• Jive for SharePoint2016?

    I have read a lot that Sharepoint 2016 has no connector at the moment but the last feedback on that is older than one year: Does Jive for SharePoint support SharePoint2016?
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  • Propagation?

    I have to manually delete users out of our community.   Since our community was recently updated, I now have the option to not only "Delete user and content" but to "Delete user and content with propagation." Ca...
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  • How can I display system blog posts in a tile?

    I'm helping someone who wants to convert their overview page to activity + pages.  She currently has a View Blogs widget pointing to a system blog.  I'm trying to figure out how I can replicate that on a cus...
    Dennis Pearce
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  • Any other customers with significant Jive for Office and Jive for Outlook problems?

    In the last year, the number of issues reported for these two add-ins has increased. And at the same time, the resolution for anything discovered has decreased significantly. In fact, in at least one of our cases, we ...
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  • 2017.1 analytics deep dive/ feature update?

    We are currently on 2017.1.1 and I've noticed the absence of a number of important metrics in the new cloud analytics.  Specifically, summary place analytics (e.g., most frequently viewed places) and people-relat...
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  • SecurityGroup Service endpoint(API) response code

    I am adding members to a security group using the SecurityGroup Service endpoint(API), on successfull request, i am getting 204(No content) instead of 201(created). What might be the reason for it?   Hello, ...
  • I am not receiving account confirmation email.

    I made sure gmail is not filtering producteev email. It may be sending email to an old address (channelzilch.com) that no longer exists.
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  • Advocate or champion training / toolkit examples?

    I've established my champion group and we've been up and running / meeting monthly for about 8 months now. In this time, I've noticed that they're all of different skills / background.   We did some initial tra...
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  • Water cooler: Slack and Jive

    Our organization has pretty good adoption of Slack, and there are about 160 channels--some related to mission-critical work conversations, some to informal learning, others just for shared interests. Now that we have ...
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  • How to best create a wiki page? What tiles are best?

    Hi there,   We want to create an internal Wiki-Page to explain specicfic terms and abbreviations that are used in our business. I am not sure however, how to best build & structure such a Wiki area. Can you ...
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  • How do you manage Top & Trending?

    Hello Community Managers,   having asked this question in support (and having received an answer also): Tailor (configure) Top and Trending? - I'd like to tap into your experience, if I may.   How do you m...
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  • Does anyone else have issues opening docx documents in the Jive Daily app for iOS?

    I receive an "Office Open XML word processing document" message and it never loads. iOS version 11.2.1   Thanks in advance!
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  • image Sizes - Subspaces

    hi guys, what is the size for a subspace banner? i can't find the spec on the image document. Thank you!
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  • Question about collaboration

    Hi,   Our company launched our Jive community in March. So far, our community has been focused on communication but we are getting ready to start telling users that they can use the community for collaboration, ...
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  • can't export my tasks

    Hi,   I want to export all of my tasks because producteev is discontinued but it never happens. I click on export tasks button and it says loading for a few seconds then nothing happens. Tried on all 3 different...
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  • Have you implemented v9.0.4?

    How was your experience? Did you see lots of issues resolved, or were more created? After the many issues created by implementing the last version ( 9.0.3), we want to make sure it is worth the upgrade. Thanks!
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  • Slowness in Response Time and Search

    Is anyone else experiencing delays in response time in Jive? We experienced this in our internal community today, with search results not coming up, or being very slow, and in the AureaWorks community. I tried to post...
    Patty McEnaney
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  • JIVE for Office tab not working in Excel 2016

    We have a staff member using Windows 10 Pro x64 running Office 2016. She was previously running Office 2013 but I hoped installing 2016 would correct the issue as I am running Windows 10 Pro x64 with Office 2016 and I...
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  • Anybody have experience with integrating Jive and Adobe Experience Manager?

    I'm looking into integration experience that people might have with Jive and Adobe Experience Manager - any background, recommendations or war stories?
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  • CSS for spaces

    Hi all   I need to add the following custom css tweak to our on-prem Jive 9 instance. Is it possible to have this only affect spaces or even better one specific space, either with another attribute or a specific...
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