• Would there be anyone willing to have a webinar to showcase their customizations/apps?

    I'm looking for innovative implementations of Jive customizations that people are willing to showcase.   Thanks, Lea
    Lea Reznik
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  • ask

    Murphy Yu
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  • Sort tags by name doesn't seem to work

    I'm trying to generate a list of glossary terms from across the whole community (this is Jive by applying a tag to the various pages in different spaces & groups. The mechanism works OK, but the results a...
    Kathleen James
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  • Puppet modules for jive deployment

    Has Jive (or the community) made available some tempates or modules for puppetized deployments of Jive? I can't imagine they would be too intense, but wanted to see if someone else had written some prior to doing my o...
    Matthew Aeolian
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  • Higdp

    Diao Jing
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  • Hihj

    Diao Jing
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  • How to get all user list

    As an Admin i would like to retrieve a list of all the user in my plateform. But there is no export from this panel :     Is there any way to get this list ?
    julien sriskandarajah
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  • Department field in user profile: text field vs. drop-down menu

    Is it possible to make the department field in the user profile a drop-down menu, rather than a blank field? We have some users listing their team vs. their department in this field (ex: DevOps vs Engineering), which ...
    created by morganarmstrong
  • How are you posting internal news and ensuring readership?

    When our organization first purchased Jive, we were led to believe that any time we posted a system alert, it would reach employee's Outlook inbox regardless of their email settings through Jive. I now know that is no...
    Steven Sprouse
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  • html web

    Hi Jeph Yang Yuval Z   I saw you both had posted some useful tips about html info. I am seeking your help to see if you can give me some quick tips. The users of my community would like to put the attached proc...
    Phyllis Wong
    created by Phyllis Wong
  • Adoption plan for beta members?

    Hi Community Managers!   I work for a software company and we are in the process of building our external community (v1) for our customers who have signed up for user groups. Each user group (we have over 70 cur...
    Melissa McMullin
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  • Show Usernames not Real Names to User and Admins

    We are getting ready to move to the new cloud version of Jive for our public community from hosted. One issue we see is that we as admins see the full name of the user when they post and not the username. That puts a ...
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  • Are you interested in sharing your educational strategy with others? And learning from others?

    Keeley Sorokti and I recently had a conversation about training your company to use Jive. She had a great suggestion to host a WebEx session in which we share how we are working to training our colleagues. I am very i...
    Karen Frock
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  • Redirect doc URL

    How to redirect a non-existent URL to exisiting URL?   Redirect this link: https://outlet.ouraes.com/docs/DOC-16625%3F - A wrong URL was accidentally shared with user community To go here: https://outlet.ouraes....
    Khaja Shariff Mohammed
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  • Kathy Martinez test question

    testing personal container, disregard.
    Kathy Martinez
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  • Getting creative with JiveWorld16... I would love your thoughts!

    Hey everyone (and also External Communities and JiveWorld365 and JiveWorld14)   JiveWorld16 is coming.... remember these moments?       We are planning JiveWorld16 as we speak (my responsibilit...
    Libby Taylor
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  • How to maintain a side-bar for a place, persistent while viewing documents

    Hi   I'm keen, for a particular place, to establish a basic navigation / quick links which is graphical (like for example an expandable sections widget), which is persistent while browsing for and viewing conten...
    Simon Kenowrthy
    created by Simon Kenowrthy
  • Change size of blog thumbnails?

    We're trying to change the size of the thumbnails for blogs in Jive 6. Any tips on how to do this?
    created by ana.miksche
  • Unable to share across spaces in external community

    Hi,   I am unable to share posts across multiple spaces in our external instance of Jive. Is there a toggle or option where I can activate this feature?
    Samantha Lopez
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  • Prevent users from posting to their personal folder

    I'm not sure what to call it, and I am not sure exactly how it is done, but we have some users who post questions to themselves. So a post will have the title, say when it was posted and where it was posted.   H...
    Bob Bush
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