• osapi http get error

    I try to use the osapi in my jive app to get  responses via  getfeedback api   Here is  my javascript code   osapi.http.get({    'href' : 'https://api.getfeedback.com/surveys/' + ...
    luc kalaora
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  • Create a notification using jive osapi in an app

    Hello,   I want to create a notification for a user . How this can be done using jive osapi   Is action entry is what I have to look for? Jive JavaScript API v3.9 → osapi.jive.corev3.ActionEntry en...
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  • Display user's profile information in a widget

    Dear Community,   In an HR group, I'd like to add a widget with an url to another application. The url is different for every user.   My first idea was to use an unused profile field (or create a new one)...
    Romain Paillas
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  • Test discussion?

    created by dhintersehr
  • Test Discussion

    just a test discussion
    Chayan Basu
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  • How can we see the tags that one user most uses?

    Can a user's profile page have a tag cloud shown on it?  I think that the search bar shows users most-associated with the search keyword, but I do not assume that term is a "tag search" specifically.   ...
    Zachary Jones
    created by Zachary Jones
  • How do you close a view from Javascript?

    I've been trying to figure out how to close a view from Javascript and am having no luck. My view is defined as...     <Param name="action-contributions">   <![CDATA[    &...
    Rick Pfeil
    created by Rick Pfeil
  • Jive throws 502 - Service Unavailable - proposed fix

    Hello,   I just started working on Jive support a week ago, and was told that sometimes the clients were getting 502 - Service Unavailable on their browser. This also happens when running other web calls like we...
    Rafael da Fonseca
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  • Reactivating users not persisting

    Hello Community Managers - I have an open case with Jive Support regarding some oddities I am seeing in the Admin Console.  It seems that some of my user accounts that have been deactivated (either because they'v...
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  • Is there a way to get an excel spreadsheet download of all the groups created?

    Is there a way to get an excel spreadsheet download of all the groups created?
    grace chang
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  • Intercept or replace the search box

    Is there a way to intercept the text from the search box on Jive pages and or replace the search box interface and send the request to an external search engine? We have a customer that wants to do corporate wide sear...
    John-Henry Gross
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  • System bug: Not able to advance pages to view members of a group

    Hi, There seems to be an error in a group on our Jive Cloud instance. When trying to view members of the group, it only shows page 1 and not able to advance to pages 2 and 3. Please help.
    Priyanka Dave
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  • Where to start on knowledge base strategy (conceptual approach not technical)

    We are hoping to create a visual map of the applications (functions?) that are needed to get our work done. Once we have this visual map created, we will incorporate this into an Executive Summary of what we think...
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  • Any better way to define multiple connects services in app.xml?

    Hello Jivers, I have an add-on which has multiple apps in it. Each connects to a different jive connects service endpoint.   I have defined the service endpoints in app.xml as follows   <Require featu...
    Pawan Shah
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  • Is there a GET method for discussions with no responses?

    Seems like it's in the data tables since it's a value on the list view of content:
    created by lyndsay_lantz
  • Why do tags in private spaces show up in Popular Tags widget on homepage?

    Why do tags in private spaces show up in the Popular Tags widget on homepage? The Popular Tags widget is configured to show tags from sub-spaces as well.  However the  tag in question is in a private subspa...
    Nik Edmiidz
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  • How does work Single Sign-On in version 7.0.1

    Hello All,     How does work Single Sign-On in version 7.0.1?  Please give me the solution.   Thank you Sunil G
    Sunil G
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  • Is the built in project management tool in Jive the only PM option available?

    Curious as to whether or not there are additional add-on options here that anyone else uses. Unfortunately the existing Product Management implementation doesn't appear to have strong reporting tools. For example, A G...
    Allen Enriquez
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  • impossible to connect from Office

    Hello   Could you help me with this connection problem please   thanks   Guillaume
    Guillaume LESAINT
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  • Data Export Service API Explorer: Additional/Altered Action Names

    I am attempting to create a report that shows which users provided each Correct response in my community over the last six months.   Using the Jive Data Export (Analytics) Service seems to suggest using ACTIVITY...
    Paul Bradley
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