• The Jive Community Redesign Update

    7/29/2015 : SUCCESS! We have successfully loaded the new design in the Jive Community! Congrats to the Social Edge team for fabulous work. PLEASE NOTE: You may need to clear your browser cache and possibly update...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Marketo integration - FAQ

    With the Winter 2015 cloud release, we introduced the ability to integrate Jive communities with Marketo. With this integration, community activity of both guests and registered users is streamed into Marketo to build...
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  • Spam Attacks, New User Registration Moderation, and Unexpected Downtime

    I'm writing to address three issues that have come up in the Jive Community:   Spam attack Inbox error affecting Inbox loading Akamai error requiring restart   Spam attacks Unfortunately anyone who runs...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Meet the Jivers: Sarah Marx

    Here at Jive our software isn't the only thing that keeps our company running. We would like to introduce to you the lovely Sarah Marx, who goes out of her way to do wonderful things for our office every day. At Jive ...
    Carmel Schetrit
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  • How to create a clickable image map

    Confession time: I love image maps!   For communities who don't have UX/UI resources to make some of the fancier images, an image map can be a great resource. I used them in almost all of my groups when I was th...
    Libby Taylor
    created by Libby Taylor
  • Thank You and Good Bye

    Dear Chicago Jive-rs, I'm excited to share with you that I have accepted a new job opportunity with another Chicagoland company. This new role is an opportunity to return to "traditional" (for the lack of a better...
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  • Deep Dive: Engagement Index and User to User Interactions Chart

    Every quarter we add new analytical functionality to our Jive platform to give community manager new ways to understand the community. In the past these analytical capabilities have been focused on giving managers the...
    Udit Shah
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  • Ten Steps to Publishing Your First Blog by Close of Business

    A Jive blog is an outlet for sharing insights, a vehicle for increasing visibility around a topic or initiative, and a catalyst for collaboration. I find internal stakeholders sometimes have anxiety around blogging so...
    Rachel Nebozuk
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  • Full-Time Intranet Specialist role at World's Largest Brand Management company in Manhattan

    Full-time, Intranet Specialist role at the world’s largest brand management company in Manhattan, offering a highly competitive salary. The successful candidate will have knowledge and experience using Jive...
    Rabeel Ahmad
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  • Jive Anywhere 3.1 is now available

    JA 3.1 is a maintenance release with small improvements.   Changelog: Cartridges SDK 3.1 (documentation file is attached) Fixed performance issue while viewing long discussion threads Cartridges with an empty ...
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  • Jive add-on to move content in bulk between places

    Hi Jivers, In jive 5 and jive 6, we had a custom java plugin called Moved Content which enabled us to move contents from one group / space to other in bulk. As Jive 7 arrived, we decided to create add-on for the sam...
    Pawan Shah
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  • Role of Community Management in Organizations Today

    In this post, I want to highlight the importance of community management as a discipline that can enable organizations to take on the challenges and complexities of the future of work and a rapidly changing world. &nb...
    Sahana Chattopadhyay
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  • NBN - User Sync Plug-in Customization Project Status - 24 Jul 2015

    Overall project status: On Track  Status Impact Notes On Track Schedule Project Plan: NBN User Sync Plug-in Customization Project Plan On Track Deliverables/Sign Offs Specifications: User Sync File Format an...
    Kate Billera
    created by Kate Billera
  • Meet the Jivers: Ryan King, Engineering Professional Services

    For the second interview in our series we had the good fortune of interviewing Ryan King, he is the Senior Manager of PS Engineering and told us a little bit about himself in and outside of work.   Carmel Schetri...
    Carmel Schetrit
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  • Dev Tool: Using the Simple Stream Integration Builder with StatusPage.io (1 of 3)

    This is step-by-step tutorial on how to use the Simple Stream Integration Builder to create a simple activity stream integration with StatusPage.io. This will enable you to get a one-way webhook-style activity stream ...
    Rashed Talukder
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  • Configuring News at Pearson

    Firstly let me set the scene, Neo is Pearson’s global community, we have 40,000+ users, our community is celebrating 5 years later this year. We’ve been through 2 upgrades and we’re about to migrate ...
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  • Automated functional testing of plugins with Jive's core-test-base

    Between unit and integration testing  Everyone knows that it is mandatory to implement automated software tests that run on every build, commit or on a continuous integration system to ensure the quality of your...
  • Deep Dive: Jive Connector for Lync

    At Jive, we are constantly looking for ways to make it simpler and easier to integrate Jive with your existing tools and workflows. In support of that goal, we're delivering the new Jive connector for Lync with Jive-n...
    Betty Ho
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  • Jive Ideas Update

    Now that Jive-n and Jive-x 2015.2 are generally available, the Product Management team is hard at work on our next release. We recently spent some time focused on planning and took the opportunity to do a bit of "spri...
    Dilshad Simons
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  • Upload a local file using the Jive API

    Binary documents can be upload using the Jive v3 API.  This is an example (for Jive 6.x and above) of uploading a local file into a Jive Group using the cURL command from within a shell script.   curl -i -v...
    Jason New
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