• Jive 8 News feature

    Hello,   We will be upgrading to Jive 8 on-premise later this year and I am now trying out the new features in the new version. I created few profiles and set up few user profiles. Some users have the word "S...
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  • Error in cURL: We're sorry but a serious error has occurred in the system.

    Hi,   I'm trying to get all the places ID's from my JIVE Instance: curl -v -u username:password 'https://example.jiveon.com/api/core/v3/places'Because I have more than 25 places, pagination is applied. When I'm ...
    Diana Puscau
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  • Feature Request: Admin Ability to Edit User Preferences

    8 votes
    Sometimes site administrators need to check a users settings or help them make adjustments when they come to us for support. I think system administrators should be able to adjust notification and other preferences in...
    Peter Pugliese
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  • Default User Properties and fields

    11 votes
    It would be very handy to have the ability to configure default values for user fields and extended properties so that new users would automatically get these values on creation.  Many things are configured throu...
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  • Keyword Interceptors

    I am having a bit of memory issue. I can't find where to edit our keyword interceptors on JiveX. Can anyone help me out : ) Christy Schoon
    Scott K Wilder
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  • How to remove (reset) ACTION tracking for a specific page?

    We have a user who incorrectly marked a page for ACTION, triggering the ACTION/RESOLVED icons for that page. We want to remove the ACTION flags/icons from the top/bottom of the page, but the UI's related to "Mark for ...
    Jim Garling
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  • Can anyone help me with getting some questions answered about Producteev Pro?

    I have emailed, called, and have no response for over 2 days.  This concerns me that when paying for the Pro version, I will get little to no support.  Any comments would be appreciated.
    Tracy Carrasquillo
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  • Jive Records Retention Extension - SMTP

    Web 2.0 technologies like Jive make communication easier than ever before, but with that power comes the responsibility for meeting your FINRA compliance obligations.  Jive offers the Records Retention Extension ...
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  • is there a way of creating a daily list of who viewed a particular group overview page?

    Has anyone done this?
    Paddy O'Hagan
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  • I really want to be able to bookmark a place

    21 votes
    Only content can be bookmarked at this time.  It would be great to be able to bookmark my most common places
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  • Is there a document type that I can share with others and they can edit directly off Jive?

    I am looking for a solution...not sure if a "living" document is what will work.  I want to avoid uploading a document, then having it mandatory for someone to download the document in order for them to edit it, ...
    Alice Kim
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  • Recurring Events

    188 votes
    Events plugin should allow users to create recurring events.   Input from our users:   1. How do I create an  event in the (events) calendar that repeats -for example- weekly,  like I would in th...
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  • Jive Event Creator (user) can't add the event to Outlook calendar using the "Add to Calendar" integration

    Environment: Jive Cloud Jive for Outlook Jive Events Module   Problem: Jive Event Creator (user) can't add the event to Outlook calendar using the "Add to Calendar" integration   Symptoms: "Meeting can...
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  • Why does the Document Preview not show the contents page of a Word report?

    Dear All, Can anyone help me explain to a user why does the Document Preview not show the contents page of a Word report, when it shows all the other page just fine?  Thanks, Ian
    Ian Anderson
    created by Ian Anderson
  • Allow admins the ability to login 'On Behalf Of' other users

    86 votes
    There are many, many times that I get problems reported from users where it would be really helpful to be able to log in as them and poke around. Either to see if I can reproduce what they are seeing, or to see what s...
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  • Issues with 2015.2 Cloud Release

    Using this table to report on bugs or issues we've found in the cloud release. I will post the resolution in the table below.   Also see Commonly Reported Jive Cloud 2015.2 Customer Issues  (putting thi...
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  • How to locate Problem Id and its detailed description (ex:JIVE-6206)

    Am trying to find out the details about problem Id JIVE-6206, even if  I tried to search not getting, please advise.
    Veeresh Hampannavar
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  • getting started stats

    5 votes
    Really welcomed the functionality of Get Started in Jive 7. but terribly disappointed to learn that you can't run reports or stats -   Jive - is this capability available in later versions?
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  • Where do I find training material on Outlook & Office connectors?

    Where do I find training material on Outlook & Office connectors?
    Ian Anderson
    created by Ian Anderson
  • Privileges for user

    Hi All,   Anybody help me.  I want to give the all privileges except delete option like projects, contents, groups etc... . Is there any way for this   Then you Sunil G
    Sunil G
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