• Is there a way to limit Store access to certain groups?

    If, for example, we wanted to drive employee engagement by offering tangible incentives, but didn't want to open it up (or for it to be visible) to customers?   Thanks!
    created by jeff.young
  • Create project failed- Jive

    Hi,   I have tried creating local set up for jive in windows machine. when I run this command. I'm getting this issue. Please suggest or help me.   C:\JiveCode\Jive604>mvn clean install -Djive....
    last modified by karthikodc
  • jiveActivityFirehose Table

    In the Actvity Engine DB there is a table called jiveActivityFirehose with a activityType column.  Does anyone know which table has the values that correspond to those activityType numbers?  I thought it mig...
    Gary Williams
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  • Issue with user object

    Hi,   I'm currently adapting a plugin from jive 7.0.2 to 8.0.1 and I have some troubles accessing user Object. Here if the implementation I use: User user = getUser(); UserProfile userProfile = new UserProfile...
    Florent Claisse
    created by Florent Claisse
  • Bug in place.getMembers() in javascript apis

    Hello Jivers, I found some problem with javascript api today. Wanted to confirm if anyone else is getting this issue.   I wanted a way in jive's javascript api to know if a user is member of a group. For this...
    Pawan Shah
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  • 2015.2 >> Copy document : Getting message "your content could not be saved. you may have been logged out" while creating a copy of document

    Hi Team,   Below is the scenario we are trying on our preview instance after 2015.2 upgrade, exploring the new "Copy document" feature   Environment : https://ciscoemployee-preview.jiveon.com/ Browsers : ...
    Hemant Pagare
    last modified by Hemant Pagare
  • How to upload file in jive from local file system

    Am trying to upload a file, getting following error,   error: {"error":{"code":"400","message":"There was an error fetching file file:/d:/MyReport_User_Status_Report1.csv. HTTP error code: 403"},"status":400}...
  • Enabling news stream for everyone with emails on

    Hey there, I'm currently trying to set an HR news stream for everyone in my company (approx. 1800 accounts), that everyone has to get also by email. Surprisingly enough, the email function does not work, yet enabled....
    Thomas Mairey
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  • Update on combining the Internal and External community groups

    Hey everyone, just wanted to give you an update: we will not be combining the two groups.   About the situation   I've dug a little deeper and thought more strategically about this and have come up with the ...
    Libby Taylor
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  • [ISSUE] Save locally before an upload

    Hi,   Sometimes I have to save the file locally before to upload it back in Jive. Even if I'm the owner of the file, and that I have the rights in the group. Do you know why please?   I have the Jive Offic...
    Xavier Quoniam
    created by Xavier Quoniam
  • RSS feed for featured space content

    Hi,   I'm wondering if there is an RSS feed for the featured content items in a space available. We are still on Jive 5, but maybe there is an option. In the RSS feed listing per space there is nothing related t...
    created by oliver
  • how to retrieve deleted objects details from my own jive?

    Get All Deleted Content To get deleted content, perform a GET to /api/core/v3/deletedObjects/contents   I tried for the above,but my task is to retrieve the deleted objects by place vise.   Can anyone help...
    Armugam Indrani
    last modified by Armugam Indrani
  • How to allow document download from mobile App

    We have the Jive app running under MobileIron, when try to download the document from the Jive mobile App, it comes with the error "This Community does not allow downloads to mobile devices. Please contact yout admini...
    Andes Yung
    created by Andes Yung
  • how to retrieve deleted objects details from my own jive?

    Hi, This is Indrani, first of all , thank you for setting up the Developers.   Currently I'm working on Jive Extractor.And I'm not able to retrieve deleted objects details from my own jive environment (https://...
    Armugam Indrani
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  • Jive apps / addons on bluemix?

    Anyone have any experience using the Jive addon sdk in IBM bluemix?   Any tips tricks / general thoughts?
    last modified by baronzemm
  • Do we have a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a custom theme for Jive?

    Hello,   I would like to know if there are any step by step tutorials for creating my own custom jive theme.   I researched and found this Custom Theming in Jive but its really not helping me that much. &n...
    Jc Florendo
    last modified by Jc Florendo
  • Jive 7 - Query to fetch space and their owners

    Hi Team,   Dose anyone know how to get following information from database in Jive 7.   Space Name Full URL Number of views Current number of Followers Current space owners Current space owner emails ...
    last modified by prat
  • Like/ Unlike a content

    Hi,   I want to implement the content like/unlike functionality. I have tried the api that we can use to like and destroy the like, that works fine.   My question is, is there an api that tell us the user...
    Neha Mathur
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  • How do we investigate and act on Engagement Index results?

    I've been an advocate for actionable analytics for a long time, and I have been pleased to see and hear Jive emphasizing the term when discussing their objectives for reporting enhancements. I'd like some help in unde...
    last modified by ted.hopton
  • Jive Apps Market

    Does the Jive Apps Market consist of mobile apps or are they all desktop apps?
    last modified by christopher_damico