• Historical Replay Product Team Approval

    Hi,   Product Team approval is needed for on-prem instances historical replay request (Requesting Historical Replay ) as per https://brewspace.jiveland.com/docs/DOC-288838#jive_content_id_Jive_Cloud:   Prod...
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  • Can't update to any project in network and receiving emails

    We have been using producteev from last 3 years but from end of march month we start getting issues like email notifications not working and after few days later we unable to update to any project from any members. pl...
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  • cannot get reset password or notification email

    Sarah O'Meara please help to check if our domain @infinmedia.net in the bounce list and resent the password reset email? all of my colleagues cannot get email from producteev now. it is very urgent and some of them ne...
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  • Error when creating task, assigning a task to a member, adding notes.

    Lot of errors on producteev. When creating and assigning a task to a member, a blank red snackbar appears on top without any message. I have to refresh to see if it has assigned properly. Notes cannot be added at all...
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  • Jive Daily for Hosted Release Notes

    A new upgrade is now available for Jive Daily.   NOTE: As from this release, we have changed the Jive Daily versioning format to match the Jive Hosted On-Premise versioning format. The latest version is now Jive...
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  • How to force a user to receive inbox notification from a space via REST API ?

    Hi,   We set up a jive place for our company concierge service. We want to force every employees in our company to follow and receive inbox notification at the creation of the place but we also want them to uns...
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  • Meeting Your GDPR Goals

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  • Can I create document style extended properties?

    Crazy question here. I'm on Jive Cloud and want to change the styling (css) of the document content. What I want to do, ultimately, is refer to a /resource/... *.css file.   So while documents currently get any...
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  • 2017.1 stopped working today

    It started when I (foolishly, perhaps) tried to open a new tab to our Jive instance. I first noticed that it wsa not responding when I saw the footer message:   This eventually produced this outcome   ...
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  • Looking for Jive Engineer - SF South Bay or Remote

    We have an opportunity for an experienced Jive Engineer/Developer.   Show your value with these top requirements: Hands-on Jive8 and Jive9 experience Experience developing custom features and plugins using the...
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  • Sustainability/Go-Green related use case

    Hi!   Has anyone here encountered any sustainability/go-green use case? I'm keen to know what type of segments or contents I can incorporate into the community. Any guidelines/best practices will do!   Tha...
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  • Jive 7 theme where to put custom js in

    I need to add some custom script to my theme. 1.) is /soy/template/javascript.soy the new place? 2.) where in this file can I put script to be executed on everypage like something simple like <script type="text...
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  • How to POST a document with an excel sheet attachment

    Hi,   I have tried all the online resources. I am trying to POST a document (html) with an excel  (.xlsx) attachment .   The server either throws a 400 or 500 errors.   I tried doing the followi...
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  • Using Task Feature for serious use

    Hi Team, We are using jive (Collaborate tool) quite often and I can see it has a lot more potential then other competitor, but the features set jive tool provides currently is still very vanilla and does not have muc...
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  • Publish hook/event in Jive Plugin for Office

    Hi Team, I am looking to run some custom macros when user clicks on publish button. is there a way in existing jive plugin to do so? where i can capture event called   before_publish like we do have before...
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  • I've posted a video but it's only playing back in Chrome. How do I ensure it works in IE?

    Any help would be great!
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  • Jive SSO error

    Please see the attached error message users are experiencing when attempting to launch Humana Community portal through Chrome.
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  • How do you disable the Following stream updates email?

    How do you disable the option for the "Newsletter" that goes out? It automatically go out weekly I believe.   It says at the top "Trending Now" and then list all the content.
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  • Is there a test environment?

    Is there anyway to make changes, whether it's a space or document with out it showing up live in real time?
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  • Applying Styles CSS to Documents

    When I try to add a styles/css to an individual document, Jive is stripping it out.   For example, on a community page, I am able to add custom CSS within an HTML widget that renders and impacts an entire page. ...
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