• How do I turn on moderation for a space?

    How do I turn on moderation for a space?
    Keith Freeman
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  • If you could build a "quick activity integration" in 5 minutes, what technologies would you look to integrate first?

    As developers we spend most of our time trying to build really awesome and feature rich integrations, but sometimes ... there's value to be had in standing up a "quick integration" between two systems and moving on to...
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  • What do you set up or view Cloud Analytics?

    I saw here, that "Jive Cloud Analytics is automatically enabled on all Jive Cloud sites" but when I look for it in Add-Ons, I can't find it.
    Nik Edmiidz
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  • Why do 2 News Links Produce Different Views?

    There are two links labelled as News on the News page. I expected they rendered the same results, but I now see that they do not. Seems awfully confusing to set it up this way. Is there a reason I am missing?   ...
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  • Community Manager Reports and Overall Metrics

    Hi - We are looking to standardize community reporting on a monthly basis as we evolve and build additional infrastructure / resources for our global community.  Just wondering if most share some key data from th...
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  • Welcome to the External Community Managers group: Please introduce yourself!

    Hello and welcome! I'm Gia Lyons, Program Manager of the Jive Community, and I started this group in hopes of sharing tips and techniques with other managers of externally facing branded communities. Please introduce ...
    Gia Lyons
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  • Is there any documentation on exactly how the Ask a Question widget works?

    I have been looking in the Jive community for information on exactly how the Ask a Question widget works. I have not been able to find anything that has been very helpful to me. We have our's configured as below: Sea...
    Kathy Martinez
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  • Have you used a workaround to subscribe to tags in Jive 7?

    Hi Internal Communities,   I have a need for our users to follow discussions by topics or channels. In order to minimize "spam activity," we need a particular business area to follow 38 different topics for enga...
    created by shirlin
  • Jive versus SharePoint

    Does anyone have formal or informal documentation around Jive versus SharePoint comparison? I can cobble together some thoughts but I am sure someone already has a nice comparison capabilities and benefits flushed out...
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  • Video disabled in Community

    We do not have a video option in our Spaces and when I click on manage and Activity, that option is not there.  How do we get this option?  
    Samantha Lopez
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  • Error when replying to message

    We have a user in our Community that has an error each time she tries to reply to an error.   She us using Chrome on a Mac.
    Samantha Lopez
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  • Connector for Jive and ViewCentral LMS?

    Hi all,   Does anyone know if there's a software connector that easily links discussion groups in Jive with the ViewCentral LMS?   Our use case involves providing customers taking our training courses an ...
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  • Creating an Executive Participation Plan

    We have VPs are who are liking and commenting on content and posting blogs, but participation from our C-Suite Executives is seldom...that is until now.   Last week, the Corporate Communications Manager contact...
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  • What language should I learn? What are the best/quickest ways to learn it?

    Hey there,   First, I really have come to appreciate the level of knowledge that flows through this Space. You are awesome for sharing and helping.   I'd like your assistance on my future development (of m...
    Austin Openshaw
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  • iFrame within WYSIWYG editor

    Hey Ryan! Final question of the day (I promise).   This relates to using an !App widget to embed an iFrame into the actual WYSIWYG editor.   We'd like to do an "embedded card" experience for our product to...
    Butch Marshall
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  • Is there a way to use a generic user with the API to vote on imported ideas multiple times?

    We have migrated ideas from another system into Jive using the API, but it did not allow us to bring over a vote count.  Now we would like to use the API to set the votes for the migrated ideas to their previous ...
    Sam Creek
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  • Ability to see who moderated what?

    Hi there,   Hoping someone know where this data exists. Is there a data table that allows you to see which user has moderated what? For example, who has moved a thread to a different space or who has edited, etc...
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  • Great Read on AWS's Cloud Business

    Bezos says Amazon's cloud is a $5 billion business - Fortune
  • How do you 'complete' a project?

    Is there a way to mark a project as completed (similar to how tasks can be marked as completed)?
    Adam Escobar
    created by Adam Escobar
  • Mailing List Signup?

    Hello, where might I go to sign up for your Upcoming Webinars Mailing List (so I may be notified of any new Jive webinars)?
    Steve Maccharoli
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