• osapi.jive.core.get - different response structure depending on Tile or OpenSocial ( vs

    Odd quirk - is this by design?  The response when running in tiles seems to have changed...   On an app page, calling osapi.jive.core.get({"href":"/people/1","groupId":"@self","userId":"@viewer","v"...
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  • How to see page views in activity stream?

    I'm interacting with the Jive Activity Service (Jive REST API v3.14 → Activity service ). I notice that there is a jive:viewed verb, but when i query the sandbox, I don't get any activities returned using that ve...
  • How can I embed <iframe> a Jive place on another page, stripping header/footer?

    I would like to embed the new "Events" page in an iframe on one of our other pages. The page embedded without a problem! but I would love to strip out the header/place banner/tabs, and also the footer. Here's the "Ev...
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  • When someone leaves the company...

    Hello: We have to go through and clean-up some of our users in our internal communities who are no longer with our company. After reading some of the threads on user management, it appears that the best process is to ...
  • Has anyone seen a Jive community on a subfolder, instead of a subdomain?

    We're looking to put our Jive community on a subfolder (www.domain.com/community) instead of subdomain (community.domain.com), but I wanted to know if anyone has seen it done with Jive.   Thanks!
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  • Guidelines for external collaborators on internal communities

    We're preparing to upgrade to Jive 7 and look forward to using the external groups functionality that allows users to invite external parties to participate in groups on an internal community. Has anyone who already h...
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  • Does anyone have any "External Contributor" Governance Documents to share?

    Hi all,   We need to decide what governance guidelines we need to create, which outline how people should use the external collaborators/users functionality. We have already conducted testing this functionality...
    created by dominic.fewster
  • How to get all the members details in OSAPI by passing the user  profile's fields location etc.?

    Hi Scott A Johnson Rashed Talukder Ryan RutanLea Reznik Matt Dickens   We are working on the application to send the "Notifications (short description with images & expiration limits)" to particular user pro...
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  • Unable to embed a video in a system blog

    I came across an issue that was also reported at Where did the shortcut to embed video into a system blog go? , but the discussion is locked and I cannot add that comment.   I recently created a system blog for ...
    created by anassi
  • Cannot POST to Jive REST API from HTML widget

    Hi!   I am creating an HTML widget in which I am voting on an existing poll from the widget based on user input.   When I try to do: POST /api/core/v3/votes/58148 with data of ["option"] I am receving t...
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  • Can we remove the external link arrow icon on a per-link or per-doc basis?

    Is there a way to prevent the little external link arrow icon from being appended to external links on a per-link or per-doc basis?
    created by keeley
  • Does looking at the viewing window count in Impact Metrics?

    Dear All, For a spread sheet,  does looking at the viewing window count to being a Viewer  in Impact Metrics, or do you have to open the Excel file? Thanks, Ian
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  • Where is the actions menu on the web responsive browser?

    New issue since 2016.2 on  June 16th, 2016   I can not find an Actions menu on a web responsive browser until I turn my phone sideways.  I'll open a private case as well, but maybe someone can show me ...
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  • How do I add a new user to multiple groups?

    I have a new employee and need to add him to multiple groups (75+), Is there an easy way to do this without having to go to each group?
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  • Google Doc Plugin

    Can someone please point me to where I can find the google docs plugin please?   Thank you
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  • Is there a limit to how many menu items I can have in the main navigation bar?

    I currently have "News" "People" "Content" and "Quick Links" and want to add another customer link but I can't seem to be able to add it.  Is there a limit to the number of headings you can have in version 8?
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  • PowerPoint- Track Changes

    We work on multiple versions of powerpoint with various business groups. Jive is a great tool to collobarate and create efficiencies. However I was unable to figure out if Jive can track changes made in powerpoint or ...
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  • Jive 7 - RSS Feed appended with username and password

    Hello -   The directions for the RSS feeds indicate that if it is a private community that the user needs to append with username and password, but it doesn't indicate where to append to.  Can someone provi...
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  • Completing events in Quests is not user friendly

    Hello,   We are using Jive-n cloud version for our departmental intranet and team collaboration and we would like to create more Quests to guide and educate users. Here is the thing: if one of the events in the ...
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  • Visibility of last logged-in date in profiles

    Dear All, Since the 2016.2 upgrade and Profile Evolution, is the  last logged-in date in Profiles still visible?  In some cases we see the last logged in date and the date joined, in other cases just the da...
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