• User properties that inhibits deleting

    Hi Community,   does anybody know whether there is the possibility to define a user property to inhibit deleting a user account by the normal deleting function in the admin console? Background is: we want to us...
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  • Anyone launched Jive Daily at their company?

    Dear fellow CM's   Earlier this month, we launched Jive Daily to our internal community. We were wondering if anyone else has launched Jive Daily to their company?   We're restricted to newsletters and ban...
    Dina Vekaria
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  • Known & Fixed Issues in Jive-n and Jive-x Current Release (2016.3)

    This document will be updated throughout the release of Jive 2016.3, including the maintenance release. The Preview Known Issues table focuses on customer-found issues in Preview, and the subsequent Known Issues table...
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  • Receipt for JiveWorld Registration

    I registered for JiveWorld online, and I need a receipt for my expense reporting.  I don't see that anything was emailed to me, and I can't figure out how to log in on the JiveWorld site to find a record of the p...
    created by jyoung
  • ACTIVITY style in Tiles

    Hello,   I'm trying to add an Activity tile that should be created at the installation of my add-on. I added the tile field in the definition.json as sequent:   "tiles": [   {     "d...
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  • Deleting group while others are posting content will lock up the entire group and render it unusable

    Has anyone tried to verify the lock and unlock synchronization and integrity for this multi-threaded app to ensure the "Delete Group" operation can be done asynchronously?  (Copy Micah Markman).   Assuming ...
    created by huong_ho888
  • Trying to parse unique users rather than hits from space metrics

    Hi Jive,   I am an admin and have a created a space with two subspaces and docs content on our corporate Intranet site. I have a request to pull a list of unique users that have visited it since its inception in...
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  • Best practices for maintaining knowledge articles?

    To those of you managing customer support communities, does anyone have best practices they can share for exporting and updating knowledge articles?  We are undergoing an knowledge audit, which requires exporting...
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  • Fine grained group member

    Is it possible to organize the members of a group into sub-groups? Group_X: common to all X_IT X_HR X_MK X_RD   Kind regards, Huong
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  • Unable to access My Jive Group to ask support questions

    Hello,   I am unable to access My Jive Group (/support.jspa) to submit/read support tickets for our Jive instance.   Could someone contact me to work this out?
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  • I need to get the Jive Anywhere MSI for packaging as it requires admin rights in our environment to install.

    If I click on Download, it asks for credentials instead of giving me an executable that can be packaged.
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  • Widget and Tile Comparison Grid for Cloud (2016.3)

    While working with a customer recently on their upgrade planning to Jive 8, they asked if we had a document comparing the existing widgets and tiles side by side.  I ended up creating a grid for them.  Then ...
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  • Getting started with Jive for Project Managers

    Why use Jive for project management?Jive combines web-based documentation accessible from anywhere with powerful collaborative discussions. It provides a fantastic search tool that makes finding content and conversati...
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  • Get user by username using REST API V3 (Search by username?)

    In v2 of the APIs, you could search for users with the following:   https://sandbox.jiveon.com/api/core/v2/users?q=bob.feller   In v3, I tried   https://sandbox.jiveon.com/api/core/v3/people?q=bob.fe...
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  • Open Mentoring Opportunities

    Use this document to stay on top of all of the mentoring opportunities available to you via the Jive Mentors Program!   Mentor Sign-Up JWX Link to request Mentee Company Community Potential Topics Seeking ...
    Miguel Rodriguez
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  • Seeking: Mentor

    Hi Everyone,   I manage the Green Circle Community and I am faced with (I would assume typical) challenges: How do I engage users more? how can I turn the Green Circle into a better user experience? What ar...
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  • Is there a way to use a user group/permission group membership as a variable?

    I would like to surface content in a widget or tile based on which user group/permission group a user is in. Anyone have some code samples of this? Thank you!!!
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  • How do i change the font colour of a breadcrumb in a banner?

    I'm reposting here ( How do you change the colour of a breadcrumb in a banner ) to hopefully get some insight on this question. I can't seem to get Jive cloud to change the colour of my breadcrumb above the title of a...
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  • Has anyone been able to change a Jive Rewards strategy badge icon?

    I was very excited to receive some new Jive Rewards badge icons from our designer today and tried to upload them to Jive Rewards. The new badge uploads to the various strategies but then they revert back to the origin...
    Keeley Sorokti
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  • How to remove unwanted or unused tags

    Summary Versions Details Related Materials   Summary When looking at your list of used tags in Jive you may end up seeing older tags that are no longer associated to any content. You may wish to re...
    David Bastedo
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