• REST API find by username failed

    Using the REST API to find by username there are several usernames that return "Invalid" even though the username can be found using the GUI.   in our instance I can find "tonys" and "TonyS" as usernames already...
    created by ch0c0halic
  • What are you measuring in your EoY reports?

    It is that time of year when we are asked to provide a number of reports -  executive summaries, community health analytics and various user adoption scorecards.  What are some of the things you are measurin...
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  • Comments have disappeared after moving projects to a new Network

    Good Morning,   I have set up a new network and moved existing projects to the new network and the old comments have disappeared. I set up a new user and they can see the comments but myself and the old existing...
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  • How Are We Doing? Introducing the New Support Case Survey

    We are excited to announce that we have redesigned the survey that is sent out to customers after a support case has been closed. We have streamlined the survey process to not only save you time, but to also better al...
    David Bastedo
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  • Can you host a Bay Area User Group meeting? Let us know!

    We are looking for locations to host our bimonthly Bay Area User Groups meetings. Please let us know if you can host 25 - 50 people at your office. If so, we will reach out to you when we are planning our next meeting...
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  • Metrics reporting scorecard by Hitachi - was this you?

    There was a mention in a session about a great looking reporting scorecard from Hitachi. If that is you, would you be open to sharing/discussing. 
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  • In Times of Turmoil, Wear Community like Armor

    Life can get overwhelming sometimes. Perhaps, for example, your vendor gets acquired right before your manager announces she's leaving days after your intern is leaving and around the same time you are apartment hunti...
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  • New Tile Alert: The Blog Tile is Here!

    We are very excited to announce the newest addition to our Tiles by Social Edge store: the Blog Tile!   If you were a fan of the old Blog Widget, and looking for a way to feature blogs on your community landin...
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  • Manually Give Users Badges

    Can I manually give users a badge in the current version of Jive Rewards?
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  • What % of main site users visit your community?

    Hey there, I'm interested in learning from you the % of customers/registered users from your main site that visit your community? This information will help me prepare for a meeting with my leadership team. Any info ...
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  • Quest triggers

    Can you create a quest that triggers after a certain number of 1 event happens? For example, you have to have 5 answers marked correct to trigger the event.
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  • Vote for Your Favorite JiveWorld17 Photo!

    JiveWorld17 was such an amazing time full of connecting, sharing, collaborating and learning what makes all of our work– more human. A very special thanks to all of our JiveWorld17 shutterbugs for capturing the ...
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  • Bay Area User Group Meeting - June 21, 2017

    6/21/17 3:00 PM
    On behalf of the Bay Area User Group, we would to like to invite you to our meeting on Wednesday, June 21, 2017! Register now Don't miss this opportunity to meet fellow Jive users and members of the Jive team who shar...
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    Bay Area User Group Meeting - June 21, 2017

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  • Are you a customer? Request customer-only access today

    Sign up by adding your name to the comments below!   Looking to access information posted in the Customer Hub? Want to be able to access the new Ideas for Jive?   Please add your request to the comments b...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Bay Area User Group - 2017 Meeting Schedule

    Date Time Hosting Company and Location Recording Contact Agenda Wednesday, June 21, 2017 3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. - Meeting 6:00 p.m. - Happy hour @ Pick 6 Sports Lounge Plex Systems 4305 Hacienda Drive Pleasanton,...
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  • Is it possible to merge profiles?

    Hi all,   I have 2 profiles in community now. I wanted to transfer all the contents in my old profile to new profile.Can anyone please guide me how to do that?     Thanks in advance
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  • Marketo integration with Jive-X

    Hi Community Members! I am in the process of launching my external community and have included the Marketo integration into the scope. We are now about to drop the Munchkin code in- but would love to understand bette...
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  • 405 Method Not Allowed

    hi   see documentation use cURL as described there is answer "405 Method Not Allowed"   token changed to XXXXXXXXX   ======       curl -v -X POST --data '{"task":{"title":"Submit","p...
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  • Where can I find the free training courses?

    How do I sign up to take the free learning courses?
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  • Was there a change in the automatic updates for the inbox? Requires a page refresh now

    We have noticed a change (with the chrome browser) with the updates to the Inbox and/or inbox notification icon are not happening automatically. Before you would be able to leave your inbox open on a page and see new ...
    Stephanie Standring
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