• Is there a way to mark text as inline "code" in the content editor?

    Hi,   I'd like to know if there is a way to mark text as inline code in the content editor. This is a key feature for programming content. Currently, I manually go and set the text font as Courier New but I wou...
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  • New GDPR Date Protection Rules and Jive

    Hi there,   Wondering what Jive has planned to ensure that UK based customer communities (like ourselves) remain compliant with the forthcoming GDPR data protection rules?   I have a copy of your current p...
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  • My friend cannot receive a password reset email

    My firend cannot receive a password reset email. Can you please send a password reset email to jennyfer@omegapublicidadcreativa.com? It seems his email is blocked or something. thanks
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  • how can i get jive.rpm ?

    I want to  set up a small instance of Jive for evaluation and testing purposes , how can i get jive.rpm? thanks for you answer.
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  • I am thankful for Jive Support reps who are trying so hard to help us

    This time of year always makes me step back and think about what I am grateful for. I just got off a called with Ryan Farber in Customer Support who is dedicating his whole day today to work on a very serious issue in...
    Keeley Sorokti
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  • Need to retrieve some documents from Database dump

    Hi,   We need to retrieve some documents from a database dump. We have followed the below steps on accessing the information. I was able to run successfully the below queries but, how do i actually download the ...
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  • Image Gallery

    One of our image galleries has 14 photos loaded. The images are visible in the small display box as you click through using the arrows you can see all 14. However, once you click to maximize the box, only half of thos...
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  • Tile not responsive between 660px and 990px

    Hi Folks,   I am using CSS to create a responsive tile, but it stops resizing between 660px and 990px.  Once I go smaller than 660 it responds again just fine.  I found a min-width setting in the page ...
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  • Build number causing caching issues with overlay

    We've ran into a problem recently where with each new release of our on-premise, overlay based Jive installation that we have to ask users to clear the cache, specifically for JS files.  Looking into it I believe...
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  • Working with Shared Office Documents - Can't add accounts

    Team,   I was trying to get connected from an office document. I click on the Accounts(Offline) and then Manage Accounts->Add Account. But Jive for office popup is not coming and hence not able  to enter...
    Nidheesh Ep
    created by Nidheesh Ep
  • No e-mail notifications

    Hi, I'm not receiving any e-mail notifications from Producteev. Last received e-mail wat at: Wed, Mar 22, 2017 at 12:05 AM My colleagues (using the same domain name and e-mail provider) receive e-mail notifications....
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  • API to get Never logged in users

    Hi Team,   I am searching to get never logged in users through API. Could you please help me to find an API.   Thanks! Sowjanya
    Sowjanya Gonuguntla
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  • Super list filter syntax

    Hi all   Does anyone have the details or documentation for the syntax used to create super list filters, I'm struggling to get multiple permutations of filters to work using the 'use this view in a tile' on our ...
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  • Will Jive Daily operate on Private Cloud

    Will Jive Daily operate on a private cloud structure or on-prem?   Thank you.
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  • Will Jive Daily operate on Private Cloud

    Will Jive Daily operate on a private cloud structure or on-prem?   Thank you.
    created by martarna
  • Who Actually Visits a Space/Group?

    Hi All:   Activity reports on spaces and groups show total activity levels, but no names for Top Users.  Is there any way to see a list of the users actually visiting a space/group in a time period and thei...
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  • Is it possible to duplicate the whole scope of a project?

    It's very complicate to recreate all the tasks for every similar projects
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  • La administradora de nuestro grupo no recibe el correo para resetear su password.

    Buenas tardes, desde hace 2 dias la administradora de nuestro grupo de producteev intentó resetear su password como ustedes lo han solicitado, sin embargo, a su dirección de correo no llega el correo par...
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  • Event Calendar Widgets

    I searched JiveWorks before and found this article on event calendar widgets.   I would like to use this, but can't figure out how to add this on to my space.   No option comes up in my settings, template...
  • Does "Table of Contents" work for anyone? Or anchored tags?

    Hi, all... I was asked if we can do anchored tags on a document.  A search led to using Table of contents to achieve this. But the little "table of contents" option in the RTE doesn't seem to do anything. And ...
    Frank Field
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