• Should we combine the Internal and External Community groups?

    We originally created separate places for Internal and External Communities because we thought that the conversations would be really different. What we seeing is that about 75% of the conversations could be used for ...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Using webhooks for Jive integrations

    Hello Jivers, Recently I have been using webhooks heavily for some of our integrations. Its one awesome feature in the Jive platform which can have great use cases.   Basically the Jive webhook services notifi...
    Pawan Shah
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  • Jive Gamification Module: Admin Documentation

    Check out the Official setup guide here: How do I grant access to the Gamification Admin Console? How do I access the Gamification Admin Console? Overview of the Gamification Console Where are the acti...
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  • Widget-based UI features/enhancements without customisations

    My organisation, like many other Jive customers would like to provide our users with the ability to add custom user interface features/enhancements to their places (e.g. tabbed tables, accordions, table column filters...
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  • Adding javascript to footer

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can provide guidance in the best place to add javascript to the Jive footer. The script is intended to have a link pop up a window where users could file an internal JIRA ticket. We've tr...
    Kevin Swallow
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  • Can I Login with username instead of username@domain.com

    Can I Login with username instead of username@domain.com in my jive community
    spoorthy danda
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  • Creating a label with iOS app

    is this possible? I can see available labels (which were already created), but when I try to type a new one, nothing happens. Can you not create labels for tasks with the iOS apps? This happens on both iPhone 5S runni...
  • Assignment of Subtasks

    Open for Voting
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    Hi there,   It would be amazing if we can assign subtasks to different persons from produceev. In real life not all tasks can be done by one person. I know you added support for multiple people assignment for on...
    Ali Doruk Baykal
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  • How to autopopulate categories ? Automate project Creation ?

    Hi Jive Community, I would want to customize and simplifiy the way to create a project in Jive We are creating new projects fairly often and it always needs to have a similar structure. So it is kind of annoying to...
    David Moliere
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  • Recent Content Widget shows wrong Documents

    Hello,   we have insert a Recent Content Widget at our Homepage to show Content from a space. In the Editing Mode we have insert the showing space. See Attached Picture. But this Widget shows also Content from a...
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  • Why are there HTML special characters in the Activities object of API call?

    Hi JIVE support,   Our company is using Jive API calls to retrieve user's connection stream from JIVE to our Portal application. For example: https://adpworks.jiveon.com/api/core/v3/streams/63/activities Howev...
    Tony Tang
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  • As a developer, how does Jive play a role in your workflow?

    How does your team or engineering community use Jive? How do you integrate it into your workstream?
    Ashley Wolf
    created by Ashley Wolf
  • Check this out: Heart Over Headquarters - Elisa Steele on LinkedIn

    Have you checked this out on LinkedIn?   Heart over Headquarters | Elisa Steele | LinkedIn   Read Elisa Steele's latest LinkedIn blog post to find out how Jive is living the future of work by eliminating it'...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Questions on Documents

    Hi Mor Avital I've some questions on how documents are handled with SP. Can you help please?   1) Are all documents uploaded from Jive stored in SharePoint? Can this be configured globally or in specified places...
  • Mobile Plugin / Jive Present Version Compatibility Matrix

    This document describes the compatibility of the Jive Mobile (Mobile2 module) plugin for each Jive release.   Mobile Plugin Version Compatibility Matrix Compatibility with Jive 8.0.x Release Note:  There...
    Jason New
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  • Bulk transfer of documents into Jive

    We at Apptio are trying to use a CDN (MadCap Flare) to bulk sync our product documentation into Jive. Has anyone done this before? Would love to get some pointers on how you've been able to accomplish this in our orga...
    Vinita Ananth
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  • Advanced Measurement Part One: Measurement Frameworks to Prove Your Community Program's Business Value

    Description Even mature, successful community programs need to continually prove the business value of their existing investments; make the case to expand program resources; or extend their social business footprint t...
    Claire Flanagan
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  • Have an internal Cloud customers started using the Profile Labels?

    We're already talking about things we'll want/need to address with our Jive 8 upgrade, and Profile Labels was something we've been wanting for a long time. I was hoping someone had already started using them and so ha...
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  • Share service (/api/core/v3/shares) from server & OAuth?

    Hey Ryan Rutan   We're using the Share service endpoint successfully already for existing content.       However, our extStream posts are done from the server, so no existing content to share...
    Butch Marshall
    created by Butch Marshall
  • How to unsubscribe from Jive as a user

    Throughout our user testing, we noticed that there is no native functionality within the Jive platform for users to unsubscribe. There is a functionality to "leave" social groups and users can un-follow spaces as they...
    Kevin Barrett
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