• Is there a way to stop automatic deactivation of accounts?

    It appears that my community automatically deactivates users after 1 year without logging in. The thing is, much of our content is usable to those who don't log in, so many members haven't needed to because they hav...
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  • Modifying the Login Page

    I was tasked with modifying the login page to accomplish three major things listed below: [Completed] Engage the individuals coming to the site with a user experience that prompted them to register / login [Complete...
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  • We have specific typeface and fonts we use for our Intranet, including Jive.

    We have specific typeface and fonts we use for our Intranet, including Jive. These are different than the standard typeface and fonts. If they are not on our computers the system will default to those hosted on the se...
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  • User cannot access a doc despite being in parent space

    Hi Jive,   I have a user who cannot access a document, despite having access rights from the parent space. When trying to add an override in the document access settings, it gives the error, "One or more users i...
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  • Question on bulk tagging

    I am using the Bulk Manage Content to add a tag to all of our Discussions that over the past year or so have been marked as “Correct Answer.” Unfortunately, adding this tag brings all that content to the t...
    created by gordon_sorensen
  • Jive-n Record Retention Module (8.0.1)

    Overview Jive-n's Records Retention Module, integrates with downstream SMTP , XML or RestAPI based retention and e-discovery systems for retaining records.   Delivery format The Records Retention Module is off...
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  • Cloud 2016.2 maintenance update

    Hello all. I just received an upgrade notification and am trying to confirm that this is a maintenance or final build upgrade on 2016.2 Jive-X Cloud, and if so, what the upgrades and fixes are. I looked for info here ...
    created by benfowler
  • Known & Fixed Issues in Jive-n and Jive-x Current Release (2016.2)

    This document will be updated through the release waves of Jive 2016.2, including the maintenance release after the final wave. The Preview Known Issues table focuses on customer-found issues in Preview, and the subse...
    David Bastedo
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  • Welcome to the Internal Community Managers group: Please introduce yourself!

    Hello and welcome to the Internal Community Managers group! This group has been around for a few years, and is chock-full of fantastic tips and techniques from social business practitioners around the world. Most of t...
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  • Any update on plans for a Mac OS X Jive for Outlook and Office tool?

    There are not currently Jive for Outlook or Office connectors for Mac OS. I found this idea that has been voted on many times by Jive customers: Mac OS X support for the office & outlook plugin. This enhancement r...
    Keeley Sorokti
    created by Keeley Sorokti
  • Interactive Intranet Profile at Jive: Marketing - Onboarding

    Interactive Intranet Profile - Marketing OnBoarding Marketing Onboarding Department: Marketing   Place Purpose: Guide a new Jiver to New2Jive and Brewspace onBoarding and Marketing onboarding checklists Kee...
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  • How to change the owner of private content?

    We have some content owned by a former user, and shared to a limited number of people in her personal space.  We'd really like to keep it private, but just to move it to another user's personal space.   I c...
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  • Removing the multiple headers in Outlook with the Jive plug-in installed.

    Is there a way to remove the multiple headers in Outlook, either the JIVE header or the Outlook header?  I installed the JIVE plug-in and the headers are taking up most of the space on a small laptop screen and n...
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  • Welcome to the External Community Managers group: Please introduce yourself!

    Hello and welcome! I'm Gia Lyons, Program Manager of the Jive Community, and I started this group in hopes of sharing tips and techniques with other managers of externally facing branded communities. Please introduce ...
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  • WebHooks

    What is it? What are the common use cases? How do I use it? References & Further Reading What is it? V3 API for registering for asynchronous POSTs to your service about content activity from a pl...
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  • Advice for dealing with cheaters (Bunchball)

    Hello! We have used Bunchball in our community for four years. In May, we relaunched gamification to move the focus from on-boarding to being a good corporate citizen; all missions must meet at least one of these core...
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  • Jive Mobile App - Community Access

    Good day everyone, Please forgive my question. If I am using Jive's mobile app, should I be able to access other communities in addition to Jive's? If those that are, what is your experience and how do I connect ot...
    Toby Metcalf
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  • Jive for Office/Outlook 30.5.0 - Office 2016 & Windows 10 support

    We are pushing today a new update for both Jive for Office and Jive for Outlook that brings full support for Office 2016 & Windows 10. While we wished to release the support for Office 2016 sooner, we took a cons...
    Yuval Twig
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  • Do you have an external community that does NOT use any SSO?

    We are looking for external communities that do not use any type of integrated Single Sign-on. If you do not - how do you handle the authentication?   Thank you, Judi
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  • Are any external communities using JIVE Rewards?

    Is JIVE Rewards developed primary for Internal Communities? Are there any external communities using JIVE Rewards instead of Bunchball?   Thank you.
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