• Trouble assigning a user

    Hello,   I and another administrator of the Producteev account are having trouble assigning a one user to any task in our network. This issue has just come up, as we have been able to assign him to things prior ...
    Archele Moore
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  • Vertical Banner Tile for Narrow Column

    2 votes
    The banner tile is fantastic, and saves me lots of time I used to spend creating HTML icons. I'd love to see a vertical banner tile in the narrow column as well! 
    Dori Gray
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  • Creating a Link to an External Site

    Hello All,   I received a request from a content owner of our internal community who would like community members searching for specifc terms to somehow be directed to a link to an external page. We have Jive 7....
    Patty McEnaney
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  • osapi.jive.corev3.search.requestPicker . Can we get the filename of the file selected in view.js of my tile(which has thre requestPicker)

    Hi,   I have created a new tile with a requestPicker in the configuration.js.     jive.tile.onOpen(function(config, options) {    osapi.jive.corev3.search.requestPicker({    &...
    Shibha Malik
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  • Asset Library Use Case

    I have the following use case and I'd like some specific guidance and recommendations on how I can use the features in Jive.   USE CASE- for the communications team to be able to share assets (images, PDF infogr...
    Mia Crampton
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  • Jive Release Schedule

    **Please note that any future dates in this table are subject to change. **   Want to gain insight into Jive, connect with other Jive Customers, and discuss the latest and greatest? You should join the Jive Cust...
    Kirsten Wickland
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  • Spotlight Search Tile

    2 votes
    We would love to see the spotlight search available as a tile.  Our users, like so many, are  going to be varied. Some will engage in Jive every day, and others will log in sparingly. For example the differe...
    Jessica Rafter
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  • Creating an idea should automatically count my vote

    119 votes
    This idea relates to:   -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   * Community type: (For example: internal/employee, ex...
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  • UX Design Best Practices by Use Case

    Hello Jivers!   I'm in process of overhauling my company's internal instance where there are more than 8000 unique groups being managed in a decentralized manner.  Our team is required to implement communit...
    Eason Pritchard
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  • Community health report

    Hi,   We have quite young community and just learning to use the reports. I have a question about the picture below. If you example look at the 30 days - registered active users column. How come raise can be o...
    Teemu Luukkonen
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  • Accessibility requirements

    Hi all, it was great to meet you last week. I've put together a project (can't create a group) to pursue the accessibility requirements we all have for Jive software. To kick us off could you note your details and re...
    Lynn Hallam
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  • Why is there not a clean printing option? The export to excel option is pointless and not usable.

    There should be an option to print lists, am i not seeing it or has producteev neglected to fix this issue?
    kara kane
    created by kara kane
  • Image Thumbnails Not Displaying

    Hi Folks,   Please take a look at this community thread: https://exchangecommunity.schneider-electric.com/message/8986#8986   Can you offer any guidance on why thumbnails are no longer being displayed? &...
    Nava Marshall-Fausone
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  • SOY files not works on different versions of Jive

    I'm trying to change default Jive user avatar in theme, i'm changing a path of this picture in soy file, on my local Jive it's works correctly, but not every where(in one place avatar changes in another place not) whe...
    Vlad Arefiev
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  • Tags managment

    18 votes
    I think it would be very useful to have a panel in the Admin console that allows management of content tags.   Many spammers are clever, and will add tags to their posts. We moderate out the posts themselves, bu...
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  • Management of Tags as Admin

    16 votes
    Admin should have the right to delete tags which were misspelled, for exmaple.
    Ryan Zammit
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  • Keep getting logged out of gmail when using jive anywhere in Chrome on Mac

    As of last Thursday my coworkers and I have been getting logged out of gmail and prompted for credentials each time we click on an email from jive that is attempting to utilize the gmail cartridge. The only way to fix...
    Chris Heinl
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  • Unwanted email - disabling the email digest

    Good day everyone, I have been contacted to cancel the weekly email digest and know how to do that from the Admin Console. The problem I have is: The email address is not recognized The last name is not recognized...
    Toby Metcalf
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  • Admin Account Login

    My admin access to the TAP Community site was somehow set up with the email of shari.benko+jive@intel.com however that email doesn't exist.  I don't know the password to login to that account.  I also have a...
    Shari Benko
    created by Shari Benko
  • Syncing Outlook Calendar with Jive Events

    This topic was created a few years ago and people have been asking for status updates on it.  I would like for my group to go all in with Jive but it would be very helpful to sync that calendar with our one in Ou...
    Chris Boyle
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