• Local Jive7 Instance

    Can we run local instances of Jive7 for plugin development?  If so how?   i tried the following but it did not work: mvn archetype:generate -e -B -DarchetypeGroupId=com.jivesoftware.maven -DarchetypeArtifa...
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  • Questions regarding changes to Plugin Template Definitions

    We have a few questions regarding changes to the implementations of Plugin Template Definitions between Jive 6 and Jive 7 see the changes in the javadoc below:   Jive 6 Jive 7 getHeadTemplateName() /** * The na...
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  • Build and Run Your Local Jive Customization

    NOTE:  This document assumes you have Maven installed and configured, and that you have Maven: How To Create a New Maven Project, and that you have PostgreSQL installed.   Create a DatabaseThe Jive instance ...
    Ryan King
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  • Conflicting namespaces in Jive 7 - Has anyone else experienced this?

    We are getting the error below about conflicting template names. When this error occurs, it completely brings down the application, and we get a "serious error" message.  When I looked at the two .soy templates, ...
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  • Does anyone know how to make a custom carousel in Jive cloud?

    I am looking for something outside the carousel widget.
    Kim Nelson
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  • Ask me anything? Of course you can - in Jive!

    Guest post by Paul Vinelli   A lot of people are familiar with Reddit's "Ask Me Anything" forums, where some of the world's most fascinating people will take on any question from passionate fans.  While we a...
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  • South Florida Community Managers

    Hi all!   As the Community Manager for the newly launched Bluegreen Vacations Jive internal community, Circles, I'm excited to utilize this group to maximize our community's success! In the introductory discuss...
    Jessica de la Torre
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  • Persistent login for Jive Mobile

    Is there a timeline of when users won't have to log in every time they open the mobile app?
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  • Community URL

    After installing Jive for Office and Outlook.   While connecting, it asks for Community URl. Where can i find the community URL ?
    Ankit Ahuja
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  • Repeat Option: Weekdays

    Open for Voting
    25 votes
    This feature went away.  We need it back, in addition to repeat daily, we need repeat on weekdays.   Thank you.
    Ben Belzer
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  • Jive Gamification Module: Admin Documentation

    Check out the Official setup guide here: Jive Cloud Community Manager Documentation How do I grant access to the Gamification Admin Console? How do I get to the Gamification Admin Console? Overivew of t...
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  • Topic Ideas For the Next RM Group Huddle

    Just throwing out some ideas. Open to everything
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  • Texas User Group - Q1 Recap

    Texas User Group Notes 3.27.13 Resources from the meeting Agenda - 2014 Q1 Texas Jive User Group Agenda.pptx Recording - Jive User Group - 3_27(Thanks Cora Rodenbusch) Photos - Jive Texas User Group Mtg. Photo...
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  • Image Rotator - Starter

    A long while ago I had found this starter idea for an image rotator that is "self contained" and can be put straight into an HTML widget. After we found a starting idea, we modified it a bit just to simplify. We've bu...
    Nathaniel Elliott
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  • Installing Jive for Office and Outlook

    I'm trying to install Jive for Office and for Outlook on my Windows 7 laptop and am getting this message:   I've tried running the installer as administrator to no avail, so it doesn't seem to be a permissions p...
    Leo Dias
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  • Announcing the Jive SDK (Java) Jersey Edition on GitHub Open Source

    Jive is committed to creating an amazing developer experience! For the past 9 months, we have provided an awesome SDK built on node.js that enables developers to build Jive integrations fast, and by fast I mean w...
    Ryan Rutan
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  • New Product Alert! The Mosaic Widget

    Social Edge Consulting has a super exciting new product to share with you: The Mosaic widget. What is this exactly, you ask? It's a snazzy custom-developed Jive HTML widget that displays visual content and text in a r...
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  • Updating the Footer

    All, I've modified the footer in a few ways and am finding a strange issue with the footer. We are getting the word "null" in the footer on our production site but not in our UAT environment (same code in both). Has a...
    Nathaniel Elliott
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  • List Tile: Design and JSON Overview

    Overview  The List tile is one of the most powerful tile types you can add to a Jive place (Group, Space, Project).  This tile type was designed to be flexible, while still being able to display content use...
    Yuval Z
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  • What do you want out of YOUR customer community?

    Greetings,   I'm excited to join the Rocky Mountain User Group as a customer and group admin! Thank you Kelly Carlsted for reaching out and allowing me to help curate the customer "cluster" here in Colorado. I'v...
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