• Export Impact Metrics!

    34 votes
    Impact metrics are USELESS if more than 10 people have viewed your content because you cannot currently export the list of viewers.  This needs to be remedied ASAP for impact metrics to have any real value.  ...
    Kirsten Laaspere
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  • Jive mobile app should be able to access/read device certificates

    10 votes
    The Jive mobile app should include the ability to access/read device certificates for authentication to a single sign on provider.
    Anna McCann
    last modified by Anna McCann
  • Expiring Content

    97 votes
    Hi,   we are running an huge internal Jive platform since 2008 and it grows day by day. We have the goal to keep the platform up-to-date and relevant. One major problematic thing is old, deprecated and "duplicat...
    Nils Bolsen
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  • Can't @ mention a colleague

    I can't @ mention Katherine.Jones@macmillan.com although we are connected every time I @ mention her using her first or last name it can't find her. Can you look in to this? Thanks
    Rose Mitchell
    created by Rose Mitchell
  • 400 error, "There was an error fetching file http://url. HTTP error code: 403" when trying to attach a document to a Jive place using the REST API.

    The document is reachable by cURL and the browser, but it is throwing the above error when using the REST API v3.    JSON {     "type": "document",     "subject": "document...
    Mijail Posada
    last modified by Mijail Posada
  • When do I receive my invite to MyJive secret support group?

    Hello team,   I am experiencing a couple of technical problems with my Jive instance but I don't seem to have access to my private support group. (MyJive)   I tried looking for the invite in my inbox on th...
    Anastasia Terzoglou
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  • Error while trying to build the plugin

    Hi Ryan King   I'm trying to build an existing plugin in my local and ended up with the following error. Any idea on this ?   [ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project whoiswho: Could not resolve dependen...
    Kasiviswanath R
    last modified by Kasiviswanath R
  • Where are bookmarks in the mobile app

    Hi Anuj Verma, Hi Philippe Van Nuijs, I am using the mobile app and I can't seem to access my personal bookmarks. They don't pop up in the search as in the current web client. How can I access them?   Thanks
    last modified by allison.doherty
  • Allow people in a permissions group to add scripts into the HTML Tile

    7 votes
    Currently the HTML tile doesn't allow scripts for anyone but admins. We appreciate the security concerns behind this decision, but it's a bit limiting to make this an all or nothing choice, where an individual needs t...
    last modified by smoghe
  • Logging projects and tasks history in producteev

    6 votes
    Right now you either need to delete the task/project to have it be remove from the list - which permanently deletes that record.  As busy people, we like to be able to look back at what was accomplished but not h...
    Maurice Thibodeau
    last modified by Maurice Thibodeau
  • Mark projects as completed / rather than delete them

    Hi there,   At the moment the only way to remove a project from the active list is to delete it, which is frustrating as we can't then refer back to it later on. it would be extremely useful to have the option t...
    Ben Sutton-Jones
    last modified by Ben Sutton-Jones
  • Is it Possible to Assign a Template to a Place through the API?

    As the title says, We have a situation where we are going creating Groups via the API and wish to assign a specific Template to these groups.   Thanks in advance,   David
    David DeWald
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  • Allow changing Social Group URL

    26 votes
    Hi Jive,   We are looking for OOTB option by which we [admin/social group owner] should be able to change the URL of an existing social group.   I see people talking about How to Change your Group URL using ...
    Vijay Agrawal
    last modified by Vijay Agrawal
  • Problem calling soy container picker (publishBar.main) from freemaker template

    Hi,   I added this to my Freemarker template:   <#if (!edit)>    <@soy.render template="jive.publishbar.main" data=action.publishBarViewBean/>  </#if>    but I ...
    Rafał Kędziorski
    last modified by Rafał Kędziorski
  • REST API: Find people/space by URL. Is this possible?

    Hello,   I created a little tool to add following or membership to different groups/communities.   Now I want to enhance it to enable it to let people follow blogs of people/spaces or independent blogs. &#...
    last modified by pablopicasso
  • Jive SDK & Jive SDK add-on service

    Hi Everyone,   can anyone give me information about the jive sdk & jive sdk add-on service, we are planning to implement this in our env, your valuable informations will really appreciated   Regards P...
    Prabu ganesh
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  • Set user timezone automatically

    24 votes
    Every major browser provides the user's local timezone offset in minutes.  This value should be used to automatically set the user's timezone preference, because none of the timestamps in Jive are displayed with ...
    last modified by kshaw79
  • Remove an invitee from an event in the Event plug-in

    10 votes
    There is no option in the events plug-in to remove an invitee from an event. Specially if it's a private event. Would like to see this option in a future release of the event plug-in.
    Wolfgang Klein
    last modified by Wolfgang Klein
  • Improved image gallery/photo album functionality

    52 votes
    The Jive Albums app and Image Gallery tile are good but functionality could be improved, both in user experience and editing tools. The other content slider solution mentioned in Plugin Developer is not ideal for high...
    Kevin Swallow
    last modified by Kevin Swallow
  • Custom Content Type documentation or example for Jive 8.x

    Hi,   I'm looking for a short example or tutorial "how to create custom content type" for Jive 8.x.   The jivesoftware/jive-fu-plugin · GitHub is huge and for Jive 5. Since Jive 5 to 8 ware a lot of c...
    Rafał Kędziorski
    last modified by Rafał Kędziorski