• JiveWorks Partner Access - JFIVE

    Hi Cheryl Bisram,  could myself and Kelly Shaw be added to the JiveWorks partner access area?  We work for JFIVE and work regularly with Selin Korustan at JIVE on accounts in Canada.   Thanks!
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  • Unable to create new spaces in the Admin Console, and other full admin-type errors

    HI All,   Just posted a case in our Supportal, but wanted to bring it to everyone's attention in case you are seeing weirdness and think it is just you. I'll save you a few gray hairs I hope.   Issues I'm ...
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  • Is there a way to change a public group to a secured or private group?

    Is there a way to change a public group to a secured or private group without re-creating the group?
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  • Edgeville gets spooky

    Thanks to Ben Zweig for getting our intranet into the Halloween mood.  All during the year, it is fun to find some little touches to our Jive theme by our awesome design team.   Our header... Our footer....
    Andrew Kratz
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  • How many JiveWorks community members work from home? Any tips?

    Hey JiveWorks! As you may (or may not know) Aurea is a largely remote company, which means that I will eventually become remote as well! While I'm 90% excited, I'm also a little worried. I'm a self-proclaimed workaho...
    Sarah O'Meara
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  • View permission in Ideation

    I've tried to find the answer to this, but none of the documentation I found spells it out. If you create a space for ideas, and grant someone view access vs contribute access, what does that mean?   What access...
    created by lmariani
  • Username password authentication failed

    hi guys, community.pinkpetro.com, Whatever the user i am trying it was telling me that username password combination invalid help me out..
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  • Indexing - Search

    Hi,   It often happens that the search engine can not find anything while the file or group exists? I am obliged to do the reindexing manually. Why do I have to do this manipulation? Is it possible to program...
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  • Notification

    Hello,     Jive users receive email notifications on documents while this document has not been modified since 2014. How is it possible ? We use Jive SBS 2016.3.8.1   Thanks
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  • Using Jive Rewards Advocate: repeatable events, restricting content access

    I'm using Jive-X Cloud, Jive Rewards and exploring the Advocates feature in comparison to competitive products such as Influitive for this function specifically.   I've seen Curtis Gross's 2015.3 videos and asso...
    Adam Arrowsmith
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  • What has been your experience with auto-tagging content?

    Brad Fitzgerald, I saw this conversation from the past about how you auto-tagged content based on the group/space it was created.  What results did you see?  I'd like to use this as a way to get content more...
    created by Kathryn
  • Export Comments

    We are looking to find and export comments to run through our sentiment tool. How can I export comments in an excel file?   An example of how we would use this - An executive is planning a trip to office locati...
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  • Jive API : how to return the score attribut ?

    Hello,   I'm using Jive API and i was wondering why my request doesn't return the score attribut. Below is the request :   https://sbc.safe.socgen/api/core/v3/contents?sort=dateCreatedDesc&returnScore=...
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  • Jive Chime Linux Client

    Is there a Jive Chime client for Linux? Some of my engineers use linux(ubuntu) and would like to have a client.   Mark
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  • Content going in moderation queue that shouldn't be

    Hi,   I have received a notification in my inbox of content in the moderation queue, but there should be no reason it goes through moderation due to permissioning. Can someone help as to why this is happening an...
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  • update username

    Hi Team On https://community.jivesoftware.com/  my username is mahesh4mca I want to change it to mahesh_p (if available or any special character between firstname and lastname) .   is this change possi...
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  • Most recent activity

    I want to start archiving inactive groups. The challenge is we have several hundred groups currently. I'd like to be able to pull a report of all groups with their most recent activity date in a CVS file with other in...
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  • new required "reason for contacting support" for support cases

    while opening a support case today, I encountered a new required field, "reason for contacting support". could you please explain what you're trying to achieve here, and why is this different from the other required ...
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  • Is anyone else having trouble with Inbox notifications?

    Since Tuesday October 3 (AEDT) the inbox notifications have entirely stopped working. The little green indicator telling you that there are unread items in your Jive inbox is no longer appearing.   I have raise...
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  • How do you track emails with DES?

    I am trying to use DES to determine how many emails get sent from people following places (Follow > Inbox) and bonus points if I can see what users get the emails.  I figured ACTIVITY_SEND_EMAIL was a logical ...
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