• Change URL of Place with a Simple .NET App

    For some time now, we've been wishing for an easy way to update the URLs for Places. Sometimes we name a Place in a hurry and later come up with a better name. Jive allows us to change quite a bit about a Place, but c...
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  • How To: Configure the Jive iOS App for Enterprise Distribution

    Prerequisites You must have a current iOS Developer Enterprise Program membership in order to get the necessary enterprise distribution certificates from Apple. The person performing the re-signing must have a Mac ru...
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  • Make Tiles Available to Different Page Types (PageTypes property)

    With the Winter 2015 Jive Cloud Release (8c5), you can place tiles in the Your View page, on News pages, or have a tile show up when viewing your community using a mobile device. In order to do this, you'll just need ...
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  • Jive Live Chat Inquiry

    Hello! I recently submitted an idea that may benefit external communication with our customers who use Jive. We have had difficulty in getting our secret group members to configure their notifications and want to enha...
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  • Jive-n Analytics: Data-Driven Insight at Every Level of Your Business

    Open video

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  • List of People

    Is there a way to list/browse all People in Jive?   We have a rather small implementation, so browsing isnt a burden. We'd like to use Jive as a company directory and we don't always want to have to search. ...
  • Jive for Office/Outlook 30.5.15 minor release

    Hi all,   Today we are releasing a minor release for the Jive for office and Jive for outlook. This release address issue: JENSO-8004 - compatibility issue with Windows 7 64bit, and Office 2016 32bit, which re...
    Yuval Twig
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  • First-time Jive-r (is that a thing?)

    Hey All,   Just wanted to introduce myself to the group. Just started in August at Mimecast as the new Community Manager for Mimecaster Central. I have over four years of Community Management experience (most re...
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  • App css @media queries are being removed

    I am currently building an app within Jive and recently noticed that all @media queries are being removed except for "@media print". Is this desired behavior? Does anyone know how to fix this issue?
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  • Best Practice - Do you review Discussions?

    Good day everyone, I keep many metrics for my community and understand the difference between discussions vs questions: if the discussion is not marked as a question, there is not the opportunity to mark an answer as...
    Toby Metcalf
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  • We have many people not receiving emails from Producteev

    The following people are not getting emails from Producteev and so are not able to log in (as they did not receive the password reset email). They are also not receiving any task notifications. Please can you resolve ...
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  • Theming Tool Worksheet

    Questions Answers Examples Roles Who is the target audience? All employees and contractors What languages will you support? English, French Who is the the primary stake holder? Michelle Burgess, VP Corporate Commun...
    Nick Church
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  • uploading pictures to Jive isn't working anymore

    Someone in our company can no longer upload images to Jive.  I've searched the web and not found a solution, any ideas?   Thanks! Devon
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  • How have you modified the Welcome New User Email?

    Hi Everyone, I'm a newbie as far as posting.  I was wondering how you have modified the Welcome New User emails to suit your communities? Thanks in advance for any contributions
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  • When is the 2016.3 upgrade for  Jive n scheduled ?

    Hello Could you help ? According to this postOne Stop for the Jive-n/Jive-x 2016.3 Release, I understand that the 2016.3 release should have been on on Friday 21th, but it is not.  Could you clarify when we can ...
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  • Missing Storage Management Tab

    Hello,   I am looking to install the Google Drive Files & Docs add-on. The article I am looking at have directions to Navigate to Storage Management Tab (4). Click Add Integration (5).  I am missing thi...
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  • Welcome Our New Community Manager: Sarah Chaney!

    Join me in welcoming our new community manager for the Jive Community, Sarah Chaney!   Sarah will be joining me in making this community even more amazing for you: our Jive Customers, users, and Partners. She'...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Carousel Tile Title

    There is an issue in which the title of the tile will not change upon publishing they layout. It reverts to "CAROUSEL" I have deleted it and re-added and the same issue occurs. Other tiles work correctly but not the c...
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  • Does Jive use it's own internal instance of MongoDB when using it for persistence?

    I was wondering if you needed an external mongodb server when using this method. If provided internally does changing the mongo URI create a separate instance or is there a default? Are there full examples of using mo...
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  • Getting Started > Creating a List Tile with the Jive Node SDK

    In this Getting Started tutorial, we will use the Jive Node SDK to create a simple list tile. A list tile is a Jive tile that can be used in a Place to display a list of information. The instructions below should t...
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