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  • Gamification: Thinking Beyond Badges to Drive Long-Term Success

    Gamification has recently become a popular topic within enterprise collaboration platforms – so much so that I think my spell check now accepts the word as valid. As with many other social technologies, gamifica...
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  • Project LiveStream: Custom View Tile & Simple Stream Integration w/App

    GitHub Repos: Data Flow: Custom View Tile (Middlewared) Simple Stream Integration w/ App (non-Middleware) Extra Considerations Initial Setup Requirements   Intro To start a new initi...
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  • Power to the Profile: User Sync Deep Dive

    Documents are boring.  Yup, you heard me right. Documents are boring.   We pour hundreds of hours of effort into creating quality documents and there's a ton of good, important stuff in all that documentatio...
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  • Become a Unicorn and Boost Your Jive Advocate Points

    You may have heard me talk about the Unicorn badge here in the Jive Community. It's a badge that I personally give to people who help me out with special tasks. You know you want it, maybe you even covet it when you s...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Product Update: Password Resets Required

    Producteev users,   The Producteev team recently learned that Producteev usernames and passwords could have been accessed by an unauthorized third party. Jive has taken immediate steps to remedy the issue and em...
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  • UX Widgets

    Introduction  Enhance your community with amazing content display options.  Enable and control search and navigation across multiple community sites.  Empower large, diverse communities with service po...
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  • Email: The Zombie Technology That's Eating Your Business Alive

    Over the years, a lot of very smart people have pronounced email dead. Yet, despite the fact that it’s a known productivity killer and makes frequent users far less effective at their jobs, it keeps coming back ...
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  • Update on Producteev for Task Management

    Hello Producteev Community,   Firstly, thank you for using Producteev and being passionate supporters of it. It means a lot to those of us in the Jive products team where we work to shape the roadmap  based...
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  • Action Required - Important Update to Twistage Video Service

    Perceptive (previously: Twistage), our video service provider, is currently updating their service infrastructure for greater stability. In order to facilitate this transition, they are changing their whitelisting pol...
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  • Streaming MP3 Files in Your Jive Content

    Kim Nelson was kind enough to steer me towards an idea to The ability to support MP3 Files, and I wanted to provide a brief writeup on how you could accomplish this with some elbow grease but without any deep programm...
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  • Building an Event Community: Telling Your Brand’s Story with Technology

    We’ve come a long way from the days when our ancestors swapped tales of the hunt around a campfire or merchants traveled thousands of miles along the ancient Silk Road to sell their wares. Today, we can instantl...
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  • Analytics @ Jive: Measuring Your Customers’ and Employees’ Journeys

    Analytics @ Jive: Measuring Your Customers’ and Employees’ Journeys Being the first presenter after lunch is not an enviable position, but Udit Shah stepped right up!   Udit is a Jiver, and is the D...
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  • New Dates for JiveWorld17!

    It's hard to believe that JiveWorld ended just four months ago! We are grateful for everyone who contributed to the success we saw with JiveWorld16. The event wouldn't be what it is without you and your active partici...
    Libby Taylor
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  • FTW: Jive Selected as Top 10 Web Support Site

    And better yet: two Jive customers made the list.  Every year, the Association of Support Professionals (ASP) recognizes the top ten best web support sites in the world. This year, our very own Jive Community, al...
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  • Event Recap: Jive Developer Days — European Edition

    So we just concluded the Jive Developer Days series' first remote/virtual event based on a European audience and here's what happened!   We had a lot of people register and fill out the seats from small to large...
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  • Gamification Module - Update on when the new admin console will be released

    Updated Configuration and Management Experience Since the start of 2016 Bunchball and Jive have been working together to get the latest Nitro gamification console ready for our customers.  Since we have gotten to...
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