• How can I track who is following a blog?

    I don't see where the metrics are located to see how many users are following a blog thread. Is there a way to do this?
    Adrianna DiNapoli
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  • Display documents or blog post content as a gallery on a space

    Hey community,   I'm wondering if anyone knows of a widget or tile that would allow me to display documents or blog posts in a tile/ thumbnail format similar to this below (taken from the content section of a sp...
    Emily Billing
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  • The ROI of Employee Engagement In Hospitals - Forbes

    The ROI of Employee Engagement In Hospitals Forbes How does employee engagement drive results for healthcare systems? What is the hard return-on-investment (ROI) of engagement for hospitals? “Without employee...
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  • Un-follow just the blog?

    We have a user who is getting great information from a group but the very active blog is not particularly helpful to him, so he'd like to keep following the group but un-follow the blog.  Since the blog has its o...
    Kirsten Laaspere
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  • Resonata sentiment key word change

    If you change the keywords that Resonata identifies as negative does it change it for all forums or is it forum specific?
    Chris Baruffi
    created by Chris Baruffi
  • Jive versus SharePoint

    Does anyone have formal or informal documentation around Jive versus SharePoint comparison? I can cobble together some thoughts but I am sure someone already has a nice comparison capabilities and benefits flushed out...
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  • Quoted text in email isn't clearly distinguished

    Jive Community support emails sometimes contain quoted text: Quoted text is dark purple, and the new text is black. This makes it almost impossible to tell the difference at a glance.   When viewing the same...
    Matt McLean
    created by Matt McLean
  • Introduce yourself. What brought you to the Learning group?

    Welcome to the Learning group! Tell us about yourself and what brought you here.   Where do you work? What is your role in the organization and in your Jive community? What version of Jive do you use and what ...
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  • Unable to build new Custom Project for Jive 8

    I'm getting the following error when attempting to build a new Jive 8 Custom Project with the Maven plugin.   Has anyone been able to build this project? localhost:jcs-demo- jorgeliano$ mvn clean instal...
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  • DM/Sharing User Override

    Can anyone give a good definition for what allowing/denying this features turns on/off in your community? I did not see anything under the Jive Help documents that address this.   You can find this via  ad...
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  • Has anyone done a Jive Hack Day at their company?

    We do Innovation Challenges within our organization to try to build out prototypes of ideas for our internal products.  In addition, we know about Jive's hackathons at JiveWorld.  What I'm curious to know is...
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  • Where's the Bt.tns?

    Hi Ryan Rutan, Edward Venaglia,   Any news on when/how we will get our bt.tns for completing hackathon challenges?   Thanks, Scott
    Scott A Johnson
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  • UnJiveWorld for 2015

    Now that JiveWorld14 is over and in the books, we are starting to plan for next year but it was announced on the final day that JiveWorld will not be happening in 2015. In attempts to build on the momentum from this y...
    Mahal Torres
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  • Jive 8 jive-core jar missing?

    I'm trying to stand up a test instance for a customer and could not build jive 8 using the maven plugin:    mvn -U jive:create-project   The build results in the following errror:   [ERROR] F...
    Brian Welter
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  • Where are the jive.tile.* functions documented

    I've searched around and can't find any documentation on it.   I'm looking to determine if a tile is placed in a NARROW or WIDE column.  
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  • Can I replace the preset banner images in Jive-n and JiveX globally?

    To ensure a consistent brand image, we would like to replace the stock banners with custom ones approved by our company legal and communications team.  I understand we can upload custom banners for a specific spa...
    Yatman Lai
    created by Yatman Lai
  • I want to add hover text that appears when user hovers on text or image in JIVE.

    Does anyone have experience developing this for Jive platform?
    Marcia Brown
    created by Marcia Brown
  • How to setup Jive 8 local development environment on Windows

    Has anyone tried setting up Jive 8 local development environment on Windows OS? If so, is the process any different from the way we do it for prior Jive versions?   When I tried building (mvn clean install -Dj...
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  • If you are using the Jive REST Api take a look at this example

    Like the new Jive 8 UI? You won't believe what the next generation looks like!   I hope you find it as inspirational as I did.
    created by nilsheuer
  • Is there anybody out there from LBG

    Hello,         Keen to discuss experiences of this site with LBG colleagues. Hope to collaborate with you soon. Steve
    Steve Jardine
    created by Steve Jardine