• Automatically Generate Avatar From Photo Upload During Registration

    21 votes
    When uploading a new picture in our profile (as the primary photo) I can try uploading any photo size, it's cropped and an avatar is automatically generated from this image.   That's not the case when I'm regi...
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  • How to Abandon My Jive Community Profile (Stop Emails)

    FAQ Q: Why is deleting my account from the Jive Community not "1 click away"? A: As with any online community, there is a constant balance between system need and user demand.  From a system perspective, Jive has...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Welcoming, Onboarding and Training Community Members - Summary of Virtual Gathering of Customers on July 31, 2015

    This document is a living document. Any member of the Learning group (which is an open group) can edit the document and add a section to it. It was created by Karen Frock and Keeley Sorokti on July 31, 2015 after a v...
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  • Allow multiple role badges to be applied to a single user

    24 votes
    Currently with the 8c4 cloud release role badges were introduced. You can see how they work with Where are the branding settings in 8c4?. The main issue is that you can only apply one badge per person. I would like to...
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  • The Jive Community Redesign Update

    7/29/2015 : SUCCESS! We have successfully loaded the new design in the Jive Community! Congrats to the Social Edge team for fabulous work. PLEASE NOTE: You may need to clear your browser cache and possibly update...
    Libby Taylor
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  • New Community Design Crashes Firefox

    I'm not shure if this is the right place! Have everyone else following problem?   Every time I try to open the new designed jive community with the firefox browser it doesn't work. I have tryed different V...
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  • Members Only Group Permissions

    2 votes
    I would love to see the option in the members only group to require permission to join or create a new group that has that option.   We are trying to create groups that a select few people can edit the items in ...
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  • How to Design Your Jive community

    So your company purchased Jive and you've been brought on to manage the community! The platform will probably be set up by a system administrator but the look-and-feel may be up to you. What is a community manager to ...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Is there a document type that I can share with others and they can edit directly off Jive?

    I am looking for a solution...not sure if a "living" document is what will work.  I want to avoid uploading a document, then having it mandatory for someone to download the document in order for them to edit it, ...
    Alice Kim
    created by Alice Kim
  • Are you interested in sharing your educational strategy with others? And learning from others?

    Keeley Sorokti and I recently had a conversation about training your company to use Jive. She had a great suggestion to host a WebEx session in which we share how we are working to training our colleagues. I am very i...
    Karen Frock
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  • Onboarding New Users to Jive Community - Summary of Resources

    I just had a great conversation with Karen Frock about how to onboard new users to an internal Jive community. Coming out of that conversation I thought it might be helpful to create a document where we can all share ...
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  • Email Notification & Following Summary/Management screen in my profile area

    17 votes
    We get this question from our end users quite a bit in 4.5 and I don't think it's really better in 5.x so I wanted to post this idea.   People want to be able to see, in one screen, which places they are subscri...
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  • Allow admins the ability to login 'On Behalf Of' other users

    84 votes
    There are many, many times that I get problems reported from users where it would be really helpful to be able to log in as them and poke around. Either to see if I can reproduce what they are seeing, or to see what s...
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  • Feature Request: Admin Ability to Edit User Preferences

    7 votes
    Sometimes site administrators need to check a users settings or help them make adjustments when they come to us for support. I think system administrators should be able to adjust notification and other preferences in...
    Peter Pugliese
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  • Default User Properties and fields

    10 votes
    It would be very handy to have the ability to configure default values for user fields and extended properties so that new users would automatically get these values on creation.  Many things are configured throu...
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  • Separate setting for email notifications for group invites

    16 votes
    Turning on email notifications for group invitations also turns on email notifications for  tasks, connections, and skill endorsements.   The request is to separate the setting in a user's preferences to a...
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  • Keyword Interceptors

    I am having a bit of memory issue. I can't find where to edit our keyword interceptors on JiveX. Can anyone help me out : ) Christy Schoon
    Scott K Wilder
    created by Scott K Wilder
  • Using a Jive-x community for lead generation

    I'm looking for examples of to leverage a Jive-x community in order to facilitate lead generation.   In the Sneak Peek: JiveX Winter 2015 Cloud Release the following new features are mentioned for prospecting. A...
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  • Jive Chime for Jive-X

    5 votes
    From Katie Mehnert on twitter: Katie Mehnert on Twitter: "We want @jivechime for jivex users!"
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  • Function to Export Users to a CSV file

    39 votes
    Would be greate to have a Function in Admin Console to export all users to a CSV. Eventually with a some filter options to include only specific set such as active or deactivated users, or only federated users. CSV ...
    Edi Imhof
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