• Tagging malfunctioning in Ideas for Jive Space

    When I click on an idea like tagging, on Allow for tagging of pages  I expect to see other ideas with the same tag, but I see nothing.   Libby Taylor, Maureen Byrne
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  • Custom HTML Tile does not use the complete width in a page

    I have added a custom html tile in a page of a group and cannot manage that the tile is using the complete width. It looks like this:   <html> <body> <div> <p> Lorem ipsum dolor sit am...
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  • Question on bulk tagging

    I am using the Bulk Manage Content to add a tag to all of our Discussions that over the past year or so have been marked as “Correct Answer.” Unfortunately, adding this tag brings all that content to the t...
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  • Say Hello to Dina Vekaria, This Quarter's Peer-to-Peer Community Manager

    In case you missed my blog Become a Unicorn and Boost Your Jive Advocate Points, I asked volunteers to come forward to help with some of the peer-to-peer community management in Internal Communities and External Commu...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Are Jivers allowed to vote on Ideas?

    Are Jivers allowed to vote on Ideas in Ideas for Jive?   Because I think my Jive Quality Points  idea would have a lot of appeal for Jive as well as the customers.
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  • Jive online ADFS integration

    Hello   I can't find any guids detailing the integration of Jive online with ADFS. The guides that are available are quite old. And bot ADFS and Jive online has changed since then. Do you have an updated documen...
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  • Training videos and YouTube like features.

    We would like to have a set up that is like YouTube where we can have the next video auto play or embed a link in the video and say "For more videos like this click here" is this possible. We cannot use YouTube becaus...
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  • osapi.jive.core.get - return the reponse as Object {status: 204}

    Hi Rashed Talukder Pawan Shah Scott A Johnson I working on the requirement to get all the group members of selected place in places request picker . I am passing the place member url to get the all the members. Whe...
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  • Box Integration Missing Access

    We have a situation with a Jive Space where every invited user on the Jive side has had Viewer/Uploader permissions granted on the Box side except for one.  She simply does not show up as a Box user, and naturall...
    created by jyoung
  • Box Integration Spaces Folder

    I am familiar with the Jive Groups folder that is created in Box by the Jive integration.  I only recently became aware that there is a separate folder for Jive spaces.  In our instance, this folder has the ...
    created by jyoung
  • Any nonprofits or socially oriented orgs using Jive that are interested in being part of a proposed JW17 panel on using Jive for social good?

    We are planning to submit a proposal for a JW17 panel on how Jive can be used effectively by non-profits and other mission driven orgs, both internally and externally. We're a Jive partner focused on supporting the us...
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  • Have you written a guide for Rewards for your community?

    I'm in the process of collecting information and preparing to write a guide for our community on how the Rewards programs works... But, I'm a little stuck on how to get started and how much detail to share - specifica...
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  • Visual/Related Term Search

    The Why  One of the issues inherent with tagging content via a folksonomy rather than with controlled vocabulary terms is of course the variety of terminology used, especially with contributors from across the gl...
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  • Google Indexing?

    I am an SEO newbie and admittedly know very little about it. I was reading a few documents regarding SEO and the recent improvements made to Jive-X, but it's still a foreign language. As our external site recently lau...
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  • Notifications for Posts, Not For Likes/Found Helpful

    Hi-Many of our customers have reached out expressing frustration over the number of alerts they receive in our community. They want to follow a space and receive an alert when someone posts or responds, but they do no...
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  • How to disable notification on Jive Cloud?

    Hi, One of my content contributor complained that every time she publishes her own content (post, blog, etc) she receives a notification that she needs to approve her own content.  Can this notification be termi...
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  • Does anyone have a cloud vs hosted comparison matrix?

    We are trying to determine the features and functionality of both as we evaluate what will be our pilot plan. Does anyone have something they can share or can point me in the direction of? Thanks so much!
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  • Anyone know how to enable unsubscribe function in Jive newsletter digests?

    In looking more closely at our Jive-x newsletter digests that are sent to users, there is no unsubscribe option within the email body.   However, In other email notifications from Jive, such as updates on items ...
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  • Cloud 2016.2 maintenance update

    Hello all. I just received an upgrade notification and am trying to confirm that this is a maintenance or final build upgrade on 2016.2 Jive-X Cloud, and if so, what the upgrades and fixes are. I looked for info here ...
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  • Learning and Development Track - JW17 (suggestion)

    Solving the "Universal Use Case" with Jive   Regardless of the size of your organization, the types of products or services it provides or the industry it competes in, learning and development is a critical fun...
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