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  • Way to increase content view through REST API in Jive Cloud?

    We are pulling videos from the REST API into a Custom Add On. Views don't register when doing this. Is there a way through API to increase  the viewCount associated with that video?   Currently I have a fu...
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    created by james1.hicks
  • How to get Analytics in custom Add-On Jive Cloud?

    I asked a similar question a few months ago about using google analytics in Jive Cloud. I had meant to ask about using it in custom Jive Hosted Add Ons/Apps.   With Google Analytics, it seems you need to know th...
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    last modified by james1.hicks
  • Restrict Marking Official Document

    Is it possible to only allow certain people the right to mark action: Official? Or any other?
  • How to make an automated list of new hires?

    We can use the Newest Members widget, but that pulls from the date they first logged into Jive, not their hire date.  Anyone done something similar?
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    last modified by cconnorsjive
  • Shout-out to a fantastic support rep - Christopher Schoerning!

    I am conscious of the fact that there has been a lot of grousing about support issues, and that I have participated in a lot of it. So I felt it was important to also point out a fantastic example of GREAT customer se...
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    last modified by tmaurer
  • Homepage Examples?

    Is anyone willing to show their homepages or homepage wireframe for their community? I'm researching ways to streamline/simplify our current homepage (HTML) and am finding it hard to find examples.
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    last modified by ashley.fuoss
  • Link to professional head shot photos taken by photographer?

    Hi,   Does someone know where to find the photos taken by the photographer on the first day? I have a code, but no link.   Thanks in advance!   Many thanks, Maja
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    last modified by mavi
  • automatic update Outlook calendar

    My question concerns the acceptance of events in jive and the syncing with outlook calendar.   When you accept an event in jive, you're outlook calendar is not directly updated. You have to click on action and ...
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    last modified by ingevwb
  • RSS feed

    Is it possible to get a RSS feed to groups on Jive Cloud version using tiles?   I can only seem to info about RSS and widgets.   Thanks Sandra
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    last modified by sandra.e.marini
  • Where can we find the documentation about (new) CAM?

    I cannot find the CAM documentation on All documentation over their is just about Lyris HQ. We've received a question for CAM from a possible ACRM enterprise customer, but have no experience with C...
  • Where can I find the Urgent Notifications video ?

    During the first session of the Employee engagement Module, we saw a promotional video of the urgent notification module. I would love to share it internally with people in charge of Internal Communication in my com...
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    last modified by sebastiensantarelli
  • Flagging words of concern

    Our recent focus on mental health has raised some concern.   I am trying to understand if it is possible to flag certain words such as 'suicide' to nominated members of our community.   This is not possibl...
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    last modified by sandra.e.marini
  • Thanks and well done for Aurea Experience 18 in Munich

    I had a great time at my first Jive/Aurea event. I got to meet a lot of fantastic people from Aurea and the community. The facilities were great and it was very, very well organised. Hats off to Katherine Evans, Jessi...
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    last modified by Andrew Gilleran
  • Unable to Upload an image to /images using Api

    Hi, i am able to post images via postman but unable to post using java api and getting 400 error code.
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    last modified by santosh@1994
  • Competitive positioning of JIVE vs Salesforce Communities?  Need to understand differences in order to contrast and defend JIVE

    As is inevitable, companies are creatures of habit and always like exploring other tools. I am looking for information I can use to contrast JIVE against Salesforce Communities to a point where hopefully I dont have t...
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    created by mikescully
  • Is the integration of Microsoft Stream videos in the roadmap ?

    We are planning to use Microsoft Stream as our main enterprise video storing and sharing platform. Unfortunately, inserting an MS-Stream video in Jive requires to use a workaround (embed code) unlike Youtube for exam...
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  • How does Notify Users work in News Streams?

    I set Notify Users to On. When I created content in the blog used in the stream. No one received notifications. 1. Are notifications sent to Jive InBox or email inbox? 2. Do users need to be following the blog/space...
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    last modified by tonywoodall
  • I thought endorsements were suppose to influence search?

    I'm using Jive 9, and am noticing that endorsements were having no effect on search.  I thought that was the whole point?  Is there something we need to turn on or configure for endorsements to influence ski...
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    last modified by Kathryn
  • Track analytics of video views being pulled through Jive API?

    We are making a custom Add On that will be a UI for all the videos in our Jive Platform. I noticed that when when I watch a video in the Add On, analytics are not updated. I understand that because it is a custom Add ...
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    created by james1.hicks
  • Experience 18 Slides

    Hi Aurea-Team, I would like to share some details from our last two days with my Team. Where can I found the Slides from all the great Speakers from yesterday and today? Best, Florian
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    last modified by florian_mueller