• Marking Helpful Collaboration and Decisions (Jive 7)

    Any collaboration, be it a piece of content or a comment/reply can be marked as helpful or as a decision.  This can help foster collaboration and promote useful contributions.   To mark collaboration as help...
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  • Creating Bookmarks (Jive 7)

    When you see a piece of content that you know you’ll want to use later, you can bookmark it. Bookmarking adds a link to that content in your list of bookmarks. It’s easy to find the content again by going ...
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  • "Social group following" DB question

    Hey Jive team,   I'm doing some postgres sql work trying to write a report for our communications team and I'm looking for which table I would find users following a social group.   I've looked in jivefoll...
    Aaron Perrotte
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  • Problem With HTML Widget Size

    I am importing data from a JSON feed and using jquery to show it in an HTML widget. Everything is working great in firefox however in IE the HTML widget does not size appropriately to fit things added by jquery. It si...
    Eric Pierce
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  • Webhook task NullPointerException when on WebhookQueueConsumer.getAuthorizationFor(webhook)

    Our instance isn't able to send web-hook activity   2014-04-17 16:27:30,669 [TaskEngineWorker-pool-1] [::] ERROR com.jivesoftware.base.taskmanager.impl.LocalExecutor - Failed to execute task java.lang.RuntimeEx...
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  • Can you assign "membership" to a Project?

    I'm trying to help a client with their managing their project. How do you assign someone to a Project - or can you? And can the membership be "unique"? So if there is an open Group, can I assign particular people to t...
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  • Which way to go?

    Hello all.   My name is Varand, and I'm new to JIVE. I just started the trial version and started to dig the documentation. It's been a whole day I'm trying to understand the system and diffs among available te...
    Varand Pezeshkian
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  • Looking for Canadian JIVE Professional Services Partners

    Wondering if any exist???
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  • Get/Post web service call on behalf of other user

    Ryan Rutan - Hope you remember me. We worked together for EMC ECN Jive 6 upgrade. There is a requirement for EMC with Jive SBS 7 employee version. We want to use a single webservice account, but webservices calls need...
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  • Creating New Groups (Jive 7)

    Groups are collaborative places where people can work together and share information on a specific subject. You can join existing groups or create your own and invite people. Four different levels of privacy allow you...
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  • Using Jive 6 properties to generate a dynamic hyperlink?

    I'm developing a plugin which includes a UI for Jive 6. The requirements include a hyperlink in the UI which will link to a Jive discussion thread. The discussion thread will be created after development during testin...
    Tim Arnal
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  • A Guide to organise an AMA on Jive

    Within a year since I initiated an AMA (online Q&A) on our on-prem Jive instance, more than 60 senior executives got on.  It became an additional communications channel for executives to engage the global sta...
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  • What is the maximum file size for uploaded files?

    I can't find a setting related to max file size in the Admin console, so I'm wondering if there is an upper limit for the size of uploaded files. Relatedly, is there a maximum number or size of attachments?   T...
    Marian Oman
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  • Can I post a URL on a space

    Can i simply post a link to a file on a Jive space? If not, any thoughts on the best way to direct a user to a file that exists elsewhere rather than upload it to Jive?
    Tracey Shell
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  • Resonata - Anyone Else Using?

    Hey Jivers,   Has anyone else started using the new Resonata system? I would love to hear what others have done or plan to do in the future.     Hey Jive - Can we get a Resonata category in this space...
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  • Community Health Index; A Shift To A Weighted Scoring System

    With 18 months of data under our belts, we're making a shift in the way we're reporting community health of our external community to our internal stakeholders. We started out capturing and reporting content volumes, ...
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  • SMZi18n-Plugin

    Find out more here: i18n TRANSLATION MANAGER | Pokeshot///SMZ   The purpose of the SMZi18n-Plugin is to allow Community Managers to easily change the wording and translations of a Jive system, without the need f...
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  • Benchmarks for Community Reporting

    Hello!   I have looked all over this site looking for benchmarks. I am looking for an industry average to find if my brand advocate site is up to par.   I have decided to create a Google survey to get some...
    Chelsea Little
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  • What do you use for cross browser testing?

    I know there are a few tools out there for cross browser testing and just curious what people use for their testing!
    Nathaniel Elliott
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  • Delete users and re-register users

    Hi everyone,   I need your help here.   how can i delete the user permanently (not just disable user) from my community and re-register the user with the same email again ?   I have deleted the user ...
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