• 5 ways to supercharge your employee culture

    Money makes the world go ‘round … right? Not when it comes to employee culture and recognition. Handing your employee a $100 gift card in appreciation of a job well done might not rock their world in the ...
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  • How to create a custom view tile using java jive SDK?

    Hello,   I have created a custom view tile using node.js (It seems very different from java approach) but I am following a java approach for creating Tiles.   So far I have tried my hands on table tile, li...
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  • Use Jive to Create a 'Virtual Museum'

    I was reading john.schneider's excellent post How Intranets Help Fight Corporate Amnesia and thought I should share my take on it.  I believe that in addition to the knowledge that needs to be retained to keep th...
    Dennis Pearce
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  • System requirement for Jive Hosted ver

    Hi    We are looking to install jive Hosted ver in local laptop for development. For this, we want to know the system requirements like 1) Tomcat version 2) Java version 3) PostgresSQl version &...
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  • Inline Document Preview

    We're migrating from a very old version of Jive (not upgrading -- starting fresh -- so this is not an upgrade issue) to the latest Jive-n cloud version so our apologies if this is something that has not been around fo...
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  • Custom layout navigational bar

    Hi,   I have a requirement in which we want to build a custom navigation bar containing links Please see the image below:   when the user click on Link 1 the respective drop down should open and display ...
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  • Duplicating Projects and Templates

    Hello All, Hope all is well. We are testing your software and have a question. Can you duplicate a project or create a new project template. Thanks for your assistance.   Regards Ryan
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  • Document rendering broken when entering text "NIST-800-61" (JiveOn, JIRA Integration)

    We are experiencing a document rendering error when using JiveOn.   When the literal text "NIST-800-61" is entered into a document, which is intended to reference the http://nvlpubs.nist.gov/nistpubs/SpecialPubl...
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  • 3rd Chicago Co-Working Day

    9/23/16 6:30 AM
    1st Chicago Co-Working Day was a success, so we are planning these for the last Friday of each month (except this month, since they were booked that day) at Next Door. Next Door is free and they have rooms that hold 7...
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    3rd Chicago Co-Working Day

    in Chicago CoWorking Days

  • an unknown error has occurred

    Hi, My groups member get this error "an unknown error has occurred" while uploading a file to the post. We tried it many times but always we get the same error. Best, !
    created by hopesun
  • Make authenticated Jive Call from jive-sdk

    Ryan Rutan Aron Racho - I'm hoping you guys can help with this wall I'm bumping into.   I'm using the latest node jive-sdk to create a very simple custom view tile. I want to display some content in that tile p...
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  • Notification icon in inbox dissappears

    Hello, I have a question regarding the notification icon in the Jive inbox. I have multiple things listed within this icon when I click on it.  I have been added as a collaborator on a number of documents that ...
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  • Order by relevance of endorsements

    Hello,   is it possible to order by number of endorsements ?   Let's say I have 3 users which each have the skill "Java" in their profile.   User A has 2 endorsements on that skill. User B has 4 end...
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  • How can I hide a document ?

      Hello,   Our users are trying to hide a document from other users as it is not ready to be published yet:     They have tried to save it as a draft, hide it or make it available for few people...
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  • Still affected from 07-2016 Jive bug

    We were affected by a bug within Jive that created a variable user experience from different browsers, which we fixed via Jive workaround.  However our home page is still acting funny, prompting for login, even a...
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  • Image not displayed on pdf document only as a icon

    Hi Jive Support team   I just wanted to ask if anyone came across this issue.   A user as uploaded a PDF document which as Image on the page   But the images are only appearing as little icon not s...
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  • Correct Version of the Document is not rendering for all users

    Hi, I was wondering if someone can help me figure out why the version I see on my computer is different than someone else.  I am the space admin and have updated a few documents today and published the changes. ...
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  • How do I get ALL Active Directory fields to sync with Jive?

    Hi All,   I'm able to have FNAME, LNAME, and other fields to syn with Jive.  For some reason, I'm running into a problem when I try to sync the Photo field.  Is there a solution for this?  I've t...
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  • Is it possible to transfer/share status level points between accounts?

    Suppose a consultant has community accounts registered to different email addresses for multiple clients. Can she share or transfer her earned status level points so that her experience level is consistent no matter w...
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  • Banner Tile - Image Dimensions

    A couple of users in our Jive community have asked about the image size for the banner tile. I've had a look around the JC and i couldn't find the information. I played around with different sized images and the follo...
    Dina Vekaria
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