• Google sites - Jive integration - What would be possible?

    Dear all   My company is currently running some google sites. I am just wondering if there is an option where you can embed Jive discussions thread into Google sites. This will bring the power of Jive into Googl...
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  • Introducing A Modern Solution for Your Formal Awards

    The pain points tied to the annual awards program are legendary. The most common complaints we hear are that nomination volumes are low year after year and the end-to-end management of the awards process ranges from f...
    Kevin Butler
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  • JiveWorld16 Recap: 3 Interesting Use Cases of Employee Engagement Solutions

    What a whirlwind JiveWorld16 was!   We’d like to thank the Jive team and everyone we met in Las Vegas! It was interesting learning about the many incredible Jive-n & Jive-x communities that are out the...
    Kevin Butler
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  • Validating Your Add-on Package

    Attached to this document is a tool that analyzes an add-on package (i.e. the zip file or directory) and reports on any potential problems it finds.   Features Most errors are reported along with the filename, li...
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  • Add closed-captioning utility for Jive video module

    10 votes
    We want videos created for our Jive instance to be accessible to deaf or hard of hearing employees.  This would also be a benefit to any employee who wants to watch a video but can't have sound on in their cubicl...
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  • How to consume existing Jive REST API within Plugin and tile?

    Developer Plugin Developer I am working on Jive 8. I am looking for any standard process of consuming Jive REST API within Plugin and tile ? Any sample code would really be helpful.
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  • Is there any REST/JS API for moving content?

    Is there any REST/JS API for moving content (bulk/individual) ? if not any thoughts on exposing them as well.
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  • Search function not working

    Hello,   My search function stopped working.  To explain I have added a photo.  Notice that while I have typed in the name of the file in the search bar (which is also in the tag) the file is still not...
    shoham adizes
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  • Ability to archive a group

    73 votes
    Just like a project.
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  • Plugin for Jive & SFDC integration

    Hi,   We have on-prem Jive 7 version. We have a business requirement to integrate Jive with SFDC. is there plugin available for Jive and SFDC integration.?   -Tanzeem
    tanzeem mubarak
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  • Sample Help & Training Centers in your Intranet

    Does anyone has a sample screenshot of their "help and training" space for your Intranet that is working well. We have to revamp ours to drive utilization. Looking to review how we have it laid out, it's pretty lame r...
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  • Create Events with no attendees for Birthdays/Leave/Public Holidays

    16 votes
    Events such as anniversaries, birthdays, public holidays etc are important dates without attendees. It would be great if the attendee options could be optional to accommodate these events. Under the current design, it...
    Paul Coulter
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  • Looking for best practices in providing help/support for a large Jive Community as a social intranet

    How do you support your users?  A Help/Support Center?  What types of content do you have the most success with?  What role do your Advocates play?  We would love a Help Center than ran itself (suc...
  • Add Jive Office Support for MS Visio

    29 votes
    Please add the same support that exists for other office formats for MS Visio as well!   I found an idea in a different space for the same request. - "Jive for Visio" Plugin   Thanks!
    Matt Dimich
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  • Welcome to the Texas User Group! Please introduce yourself.

    Hello and welcome to the Texas User Group! The purpose of this group is to give our customers, prospects, and general social business enthusiasts a place to look for people in their area to  discuss social busine...
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  • Which Support Use Cases Do We  need? (Customers)

    This document tracks which Support use cases Jive customers are trying to tackle, and what technology they are using.   Q: Why should I put myself in this list? This list enables Jive customers to collaborate a...
    Luigi Mariani
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  • Category Tile

    4 votes
    Have a tile to display categories.   This tile shouldn't probably demand lot of work. You want to push the use of the activity page but when migrating I have to do the activity tile by hand which is tiresome and...
    Thomas Lambert
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  • Is there a tile for categories?

    I've created categories for my major content hubs; however, I can't find a tile to display them on the activity page.  I really don't want to use overview/widget based since these pages need to optimized for mobi...
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  • Who Voted?

    56 votes
    Scheduling meetings, making formal decisions, sharing a poll to a specific group. In these scenarios it becomes helpful to know who voted and who has not. It might become difficult to make a clean UI that depicts this...
    Jarin Schmidt
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  • The next step in digital integration, and a question for you

    Just came from a great session with Matt Laurenceau of BMC, Jill Ross of Hitachi and Deirdre Walsh of Silicon Labs.  Matt shared some great insights and best practices around what BMC has done with their communit...
    Wendy Wilson
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