• Creating and Managing Custom Streams

    Custom Streams     Activity in a community can quickly become overwhelming if you don't know how to manage the flow of information. See How to Manage Your Inbox  for time-critical issues and sorting les...
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  • How to force user to follow a specific space when they first create their account on Jive?

    Related to the discussion at How to force a user to receive inbox notification from a space via REST API ? but a slightly different use case. Instead of wanting to have all users automatically following a specific spa...
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  • Post a like with javascript API

    Hello,   I often use javascript API to get information from users, places or contents.   The structure I use look likes   osapi.jive.core.get({   v:"v3",   href:"/contents/1234 }).execut...
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  • Trying to reset password but not receiving email

    Email address is brian@simpliuniik.com
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  • Trying to reset password but not receiving email

    Email is brian@simpliuniik.com
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  • Partners: Request Access to Partner Home here!

      Partner Home is the private collaboration and training space for partners only. From Partner Home, partners can also access training and enablement content from the Jive Partner Enablement Team and engage direc...
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  • Known Issues in Jive 9.0.2

    Component Problem ID Severity Release Note Title Accessibility Moderation People CUSTOM-2877 S1 False error while registering new user if moderation is enabled Activity Streams CUSTOM-2388 S2 Inbox preview of shared b...
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  • Where to post Ideas for Jiveworks?

    Hi I'm new to the Jive ecosystem and wanted to post an Idea regarding functionality in Jiveworks. The thought is when doing a search, I would like to see filtering on the results; for example, many suggested results a...
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  • Not receiving phone notifications

    Hi all, We recently started using Producteev as our main tool for project management. The notifications were working perfectly during 3 weeks then all users stop receiving them on our smartphones. We are using for ...
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  • No longer able to add attachments to Task comments on Chrome. OK on Firefox

    Using Version 59.0.3071.115 (Official Build) (64-bit)   When uploading document (e.g. abc.docx) I get a red bar up top saying there was an error. Only happens on chrome. 
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  • Jive performance issue

    Darrell Cook       Jive is very slow to load for a number of CWT employees. As a quick test I loaded our homepage in Chrome and using the network panel saw it took 18 seconds to load 2.5 MB ...
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  • Jive for Office

    Overview   Jive for Office brings social business capabilities of Jive directly into Microsoft Office applications. With Jive for Office, Office documents can be easily accessed from and saved to Jive—where...
    Yuval Twig
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  • Change in username

    On https://community.jivesoftware.com/  my username is pushpendra.paliwal@orange.com. I want to change it to pushpendra.paliwal (if available) .   is this change possible ?
  • New GDPR Date Protection Rules and Jive

    Hi there,   Wondering what Jive has planned to ensure that UK based customer communities (like ourselves) remain compliant with the forthcoming GDPR data protection rules?   I have a copy of your current p...
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  • Producteev does not trigger deadlines on tasks

    I've been using Producteev for a while to remind myself about things. I usually do that by creating a task and setting a deadline for it. Once a deadline is reached producteev sends me an email.   That used to w...
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  • Implement @mentioning for a custom plugin

    HI , I would like to implement/add the @mentioning functionality to a custom plugin. What are the procedures to do this? Say I have a content editor fo which I need to add '@mention'.   Ryan Rutan
    Nidheesh Ep
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  • From where can I get the upload-video.ftl file for  Jive 9?

    I am a developer, and we are going to upgrade our system to Jive 9.I need upload-video.ftl file for  Jive 9.
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  • URL Link To A txt/html File

    Hi, if I want to insert a link to a public html document, how should I tell JIVE to recognize the file as not a website but a html document?     Thanks a lot.
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  • Error trying to log into API Explorer

    Re: How To: Use the Data Export Service API Explorer   Per the post above, I've gone into Add-ons and added in the Analytics Services, but I can't get into the API Explorer using the Client ID and Client Secret...
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  • Is it possible to get a CSV report of all Space Followers?

    It's easy to view list of followers in Jive, but is there a way to grab the data of all followers as a file?
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