• How do I upload files to a task on Producteev? Every upload attempt errors out.

    Every time I attempt to upload a file to a task in Producteev I receive an error. Does not matter how big or small, or type of file. I have tried to upload just about every conceivable type of file, just to determine ...
    Craig Rogers
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  • Feature Request: Add Attachment to simple Reply to Discussion mode

    13 votes
    If you click reply to a discussion from an activity stream you are unable to add an attachment. Instead you only appear to be able to add an attachment if you ignore the reply function and click the title which takes ...
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  • Big changes for Jive Customers in the Jive Community!

    We're thrilled to announce that this week we are relaunching the current Jive Customers group—and introducing an all-new central communications hub in its place. You told us in this year's customer satisfaction ...
    Alex Larralde
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  • Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) support in Jive REST API

    22 votes
    Jive provides a REST API - but with the default configuration it doesn't support browser cross-domain AJAX requests.   Jive system administrators have to either add additional CORS headers to the Apache web serv...
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  • Sneak Peek: 2015.3 Jive-x

    While most of us were enjoying a well deserved summer break, our engineering team has been hard at work to deliver the next cloud release. We're excited to introduce the third major cloud release of 2015. This post is...
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  • Automated Message on Join Anniversary

    4 votes
    It would be nice to provide users some sort of automated message on the anniversary of their join date.
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  • Does Jive for Outlook connect to LinkedIn any more?

    I remember that there used to be a connection between Jive for Outlook and LinkedIn, but I no longer see the icon that would indicate that connection. LinkedIn also doesn't show up in accounts that can be added to Jiv...
    last modified by tmaurer
  • To do's (tasks, actions, custom list)

    4 votes
    there are many requests related to the shortcoming of tasks Project Tasks should be able to be assigned to a Category Task feature in groups Ability to create a recurring task Link tasks with documents   Thi...
    Marc Alhadeff
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  • Can I use the Nitro console to see which users have completed certain missions?

    Looking to get a list of users who have completed a given mission.
    Christian Russell
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  • Confessions of a mature community

    Thank you to those of you who made our session. I wanted to share some of the links to content Dina and I have created over the years that might be of use. I mentioned in the session that i'm happy to share so here ar...
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  • In starting a new customer community, how many submissions / contributions should we expect per member per month?

    -- Our company makes high-performance data storage arrays that combine flash memory and disk drives. -- Our storage arrays sit in a data center, so they're purchased by IT managers, IT operations generalists, storag...
    last modified by mkieran
  • Why Is the Jive 8 Parent POM using Tomcat 7

    Anyone know why it would be using Tomcat 7?  The RPM installation is using Tomcat 8 so it would be a good idea if during development Tomcat 8 was used as well.  I have some issues with JSP files compiling an...
    last modified by whoiskevin
  • What would you like to see in the Internal Communities group?

    We don't want to keep the changes to the Internal Communities group purely cosmetic.  (Unless no other change is necessary because everything is perfect!)  The current mission statement is:   The Inter...
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  • Are you a new customer? Request access to the Jive Customer space now!

    Sign up by adding your name to the comments below!   Looking to join the conversation in the new Jive Customer space? We can help you here!   If you would like access to the Jive Customers space, please ad...
    Pele Ahloo
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  • Popular tags tile

    7 votes
    Please create a popular tags tile. We use the popular tags widget a lot and want to be able to do the same if we have to eventually move across to tiles.
    Lauren Poole
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  • Updating Tasks Via CSV Import

    This isn't working as I expect it to.   I exported a CSV of the tasks in a particular project, added some rows to the CSV with additional tasks, and updated one of the existing tasks (added a few words to the No...
    Tara Aukerman
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  • PCI Compatible

    Hi,   Is Jive PCI compatible? We will be migrating a lot of documentation from our Finance & Administration department to the Jive platform and they would like to first ensure that Jive is PCI compatible. Al...
  • End Those HTML Code Blues With a Free 30-Day Trial of MOSAIC

    We know editing HTML code isn’t easy. Painfully searching for that one line of broken code is frustrating -- and we know, because we've been there!   We're always searching for ways to enhance our clients' ...
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  • How to set column width in table

    Is there a way to set the column (td) width in Jive tables?  I'd like to set each to 20% so they remain responsive.  ( have 5 columns).   thanks.
    Lynne Keener
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  • Image Storage Location?

    Where are images stored that are uploaded when a users posts a status update in a Group?  I don't see them in the Content section of the Group.
    Joseph Lorino
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