• X-Jive-Run-As with a federated user

    Has anyone had any luck using the "X-Jive-Run-As" feature with Federated users. I'm on a Cloud Instance.  I'm able to "X-Jive-Run-As" non-federated users, however I get a 403 with federated users:   Headers...
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  • Setting Default Tile Config Values

    Hi, I'm trying to create a custom tile with configuration and would like to know how to set default values for the options. I've followed the instructions given at Creating Custom View Tiles. The way this handles defa...
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  • SSO redirection is getting hanged when accessed through MS word or outlook

    Hi everyone,   Some  of the users when accessing application through  link, in outlook or  word document they are redirected to SSO page and page is getting hanged there. The issue is replicable ...
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  • Process to add a new webapp node to an existing cluster

    Does anyone have a working cookbook process to add a node to an existing cluster?  Example scenario:  You have a working cluster of 4 webapp nodes (On Jive 8) and increased usage has required you to scale up...
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  • Blogs on blogs on blogs.

    I'd love some advice about handling blogs within Jive. We currently have our own corporate blogs, employee blogs that we host, partner blogs that we link to, and community member blogs that we promote. We're looking t...
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  • Syntax Highlighting with PHP using the word "Empty" causes duplicates

    This issue was reported by one of our community members:   When using Syntax Highlighting markup in a discussion, if you use the word "empty", it appears as "emptyempty." I checked all of the syntax options and ...
    created by anassi
  • Inserting GIF animations into posts

    Hi All,   I'm hoping to liven up some of the posts in my Community site with GIFs - but when I do the normal copy/paste function, only the image (not the animation) transfers.  Does anyone know how to impor...
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  • What's happening with Jive Chime?

    Hi All,   I recently rolled out a Jive Chime trial to our business for real time messaging. I've since noticed that the website www.jivechime.com now redirects to the main Jive Software site. I was directing use...
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  • How to obtain the list of users?

    Hi,   Could you tell me how could I download the list of users from Jive admin console including standard users and external contributors. Is there any way to do that in it?.   Regards
  • The future of Jive search?

    We’ve recently competed a user survey about our Jive intranet. One thing we found disappointing was people’s feelings about search.   Before we moved to Jive, our intranet was built on 15 year old s...
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  • Can We Suppress Anything in the Activity Feed?

    Hi All,   I am 99.9% that we can't suppress anything in the Activity feed. But, I've received this feedback a number of times: "Would be wonderful if I could suppress/hide/ignore document updates and profile upd...
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  • Members with most followers

    My senior management has asked for a report of the Top 10 members ranked by number of followers. The User Leaderboard doesn't provide this information in the CSV, is there any way to obtain it?
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  • (Question) Tips on launching a blog series?

    Hi everyone -   I'm preparing to launch a blog series for my community site.  Anyone with experience have any tips on how to structure posts, ensure varied content, recruit willing customers to blog, etc.?...
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  • Tips and Tricks to Posting GIFs

    Hi all - I love posting GIFs in my community as a part of our corporate communications but have realized I'm not very good at getting them to work every time. Anyone have any tips and tricks to posting GIFs? Also an...
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  • Giving access to users after they watch a video

    Is there a way to prompt new users of our community to watch a video before they can have access into our platform? Our company uses Jive for internal use and we are using cloud 2016.1.
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  • Is it possible to merge two exisitng groups into one?

    Both groups have members in them, but I would like to merge them since they are a similar groups....is this possible?
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  • Ability to Search for Apps in Cloud

    Is there a way for users to search for apps in cloud? They currently don't show at all in the search results.
    created by ana.miksche
  • Send a Direct Message in a tile

    Can someone give me the steps on how this tile was created. I need to create a tile that sends a direct message to a specific person.  
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  • Login URL on Jive7 ?

    We're looking at trends of people using "login" page. (using Adobe Analytics) On Jive v8, URL is /login.jspa   What was the URL on Jive 7?
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  • Analytics from Engagement Through Outlook/Mobile App

    How are Jive analytics being pulled for the engagement through Outlook and Mobile App? Does it come through in Google Analytics?
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