• Where can I get the trial/demo version of Gamification Module.

    It would be great if we could get the demo/trial version to play around and have a look at the features  of this module. Let me know if something is available. Thanks, Jyoti
    Jyoti Dewan
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  • What would you like to be covered in the upcoming May User Group in Sydney?

    We re now working on the agenda for the upcoming Sydney User Group! Yes, the date is now confirmed to Tuesday 20th of May from 3.00pm to 6.00pm c/o the REA Sydney offices (Level 17, 309 Kent Street Sydney 2000) The o...
    Valentina Grandi
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  • 00 jive sharepoint intro - YouTube

    00 jive sharepoint intro - YouTube Shared with Jive Anywhere http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LK1Ws1cu9uU
    JC G
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  • OAuth for Gap

    We need an client id and resource type and client shared secret so that we can get the required access tokens so we can call the APIs https://community.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-97348 See step 3 in above link, Obtai...
    Ram Burla
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  • Jive 7- Limit Templates available?  Or not launch Activity Pages immediately?

    We are in UAT for our Jive 7 upgrade and getting a little concerned about how confusing Activity Pages/Tiles/Templates are going to be for our users.  Has anyone launched Activity Pages but limited the number of ...
  • What is the field Send Callback on the Advanced tab for a action/mission for?

    What is the field Send Callback on the Advanced tab for a action/mission for?
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  • Producteev and Dropbox upload vs linking

    I was told on the Dropbox site "Producteev integrates Dropbox into its Web, Android and iOS apps to make it easy to link your Dropbox files..." So far it looks like it only supports file upload from Dropbox which is e...
    nicholas brill
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  • Can you apply any gamification to Present?

    We want to gamify aspects of the Present experience. We have the standard Jive Gamification module, not the full nitro platform.
    Candida Rodriguez
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  • Resonata - Anyone Else Using?

    Hey Jivers,   Has anyone else started using the new Resonata system? I would love to hear what others have done or plan to do in the future.     Hey Jive - Can we get a Resonata category in this space...
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  • Outlook email to Jive inbox

    Hi,   I was wondering if there is a way to send an email to a user so that the user could receive a private message within the platform. I know I'm able to reply to the private message email notification I recei...
    Roberto Araujo
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  • Local Jive7 Instance

    Can we run local instances of Jive7 for plugin development?  If so how?   i tried the following but it did not work: mvn archetype:generate -e -B -DarchetypeGroupId=com.jivesoftware.maven -DarchetypeArtifa...
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  • Questions regarding changes to Plugin Template Definitions

    We have a few questions regarding changes to the implementations of Plugin Template Definitions between Jive 6 and Jive 7 see the changes in the javadoc below:   Jive 6 Jive 7 getHeadTemplateName() /** * The na...
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  • Conflicting namespaces in Jive 7 - Has anyone else experienced this?

    We are getting the error below about conflicting template names. When this error occurs, it completely brings down the application, and we get a "serious error" message.  When I looked at the two .soy templates, ...
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  • Does anyone know how to make a custom carousel in Jive cloud?

    I am looking for something outside the carousel widget.
    Kim Nelson
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  • South Florida Community Managers

    Hi all!   As the Community Manager for the newly launched Bluegreen Vacations Jive internal community, Circles, I'm excited to utilize this group to maximize our community's success! In the introductory discuss...
    Jessica de la Torre
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  • Persistent login for Jive Mobile

    Is there a timeline of when users won't have to log in every time they open the mobile app?
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  • Community URL

    After installing Jive for Office and Outlook.   While connecting, it asks for Community URl. Where can i find the community URL ?
    Ankit Ahuja
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  • Installing Jive for Office and Outlook

    I'm trying to install Jive for Office and for Outlook on my Windows 7 laptop and am getting this message:   I've tried running the installer as administrator to no avail, so it doesn't seem to be a permissions p...
    Leo Dias
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  • Updating the Footer

    All, I've modified the footer in a few ways and am finding a strange issue with the footer. We are getting the word "null" in the footer on our production site but not in our UAT environment (same code in both). Has a...
    Nathaniel Elliott
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  • Are reports of abuse not anonymous?

    As someone with elevated permissions, I presumed that I saw who reported the abuse because of my permissions, but does the author also know who reported the abuse?  I assumed that it was anonymous, but I just got...
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