• What is the order that tiles show up in Jive Daily?

    No one seems to be able to tell me how place tiles will show up on Jive Daily... we want to be able to provide best practices for site design (and update core sites on our own) in preparation for releasing the mobile ...
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  • Get full permission for my account?

    I would like to enable "Full Access" permissions on my account. Domain is "https://sandbox.jiveon.com" Can anyone guide as to how it is possible.. I do not seem to get the option in the permission section to allow "Fu...
    created by ahaneef
  • To find space and sub-space admins

    Hi All,   I am trying to get list of spaces, sub-spaces and their admins. I have come across community discussions but did not see anyone had much success. Just want to find out If anyone had achieved this usin...
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  • Community Manager Reports - garbled characters in downloaded csv

    I have downloaded reports in .csv, but some characters are garbled even after changing encoding. Which encoding is used for .csv?
    created by kkadokur
  • Updating Database schema of Jive hosted solution

    Hi,   I am new to Jive so I am bit confuse regarding the schema of Jive. Is there any way to update the schema to add custom fields in the database? Thanks
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  • Are you a customer? Request customer-only access today

    Sign up by adding your name to the comments below!   Looking to access information posted in the Customer Hub? Want to be able to access the new Ideas for Jive?   Please add your request to the comments b...
    Libby Taylor
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  • What is a report that you use to find out how many new discussions are created in your communities?

    Hello I'm looking to find out some reports I can use to gain a better understanding of how many new discussions are created in specific places in our community.   Please share your comments and feedback. ...
    created by aevaristo
  • Pulling Metrics for Jive Daily

    Jive-n cloud customers can now pull Jive Daily usage metrics using the Data Export Service. For a guide, see How To: Use the Data Export Service API Explorer | Jive Community   Here are examples of items that ca...
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  • Jive Terminology

    Term Definition More Powerful, Farther-Reaching Microblogging @mentioning can now be used all over the community, including in the Rich Text Editor. You can use it not only to direct traffic to people’s Communi...
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  • Introducing the JiveDev QuickStart App

    If you were there with us at JiveWorld17, you know that we announced the jivedev QuickStart App's availability in the Global Registry. That means that not only is it available in our sandbox AND JiveWorks community fo...
    Rashed Talukder
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  • Do you have access to an iPad for business or personal use? Tell us!

    In the course of my consulting practice - running workshops, attending meetings and delivering training - almost every single day, I come across employees of Jive customer organisations using tablets to accomplish the...
    Stuart McIntyre
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  • Contract Community Manager Available

    Hi, starting in July I will be available as a contract community manager. I have 3 years of experience in Jive, including back-end admin, design, content strategy, and user engagement strategy. I have many years exper...
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  • What are the limits on promoted search and content search synonyms?

    I know that there is a limit of two promoted results per search term.  Is there a general limitation on how many line items you can create?  Any other limitations?   How many synonym pairs are allowed?...
    created by Diana_Ingraham
  • Adding an HTML Tile to a Page

    Starting with the 2015.2 Jive Cloud release, you can create a tile using your own custom HTML — without even the need to create your own add-on. You add an HTML tile to a page the same way you add other tiles: b...
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  • Disconnect a deleted document

    When a user forgets to disconnect his local file from Jive before they delete the document in the community (after migration to another platform), on subsequent file opens they get the message that the document cannot...
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  • How do tags play with search?

    I had the pleasure of seeing Ted Hopton present a few days ago at JiveWorld17, and he said something almost in passing that my team and I have been wondering about ever since. Specifically, Ted said that a large numbe...
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  • Is it possible to have the lobby widget load on specific topic?

    Hi all   We're using the loddy widget (part of the catalyst plugin) at the moment which loads on the 'all topics' filter.   Is it possible for it to load on or use a script to change it to a different to...
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  • Is there a way to add a requirement to a question?

    In order to answer most questions in our community, we really need to know the version number of the product people are using. We've thought about making the versions categories, but that will (over time) get really l...
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  • 3 things on my wish-list for Jive Daily

    Jive Daily is an awesome app and I had high hopes that it would tip our skeptics .... BUT there are a couple of things high on my wish list. I wonder if others feel the same or if there are any developments in the pip...
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  • help with charitable event guidelines

    Hi all,   We have been getting requests to post slideshows and links to charitable events around our area. I have hit a bit of a mental block in coming up with guidelines for this, could anyone else help out wi...
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