• Would like improve the Featured Content Widget

    1 vote
    We are using the Featured Content Widget within a group and the order is the wrong way and not consistent with the rest of the widgets. The last piece of content that gets marked as featured content appears at the bot...
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  • Featured Content Tile Items Display Order

    3 votes
    Creating this idea on behalf of Cathy Turkawski   Idea: Featured content be displayed in the order of content create date and not when it was featured.   Current behavior: The Featured content tile display...
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  • Is there a limit to how many menu items I can have in the main navigation bar?

    I currently have "News" "People" "Content" and "Quick Links" and want to add another customer link but I can't seem to be able to add it.  Is there a limit to the number of headings you can have in version 8?
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  • Trying to embed a surveymonkey survey into my Jive-n cloud instance

    Before the most recent upgrade, I was able to embed a surveymonkey.com survey into a document in my instance but now I'm having problems.   Here is the surveymonkey embed code:   <script>(function(t...
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  • Profile Images any Known Restriction on File Formats?

    I've been searching this community high and low for a while now, but didn't find somethingt "conclusive".   The point is, we have at least 2 jpegs here, which cannot successfully be uploaded as a profile image. ...
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  • Survey Monkey App Intetegration

    Has anyone built a JIVE app using Survey Monkey APIs?  I'd like to find out more information on how utilizing Survey Monkey through a JIVE community can be possible.   Thanks! Lea
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  • Is there a way to export Jive document HTML from the community?

    Our product team creates documentation in HTML and when we copy and paste it into Jive, we have a lot of formatting to do and we'd like to see about formatting it different to reduce the need for formatting as much. I...
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  • Why sometime users receive notifications & some times they don't?

    Why there is an inconsistency in receiving notifications from Jive. Sometimes users receive notification and sometimes they don't. When all the settings and everything is same. Last time a posted a content of Jive spa...
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  • Question about "Banner Tile Support" in Jive Daily 2016.2

    (sorry my title is non descriptive - I couldn't think of a short way to title it...)   I love the enhancements to Jive Daily in 2016.2!  Tagging, the community name, drafts, search vs. browse, and uploading...
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  • I need help setting up SAML with my SSO okta

    Hello - I'm not seeing the place specified in the documentation to setup okta to use SAML with my company's SSO okta.  Can someone please assist?
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  • Adding surveys in your community (how to?)

    I recall heard somebody mention they were posting surveys in their community using the HTML widget and want to learn more.  Are you simply using the box to link to a survey on an external website, are you actuall...
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  • Cannot POST to Jive REST API from HTML widget

    Hi!   I am creating an HTML widget in which I am voting on an existing poll from the widget based on user input.   When I try to do: POST /api/core/v3/votes/58148 with data of ["option"] I am receving t...
    created by jbowman1107
  • Expandable Sections Tile in Jive 8

    0 votes
    Hi,   One of our users has been using the expandable sections tile to surface content links and has raised a question. It would be helpful if the tile could also be used to link to groups in a similar way. Are...
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  • Iterate Rest API /api/core/v3/people... for the next 25 results using OSAPI

    Hi Ryan Rutan, Nils HeuerPawan Shah   I have an OSAPI call which pulls users from REST API. Below code snippet gives me first 25results. How can I get the next successive 25 results ?   osapi.jive.core.get...
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  • Jive's core APIs should return the total number of results

    9 votes
    Jive's core APIs such as v3 content or search API should return the count of data (total number of results). At present, the only way to find the count is to go manually through the "Next" link in the API till the Nex...
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  • Allow minor edit of blog posts without having to republish

    13 votes
    If you want to go back to an older blog post and change something you only have the option to republish it. For example, if you have forgotten to put a particular post into a category if you edit it and add a category...
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  • How to get all the members details in OSAPI by passing the user  profile's fields location etc.?

    Hi Scott A Johnson Rashed Talukder Ryan RutanLea Reznik Matt Dickens   We are working on the application to send the "Notifications (short description with images & expiration limits)" to particular user pro...
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  • Employee-Centric-Digital-Workplace.pdf

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  • Jive Integration whitepaper-2.pdf

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  • Jive + Microsoft.pdf

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