• Declining Terms for Ideation

    I have some users that have declined the terms to post Ideas and now want to be able to post. How do I clear it so they are asked again to accept terms. I am on Jive hosted v 6.0.3
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  • Need help becoming Jive-ficient?

    As a partner, you can also access Jive training so you can be more Jive-ficient.  Check it out! Free Training
    Nathan Smith
    created by Nathan Smith
  • Adding javascript to footer

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can provide guidance in the best place to add javascript to the Jive footer. The script is intended to have a link pop up a window where users could file an internal JIRA ticket. We've tr...
    Kevin Swallow
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  • Jive Tile Streams - Why does it just show "System" on mobile?

    Hey Ryan, Steven and Brennan came to me with a question about mobile.   I've attached pics of what the Tile Stream post looks like in Mobile & Desktop.  Mobile just appears as "SYSTEM" with no picture? ...
    Butch Marshall
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  • Installing a local Jive 7 environment - System Error

    I've tried following this great guide Jive 7 Windows Development Environment Setup from Jez Martin and while it always results in build success, I can't get through the setup process. I've tried it on two PCs and one ...
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  • Jive and Password Management

    Is Jive secure and safe enough to use as a password management tool? The credentials stored would be for databases, ftp, websites, social accounts, etc ...   Thanks in advance.
    Salim Bourget
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  • 'includeBlogs=true' not working when pulling content from the parent place

    Hi Jive Developers,   I'm trying to pull all content generated in a place, but I'm having a hard time getting the content from sub-spaces as blogs.   For example, I'm trying to get all content in this plac...
    Alberto Rodríguez
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  • Jive showing up properties file during action.

    Hi All, I am facing one weird issue with Jive . On click of link I load self submitting action FTL page which calls up another url of application B via java code & seamlessly logins into that application B from J...
  • Errors with eae-start, localhost returning 404

    I am getting the following error when running eae-start:   2015-05-22 11:00:57,659 [Firehose Migrator] INFO [] com.jivesoftware.eae.service.dao.core.ConfigurationPropertiesDAO - Empty configuration properties fi...
    Sam Linnett
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  • Installing a Comodo extended SSL certificate on Jive 8

    We have instaled a Comodo extended SSL certificate. On Jive 8 on Prem using Centos 7.   We are however running into problems with Firefox users that are getting the message that the root certificate can not be ...
    Jacques van Dijk
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  • Why does the purple customize button appear only sometimes?

    Myself and our company's Champion group is a little perplexed by the purple "You Can Customize This Page" box  (see screenshot below). It seems like it appears sometimes; while other times it is absent for no app...
    Kevin Vielbaum
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  • Alternatives to writing Blogs/Articles with Jive Content Editor?

    Hi, my question is very simple, the Jive Content Editor is not very good, are there any integrations available for curating professionally formatted content that does not require you to be a Text Hacker or an HTML Gur...
    Peter Herdman-Grant
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  • Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on for Chrome and file upload to Producteev comments

    Have others experienced a problem with being able to upload files/attachments to Producteev comments after installing the chrome addin that opts out of google analytics tracking?   Google Analytics Opt-out Add-o...
  • Okta integration

    We are in the process of implementing Okta as our SSO and IAM solution.  I'm looking for assistance with enabling SAML 2.0 for our cloud instance at firemon.jiveon.com.   Thanks!
    Nick Senatore
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  • Widget-based UI features/enhancements without customisations

    My organisation, like many other Jive customers would like to provide our users with the ability to add custom user interface features/enhancements to their places (e.g. tabbed tables, accordions, table column filters...
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  • Access user property like jive property in Soy ?

    Hello Folks,   I am trying to understand how can we access user properties we have under http://community.jivesoftware.com/admin/user-xprops.jsp?user=XXX I am taking reference of following discussion. Why doe...
    Rohit Jadhav
    created by Rohit Jadhav
  • Wrong Link in Invite E_Mail

    Hello,   when we try to invite new user, to a external private Social Group, they don't get the correct invite e-mail.   This is the mail link:   https://[JIVE_URL]/groups/testinvitegroup?et=invite.j...
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  • Jive 8 WYSIWYG Responsive Options

    How is content handled in the WYSIYG of Jive 8 to be responsive? Will there be responsive boilerplate that works off of classes, or is responsiveness within the WYSIWYG something we will need to implement ourselves th...
    Kalen Kubik
    created by Kalen Kubik
  • In Producteev can you schedule the time in a similar way you can schedule the date using "!"?

    In Producteev can you schedule the time in a similar way you can schedule the date using "!"? I'd like to be able to do it all from the task title instead of creating the task and then going into the item to schedule ...
    Claire Phillippi
    created by Claire Phillippi
  • Group Templates- Overview Setting

    I recently found out about the setting option to put a space (especially group) as an admin weather on  Activity / Overview or overview and activity only.   Really, I do not see the sense behind a setting o...
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