• Query on People Service

    Hi Everyone,   I have a requirement where I need to find out whether a user have a content or not ?   My priority is using V3 services but could not find a suitable service which can give me such kind of d...
    Divya Garg
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  • Any specific unit testing framework to use for Jive Node sdk ?

    Ryan Rutan, Yuval Z,  Pawan Shah Any examples on unit testing Jive custom tiles using Node sdk ?
    Amulya Neena Yadavilli
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  • Custom Pages

    Can a tile only be added on the right rail of a place page?   Is there an option to change the location of a tile and add it to the middle/ center of a custom page?   Thanks
    Neha Mathur
    created by Neha Mathur
  • Getting Started > Deploying a Jive Node SDK Project as an Add-On

    Once you've installed the Jive Node SDK and created a Jive project with it (such as an app, a tile, a cartridge, an external storage framework), you can deploy it by bundling and installing an add-on containing your p...
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  • Jive 7 Browser Compatability

    Is there a Jive 7 browser compatibility matrix?
    Jim Rathe
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  • Using Jive iOS SDK to manage Discussion

    Open video

    Fergal Mohan
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  • Partners, request access to Partner Home here!

    Partner Home is where Jive Partners can access training and enablement content from the Jive Partner Enablement team and engage directly with the Jive Partner team. Get access to all of the latest and greatest informa...
    Alexandra Rocha
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  • etc.zip file not included in overlay war

    Previously we were building a plugin and an overlay based on of Jive, and everything worked fine.  Upgrading to latest 7.0.3 there is an issue with the build where the etc.zip file is being build and incl...
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  • While creating an external bookamrk using rest API the subject seems to be different then what I provide.

    Hello,   My service call: api/core/v3/contents   POST JSON: { "content": { "type": "text/html", "text": "test it" }, "favoriteObject": {"type": "url" , "url": "<JIVEurl>/groups/drewtestg...
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  • Is there a way to use a generic user with the API to vote on imported ideas multiple times?

    We have migrated ideas from another system into Jive using the API, but it did not allow us to bring over a vote count.  Now we would like to use the API to set the votes for the migrated ideas to their previous ...
    Sam Creek
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  • Has any one seen issue accessing Jive features in FireFox browser on Mac?

    I am not able to post any thing using FF. I am not able to create discussion or blog .. please share if you have any thoughts ! I am stuck with my work ... My browser version is 32 .   As soon click post/Creat...
    usharani nishchal
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  • Top 5 Reasons to Visit the Marketo Community Lounge Powered by Jive at #MKTGnation

    Jive is excited to be co-sponsoring a booth at the Marketing Nation Summit today through April 15 in San Francisco. The slogan for this conference is 'Inspiration in the Nation.' There is clearly a lot to be inspired ...
    created by leigh_pankonien
  • Best highlighter brand

    apollos hill
    created by apollos hill
  • The Business User's Guide to creating Tile Apps for Cloud and Jive 8

    So you heard about Tile Apps, but you are a business user that doesn't want to spend too much time learning to code? Welcome to the super simple hacky guide to building your first Tile App!   Looking for a devel...
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  • Where can I add custom jQuery and CSS code in Jive templates?

    I would like to re-arrange some elements that appear in the document template (right side area with the links).  I am not sure where I can add custom jQuery and CSS code in my Jive templates?
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  • Chicago User Group Members - Add Your Name

    I am not sure if people will find this helpful, but I saw one from another user's group (in London) and thought it was a good idea. Update if you feel so inclined.   Name Job Title Company Name Internal/External ...
    Sudhir Dureja
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  • Ask The Expert - Launching an Internal Community

    We're excited to kick off a new blog series called 'Ask The Expert', which involves an expert from the Jive Community sharing on a specific topic that's near and dear to their heart. For a month after this blog goes l...
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  • Feedback Options in Bunchball

    I'm thinking through how to affect people's behavior. Two obvious ways to do this with Bunchball are badges and points. Here's what I think about each: Badges -- GOOD: Great for immediate feedback that gets the atten...
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  • Single Sign On

    Hi, I would Single Sign On enabled on my account.  How would I get this option enabled? Thanks, Oscar Rodriguez
    Oscar Rodriguez
    created by Oscar Rodriguez
  • Resonata sentiment key word change

    If you change the keywords that Resonata identifies as negative does it change it for all forums or is it forum specific?
    Chris Baruffi
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