• Is it just me or is the Jive 8 development environment a lot slower than v7?

    In Jive 7, I could get my development environment up and running to test a plugin (e.g. /web/debug-my-plugin) in 90-120 seconds.  Now in Jive 8, it can take upwards of 5 minutes and just reloading a page can take...
    Casey Gum
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  • How to bind a tile to an instance?

    Hi Jivers,   I'm trying to use the private / extended props feature in Tiles on Jive OnPrem and I know the document Private Properties and Extended Properties for Jive Tiles, where the author states this...
    Mirko Swillus
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  • Query to extract Places Information

    Does somebody know a query to export information about places?   I need to make an analysis in order to clean up our collaboration platform from inactive places I would need following Information   All cr...
    Sonia Reina
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  • Enabling PKI Authentication

    We want to enable jive 5 to work with PKI authentication.  Basically, the browser should ask a user for a certificate and the user should then be logged in after supplying it.  Of course, the certificate sho...
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  • Adding "Show Badges" to widget options

    It would be nice to have "Show Badges" as an option to toggle on or off in the Recent Content, Popular Content when you edit the widget.  It would be another way to highlight peer to peer given badges on the enti...
    created by Bgiannini
  • Delete user from Jive SBS 2015.3.0.0

    I tried to delete a user from Jive SBS 2015.3.0.0 but the user is available in the system still. I performed the user deletion more than one hour ago and I see the user in the Admin Console. In the site the user's pro...
    Octavio Beltrán
    created by Octavio Beltrán
  • Notification preferences question.

    All,   Currently, user preferences for email notifications seem to employ an “all or nothing” approach. That is, a user can only elect to receive, or not receive email notifications for events.  ...
    Steve Shead
    created by Steve Shead
  • Finding place ID using search filter

    Hi Team,   We have requirement where we need to find placeID of a Jive group for which we are using the following API call: https://<jive-proxy>/places?filter=type(group)&fields=-resources,placeID,dis...
    Bhanu Chappati
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  • Jive for Office 2016 support?

    It seems Jive 30.3.5 doesn't support Office 2016?   When installing Jive 30.3.5 with Office 2016, the installer throws out an error (error code 1720 as I remember) and interrupts the installation. Installing 30....
    Cenwei Liu
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  • New Bug Submission

    I can't upload any files to a Task I have created. I have tried every type of file, big and super small. The upload starts and then errors out. My account info is craig@redfrogseo. The company is Red Frog SEO. How do ...
    Craig Rogers
    created by Craig Rogers
  • email newsletters to user?

    I would like to locate instructions for emailing a Newsletter once a month to our community users, thinking via newsletters.   But not sure how to schedule this out.   And, I would like to be able to pus...
  • Jive for Office / Outlook version 30 does not work with Office / Outlook 2016

    Hi, has anyone else experienced this as well, is there a workaround / different version of the add ins to be used for Office 2016? The following is what I see when attempting to install / upgrade from previous version...
    Satyabrat Panda
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  • Looking for information on how to send out Newsletters leveraging Jive content

    I am struggling with the following use case - we would like to push out to user groups links to content in our community once a month.  I thought this would be easy but I am not seeing that it is...  Does an...
  • Transitioning newsletters to Jive

    Hi everyone! This is my first post! We are in the process of creating our Jive community. We currently have an online newsletter that is sent to all employees via e-mail (Lotus Notes). It is a weekly e-mail with about...
    Debbie Sacks
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  • Auto Save Draft - Space Recover Issue in Jive 8.0.2

    Hi Ryan Rutan,   I am seeing an issue in Areas widget. Whenever I try to create a new space and I don't publish, the auto draft version of the space is being displayed in the Areas widget and when I click on the...
    Kirthi Sekhar Anupoju
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  • Looking for the details on the 2016.1 Cloud Release Upgrade

    Hi, I'm looking for details on the 2016.1 Cloud Release Upgrade scheduled this evening for most Jive-n customers, but I can't find it. I don't seem to have access to the link I was provided with:   https://commu...
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  • Add-on localization/i18n

    Hello folks,   I am working on a Jive add-on and wondering how localization/i18n works for add-on's? I stumble upon this documentation: https://community.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-99941#jive_content_id_Support...
    Alan Wu
    created by Alan Wu
  • How come I don't see the Single Sign On settings on Admin Console where I can configure the option to log-in to Google or Facebook.

    Kindly advise on how to configure setting to enable log-in to Facebook and Google.
    Anne Palma
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  • How to find place ID of a Jive group using displayName

    Hi Team,   We have a requirement where we need to find placeID of a Jive group using displayName for which we are using the following API call: https://<jive-proxy>/places?filter=type(group)&fields=-res...
    Bhanu Chappati
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  • Award submission confirmation

    Hi Becky Leung   I emailed you with our award submission today, could you let me know if / when you receive it?   Thanks!   Dan
    Dan Thomas
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