• News streams not pushing out to new people in the community

    I have set up a news streams that push out to all people in a particular Business Function (profile field filter).   I was training all of our new Sales people today and after extolling the virtues of checking ...
    Keeley Sorokti
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  • 2016.3 - Filters for Quests... can we add permission groups to this list too?

    Sometimes people may want to provide quests to people in a specific permission group.  Is there any thought in expanding the filters area to include permission groups?
    created by Bgiannini
  • What are the ramifications of changing someone's username?

    I see that similar questions have been asked, but I have not found an answer as to what the consequences will be, in terms of content, if I change someone's username. With the notice below, does this mean that the con...
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  • Cannot get Quests tile to work

    Hi there,   I am trying to implement the Quests tile onto a group. I took the following steps: I created a Quest within the Advocates reward section I assigned the Quest to a specific group Then, once the Que...
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  • Why do @mentions disappear when adding to calendar?

    Using 8.0.4, when we add to calendar any @mentions in the event description completely disappear leaving a space where they were. Is this normal or some kind of bug?
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  • Apache2 Load Balancing

    Hi,   Right now I am using Apache2 proxy_pass as load balancer for my Jive8 nodes. It is configured as roundrobin with session affinity.   Here is my config: <VirtualHost>   Prox...
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  • Producteev Extra Features

    Hi,   Hope you are doing good.   This is Mohaideen working at one UAE based Company. We recently signed up with Producteev at our Organization. It works really nice and it has various features. I would lik...
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  • Getting issue during deploying spring:boot  sdk on openshift

    I have created a discussion in stackoverflow  sockets - Openshift DIY cartridge : java.net.SocketException: Permission denied on Spring:boot project - Stack Overflow
  • Accessing Jive source code for it's customization??

    Do  we require an account for Jive Maven Repository before accessing the source code of the Jive into our IDE for any kind of customization which we want to do ??? Need Help!!!!!
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  • New Admin User

    Hello Jive team,   Our admin user has left the business, so we are unable to manage our user lists and other features. Is it possible to set martha.kyriakopoulou@news.co.uk as the new admin user?   Kind ...
    created by mk_news
  • When is the 2016.3 upgrade for  Jive n scheduled ?

    Hello Could you help ? According to this postOne Stop for the Jive-n/Jive-x 2016.3 Release, I understand that the 2016.3 release should have been on on Friday 21th, but it is not.  Could you clarify when we can ...
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  • Open in Jive Daily from email prompt not working...

    Hi All,   Since the latest update to Jive Daily on the 6th September 2016 to v2.13.0, the prompt to open a link from an email Jive notification it not working.   The prompt to open this page in 'Jive Daily...
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  • Is there a reason why Follow on twitter, linkedln missions are not showing for me?

    What exactly is the criteria I need to follow to make these missions available for me?
    Rachit Chaudhary
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  • Jive Anywhere for Firefox 49 - signed version issue

    Hello - I just installed Firefox 49.0.1 and it seems the issue with the signed plugin re-surfaced with this version like in Jive Anywhere for Firefox - signed version   Can you please confirm ?   Am i runn...
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  • Jive Points Store

    I know that Bunchball offer a points store which allows you to trade your points in!   I remember hearing a couple of months ago that Jive were going to build out their own points store and offer this moving for...
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  • Members abusing gamification for points- daily achievement limit for liking?

    Hello Jivers,   We have had some members sitting down and liking content for points accrual.   Has anyone added a daily limit to the liking activity? If so what is that daily limit?   Thanks for s...
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  • Is it possible to turn on the social sharing tools for a specific space in a community?

    Or has there been any thought to accommodating this? One of the things a lot of companies want to help facilitate is employees sharing corporate stories on social media (one example found here). Thus, an absolutely aw...
    created by tmaurer
  • Carousel Tile Title

    There is an issue in which the title of the tile will not change upon publishing they layout. It reverts to "CAROUSEL" I have deleted it and re-added and the same issue occurs. Other tiles work correctly but not the c...
    last modified by jgould@rocgroup.com
  • How to customize main menu to remove Apps menu item?

    We asked this question in a support case and were referred to this space or to Jive PS.  We would like to customize the main menu on the landing page.  Can someone point to any documentation that would help ...
    last modified by mike.holloway@vce.com
  • Please one working example custom view html with working rest api request displayed on the frontend in a tile

    I know how to make a custom view html and upload it as an addon to Jive. I can add it to a tile on a page. I have told the tile to use the following features       "view": "/CoCoHomepage/view.html...