• Huddle to Jive Group Migration

    I am trying to decommission a Huddle group and move all of the data and files over to a new Jive group. There are hundreds of files (probably thousands in future groups), meaning it would be very messy and long to mo...
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  • How do you prefer to have customers notify you about documentation errors?

    I've come across several documentation issues. Things like broken links, typographic errors, graphics that do not display well, pages needing clarification or updates corresponding to the software version the page is ...
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  • Keeping anchor links relative

    I have anchor links in my document and I've created a navigation at the top to reference them.  <a href="#anchorlink">Navigation</a>   Once the document is published it changes this to referen...
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  • Widget and Tile Comparison Grid for Jive 9

    As you move more of your places from widgetized overview pages to Tile-ized place pages this reference doc may be useful to you.   In v9 (compared to v8) seven new tiles were added: HTML, Hero, Banner, Category...
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  • admin banner "Warning: Main will be disabled on 05/15/2017 (81 days from today). To prevent this, please contact your system administrator. " Version 4.0

    Recently all my users are seeing this admin panel. Warning: Main will be disabled on 05/15/2017 (81 days from today). To prevent this, please contact your system administrator.   All documentation I have r...
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  • How to move a group into a space?

    Hi, I want to move a user group into a particular space location.   I am not converting that group into a space.  I just want to feature that group when people visit that particular space.  Please...
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  • Tracking Traffic from Jive System-Generated Emails with Google Analytics

    Hi analytics folks - I'm Corey Mathews, a senior consultant on the strategy team here at Jive. I recently had a client ask me how they could see how many people were clicking through from their email digests, so I tho...
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  • Rules for one-off places

    I'm sure this is common for most Community Managers so I would like to hear how others have handled this.  Once different pockets of an organization see the value of community they often want a special one-off pl...
    created by mnevill
  • How do you manage Top & Trending?

    Hello Community Managers,   having asked this question in support (and having received an answer also): Tailor (configure) Top and Trending? - I'd like to tap into your experience, if I may.   How do you m...
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  • Announcements in spaces

    Hi All,   If you make an announcement in a space and select send email notification - do only the people following that spaces receive the email ?  
    Margaret Kilroy
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  • Are you a customer? Request customer-only access today

    Sign up by adding your name to the comments below!   Looking to access information posted in the Customer Hub? Want to be able to access the new Ideas for Jive?   Please add your request to the comments b...
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  • Video embedding or uploading fails

    I've tried both methods for getting our ATM and Remote Employee Discussion videos on Jive, but nothing is working. I get a different error message with each method tried. Our contract supports video.   Embedding:...
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  • Deep Dive: Mixed Mode Authentication

    At Jive, we are constantly looking for ways to improve experiences and manageability for Jive users and administrators. Mixed mode authentication enables Jive-x community administrators to provide a dual user authenti...
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  • Is there a Jive rewards store on the roadmap?

    We have migrated from Bunchball to Jive rewards and had to give up our store performance. Is there a Rewards Store on the product roadmap?   Anyone have experience with developing a Jive Rewards Store Plugin?...
  • How to remove/delete SAML external identity when a profile is deactivated?

    In the api call, i cannot see SAML external identity field at all. SO how should i procceed with deleting SAML identity once the profile is deactivated?
    created by zigneshbiswal
  • Please help me find CMR documentation

    I've been asked some questions about the CMR reports that go deeper than what is contained in the hover text in the reports themselves. I want to check that my understanding of the reports isn't out-of-date, since the...
    created by tmaurer
  • Do you know if Spark has already been integrated in some ways into Jive ?

    kavita.seebran   Hello, I'm looking forward somebody who could explain me what is Jive's roadmap about 3rd Party integrations ? Spark is part of that ? To replace at least Chime ? Please let me know what could ...
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  • Addon - "document manager for Jive" by fme AG

    Challenges for Jive Users Our solution - the fme document manager for Jive Key facts Target users Benefits Simple & smart architecture Simple & future proofed Upgrade safe / Runs eve...
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  • Info - How Watch-A-Tag Widget Works

    Here is some information about the Watch-A-Tag widget, detailing what it does and how it works.   Why use it? The Watch A Tag widget can be used to search content for a specified tag and return a list of matche...
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  • Update Notification: Bunchball AGM - February 2017 release

    Update from Bunchball, for all Jive's Advanced Gamification Customers:   We are proud to announce the Bunchball February 2017 release, containing some important fixes and improvements as addressed through your Ji...
    Koby Rodrig
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