• Edit Group Overview page from RESTful API

    I am working on a group creation utility that can take a spreadsheet with some details and create secret groups in bulk.  Ideally, I would like to set the overview page of these groups to be a certain page templa...
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  • Create by email for system blogs?

    We use the "create by email" feature a lot for our communities, is there a similar feature to create by email for system blogs?
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  • Jive Daily Release Notes

    This document details the changes - new features, improvements, and critical bug fixes - that are made available with each release of Jive Daily. They will be similar to the release notes in the app stores, but will o...
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  • How can we help you differentiate Jive from competitors?

    Hi Bay Area User Group!  Thank you so much for an awesome meeting last week, I gathered a lot of great feedback which I'll share with the team. I also had a great time meeting with everyone, and I look forward to...
    Sarah Chaney
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  • Bulk user Invite not working using REST API

    Hi,         I have written a java program for Bulk user invitation to a social group with the help of Jive Case: How to force users to join a Social Group using Jive v3 Core API   ...
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  • How can I get a list of members by join date?

    Hi, I am looking to get a list of my community members by join date. The profile completion report gives me a list of members however in the member since column the date isn't mentioned. How can I get a list with thei...
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  • Unable to edit a published document without saving as draft due to slowness which impacts versioning control.

    When editing a published document, after several lines of editing the page becomes so slow that it is not possible to continue editing. This requires the user to save a draft - but this increments the version so that ...
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  • Checking for test follow

    Checking for test follow
  • Test follow tag once again

    Test follow tag once again Test follow tag once again Test follow tag once again Test follow tag once again Test follow tag once againTest follow tag once again
  • Test Follow tag

    Test Follow tag
  • Not receiving phone notifications

    Hi all, We recently started using Producteev as our main tool for project management. The notifications were working perfectly during 3 weeks then all users stop receiving them on our smartphones. We are using for ...
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  • Not receiving verification email

    I requested to verify my new account in Produceev before the address had been activated by our IT department so may have bounced. Email is designer [at] craftstash [dot ] co [dot] uk Please can you verify? Thanks
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  • Display images from Third party into Jive

    Hi,   We are thinking to update user's avatar image from some remote directory for ex. Google drive. is there any way we can get those images from the third party directory and display them in the Jive's instanc...
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  • Is it possible to restrict that, Space deletion can be done only by Administrators(Super admin)

    Dear All,   Can anyone suggest a way to restrict space deletion only to Administrators of the System? Space admins should not have this right.
    created by beenamathew
  • Give a warm welcome to Frank Field, JiveWorks volunteer community manager!

    In case you missed Libby's blog Become a Unicorn and Boost Your Jive Advocate Points, she asked volunteers to come forward to help with peer-to-peer community management in Internal Communities and External Communitie...
    Sarah Chaney
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  • Quest tasks not marking off

    Our quest tasks (like "Follow a place," "visit a link") are not being marked off after completion. How can I troubleshoot this?
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  • I store a lot of documents in a folder in a group. Can I get a listing of these documents? thanks

    I want to do a document inventory. Thanks
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  • Jive Daily User Stats

    Hello -  I have been going through the community analytics and engagement analytics for our Jive instance (internal users only)    Is there a way to see how many of our users are accessing the site th...
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  • Jive performance issue

    Darrell Cook       Jive is very slow to load for a number of CWT employees. As a quick test I loaded our homepage in Chrome and using the network panel saw it took 18 seconds to load 2.5 MB ...
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  • Error trying to log into API Explorer

    Re: How To: Use the Data Export Service API Explorer   Per the post above, I've gone into Add-ons and added in the Analytics Services, but I can't get into the API Explorer using the Client ID and Client Secret...
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