• Can I edit the "Welcome" email to new users in Jive Cloud?

    For our Jive Cloud instance, we want to understand what flexibility we have with the "Welcome" email that is sent to new users. Where in the admin console can we see the settings for this email Can we edit the mess...
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  • How to moderate Jive community from a mobile device?

    Asking the audience here, how do you all moderate Jive communities from a mobile device? I'm using a Jive-X Cloud instance. There are two options here: the Jive-X app and a mobile web browser. The Jive-X app is a n...
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  • Wanted everyone to know about an HTML tile  bug related to a recent Chrome upgrade

    Here are the steps to reproduce: Prerequisite: Must be the place admin Go to a place page that contains an HTML tile Click the gear to edit the tile Either replace the HTML with new code, OR change one small text ...
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  • Looking for some feedback from some awesome community managers...=)

      Hello everyone, I know it's been a long time since we've probably chatted  (unless you've been following some of my conversations in the Developer community).   As many of you know...I'm not one pr...
    Ryan Rutan
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  • Email Digests

    Hi there,   We are launching a new community, and I have a few questions regarding the different email digests we are receiving.   We have received two different emails: Following Updates Jive Updates A...
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  • how to Insert the username in a Banner Tile Link?

    Hi all,       I would like to know if is possible to insert the "username logged" in a link of the "Banner tile" on group page.       http://www.com?user=<username logged&g...
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  • Endorsements - did you need to deactivate for HR reasons?

    Wondering if any other communities were required by HR or legal for that matter to deactivate endorsements. If someone is endorsed and then gets a poor review or is fired, creates a discrepancy and potential issues. &...
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  • App not rendering for any user

    Hi,   I am trying to install a simple hello world app. But, it shows following error for every user:   {"error""code":403,"message":"Cannot render an application without installing it first"},"status":403}...
    created by vishal_grazitti
  • Connecting an external community to content on a separate website

    What are some strategies that others are using to connect their external community to their main website or other system where official documentation resides? Does everyone just make Jive documents or pages with stati...
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  • RenderException

    I am attempting to update a plugin from a previous Jive 7 on-premises install to Jive 9.   I am getting the following after installing my theme:   Caused by: com.google.template.soy.sharedpasses.render.Ren...
    created by dartmanx
  • Re : Jive version for Content-M

    Hi Team , Could you please help me to get current version of Jive on which Content-M is running .     Regards, Ravi K Shakya
    created by ravikshakya
  • Having trouble selecting images in order to resize while in the Rich Text Editor (RTE) this week

    Has anyone had difficulty recently with editing/resizing images inside a Jive document? I'm finding it near impossible this week to be able to select an image and drag the corner to make it smaller. The align left, ce...
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  • We would like to change the from name in emails generated by Jive

    Hey Paul Marten - is it possible to change the from name in the emails generated by Jive?  We'd like to change it to The Hub.    Thanks! Ben
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  • Custom Streams on News Page: missing "Update-Indicator"

    hi there.   i miss the "update indicator" in Jive 9   Jive-8 With Jive-9 you can see small grey rectangles on the news page. These rectangles indicate whether updates were made within a (Custom)stream. &...
    created by uwe.funk
  • Creating Collaborative Groups with Tiles

    Hi there,   We have recently upgraded to Jive 9, and with that are undergoing the transition of moving our groups from widgets to tiles. While we are enjoying the new graphic elements, creating collaborative pag...
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  • Why does marking an answer as correct trigger a notification?

    I noticed that when I mark an answer as correct on a group's discussion, it triggers a blank email notification. On email, it feels like spamming - a mail sent with absolutely no new contents.
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  • Search integration - getting started

    Can anyone get me started with an appropriate link to the API library and any other advise for displaying Jive results on our main website's enterprise search (Endeca).  Is there a guide that covers this that I c...
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  • Security Enhancement: Limit of JIVE Publish Destinations from JIVE for Office Plugin

    Not only at our company but, as the news spreads, at many other companies, the JIVE for Office Plugin is being removed due to a particular security concern. This concern is that, using the JIVE for Office Plugin, an e...
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  • Webhook not calling back

    I've created Webhook using API reference available at Jive REST API v3.14 → Webhooks service . Jive Version: Jive SBS   Here is my POST request for Webhook. {   "events" : "document", &#...
  • Publish options greyed out

    When publishing a document with jive, it only gives me the option to 'publish as a new document'- 'publish update' and 'publish update (minor edit) are greyed out. How can I fix this? I've downloaded the most up-to-da...
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