• Jive Chime Update

    Hi Jive Chime Users,   We want to provide an update on Jive Chime and our team-messaging strategy moving forward. As you know, we launched Jive Chime in mid-2015 and have seen good adoption for both our free and ...
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  • [Custom Tiles] Featured Items with background Images

    Hello JiveMinds,   We ,at ThoughtWorks, have created the custom view tiles and like to share the learnings/implementations of the same.   We have used Tiles feature of the Jive to make sure the information i...
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  • Let's Work Together to Make Jive Rewards Great

    Jive Rewards launched in Jive Cloud with the 2015.3 release. I recall when I first launched the Advanced Gamification module (Bunchball) years ago how lonely it was being an early adopter, trying to figure everything ...
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  • Jive Developer Days 2016: Bay Area — Register Today!

      After having a great turn out at our first stop in NYC at Social Edge Consulting , we're ready to take some votes on our next stop — The Bay Area at Plex Systems' Northern California Office! We are limite...
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  • How I Work: An Interview with Ben Zweig from Social Edge

    It's time we kick the How I Work series on Jive Talks back into high gear. And what better way to put the pedal to the metal than with the digitally-savvy-and-creatively-stunning Ben Zweig from Social Edge Consulting....
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  • Ask me anything? Of course you can - in Jive!

    Guest post by Paul Vinelli   A lot of people are familiar with Reddit's "Ask Me Anything" forums, where some of the world's most fascinating people will take on any question from passionate fans.  While we a...
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  • Languages Update Q2-2015

    As of Jive 7.0.0 (and newer), either On-Premise, Hosted and Cloud, we support the following languages OOTB: English (American) Chinese (Traditional and Simplified). Note Traditional is the default Chinese and Simpli...
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  • Deep Dive: Jive Connector for Hangouts

      At Jive, we are constantly looking for ways to make it simpler and easier to integrate Jive with your existing tools and workflows. In support of that goal, we're delivering today the new Jive connector for Ha...
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  • How I Work: An Interview with Toby Metcalf from PTC

    It's time we learned more about one of our most active, fellow community members, Toby Metcalf. It's likely you've already seen his name come up beside some of the most helpful, poignant, and down-right polite comment...
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  • Jive-n 8.0.4 and Jive-x 8.0.4 are now available

    We are pleased to announce the general availability of Jive-n 8.0.4 and Jive-x 8.0.4. This release provides a number of fixes that improve stability and increase security and usability.   You can download 8.0.4 ...
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  • Throw allowIllegalResourceCall to the Curb is True!

    For any developer who has used the Jive REST API, you may have run into a problem with a security measure we put in place a while back that prefixes API responses with the following line: throw 'allowIllegalResource...
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  • Publishing Tech Docs. . . in Jive

    If you're a content publisher and use Jive, you've probably thought about whether you could make better use of Jive as a publishing platform. As the leader of Jive's technical documentation team, I've been thinking ab...
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  • Considerations on Catering to Multi-Lingual / Multi-Language Community

    As use of our product grows internationally we are beginning to see participation our our community by users whose first language is not always English and who may not even speak English proficiently.  Catering t...
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  • Empowering the Clinician Around the EHR

    Clinicians today are caught in a catch-22. While their goals are generally aligned with the Affordable Care Act’s directive of improving patient care, they’re stuck dealing with expensive technologies that...
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  • Designing a Jive Overview page

    One of the most challenging things to do as a community manager is to design the Overview page under the Home menu. It can be a tough place to design with so many options available but I'm going to break down the basi...
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  • How can Wrike turn you into a project management rock star?

    Wrike provides you with an amazingly rich set of project management features. Schedule tasks, assign them to your peers, attach files, visualize and adjust plans on the interactive Gantt chart – all these withou...
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  • Improving How Support Case Environments are Managed

    Jive will soon be introducing an improved way to manage and select your Jive environments when creating a new support case in your MyJive support group in Jive Community.   This is a change we've put into place ...
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  • 3 Success Factors of Jive Intranet Adoption

    On June 2nd, TemboSocial participated in the Toronto Jive User Group hosted by Blueprint Software Systems at their beautiful office (thank you to Saranya Yogarajah and Luigi Mariani for hosting the meetup) . There wer...
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  • [Custom Tiles] Featured Team members with their roles

    Hello all,   At ThoughtWorks we have created the custom tile which is  created using jive's tile feature. We have developed the tile to show the key members with their roles and images which is called 'Featu...
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  • Come Co-Work with Us on June 24 2016

    We're having the first Chicago Co-Working Day on Friday, June 24 at Platform CoWorking, followed by happy hour at nearby O'Shaughnessy's. If your answer to any of the following is "yes" then you should seriously consi...
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