• Bug: project list truncated in iOS app

    It seems tha in the iOS app you can only see a list of the first ~50 projects sorted alphabetically. You will be able to find an existing project by using the search field (If you remember part of the name of it) eve...
    created by seb_f
  • Truncated project dropdown list

    Bug Platform (list all that apply) Web   Bug Details When working with a lot of projects, a problem occurs where the project dropdown list in right column is truncated.  For example, I am a member of a n...
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  • New Feature : Projects I’m involved in

    To further streamline your task management, Producteev provides a way to filter which projects are visible to you within your network. Projects are an ideal way of organizing tasks across your team and now you can c...
    last modified by ilanos
  • Download a file via jive (not from a direct url)?

    Hey guys,   I had a requirement where I have a file which I need to download. But the issue in my case is as follows:     I have files present on our node servers. We will soon block ports at our int...
    last modified by bharatpec
  • Building List Tile using Jive SDK on Windows Machine for local Jive Environment

    Even though there are blog-posts and documents present to do this activity. Just sharing if it can help someone when they get stuck at small-2 things as I was. Writing my first document and directly on to the fresh an...
    last modified by yashita.goyal
  • Idea option in Community

    Hi,   Can anybody know how to enable the idea option in community similar to the one which we are having in Jive community when we click on create.  
    last modified by niharika1108
  • Ability to create a new theme (header and footer) for external and internal users

    26 votes
    We have been using Jive's cloud externally accessible groups for a year now and this has been a great feature allowing our employees to collaborate with people outside our company.  The problem we have is that ou...
    last modified by kim.nelson
  • Allow javascript in the RTE

    21 votes
    I would love to see a feature or improvement that allows javascript in the RTE. Allowing Javascript inside the HTML widget as a standard fefature would allow for a much more robust and user friendly HTML widget.
    last modified by kateemonahan
  • Multiple calendar roll-up into one calendar or display event in multiple places

    44 votes
    We would like the ability to roll up multiple calendars (not just subspace calendars) into one calendar (could be space or group calendars). One specific use case:   Internal community homepage - we want to roll...
    last modified by kim.nelson
  • Can We Suppress Anything in the Activity Feed?

    Hi All,   I am 99.9% that we can't suppress anything in the Activity feed. But, I've received this feedback a number of times: "Would be wonderful if I could suppress/hide/ignore document updates and profile upd...
    last modified by pmcenaney
  • Specify the time for the task

    9 votes
    * Community type: internal   * Pertains to what feature? Due TIME for the task   * Software version you are on: cloud   * Idea details: When you create a task(also after you created a task) you can set ...
    last modified by ikeda
  • Customization of the Support Center Question Icon Color/Consistency Issues

    2 votes
    The question icon on the Support Center page has 2 issues I'd like to see addressed. 1. When rendering this section tile, it is the only one that looks like a button. The other tiles provide only link text. I would s...
    last modified by MickT
  • Known Issues in Jive-n and Jive-x 2016.2

    This document will be updated through the release waves of Jive 2016.2, including the maintenance release after the final wave. The Preview Known Issues table focuses on customer-found issues in Preview, and the subse...
    last modified by leona.campbell
  • space permissions with permission group access - is there a way to pull this information through api?

    Is there a way to pull the permissions groups on spaces through API? See image below for an example. I have not found a way to pull this information through DES, so I am wondering if it exists in API. Thanks!
    last modified by sstandring
  • Tiles: Blogs and "Customer Spotlights"

    Hello,   I am currently building a Community Site for my organization, and have a few questions about the functionalities of Tiles.  It is possible that what I'm seeking could be custom, but if there is som...
    last modified by rreiss
  • Capture Video Plays in Analytics

    22 votes
    We really need to know who played it, for how long until they dropped off and if they watched it multiple times. (As it is now, we can only see who viewed the wrapper around a video, which is not all that helpful.)
    last modified by jennifer.bouani
  • Recent Activity widget filterable

    9 votes
    Would be nice to have the ability in the recent activity widget to filter the activities listed based on the preference of the user. Also would be nice to have the ability to filter the documents listed in the widget ...
    last modified by rameses_in
  • Add Filters to the Recent Activity widget/tile.

    4 votes
    Hey Jive,   We have been using Jive-x for a short time and we love it, but one thing that would be a fantastic enhancement is to add filters to the Recent Activity widget or create a tile that has the same funct...
  • Jive-x Cloud - Extracting Community Analytics not in Out-of-Box Reports

    Hi Everyone!    Doing some "Scooby-Doo" investigation here...  We are on the Jive-x cloud platform and are looking to extract analytics data (not in the “out-of-box” platform community rep...
    last modified by rotoka@mimecast.com
  • FAQ - Cloud Private Preview

    Program Overview General Security and Users Program Overview Cloud Private Preview is a program offered to Jive-n and Jive-x Cloud customers, to enable them to test features and get more familiar with prod...
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