• Upgrading to Jive 8

    We are upgrading early next year from Jive 7 to Jive 8. Our Jive is hosted. Are there some customers who have already walked this road and are happy to share their success stories with us.   Thanks   Peter
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  • Product Road Map?

    Is there a road map for Producteev?   Should I start to look for alternatives... ?
    Dave Marlow
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  • Automatic conversion of User Documentation to Jive Documents

    How was the automatic conversion of the Jive 8 Community Administrator Docs done?   Is there a tool that we can use to convert Word documents, for example, into Jive documents such as Managing Permissions, keepi...
    Avigdor Sharon
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  • Do not allow users to mark their own comments as Helpful

    3 votes
    We have an Jive X cloud community and some of the rowdier elements in the community have take to marking ALL of their own posts as helpful. They do this to rack up points (base point system) and to move their comment ...
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  • I need to control the Jive Community Updates we receive.

    I need to control the Jive Community Updates we receive.  As the Community Manager, can I do that for the entire ACADIA instance of Jive, or do individuals have to set this?   One problem, employees are bei...
    Keith Harding
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  • I can't find the reset password link. Can someone help?

    I've been trying to reset user's passwords and before the latest update I was able to go on the Admin Console/People/User Profiles but then when i click in any profile I can't reset their passwords. I need to reset m...
    Mariana Braz
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  • Type CR (Enter) inside of direct messages

    We migrated last week to Jive 8.0.2 for several of our customers (on Prem installations). This week we got the customer messages that the direct messaging functions works on a different way than before. User tried to ...
    Lars-Thorsten Sudmann
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  • Allow places to be included in promoted search

    10 votes
    Currently you can only promote content with the promoted search functionality. I would like to see the ability to promote a place (spaces and groups) so that users can connect to the larger community instead of just s...
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  • Try the New OAuth 2.0 Client Builder Web Tool

    Hello Jive Devs,   Today we launched a new web tool for creating an OAuth 2.0 clients for your Jive instance. Previously, your options were to use the Node.JS Jive-SDK or build the add-on from scratch, well this...
    Rashed Talukder
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  • Getting Started > Building a Jive Add-On

    What Is a Jive Add-on? How Do I Use an Add-on to Make REST API Calls Using OAuth? How Do I Build an Add-on? Using Standard Fields to create the meta.json Valid Jive Add-on Types Supporting Localiza...
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  • Sophisticated Rules to Select Content for News Streams

    6 votes
    We'd really like to see an option to have some more sophisticated options to configure news content sources. As of today we can feed in only places and blogs as content sources. However some important users don't have...
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  • Rewards - Target Quests to specific groups only

    8 votes
    We'd like the ability to create quests that are visible and applicable only to a certain group. For example if we're running a blogging contest only for a region or an office, we'd like for the quests/ badges to have ...
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  • Security PIN for Jive Mobile Apps

    5 votes
    This is a follow from a previous request from my colleague Pawan Shah - Security PIN for Jive Mobile App   It's becoming increasingly common for Mobile apps to have a passcode/ PIN lock to provide an additional ...
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  • Jive Add-On Not Working in IE 9 after upgrade to 9c1

    After the upgrade to 9c1, our app stopped working in IE 9 and I get the following console errors.  This is a Jive hosted add-on The id property referenced seems to be part of the jive-sdk code so it is difficu...
    Taylor Boren
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  • Jive Core API: The Definitive Guide WEDNESDAY, OCT 22ND 2:15 PM – 3:15 PM

    Open video

    Iain Goodridge
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  • Rating using REST API?

    Am I rate documents and discussions through the REST API?  I cant find it in V3.12 REST API. Can any one help to migrate ratting?     Thanks, Khoyendra
    Khoyendra Pande
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  • Add Additional Debug Output to Soy Template Compilation

    19 votes
    Pretty straight forward, given that Soy Templates are so finicky in format....it's REALLY easy to deploy an invalid template (i.e. most common issue, file has to end with a \n character or it doesn't compile).   ...
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  • Update RSS feeds for Jive Events

    0 votes
    When using the RSS feed capabilty with Jive 7 on--premis and the Events Extension The RSS feed includes the title, date created and body content only, it does not  include details of the event date and time or PO...
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  • Ability for projects and sub-spaces to inherit parent space's categories

    36 votes
    We have several projects under a single department space and want the projects to inherit categories from the parent space.  Likewise, we'd like to be able to have sub-spaces inherit categories from their parent ...
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  • Add attachments while commenting on a document

    5 votes
    Users should be able to add attachment while commenting on document just like they can add attachment while replying to a discussion.
    Shruti Singhal
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