• Is there a way to remove the Text Title from the banner in a space?

    I want to use the background banner as my only "Label" for my space, but the text of the space name overlays the image I"m trying to place.  Anyway to keep the space name as is but not show the text label?
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  • Why does the data in the Jive API Explorer Data Service come back differently than the Community Manager and Impact Reports? If it's the same time span (3 months), why is there a discrepancy in numbers?

    I pulled data for blogs, spaces, and videos out of the Jive API Explorer Data Service. When I do the data dump into excel the number of views and viewers (for a given 3 month time space) is different compared to the v...
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  • Can you move a blog post to personal blog

    I have a user who did a post before their personal blog was created. Is it possible to move the blog post to his/her personal blog?   I see in admin I can migrate content but no option to move item authored by t...
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  • Why can't new accounts see the SFDC case management connector tile?

    We recently went live with the new SFDC case management connector. All of the users at the time of going live were able to see cases in the tile for the connector. Now whenever we add new accounts/users they cannot se...
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  • Is there a way to resize a video we insert into a blog/document?

    I tried changing the pixel width/height by modifying the source code in the blog i'm working on but it didn't change anything. Are we stuck with a single size or is there a way to reduce the size of the video so it is...
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  • get current user in a custom tile?

    Custom tiles are served from a separate domain for security reasons.  However, we'd like to know the current user so that we can customize the tile display.  window._jive_current_user is available in the par...
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  • what is the difference between spaces and places?

    what is the difference between spaces and places?
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  • Update Notification: Bunchball AGM - March 2017 release

    Update from Bunchball, for all Jive's Advanced Gamification Customers:   We are proud to announce the Bunchball March 2017 release, containing some important fixes and improvements as addressed through your Jive ...
    Koby Rodrig
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  • custom view tile - refresh issue

    ref: Creating Custom View Tiles   I created a tile using this documentation. The service is hosted on a node.js server.   The addon zip file has these in definition.json: {     "integrationUse...
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  • How to make Our OAuth client (add on)as Global.

    Hi Team ,   I have a jive instance( anilnayak.jiveon.com) and created a OAuth  add-on in this instance (anilnayak.jiveon.com), and I'm able to generate access token from this doamin But when I try to genera...
  • Module 5: Building Engagement & Value

    Course Objectives Course Video Module Checklist Course Objectives Build valuable engagement in your community. Learn: How to define the kind of engagement you need Understanding how and why individuals ...
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  • Module 4: Starting a Community

    Course Objectives Course Video Module Checklist Course Objectives Focus on best practices for starting communities. Learn: How to identify early community members Key practices for starting a community ...
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  • Pages (Tiles) versus Overview (Widgets) Matrix

    I have been trying to capture the overall more strategic pro's and con's of transitioning an external (open) community (on cloud) from an Overview (widgets) theme to a Page (tiles) theme. At the same time we are evalu...
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  • Co-Working Day at Next Door Chicago - Friday, April 14 2017

    4/14/17 6:30 AM
    Well, the co-working morning at Workspring followed by the user group meeting in the afternoon is going to be tough to top, but we can't live like kings every day, so it's back to our free digs at Next Door (we'll be ...
    Ted Hopton
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    Co-Working Day at Next Door Chicago - Friday, April 14 2017

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  • HR and Business Development use cases - Docs and Videos

    I am in the process of going through a couple of use cases analysis with my company.   I am looking for documents and videos show the "before and after" Jive improvement with the use cases.   HR: with foc...
    created by sergio.dg
  • Can we upload dxf files?

    Dear All, Can we upload dxf files onto our cloud instance?   My colleague tried to upload two .dxf files containing AutoCAD drawings.  Our instance doesn't accept them  either on a blog attachment...
    Ian Anderson
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  • How do I archive/backup data

    HI All,      We are migrating away for Jive for some of the content. How can I backup/archive all the old data
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  • News Streams configuration.

    Hi , I am trying to find how News stream feature on Jive 9.X works. I am trying to create one as mentioned here. I see when we create a news stream from News page we can assign it to specific people/security groups a...
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  • Licensing for external customer communities

    We are planning to launch our first external customer community when we get Jive 7 on Prem soon. Does anyone know how the licensing works? Any examples? I am also contacting our AM for a pricing model, but wanted some...
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  • How do you hide someone from the leaderboard?

    Does deactivating someone hide them from the leaderboard?   We have a consultant who we'd like to hide from our leaderboard. I could remove points to get him from the top, but that feels a bit unfair (even thou...
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