• Streaming MP3 Files in Your Jive Content

    Kim Nelson was kind enough to steer me towards an idea to The ability to support MP3 Files, and I wanted to provide a brief writeup on how you could accomplish this with some elbow grease but without any deep programm...
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  • What happens when I close a group?

    Will I be able to keep all of the content so people access? We want to stop activity in the group, but not lose the content.
    Michelle Lockett
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  • Image Rotator - Expanded

    Some folks have been asking for 'expansions' on the Image Rotator - Start Here document that I had started. With that, I decided to open up customizations that folks have asked for.
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  • Tagging & Categories Best Practices

    From a document created by Corey Mathews last year:   I couldn't any existing best practices, so this is my first stab at compiling what I could find and writing some up. Let me know if this is useful! If you ha...
    Libby Taylor
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  • James Walker are looking for a Knowledge Manager - closing date 26th August

    The role of Knowledge Manager is to lead and champion the organisational wide knowledge management strategy ensuring James Walker is able to capture, develop, share and measure the effective and efficient use of relev...
    Ian Anderson
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  • Marketo integration - FAQ

    With the Winter 2015 cloud release, we introduced the ability to integrate Jive communities with Marketo. With this integration, community activity of both guests and registered users is streamed into Marketo to build...
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  • I need to upload several thousand MS Office documents. I have some files uploaded but I need to apply the original author and dates to the files. Can the files be uploaded with original meta data and/or can uploaded files be post processed with the proper

    I need to upload several thousand MS Office documents. I have some files uploaded but I need to apply the original author and dates to the files. Can the files be uploaded with original meta data in one operation, and...
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  • Uploading photos

    I am having trouble uploading photos- Jive platform keeps telling me the images are too large, though the image properties are much, much smaller than error size limit states (e.g. limit is 4.8828125 MB and my photo i...
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  • Is there a counter action to Bookmark?

    Curtis Gross, Nathan Howard,   We have created a recurring mission for bookmarking a piece of content.     FavoriteEvent-ADDED-   However, there is nothing stopping a user from removing the book...
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  • Can I move status updates between spaces?

    Can't see how to do this, unlike with other content types.
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  • Are you a new customer? Request to be added to the Jive Customer list!

    Sign up by adding your name to the comments below!   Looking to join the conversation in the new Jive Customer space? Want to be able to access the new Ideas for Jive? We can help you here!   Please add yo...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Is it Possible to Assign a Template to a Place through the API?

    As the title says, We have a situation where we are going creating Groups via the API and wish to assign a specific Template to these groups.   Thanks in advance,   David
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  • html5 file upload and viewing it 360

    Dear All, Is it possible for me to upload onto our Cloud  instance the files required to view images of our failed seals that can be magnified and rotated?  The current file contains htm5l loaders and viewe...
    Ian Anderson
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  • Advice for dealing with cheaters (Bunchball)

    Hello! We have used Bunchball in our community for four years. In May, we relaunched gamification to move the focus from on-boarding to being a good corporate citizen; all missions must meet at least one of these core...
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  • 5 ways to supercharge your employee culture

    Money makes the world go ‘round … right? Not when it comes to employee culture and recognition. Handing your employee a $100 gift card in appreciation of a job well done might not rock their world in the ...
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  • How to create a custom view tile using java jive SDK?

    Hello,   I have created a custom view tile using node.js (It seems very different from java approach) but I am following a java approach for creating Tiles.   So far I have tried my hands on table tile, li...
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  • Use Jive to Create a 'Virtual Museum'

    I was reading john.schneider's excellent post How Intranets Help Fight Corporate Amnesia and thought I should share my take on it.  I believe that in addition to the knowledge that needs to be retained to keep th...
    Dennis Pearce
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  • System requirement for Jive Hosted ver

    Hi    We are looking to install jive Hosted ver in local laptop for development. For this, we want to know the system requirements like 1) Tomcat version 2) Java version 3) PostgresSQl version &...
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  • Inline Document Preview

    We're migrating from a very old version of Jive (not upgrading -- starting fresh -- so this is not an upgrade issue) to the latest Jive-n cloud version so our apologies if this is something that has not been around fo...
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  • Custom layout navigational bar

    Hi,   I have a requirement in which we want to build a custom navigation bar containing links Please see the image below:   when the user click on Link 1 the respective drop down should open and display ...
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