• Android app log out issue with Jive 7 anyone?

    This Q actually is for the Jive for Mobile community but seems there isn't a way to Create a new Discussion, hence pinging External Cmgr friends Are you on Jive 7+.   Did you happen to be reported by your Andr...
    Anirban Dutta
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  • Introduce Yourself!

    Hi all -   Welcome to the Fundamentals course! My name is Claire Flanagan and I will be one of the Course's Community Managers. I have been at Jive for two years now and prior to that was CSC's Social Strategist...
    Claire Flanagan
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  • Getting Started > Deploying a Jive Node SDK Project as an Add-On

    Once you've installed the Jive Node SDK and created a Jive project with it (such as an app, a tile, a cartridge, an external storage framework), you can deploy it by bundling and installing an add-on containing your p...
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  • Getting Started with the Jive Node SDK

    The Jive Node SDK is a great way to quickly get started in order to create tiles, apps, cartridges, external storage frameworks, and other Jive add-ons. You can start out with some of the provided examples and then cr...
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  • Creating Custom View Tiles

    Starting with the Winter 2015 Jive Cloud release (version 8c5), you can build your own HTML view within a tile. This UI extension behaves like an app inside a tile — you can place it anywhere you can place a til...
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  • Jive Training Course Description

    NOTE: This document represents the instructor-led training courses offered by Jive. We regularly update this listing, so please check back for new or updated modules.   About these courses We have one standard ...
    Libby Taylor
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  • jive.tile.onOpen - config not retrievable?

    I have been trying to get tiles working, but I am having a hard time retrieving the config that I saved in config.html in view.html.   Saving the config seems to work fine!  jive.tile.onOpen always has what...
    Butch Marshall
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  • Any specific unit testing framework to use for Jive Node sdk ?

    Ryan Rutan, Yuval Z,  Pawan Shah Any examples on unit testing Jive custom tiles using Node sdk ?
    Amulya Neena Yadavilli
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  • how to run the jive.properties file in linux machine

    how to run the jive.properties file in linux machine
  • What Mock Library Does Jive Use To Unit Test Plugins?

    I'm wondering what library you guys use.   thanks! ken
    Ken Domen
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  • Using Jive iOS SDK to manage Discussion

    Open video

    Fergal Mohan
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  • While creating an external bookamrk using rest API the subject seems to be different then what I provide.

    Hello,   My service call: api/core/v3/contents   POST JSON: { "content": { "type": "text/html", "text": "test it" }, "favoriteObject": {"type": "url" , "url": "<JIVEurl>/groups/drewtestg...
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  • URGENT| Jive regulatory inputs

    Hi Benjamin Walker & Ryan Rutan The following two questions were raised by our legal team.  Could you support me in furnishing them with the required response / inputs please?  I need to submit this ...
    Kavita seebran
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  • Pre Requisite for Jive Platform Training

    There is a MANDATORY pre-requisite training that must be completed before attending the Jive Platform Training series. Click here to complete the pre-requisites for this training.   If you don't already have acce...
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  • How the permalink for replies of discussion are formed?

    Hi,   I want to know, how can we navigate to some particular reply on a thread of the space? basically, I am interested in permalink of the reply. For example; this permalink: Nexus 6 purchased from Motorola | V...
    yogin mobile
    created by yogin mobile
  • Jive Anywhere 2.3 is now available!

    I'm very pleased to announce the availability of Jive Anywhere v2.3, which includes the following new features (some of which you may have tested in the Jive Anywhere Labs version)   Cartridge Builder - create y...
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  • Getting alpha numeric values across the local Jive 8 instance

    Have anyone face this issue in jive 8? I have setup local jive 8 development instance in windows but username, all menus in avatar and create options are in alpha numeric value. Please help.   Regards, Sunil
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  • User Group Meeting Document -- Michigan User Group, May 12

    Date/Time/Location  Date: May 12 Time:   RSVP Here  Location: Address and Meeting Room Name Host: Angela Eick Mobile: 810-357-2133 email: aeick@steelcase.com   What do you want to learn from J...
    Kelly Carlsted
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  • Jive Analytics DES version 2 GET Request

    I am using Jive Cloud DES service version 1 for analytics data. I tried same request with Version 2 but I am not getting proper data.   Version 1 GET request: https://api.jivesoftware.com/analytics/v1/export/ac...
    Sourabh Lonikar
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  • How do I make all content invisible unless you're logged in to our Jive space?

    I can't seem to find the setting in the admin console. We need to keep all content off the landing page.
    Chuck Stollery
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