• Calling all Alumni - How many JiveWorlds will this be and what are you looking forward to?

    Hey JiveWorld Alumni! How many JiveWorlds have you attended (or is it going to be your first?). And what are you most looking forward to?   I'll start.   JiveWorlds I've attended I've been to every JiveWorl...
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  • Introduce Yourself to the Learning and Development Group

    Welcome to the Learning and Development group!  Tell us about yourself and what brought you here.        Where do you work? What is your role in the organization and in your Jive community? ...
    Keeley Sorokti
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  • What happens in Vegas will NOT stay in Vegas ... Join the Learning and Development Track discussions before, during and after JiveWorld 17

    Calling all Jivers interested in the universal Jive use case...LEARNING.  Join the conversation right now leading up to JiveWorld so we can start getting to know each other and share valuable insights.   ...
    Keeley Sorokti
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  • Introduce Yourself!

    Hi all -   Welcome to the Fundamentals course! My name is Claire Flanagan and I will be one of the Course's Community Managers. I have been at Jive for two years now and prior to that was CSC's Social Strategist...
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  • Do you see a correlation between Collaboration and Learning?

    At Cleveland Clinic, we have developed a strategy where social online collaboration and learning go hand in hand.  So instead of just looking at "blended learning", we are blending learning with social collaborat...
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  • 5-hour outage. What gives?

    Our organization is relatively new to Jive-N--we've had a launch with mostly G&A and news, but are contemplating using Jive-N for real work processes and access to important documents. The outage for cloud custome...
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  • Jive in Manufacturing

    KMWorld just published an article on knowledge management in manufacturing companies. They interviewed me for a case study on how Lexmark uses Jive within our product development teams. If interested, you can read it ...
    Dennis Pearce
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  • Unable to add values to custom profile fields using the api Person service if the field is blank

    Hi All, We are currently on Jive I've been trying to call the Jive 3.0 api person service via PUT /people/{personID} to update a custom user profile field but it only works if that field already has a value ...
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  • PDF viewer tile

    Has anyone built a document viewer tile that works with uploaded files like a PDF? We have some great PDFs that we'd like to display in a tile on the main body of a certain page type. We don't want to convert those PD...
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  • Adding "Email Watches" User's stream

    I have a user who needs to have "email watches" as an option in his stream. Currently, he does not see it as an option. I am the Jive admin, how do I enable this?   thanks
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  • Are there any special plans for us Champions?

    Hello, Libby Taylor and Becky Leung   In years' past, we always had a lunch or get together for the Jive Champions at JiveWorld.  I still treasure my cool "Jive Champion" jacket you gave us a few years ago....
    Julie Cardinali Brancik
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  • Problems saving and retrieving Tile Config

    Hello,   We have a custom view tile which we're trying to implement for Jive  We have a problem where we can successfully save config properties for our Tile Instance, but we can't load the config ...
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  • submit virus scan

    Hello, When I upload some software that my development team has created it gets flagged by Jive scanners as having a virus.  I know it's clean and doesn't contain any viruses.  I am looking for the formal ...
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  • Maximize Video Player on Mac Safari

    I am hoping that someone with a Mac can check this one for me -  A user has asked how to maximize a video in Jive-n when playing in Safari.   He says there isn't the same icon for maximizing the video s...
    Helen Chen
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  • Preboarding, Recruitment and Onboarding with SmarterPath on JIVE

    Read the attached PDF to learn more about the background of the concept and its levels of impactful and efficient processes in making new hires aware of your company, assess them in several stage and last but not leas...
  • Open rates and click thru rates for automatically generated digests?

    Hi there. Hoping someone can help me. Can I get open rates and click thru rates on the community digests that Jive automatically sends out each Thursday? If so, where can I access that information?   Thanks, &...
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  • Aria gym access?

    Is access to the Aria gym included with our Jiveworld ticket? If not, does anyone know the cost and if we get a discount?
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  • Strategies for improving engagement with community manager?

    Do you have any strategies for encouraging people to connect with the community manager? We just launched our community and I built most of the community "as" my personal profile if that makes sense, not my community ...
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  • Can you disable comments on a video ?

    When posting videos, is there an option to disable comments on that video ? that feature is available on other types f files but I dont see it on videos
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  • How can I view cases that have a bug attached and are "awaiting fix" in my instance regardless of case status?

    I'm trying to find all cases that have a Bug attached to them in our private group regardless of status (Waiting on a Bug Fix or Closed etc). I have to go hunting through them one by one to see which ones have bugs at...
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