• Can the watching of videos (time watched) be tracked and associated with the granting of a badge in the gamification system?

    Previous posts w/ similar questions are a year or two old.  I'm checking if there are any updates or work-arounds for this scenario.  
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  • Jive Cloud Spring Release or not

    Will there be a Spring release for Jive Cloud?   The "Winter" release was near the end of February and I need a little input to help with resource planning for the next release.  I don't need a committe...
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  • How can you turn off Personal Discussions?

    We have a Ask a Discussion widget on the home page. Regrettably people are inadvertently asking questions as personal discussions rather than placing them in the corresponding community.   1. How do we turn of t...
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  • Community Manager Reports Plugin

    Overview Community Manager Reports (CMR) is an analytics tool built into Jive for use by community managers and Group owners.  CMR is simple to use yet provides deep insights into the adoption and growth of Com...
    Eric Griswold
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  • Jive Gamification Module: Admin Documentation

    Check out the Official setup guide here: How do I grant access to the Gamification Admin Console? How do I access the Gamification Admin Console? Overview of the Gamification Console Where are the acti...
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  • Copy and Paste image in the editor

    Open for Voting
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    the copy and paste image capability should be provided in all editors. it is really helpful to take a screenshot and highlight and paste it in the text editor.   it is really long process to save the image and b...
    Naveen Ganapathiraju
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  • Layman's guide to Github4Jive?

    Hoping someone might be able to help me out. I'm the Community Manager for our internal instance here at Nexen, and have a request from one of our business areas to enable the Github4Jive addon. I've read through all ...
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  • Using webhooks for Jive integrations

    Hello Jivers, Recently I have been using webhooks heavily for some of our integrations. Its one awesome feature in the Jive platform which can have great use cases.   Basically the Jive webhook services notifi...
    Pawan Shah
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  • Wiki Document About Open Case / Collaborate

    This is a document about Open Case / Collaborate
    David Manley
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  • Creating a federated user

    I'm working with the Jive REST API (on a cloud instance, v3.10), and am trying to create a program that calls the REST API to create users federated with SAML. I've been able to update user profiles, but when creating...
    Daniel Gilbert
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  • How To: Configure the Jive Android App For Enterprise Distribution

    Note This document describes how to configure the Android application for enterprise distribution.  The iOS instructions can be found at How To: Configure the Jive iOS App for Enterprise Distribution. OS No...
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  • Why don't promoted search results showing in Spotlight Search?

    We have both a hosted instance (currently JIve 6.0.3 but we will be upgrading to Jive 8 late summer-ish) and a Cloud instance.  I have tried the promoted content feature on a limited basis in our Cloud instance a...
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  • Poll: How often do you prepare reports with community metrics?

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  • Name and Email Visibility

    Summary One potentially confusing aspect of managing your community is ensuring that your users' email addresses and names are exposed only to the people who should see them. The default configuration for these settin...
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  • Chicago User Group Members - Add Your Name

    I am not sure if people will find this helpful, but I saw one from another user's group (in London) and thought it was a good idea. Update if you feel so inclined.   Name Job Title Company Name Internal/External ...
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  • Finding the Content ID and Place ID using Jive v3 API

    Summary Understanding the Different Types of IDs Content IDs Place IDs How do I find the correct content ID or place ID for the v3 API? Option 1: Using the Search filter Option 2: Using the entit...
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  • How to Abandon My Jive Community Profile (Stop Emails)

    FAQ Q: Why is deleting my account from the Jive Community not "1 click away"? A: As with any online community, there is a constant balance between system need and user demand.  From a system perspective, Jive has...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Is it possible to embed the registration into a public HTML page?

    For the registrants of our community, there are a number of restrictions we want them to be aware of before they register. Since it is not possible to modify the registration form itself with additional text, we plan ...
    Kevin Barrett
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  • Installing the GoDaddy intermediary certificate into the Java 7 TrustStore for Jive 7

    Summary What does the issue look like? Who is affected by this issue? How do I install the GoDaddy intermediary certificate? Related Materials   Summary Chrome and other browsers are now phasi...
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  • 'includeBlogs=true' not working when pulling content from the parent place

    Hi Jive Developers,   I'm trying to pull all content generated in a place, but I'm having a hard time getting the content from sub-spaces as blogs.   For example, I'm trying to get all content in this plac...
    Alberto Rodríguez
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