• Does your External Community include Public User Documentation or Knowledge Base Articles?

    If your external community is open to the public - does it include User Documentation and /or Knowledge Base Articles that is viewable to the public? If yes, can you describe the decision to make them public?   ...
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  • Please Stop Hosting JiveWorld in Las Vegas

    40 votes
    I understand it's cheap to host there and it has great links for America, Surely SF, NY, LDN all have the links or places big enough to host? Also, a lot of people find the whole Vegas experience  horrible, isn't...
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  • Jive 7 - RSS Feed appended with username and password

    Hello -   The directions for the RSS feeds indicate that if it is a private community that the user needs to append with username and password, but it doesn't indicate where to append to.  Can someone provi...
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  • Cloud V3 services

    Hi,   I am working on Jive cloud where V3 version I am getting is 3.15 https://sandbox.jiveon.com/api/version  while documentation present on Jive REST API v3.14  is based on 3.14. Can I have the docum...
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  • Plug in for color coded calendars like TeamUp provides

    7 votes
    Members of our community would love to have some great group calendar features, things that are more than just a one-time Event.  We've been looking at a product called TeamUp (Teamup Calendar | Shared Calendar f...
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  • Block someone from following you

    7 votes
    It appears there is no way to block a member from following another member of the our community.  Is there plans to allow this functionality to occur?
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  • Announcing the Availability of Jive’s Cloud-Based Interactive Intranet and Customer Community Solutions (2016.2)

    Today we officially unveiled to the world all of the great new features packaged in our 2016.2 cloud release! This new collection of features for Jive’s innovative cloud-based Interactive Intranet and Customer C...
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  • Personal Insights - 2016.2 Deep Dive

    At Jive World '16 we showcased the concept of Personal insights which would provide every Jive cloud user with a knowledge of their social graph and the impact of their contributions to the Jive community. With 2016.2...
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  • How do you handle your community's code of conduct?

    I am interested in drafting a code of conduct for my community but I'm almost overwhelmed with questions.   Where do you post your code of conduct? Do you have one? Did you write one from scratch or adopt it? Do...
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  • osapi.jive.core.get - different response structure depending on Tile or OpenSocial ( vs

    Odd quirk - is this by design?  The response when running in tiles seems to have changed...   On an app page, calling osapi.jive.core.get({"href":"/people/1","groupId":"@self","userId":"@viewer","v"...
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  • Can't publish images

    Hello,   When I publish content, images I have dragged and dropped into the content disappear. Is this a known issue?   I found a related discussion about this, but my image file does not have any special ch...
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  • Does your community offer incentives for Content Creation?

    I have seen statistics fromRyan Rutan and others about the percentage distribution of content creators. Does anyone offer incentives for content creation in their internal community? I understand from other JW and JC ...
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  • Known Issues in Jive-n and Jive-x Current Release (2016.2)

    This document will be updated through the release waves of Jive 2016.2, including the maintenance release after the final wave. The Preview Known Issues table focuses on customer-found issues in Preview, and the subse...
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  • Whiteboard Friday - Using reports to spark engagement!

    Open video

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  • Welcome to the External Community Managers group: Please introduce yourself!

    Hello and welcome! I'm Gia Lyons, Program Manager of the Jive Community, and I started this group in hopes of sharing tips and techniques with other managers of externally facing branded communities. Please introduce ...
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  • How to add content to Featured content area?

    I would like to add content to the Feature Content area on one of our spaces.  It tells me to use the action, “Feature this,” but the only action I see is “Feature on your profile.”  ...
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  • Squelching negative threads

    Hi there. We had a question that was posted in our closed, client community three weeks ago that had a very negative tone and pointed to some perceived flaws in one particular feature of our product. It was responded ...
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  • Guidelines for external collaborators on internal communities

    We're preparing to upgrade to Jive 7 and look forward to using the external groups functionality that allows users to invite external parties to participate in groups on an internal community. Has anyone who already h...
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  • PowerPoint- Track Changes

    We work on multiple versions of powerpoint with various business groups. Jive is a great tool to collobarate and create efficiencies. However I was unable to figure out if Jive can track changes made in powerpoint or ...
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  • Does the Views of Answered Questions include non-logged user views?

    In the Analytics documentation, the description for the Views of Answered Questions is only the following:   In the Views of Answered Questions chart, you can select different time periods to show how many view...
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