• Sample Jive anywhere cartride

    Hi,   I am planning to create a custom Jive anywhere cartdrige to create discussion in Jive using the data from a third pary application(using webservices call). Is there any example for this?   Also i am...
    created by ravishankar_d
  • Example Java code to call Jive REST V3 API using OAuth2

    Hi,   Please share Java code example to call a Jive v3 REST API using OAuth2 authentication(instead of basic authentication)   Regards, Ravi
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  • Texas User Group -- June 10, 2015

    Date/Time/Location  Date:  June 10th Time:  1:30pm - 5pm User Group 5:30pm-7:00pm Reception   Link to Register for User Group  Link to Register for the Jive Hosted  Austin Happy Hour R...
    Kelly Carlsted
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  • Has anyone developed a html tile?

    Hi Apologies for the newbie question.  Has anyone developed a html tile that can be repurposed? Looking to replace the overview page with widgets, but do not have a workaround for the absence of a html tile.
    Carol Barton
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  • Change Management in Jive

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  • Do we have any fixes for XSS in the HTML tab provided under rich text editor in Jive 4.5.4?

    The more specific XSS attack that I am talking about is when I  introduce a script like the following: "><img src=xyz onerror=prompt(12345)><" This results in a pop up during the auto saving of the ...
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  • Forms App: How to Create Templates

    Template Creator Topics  Template Creator Topics Creating HTML Source Creating Form Templates Form Template Panel Field Descriptions Initial View of Form Template Panel Form Fields Panel Field ...
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  • Deploying Jive for office in Citrix - Extreme performance impact

    I was curious if any changes were planned for the Jive for office plugin as it relates to Citrix. Aside from the items listed here: Deploying Jive For Office/Outlook in Citrix Environment is there anything else that ...
    created by baronzemm
  • Uploading images from / for custom tiles

    Hi, I am trying to develop a custom tile similar which has some features similar to the default photo tiles from jive. The configuration page of the tile will allow users to upload some images. These same will be d...
    Pawan Shah
    created by Pawan Shah
  • How can I gather all "ideas" from different spaces in Jive into one space where we can organize them?

    Hi anyone who can help me,   My company has a very specific ask in terms of Jive's Idea function and I'm hoping that someone else has done this before and can help me figure it out for our instance. Here's wha...
    Sheldon Levine
    created by Sheldon Levine
  • Does Jive Addon need internet facing server ?

    Hi developers, I am trying to deploy Jive add-on from Enterprise storage framework. After building and creating & deploying on my local jetty server, Jive is unable to register add-on. At jetty's end, it shows it...
    Sourabh Lonikar
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  • Introduce Yourself!

    Hi all -   Welcome to the Fundamentals course! My name is Claire Flanagan and I will be one of the Course's Community Managers. I have been at Jive for two years now and prior to that was CSC's Social Strategist...
    Claire Flanagan
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  • SmarterPath Admin user guide

    Documentation for SmarterPath Administrators
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  • Is there way to uniquely identify an activity in v3 APIs?

    In the v2 APIs the JSON for an activity had a unique activityID.  See in this beginning snippet of v2 JSON...   [ActivityCollection] => stdClass Object ( [Activities] => Array   (   [0] =...
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  • Jive add-on to move content in bulk between places

    Hi Jivers, In jive 5 and jive 6, we had a custom java plugin called Moved Content which enabled us to move contents from one group / space to other in bulk. As Jive 7 arrived, we decided to create add-on for the sam...
    Pawan Shah
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  • Where do you find the most problems when it comes to UI and/or UX?

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  • Anyone seen the v3 rest api return invalid message ids for a discussion thread?

    When obtaining most recent discussions for a place, I sometimes get message ids that are completely invalid.    Has anyone seen this before?   Take this example for instance:   curl  --ins...
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  • Registering task@producteev.com as Gmail forward email address

    I've done the above. Gmail asks for a confirmation code that would be sent to task@producteev.com Because it wasn't sent from my personal email address, I don't have access to that code. How do I get hold of one? &...
    Oleg Protopopov
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  • Embedding OneLogin

    Hello everyone,   We are working towards embedding our OneLogin App Portal into our Jive instance. Does anyone have any experience with this? Follwoing OneLogins standard Documentation isn't getting me far. &nb...
    Cameron Willey
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  • JavaScript and HTML Editor in Documents

    Does anyone know if JavaScript is supported in the HTML editor within documents? We are trying to do some dynamic coding, but it seems to keep getting stripped out.
    Ben Malakoff
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