraded to Jive 7 I thought it might be useful to share some of our FAQ and observations gathered during our user testing phase. Please feel free to ask any questions and I will try to ans...
    Claire Tazzioli
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  • Places: Group vs. Space

    One of the hardest concepts community members had difficulty understanding was the differences between Groups and Spaces when we launched our internal Jive community.  I had many people request a space for a proj...
    created by lyndsay_lantz
  • Shining a Light on JiveX 7

    Many have you been asking When will the Jive Community upgrade to version 7?  Well, I'm happy to announce that day has come.   We are now on the latest and greatest version of JiveX.    He...
    Deirdre Walsh
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  • From Zero to Cloud Service in 20 minutes using the Jive SDK

    In this post I am going to show you how to create a public cloud service, have it deployed on Heroku, and then have it pushing data into a Purposeful Place on a cloud Jiveon instance. This should be of interest for an...
    Aron Racho
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  • Welcome to JIVE world

    Hey dude.... warm welcome to JIVE world.............
    Mohinuddinsha Shaik
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  • Patch Release: is now available

    We are pleased to announce the availability of Jive This release features bug fixes, details of which are below: JIVE-41449 - An analytics query that is supposed to run only once as part of an upgrade ins...
    Mor Avital
    created by Mor Avital
  • Open Leadership and Coaching Executives

    Over the last few years, as social business and networked communications environments have become more pervasive, executives increasingly became pockets of inertia due to their more traditional modes of communicating ...
    Rachel Happe
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  • Join IABC/LA & JCS on Wednesday, April 30th in Manhattan Beach

    Hello SoCal Jivers!   I wanted to let you all know that next week, IABC/LA is hosting a networking event for both members and non-members entitled "Bridging the Gap Between IT and Communications." Every com...
    Jill Butler
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  • You Gotta Kiss a Lot of Babies if You Want the Backing of the People

    We've all seen the images - politicians on the campaign trail kissing babies.   Awwwww, right??  BABIES!  I don't know if this an American thing or if it happens all over, but I bet there is some versio...
    Linda Doty
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  • Community Management Lifecycle [1/4]- Inception Phase or how to get my penguins in the water?

    [SB] Today I’d like to describe the factors that are key to reaching a critical mass in newly launched communities. Most community managers follow the lead of older, more established communities and take actions...
    Sandra Leupold
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  • Announcing the release of 7.0.1

    We are pleased to announce the availability of Jive 7.0.1. You can download 7.0.1 from your purchases page. This release includes a number of performance and stability fixes. For more information, please refer to th...
    Mor Avital
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  • Want to Tell Your Story @ JiveWorld14? Call for Speakers is Now Open!

    We're gearing up for the 6th annual social business conference of the year - JiveWorld14! Call for Speakers is now open, and we're excited to be able to share our track names and themes, below. It's our mission to gat...
    Ashlee Crabtree
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  • Top Five Mistakes Individuals Make on Social Media

    After extensive research (time on Twitter) and deep study (that insomnia period between 2 and 4AM), I have compiled a list of the most common mistakes made by individuals on social media. I feel I should cite my sourc...
    Linda Doty
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  • Employee Recognition Webcast

    Recognition is a strong motivator for employees but did you know that 71% of employees do not feel recognized for the work they do?On May 7, join Jive partner TemboSocial for an interactive webinar that will show how ...
    Brennan Kirby
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  • Moar Archetype Changes! Now Simpler Than Evar!

    A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post Announcing Jive Maven Archetype Changes.  This was just the first step in a series of changes to make both the use and the management of Jive Maven archetype-generated projec...
    Ryan King
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  • Emergence of informal leaders in Jive community

    One of "side effects" of implementing of social software for internal communication is the emergence of informal leaders. The emergence is not a very accurate term since informal leaders exist in organizations without...
    Olga Koz
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  • Community Health Index; A Shift To A Weighted Scoring System

    With 18 months of data under our belts, we're making a shift in the way we're reporting community health of our external community to our internal stakeholders. We started out capturing and reporting content volumes, ...
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  • Patch Release: is now available

    This post is to announce the availability of Jive This release features the following fixes: A bug where, under specific conditions, clicking Delete All Documents for a specific user will potentially result ...
    Mor Avital
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  • Behind-the-Scenes: Upgrade the Jive Community to 7

    As I promised in Jive Online Community Management: Stop Reacting. Start Impacting., I wanted to give this group a behind-the-scenes look at how we are managing our own JiveX community.  After writing that blog po...
    Deirdre Walsh
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