• Restrict Uploads/Downloads on Discussions

    I've set up a moderation queue for one of our spaces around documents and uploads.  The intention being to limit any malicious executables or files being attached to these and downloaded by others.   I don'...
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  • Optimal Image Sizes

    There are lots of images within the Jive platform, and finding the optimal size to use can get confusing. Use this table to help. Add more or update what you see if you have better or more information. This is a crowd...
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  • What are the available options for Cloud customers to get a list of tags?

    I found this old question, Is there a way to view a list of all tags?   While Jeph answered the question, he didn't provide much detail on what would be included when running the REST query. And since Cloud cust...
    created by tmaurer
  • Rock your B2B Social Media Marketing

    Good day everyone, Along with communities, I believe tweetchats are fantastic ways to network with and learn from fellow professionals and #TwitterSmarter is one of my favorites.  Here is taste of today's disc...
    Toby Metcalf
    created by Toby Metcalf
  • Getting back deleted blogposts

    Hi Jive Community,   I saw that 5 years ago, deleting a blogpost wasn't recoverable - is there a way to do it today? Hopefully it does...   Thank you for your help!
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  • Developer Days Series 2 - East Coast Virtual

    Happy New Year everyone!! To start the new year right, we're kicking off our second series of our Developer Days to help teach the next chapter of Jive Integrations. In this series, we'll be covering how to create an ...
    Rashed Talukder
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  • JiveWorld17 is Powering Human Connection

    Jive helps people work better together—and JiveWorld powers the human connections that inspire, motivate, and help you drive your collaboration, communications, and engagement strategies forward.   This ye...
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  • Hack for Users to Add Tags to Content

    One of the ways to improve the findability of content in Jive is to add tags, especially if the author has not included specific keywords as tags that people are likely to use when searching for that content. But user...
    Ted Hopton
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  • New to External Groups

    We are still using Jive 7.x (upgrades take a very long time in higher education) and are trying out external contributors for various use cases (research, university partnerships, contractors, etc).   I'm curiou...
    created by alistair
  • Can a subspace have different permissions than the space?

    Hi, I have 8 subspaces set up under a main space (private) right now.  I understand that subspaces inherit a space's permissions.  Can the subspace's permission be customized and different from the space?&#...
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  • Introduce Yourself!

    Hey everyone!   Welcome to the virtual onboarding classroom for new JiveWorks community members in the first half of 2017. This classroom will be your place to get comfortable using Jive, navigating the JiveWork...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Looking for Feedback: What's on Your Wish List for JiveWorld17?

    Each year when we plan for JiveWorld, we take into account the feedback provided in the post conference surveys. Beyond that survey, I always like to start a discussion asking you what your wish list is for the next J...
    Libby Taylor
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  • DES results to find in jive-v3

    Hi, I use the data export service to retrieve all new/updated threads, messages, documents. I like to retrieve the content on using the jive-api. How to retrieve the content for e.g. a thread like   ...
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  • Patch Release: for Hosted/On-Premise now available

      Jive is now available for Hosted and On-Premise releases. This release provides critical bug fixes. We highly recommend upgrading to this version to provide the best user experience.   Jive Patch R...
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  • Is there a known issue with using the browser back button causing tiles to display improperly?

    We are setting up a support community to support the usage of our digital media products. We've noticed that sometimes when you navigate from one page to a previous page using the browser back button that tiles lose t...
    created by lynette.ledoux
  • Disabling the feature of sharing a document with someone who does not have access

    When we attempt to share a document with another user who does not have access to the document (because of the restricted permission), the "share" action will rather generate an email with the PDF copy of the document...
    last modified by mahiro
  • Jive 8.0.5 is now available for Jive-n and Jive-x

    We are pleased to announce the general availability of Jive-n 8.0.5 and Jive-x 8.0.5.   This release provides a number of fixes that improve stability and increase security. Of importance to many customers is the...
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  • API JSON Output - Randomised results

    Hi all,   I seem to get random results as the top result returned each time I run the following URL. Can someone help me produce consistent results from the URL please?   URL is as follows, https://help.w...
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  • Large tiles

    Is there a reason I can only have 4 large tiles in my layout, but yet can have 12 smaller tiles on the side? Seems as if I would be able to add as many as needed?
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  • Password Reset Email Not Received - We checked SPAM

    Password reset email for ender@jointcustodyprod.com has not been received. We requested it twice, checked two different mail clients, our web browser client (webmail) as well as SPAM in each instance. We cannot log in...
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