• Is it possible to duplicate the whole scope of a project?

    It's very complicate to recreate all the tasks for every similar projects
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  • La administradora de nuestro grupo no recibe el correo para resetear su password.

    Buenas tardes, desde hace 2 dias la administradora de nuestro grupo de producteev intentó resetear su password como ustedes lo han solicitado, sin embargo, a su dirección de correo no llega el correo par...
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  • Event Calendar Widgets

    I searched JiveWorks before and found this article on event calendar widgets.   I would like to use this, but can't figure out how to add this on to my space.   No option comes up in my settings, template...
  • Co-Working Day at Next Door Chicago - Friday, Dec 1, 2017

    12/1/17 6:30 AM
    We'll be in the Blue Room this time. We have no agenda except whatever participants want to talk about, and we always find things to talk about. That's been working well so far :-)   For those who have not tried ...
    Ted Hopton
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    Co-Working Day at Next Door Chicago - Friday, Dec 1, 2017

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  • Boston User Group Meeting Notes - Nov 15, 2017

    The Agony and Ecstasy of Best Practices Best practices are Sample Use Cases 411 Labs Insite for Jive Product How it works Misc flags General Discussion Helping users to understand how to ...
    Helen Chen
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  • Does "Table of Contents" work for anyone? Or anchored tags?

    Hi, all... I was asked if we can do anchored tags on a document.  A search led to using Table of contents to achieve this. But the little "table of contents" option in the RTE doesn't seem to do anything. And ...
    Frank Field
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  • I'm not receiving notification on my gmail account. But my colleague is receiving them on gmail. Is there any problem with my account?

    I'm not receiving notification on my gmail account. But my colleague is receiving them on gmail. Is there any problem with my account?
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  • Issues with HTML Tiles

    I am having issues adding HTML tiles to my spaces.   I paste the code. Preview looks exactly like I want. But the cursor turns to the red "No" sign and won't let me submit & save.   How do I fix this s...
  • Adding an HTML Tile to a Page

    Starting with the 2015.2 Jive Cloud release, you can create a tile using your own custom HTML — without even the need to create your own add-on. You add an HTML tile to a page the same way you add other tiles: b...
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  • Terms and Conditions

    Jive provides JiveWorks (JWX) as a service to its users, customers and partners, to help them exchange ideas, tips, information, and techniques related to our products and services. The JiveWorks community is here for...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Jive4Outlook Crashing on Windows 10

    My plugin has been crashing frequently on Windows 10 after the Fall Creator update. Has anyone else noticed this or know how to fix? Have tried reinstalling to no avail.
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  • Adding Brightcove link as Featured Video - not working

    Hi, I was trying to add a brightcove video as Fetured video tile. But it always shows, url is not valid.   Please enter a valid URL (example: http://youtube.com/watch?v=videoIdHere)   Here is the sample ...
    Nidheesh Ep
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  • Jive for Outlook

    Overview   Jive for Outlook gives email a social life. By bringing the social business power of Jive directly into Microsoft Outlook, we make it possible to collaborate in a new way, without ever leaving Outlook....
    Yuval Twig
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  • 411 Labs - The Agony and the Ecstasy of Best Practices for Boston User Group - 11152017.pdf

    Please let me know if you have any questions about my presentation or would like to arrange a more detailed demo of InSite.
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  • Hide New Activity in Email (or only in the inbox)?

    Does anyone know if there's a way to enable Hide new activity similar to the button in right corner of your inbox to also appear in the email messages people get? Some users prefer to work in outlook and have set up s...
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  • Removing the "Welcome" Email

    Hi there,   In Jive Cloud, if you delete the "Welcome" email template: Will this just delete the text included in the template, but still technically send out an email, it would just be blank? Or, would it r...
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  • Creating TemboSocial Ideas Tile Does not Work

    We've determined a Jive API (osapi.jive.corev3.search.byExtProp({key:"tembosocialideasenable","value":true}).execute(function(result) {})) has stopped functioning properly.   The TemboSocial ideas tile now loads...
    Melvin Berena
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  • Q4 Boston User Group Meeting - Nov. 15

    11/15/17 11:00 AM
    Come join us at Carbon Black in Waltham, MA for this quarter's Boston user group! This will be unconference style so please bring your questions and topics you'd like to discuss. Following the discussion, we will be h...
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    Q4 Boston User Group Meeting - Nov. 15

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  • How can we help you differentiate Jive from competitors?

    Hi Bay Area User Group!  Thank you so much for an awesome meeting last week, I gathered a lot of great feedback which I'll share with the team. I also had a great time meeting with everyone, and I look forward to...
    Sarah O'Meara
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  • HTML Button should open content in the middle area of my overview layout.

    I created a user menu in the left hand frame of my overview page. Currently all content is opened in a new window:   <a _jive_internal="true" class="button" href="http://......../" target="_blank" style="disp...
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