• Getting Executives Engaged

    Daniel Martin Eckhart from Swiss Re provided a lot of great ideas for getting your executives engaged in your Jive communities. Before Daniel got into the helpful tips, he explained his philosophy of life. He doesn't ...
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  • Instructure Ideation (2016 State of the Union)

    In March, Scott Dennis shared the foundation of our ideation revamp (using Jive) in Ideas for Instructure.  He continued the series with Ideation Process at Instructure, where he shared some of our primary challe...
    Renee Carney
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  • The Force Will Be With You ... Always, ... So Let's Talk Jive + Java SpringBoot!

    Another year, and another Stars Wars day has gone by!  I don't know how many of you chose to spend your day, but I took some time to embrace my inner-nerd and dive a bit deeper into Java SpringBoot to see just ho...
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  • Publishing Tech Docs. . . in Jive

    If you're a content publisher and use Jive, you've probably thought about whether you could make better use of Jive as a publishing platform. As the leader of Jive's technical documentation team, I've been thinking ab...
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  • Bringing 100% of yourself

    I'll be speaking JiveWorld16 tomorrow - "Getting Executives Engaged". It's a big topic and there are many angles (I'll of course share some of those) - but key in all of this is authenticity - showing up with everythi...
    Daniel Martin Eckhart
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  • Bursting The Bubble: The Benefits of Engaging Your Online Community

    Creating a successful online community – internal or external – comes with a healthy mix of vision, company goals and other internal drivers. At Social Edge, we help our customers meet these important obje...
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  • Transform - A NY Times Best Seller by Jive Chief Strategy Officer, Chris Morace

    Christopher Morace, Chief Strategy Officer at Jive Software, comments on his book "Transform - How Leading Companies Are Winning With Disruptive Social Technology" that was released on October 15, 2013.   Transf...
    Rich Blank
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  • Chicago CoWorking Day

    "I can go to the office here in Chicago but nobody here really knows what I do or really works with me so what is the point?" - Anonymous Jive Client code named Hed Topton   As a long time telecommuter this is o...
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  • 03 - O DWP e a motivação da força de trabalho

    A nossa força de trabalho já mudou. A motivação não consegue mais ser “injetada” com mensagens de comunicação. Essa receita que podia ser válida no iní...
    Humberto Vieites
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  • 02 - Digital Workplace e Sistemas de Informação - o repositório de Talento Coletivo

    Ninguém quer agregar uma nova tarefa numa empresa. Menos ainda um novo processo. Infinitamente menos um processo que é novo ou desconhecido no Mercado.   Se vai demandar recursos, então porq...
    Humberto Vieites
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  • 01 - Porque um Digital Workplace?

    É impossível pensar as empresas a futuro às empresas brasileiras sem uma utilização extensiva de Digital Workplaces.   Existem muitas discussões sobre o que é e quais a...
    Humberto Vieites
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  • Deploying Jive Apps On Your Jive Instance Without Middleware

    This is just a quick blog post that I've been meaning to share.  It is about a feature that was recently announced here: What's New in the Jive Developer Platform (2015.1) but I was afraid it was lost in the sh...
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  • Jive Developer Days > Coming to a City Near You!

    The Developer Days are Coming!   You guys have been asking for it, and we've listened! Taking your feedback from JiveWorld16, we're going take our hackathon materials on the road in a 4 hour workshop + hack da...
    Rashed Talukder
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  • Upcoming Healthcare Events

    We have two upcoming Jive sponsored events featuring Healthcare! If you are interested please be sure to register!   EVENT #1   6 Trends Driving Healthcare Collaboration MAY 18, 2016 | 10:00 AM — 11...
    Ian Botbyl
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  • Your Idea Counts: Idea Valuation (aka Reporting or Analytics)

    Brandy Robert, Senior Manager, Proactive Service Delivery, Oracle Corporation and Rob Shapiro, Senior Director, Customer Service Experience, Oracle Corporation, have teamed up to implement ideas in My Oracle Support C...
    Rob Shapiro
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  • Spring Cleaning: Starting With Blogs

    Hello Jive Community!   We're in the process of cleaning up the Jive Community architecture, spaces and groups in order to make this community sparkle and shine; as well as focus traffic in key areas. You'll sta...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Brand Fan > Customer

    Fact: Everyone selling something wants customers.   The corollary to that is we're all selling something. Right here, right now - I'm trying to sell you on my savoir-faire.  On my writing, my business acume...
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  • Bringing JiveWorld's Power of Connection to New York City

    Hi NY Jive Customers,   Whether you were able to attend JiveWorld and can't get enough of connecting with your peers, or even if you weren't able to join this year, we're giving you another chance to continue the...
    Adam Mertz
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  • Part I: How to Get Leadership Buy-In to your Social Business Strategy

    In part one of the six-part series on social business strategy, I discuss the importance of getting senior leadership buy-in early in the process. There’s a grim number that haunts executives, directors and mana...
    Elysha Ames
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  • 5 ways employee recognition brings Jive communities to life

    Introduction by Libby Taylor: Jive has rich partnerships with many amazing companies, two of which are featured in this blog post. I invite our customers to explore the expertise and technologies that our partners off...
    Elysha Ames
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