• Process to Collaborate and then Publish a Blog

    Sharing the documentation I discussed at our Chicago CoWorking Days meeting about how to collaborate on creating a blog post by creating a document first and then creating a copy.
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  • How to obtain the list of users?

    Hi,   Could you tell me how could I download the list of users from Jive admin console including standard users and external contributors. Is there any way to do that in it?.   Regards
  • The future of Jive search?

    We’ve recently competed a user survey about our Jive intranet. One thing we found disappointing was people’s feelings about search.   Before we moved to Jive, our intranet was built on 15 year old s...
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  • Can We Suppress Anything in the Activity Feed?

    Hi All,   I am 99.9% that we can't suppress anything in the Activity feed. But, I've received this feedback a number of times: "Would be wonderful if I could suppress/hide/ignore document updates and profile upd...
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  • [Custom Tiles] Featured Items with background Images

    Hello JiveMinds,   We ,at ThoughtWorks, have created the custom view tiles and like to share the learnings/implementations of the same.   We have used Tiles feature of the Jive to make sure the information i...
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  • Show community members ranked by most followers

    9 votes
    Within the CMR or as a filter on the People page it would be great if there were the option to show a report of community members ranked by who has the most followers.
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  • Members with most followers

    My senior management has asked for a report of the Top 10 members ranked by number of followers. The User Leaderboard doesn't provide this information in the CSV, is there any way to obtain it?
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  • Add Author to the search relevancy

    8 votes
    In jive 6, you can type a person's name and it returns all the content where that name is found.  What it doesn't do is return the content authored by that person as well.  It would be nice if author's name ...
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  • (Question) Tips on launching a blog series?

    Hi everyone -   I'm preparing to launch a blog series for my community site.  Anyone with experience have any tips on how to structure posts, ensure varied content, recruit willing customers to blog, etc.?...
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  • Expiring Content

    110 votes
    Hi,   we are running an huge internal Jive platform since 2008 and it grows day by day. We have the goal to keep the platform up-to-date and relevant. One major problematic thing is old, deprecated and "duplicat...
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  • Tips and Tricks to Posting GIFs

    Hi all - I love posting GIFs in my community as a part of our corporate communications but have realized I'm not very good at getting them to work every time. Anyone have any tips and tricks to posting GIFs? Also an...
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  • Giving access to users after they watch a video

    Is there a way to prompt new users of our community to watch a video before they can have access into our platform? Our company uses Jive for internal use and we are using cloud 2016.1.
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  • Community News

    New Way to Manage and Select Jive Environments for Case Creation   We just rolled out an improved way to manage and select your Jive environments when creating a new support case in your MyJive support group in ...
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  • Is it possible to merge two exisitng groups into one?

    Both groups have members in them, but I would like to merge them since they are a similar groups....is this possible?
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  • Would you like the Jive icon to be included in the Font-Awesome icon collection?

    If you click 'Yes', why not vote for its corresponding GitHub issue? Icon Request: icon-jive · Issue #2186 · FortAwesome/Font-Awesome · GitHub   Find the Font-Awesome project at: Font Awesome, t...
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  • Document Preview enabled/disabled per Container, not just Global On/Off

    14 votes
    As discussed in the following thread: Feature Request - Granular Control over DocVerse Preview Control per Container/Content
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  • Ability to Search for Apps in Cloud

    Is there a way for users to search for apps in cloud? They currently don't show at all in the search results.
    created by ana.miksche
  • 'Rejecting' people nicely! :)

    11 votes
    When you own a private group and someone asks to join it you click reject and they may not know why.   How about an automatic message to them when you hit reject where you can explain why.   Letting people...
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  • Saving Custom Pages as part of the Template

    27 votes
    When I am using custom pages in addition to Overview/Activity Page, and I save it as a new template, the custom pages I've created is not saved as part of the template. When I create a new group and apply the templat...
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  • Send a Direct Message in a tile

    Can someone give me the steps on how this tile was created. I need to create a tile that sends a direct message to a specific person.  
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