• Mark Salandra's Jive 8 Product Update Presentation and Notes -- NY/NJ User Group, March 5, 2015

    Mark Salandra, Director of Sales Engineering   About Jive 8 Jive 8 came out in February, if you are thinking about upgrading you can get in the queue now Jive-n is the new name for internal installations of Ji...
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  • How come 'hidden until earned' on a prerequisite mission does not hide the badge for the next level mission?

    Check it out... I have created a kick-off trigger that is hidden until earned before users can see the mission that depends upon its completion. How is it possible that I can see the greyed-out badge in my profile for...
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  • Do you have a user survey you can share?

    Hi!   We're working on our marketing plan for 2015 and we would like to gain insights from our users about their feelings, perceptions, etc - a bit like a NPS for our internal community - but also a bit deeper. ...
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  • Jive Maintenance Message - Impacts only Streamonce on 3/7?

    Regarding the notification I received this week for a Jive Maintenance scheduled to occur Sat., 3/7 - 3/8, does the maintenance only impact Streamonce and does it require system downtime where our instance will be una...
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  • Community Engagement Cheat Sheet for Place Owners

    This is a cheat sheet I've given to place owners after training to remind them of things they can do to encourage engagement in their places.  I'm sharing this in response to Alvaro's question Does anyone have a ...
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  • Can an Jive app/tile be created using JIVE node sdk and Cloud 9ID instead of Nitrous?

    Use of Other IDEs with JIVE Node SDK, is it possible for any JIVE app creation?
    Sharmila Patri
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  • Custom View Tile Will Not Always Load on News Page

    I'm on Jive Cloud and recently developed a custom view tile (hosted by Jive) which has been published to our community's news page.  Most of the time, this functionality works great.  However, if after loadi...
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  • Join Alcoa for a Pittsburgh Social Business Roundtable Event - March 9th

    Northeast Regional Group Tri State User Group Philadelphia User Group     I hope you can join us for this special event as we bring together a very small group of leaders to discuss Social Business in a roun...
    Kelly Carlsted
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  • Mark old questions as 'assumed answered'

    We have many (6,000+) questions from a long time ago, many with replies to them.  They are not marked answered or assumed answered   This is skewing our reporting on new questions and time to answer -- the ...
    William England
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  • Upload Your Profile Photo(s) and Avatar (Jive 7)

    Your photo is a great way for people to “meet” and recognize you in person. You can upload up to ten (default; max 50) photos that people can see when they visit your profile. Your avatar lets community me...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Thriving Communities in the Collaborative Economy | Bill Johnston | LinkedIn

    Thriving Communities in the Collaborative Economy LinkedIn Pulse Note: this post was adapted from a post previously published in October, 2013.I got my start building online communities in 1999 with the launch of T...
    Claire Flanagan
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  • Jive and INXPO Association fails

    We've provided our instance id to John Leahy of  INXPO but the association is failing.  Any ideas on how fix this Ryan Rutan? 
    Luann Dalton
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  • Extended APIs Plugin

    Overview  The Extended APIs plugin provides an additional layer to Jive’s Core APIs.  It includes web services used internally by products that can add functionality to your Jive Community.  This...
    Francisco Vives
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  • Jive 8 jive-core jar missing?

    I'm trying to stand up a test instance for a customer and could not build jive 8 using the maven plugin:    mvn -U jive:create-project   The build results in the following errror:   [ERROR] F...
    Brian Welter
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  • Moving old content will show up as new

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    Example: There is a discussion in the wrong area and it is 3 years old, we move it to the proper group/space and it will now show on the home page as a recent discussion.     Old items should not be brou...
    Jamie Politowicz
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  • Recent Activity HTML Code

    Is there a way to insert the Recent Activity widget, as a HTML code, into a HTML iframe widget? Our HTML iframe widget has drop-down navigation, so we are trying to place the Recent Activity widget within that. Has an...
    Alexis Drake
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  • Jive Anywhere: Gmail Cartridge Overview

    The Gmail Cartridge allows you to bring the rich experience of Jive content and comments into your Gmail account. With this cartridge you can View full content from Jive in Gmail Comment on content directly from the...
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  • What do you use for cross browser testing?

    I know there are a few tools out there for cross browser testing and just curious what people use for their testing!
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  • Any experiences using TWiki (or other Wiki) converter tools to migrate content into Jive?

    Hi.  In our internal Jive instance, we have a lot of legacy content in our TWiki that we want to migrate automatically into Jive documents.  Anyone have any experience using these tools or recommend others t...
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  • Similar case study on booking/scheduling

    Hi, I am new to Jive and to Community Manager role and I ran across this user requirement on booking-related case. The scenario is, there are pre-assigned limited parking lot to some employees. The team wants to have...
    Delfin Juan
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