• Upgrade CAPTCHA

    9 votes
    Replace the current CAPTCHA in the Jive system with Google's reCAPTCHA 2. It is more friendly to humans and harder for bots to crack then the current Jive CAPTCHA.   Google Online Security Blog: Are you a robot?...
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  • Data Dictionary for SQL - Jive 5.0

    My database administrator has requested a data dictionary to go along with the SQL files from our Jive 5.0 community. I would very much appreciate if someone could provide me with the data dictionary or point me in th...
    Jeremiah Gardner
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  • Trigger e-mail notifications for edits on blog posts, discussions, events, photo albums or polls

    16 votes
    Currently, Jive triggers no e-mail notifications for edits made to blog posts, discussions, events, photo albums or polls -basically, only edits made to documents trigger e-mail notifications.   It would be very...
    last modified by alitokmen
  • Update on Producteev

    Hello Producteev Users,   I would like start of with thanking you with your patience with Producteev as I know it has been a stressful few months.   I am happy to announce that we have partnered with the fou...
    Shantanu Rangnekar
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  • "Me in 3" Report

    Can you run a report to track which users have completed their "Me in 3"?   Thanks,   Dan
    Dan Bruhn
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  • Pokeshot///SMZ Product Matrix

    Link to product page on pokeshot-smz.com Minimum supported Jive 7 version Minimum supported Jive 8 version On-Premise Hosted Cloud/X Installation Components Jive Community Plugin Downloads Doc Smart...
  • AngularJs within html widgets

    Hello to all that will read this. I am a advocate of angularjs in jive widgets. I want to share how i do it since i have seen many questions on it with html widgets in my own company.   Here is the code - GreenP...
    jason humphrey
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  • How to stop New Feature Updates inbox notifications after upgrading to a new version of Jive

    Summary After upgrading to a Jive 8 or later your end users will see a "New Feature Updates" notification in their inbox.   This inbox notification will list out the new major features of Jive that will impact e...
    last modified by david.bastedo
  • Cheatsheet: Metadata for specific custom missions

    Custom missions are a great way to drive behavior or attention specifically. The information found in the Jive Advanced Gamification Module: Admin Documentation is a good start, but you may find that getting the metad...
    last modified by MKTruett
  • Potential WorkType Abundances and Shortages on Your Team

      MACRO-ORIENTED THINKERS  Explorer  Abundance Explorers are energized by ideas.  They are the creative and love newness and adventure. An Explorer-heavy organization is optimistic;  They ca...
    last modified by Kathryn
  • Tiles -> AddOn -> OsApps relationship via REST API?

    Is this possible?  From the Tile determine what AddOn installed it?  From the AddOn, getting a list of OsApps/Tiles configured within it?   1) From Tile you can get the Add-On: Jive REST API v3.13 &rar...
    Butch Marshall
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  • Profile completion reminder

    30 votes
    Inspired by websites like Linkedin and other places, where a box on your  profile tells you how many percent complete you are, Jive could have  something similar. New users could get to 100% by filling in th...
    last modified by cbering
  • Substituting Phrases in the UI

    You can give other names to things people see in the user interface. For example, you can rename "Documents" and "Discussions" to "Articles" and "Conversations." You can make the substitutions in a simple way for the ...
    last modified by steve222
  • I would like to merge two spaces on one space.

    Both spaces have more than 1,000 documents, how will the merge of both spaces  modify any of the spaces? Can I have a backup of the information? Is it possible to reestablish  the modification? Also if you h...
  • Local Jive8 instance: cargo-start gives me blank 404 page

    Hello team,   I was setting up my local Jive 8 instance and encountered an error here. The project was successfully built after mvn -U jive:create-project and mvn clean install -Djive.setup=false But when I ...
    Alan Wu
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  • upgrade left site in maintenance mode, need it active now

    Upgrade completed, how do I get out of maintenance mode, I can't find it and we've been down for hours
    last modified by acauley
  • Require Time Zone Setting

    17 votes
    Set the time zone field in profiles to be a required field.  The field should not have a default.
    last modified by dougrichey1
  • Include link in email when announcing a link?

    When creating an announcement, we can specify that we're announcing a link.     That does a nice job of making the "title" of the announcement a link, so the reader can click on it directly and go to the ...
    last modified by jeff.perkinson
  • Creating Custom View Tiles

    With the Jive Cloud release (and version 8.0), you can build your own HTML view within a tile. This UI extension behaves like an app inside a tile — you can place it anywhere you can place a tile, but you can al...
    last modified by yuval.z
  • Moderator is allowed to mark a question with zero replies as Assumed Answered

    0 votes
    Hi All,   A moderator is able to mark a question with zero replies as "Assumed Answered". One moderator did it accidentally in one of the threads and there is no way to unmark it. The only workaround to unmark i...
    karunakar kandati
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