• Can we call third party web services from JIVE?

    Hello,   I have faced issues whenever I try to call a web services in JIVE which is not jive rest services.   I had started a discussion some time back on the same but couldn't get the issue resolved. Re:...
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  • jive for office connector - editing excel issue

    Hello all,  we have an issue using the JIVE office add-in and editing excel 2010 documents, excel 2007 works fine - has anyone else experienced this issue, maybe due to increased security and office 2010? What h...
    andrew story
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  • Did I miss an announcement about a push to cloud over the weekend?

    Our jive-n instance has a new look this morning, which took me quite by surprised.  We had not yet incorporated the News feature, and this morning my users were shocked that their inboxes no  longer displaye...
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  • How do you denote employees within your external community?

    I noticed that JIVE employees have a little "j" icon on their profile pics. I would love to be able to do something similar for my community. Does anyone know how to do that?? Thanks!
    Meaghan Wilkinson
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  • Upgradation of PostgreSQL version from 8.4 to 9.4.4

    Hi,   Currently we are using Jive version 5 and PostgreSQL version 8.4. We need to update the PostgreSQL version to 9.4.4. Can you please let me know the steps to do the same. Does JIVE provide any inbuilt migr...
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  • Is there a way to transfer members of an old Group to be followers of a new Space?

    Is there a way to migrate members from a group to be followers of a new space? We started out with a group & have recently 'upgraded' to a space for increased functionality, but in the process have lost a lot of m...
    Vanessa Forsyth
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  • How do I suppress BOX collaborator email updates?

    We currently have Box enabled with Jive as our content management. As a result all members of Jive regardless of space are being bombarded with Collaborator update emails. This can be dozens to hundreds of updates. ...
    Vic Madrigal
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  • Rewards and Engagement

    I'm looking into this new "Rewards". I am very much exciting about the onboarding feature and easy admin process.   Has anyone begun using this?   It seems that I'd need to turn off bunchball before turn...
    Adrianna DiNapoli
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  • Customer Research sessions at UnJiveWorld - 2 spots opened up

    Hi everyone,   We had 2 late cancellations for the research we'd like to do on Thursday.   Please see Customer research sessions at UnJiveWorld 2015 for details, and sign up if you're available.   Th...
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  • Type CR (Enter) inside of direct messages

    We migrated last week to Jive 8.0.2 for several of our customers (on Prem installations). This week we got the customer messages that the direct messaging functions works on a different way than before. User tried to ...
    Lars-Thorsten Sudmann
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  • Can we add iframe in Jive Content such as Jive document & blogs for Jive Cloud user?

    Hello,   We have a question about creating Jive content in html format. Can we add iframe in Jive Content such as Jive document & blogs for Jive Cloud user?  We noticed that Jive strips iframe tag out w...
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  • Hide "Jive Help" in Jive Cloud?

    Hi All,   Is it possible to hide the Jive help option from the bottom in Jive Cloud?   Regards, Niharika
    Niharika Kanwar
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  • All Registered Users Can Post on Private Groups

    I had a member of my management team create a Private Group meant for a specific list of site users. However, after the group went live, and before anyone asked for permission to join the group, people started liking ...
    Ben Davis
    created by Ben Davis
  • "Helpful link" Tile crash when there is a space on URL

    Hello,   When you add a URL on the "Helpful link" tile with a space at the beginning or at the end, there is an error message (incorrect URL) when you try to save modification. I Think a trim could solve the pro...
    Pierre FORZY
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  • Does modifying the News stream Audience update Followers?

    When I create a News stream, and create an Audience filter for the stream, the Space that I am pulling content from, has its Follower count updated to equal the Audience count.   If, however, I modify the News A...
    Matt Petrosky
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  • Issue with Jive Reporting

    We're trying to use the Jive Reports to be able to better manage user engagement on the forums.   We've encountered what appears to be a bug.   When we run the Content Creation report, we select the last 7...
    Ray Menzies
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  • sorting and filtering content in iRock

    In iRock, when viewing project content, i want to be able to sort by column headers; i want to be able to filter by author. When viewing a person's content, i want to be able to sort or filter by project. Are any of t...
    Christine Diamond
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  • I need to control the Jive Community Updates we receive.

    I need to control the Jive Community Updates we receive.  As the Community Manager, can I do that for the entire ACADIA instance of Jive, or do individuals have to set this?   One problem, employees are bei...
    Keith Harding
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  • I can't find the reset password link. Can someone help?

    I've been trying to reset user's passwords and before the latest update I was able to go on the Admin Console/People/User Profiles but then when i click in any profile I can't reset their passwords. I need to reset m...
    Mariana Braz
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  • How did Jive create the Jive Fundamentals Checklist?

    I just saw this awesome feature : https://community.jivesoftware.com/get-started I was wondering if that required intense programming or if there was a template. Was this created by Social Edge? Or is this available...
    Adrianna DiNapoli
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