• Unknown Address When Creating Content by Email

    I have some users who are able to create content by email, and some users receive an undelivered email response   address unknown. (in reply to RCPT TO command)   I cannot figure out what the difference be...
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  • Question about Google Drive Intergration for Cloud

    I am a cloud customer and came across information about the Google Drive Integration add-on   Is this a separate add-on for purchase or is this something I can turn on from the admin console?   What steps ...
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  • email visibility for admins

    Hi -- we are trying to connect user accounts between jive and one of our other systems.  The best common ID we have between the two system is the user's email address.   I found an API query that would let ...
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  • Carousel Tile Title

    There is an issue in which the title of the tile will not change upon publishing they layout. It reverts to "CAROUSEL" I have deleted it and re-added and the same issue occurs. Other tiles work correctly but not the c...
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  • how do i get the full access admin rights?

    now my account has normal user permission, but i want to add the add-on and upload package, after i upload package, i also need to sign the package to get the signature,but my accout don't have the full access rights,...
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  • how do i get the full admin rights?

    now my account has normal user permission, but i want to add the add-on and upload package, after i upload package, i also need to sign the package to get the signature,but my account don't have the full access rights...
    created by owen_sun
  • Social Media metrics and other metrics

    Hi,   Few questions:     1) How do I track the metrics for all the Social channels?   2) If I am running a small community, how do i track the metric to see which topics have the most clicks. &#...
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  • Secret and Private groups settings are not working.

    Our secret and Private groups are visible to everyone on our Community. How do I change the permissions to make them restrict viewing for private and secret groups? Changing the settings is not working.   Candac...
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  • We have many people not receiving emails from Producteev

    The following people are not getting emails from Producteev and so are not able to log in (as they did not receive the password reset email). They are also not receiving any task notifications. Please can you resolve ...
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  • REST API - Cross Origin Error

    I wrote a script to create a user using the REST API.  I am easily able to run the API call through the Advanced Rest Chrome extension. I successfully have created users this way.   However when running thi...
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  • Tile title in different languages

    Does tile title supports multi-languages? I can only see default title being translated into different languages.   Is there a way I can "translate" custom tile titles in to other languages in other language pre...
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  • Changing admin rights

    The Admin of our Producteev network left the company and I would like the admin rights to be transferred to me.   Thanks, Ilaria
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  • Unable to access Producteev - emails not working

    Hello.   I am not able to reset password within Producteev - I did not receive any email from you ... Is there an option to check what's wrong? Probably it's similar issue like with others (plenty of topics a...
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  • How to delete a badge

    One of my users gave another user a badge by mistake (he meant to send it to someone else). Is there a way I can go in and delete the badge that he sent?
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  • What do you do with content created by someone who has left your company?

    We have a community that has invited in in external and internal users.  Much of the content created in our community is useful to an external user, even if the employee who created the content has left the compa...
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  • Jive's mobile capabilities now and future

    Hi all, I need a refresher on what Jive's mobile capabilities are. Does anyone have case studies about use of the Jive app? Is there a write-up somewhere talking about Jive's current and future mobile features?
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  • Create Person is failing with Error code 400

    Hi, I am using 30-days trial version of Jive-n. When I am trying to create person by using REST API it is giving me an error -> "message": "Missing email address, or missing primary key with Jive label of 'Emai...
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  • Co-Working Day at Next Door Chicago

    12/2/16 7:00 AM
    We have our Chicago user group meeting on Nov 18, and Thanksgiving is the following week, so instead of the last Friday of the month how about if we schedule the co-working day at Next Door on Friday, Dec. 2? I've res...
    Ted Hopton
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    Co-Working Day at Next Door Chicago

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  • November 18, 2016 Chicago User Group Meeting: 1 - 4pm at Commvault in Itasca, IL

    11/18/16 11:00 AM
    Host: Keeley Sorokti of Commvault   Full Agenda Coming Soon Keeley will demo a few things from the Commvault jive-n cloud community, including the use of Jive for the Sales NewHire 365 program (leveraging Jive...
    Ted Hopton
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    November 18, 2016 Chicago User Group Meeting: 1 - 4pm at Commvault in Itasca, IL

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  • How to Join the Jive Community and Get Customer-Only Access

    Considering becoming a member of Jive's customer and partner community? If so, you are in luck!   In this blog, I'll describe the process to become a community member and what you can do to join some of our priv...
    Libby Taylor
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