• Measuring customers helping other customers

    Hi-   We have a support community on SBS and one of the things we are really interesting in measuring is the percentage of customer questions that get answered by other customers rather than by our own employees...
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  • Ability for Poll Creator to see Voters by Vote and Take Action

    81 votes
    Had a user suggest this today, and I think it makes great sense.  Why do you put a poll out there?  To get feedback, and take action.  What if the purpose of the poll was to see who answered a specific ...
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  • Convert PDF Jive Documents to Regular HTML Jive Documents

    5 votes
    We have a large number of Jive PDF attachments where authors have added a PDF as the root of the Jive document.   As you know, PDF attachments cannot be updated. I would like to suggest that Jive developers look...
    Brian Flynn
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  • Creating Custom View Tiles

    With the Jive Cloud release (and version 8.0), you can build your own HTML view within a tile. This UI extension behaves like an app inside a tile — you can place it anywhere you can place a tile, but you can al...
    Rashed Talukder
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  • Tasks Due Dates Appear in Project Calendar On Next Day

    Whenever I create a task in a project calendar it appears on the day after the due date in the calendar. My Jive instance has ALWAYS done this. Anyone else experiencing this? How have you corrected this?
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  • The ability to support MP3 Files

    52 votes
    Our sales reps use MP3/MP4 Podcasts frequently. The ability to upload and play that file type would be extremely beneficial.   Thanks, Courtney
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  • remove banner icon

    Hello, I am wondering if there's a way to remove the "icon" which is a the left side on top of the banners within spaces.     It is slightly annoying when you don't have anything to put in its place. T...
    John Staehli
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  • Does clicking "mark all read" in the Inbox on 20 objects actually credit each with being read?

    Does clicking "mark all read" in the Inbox on 20 objects actually credit each with being read, on their impact reports or in Jive Analytics?
    Nik Edmiidz
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  • Recent Blog Post Tile - configure number of posts

    Does anyone know if you can configure the Recent Blog posts tile on to pull in a customized number of content? Currently, it pulls in 10, but we would like for it to only pull in 5.
    Jon Magnin
    created by Jon Magnin
  • How to get ParentMissing objects using REST API v3.14?

    Hi,   My task is to get the following: Community_Announcement_ParentMissing Community_Projects_ParentMissing Project_Files_ParentMissing SocialGroup_Announcements_ParentMissing SocialGroup_BlogPost_ParentMi...
    Armugam Indrani
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  • Module 5: Building Engagement & Value

    Course Objectives Course Video Module Checklist Course Objectives Build valuable engagement in your community. Learn: How to define the kind of engagement you need Understanding how and why individuals ...
    Claire Flanagan
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  • Can I modify the  Jive PS User Synchronization- Add-on?

    What are the terms of use for the "Jive Professional Services - User Synchronization"? I need to add a field, and I'd love to do it myself?
    Nik Edmiidz
    created by Nik Edmiidz
  • POSTing documents with notifications suppressed

    Hey Developer,   We have a need to batch-update content in live production space, without (ideally) removing access to the space during the update. I scoured Jive REST API v3.14 → Document entity  to t...
    Bryce Gilhooly
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  • After branching a discussion, add links on both parent and child threads

    1 vote
    Per my comment here, I think there needs to be some recognition of their former relationship.  I think This can add context as well.
    Nik Edmiidz
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  • Feature Request: Options For Discussion Branching

    20 votes
    When branching a reply into a new discussion, the system leaves a lot to be desired. I would like to see some flexibility in terms of being able to choose exactly what happens when you branch something, such as:  ...
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  • Hapyak iframe embed

    Has anyone worked with embedding video from hapyak in the HTML source of a blog post?  We are Jive hosted version 8.  Everytime I input the html code, publish and view.....all the html code gets stripped out...
    Stacy Plante
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  • How to enable webhooks in Jive Hosted Services?

    How to enable web-services without security?
    spoorthy danda
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  • Markdown Support

    85 votes
    For those of us familiar with Markdown, it would be a nice feature for Jive to add in an effort to help those users that enjoy writing in this format. We have several users requesting this functionality now. For more ...
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  • Where can I find the official requirements for the Office Plug-ins?

    We are facing issues when trying to install the Office Plugin (version 30.4.0) on Windows 10 on a Surface. (we are using Office 2013) Where is the official documentation or stated requirements for the installation? &...
    Katrin Thausing
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  • Jive plugins and Jive Add-On-s

    I am newbie  in Jive,what is the different  between jive plugin  and jive add-on.. What is preffered way to  extend jive, which is best sdk  when i am java developer.
    Lajos Truszek
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