• impossible to connect from Office

    Hello   Could you help me with this connection problem please   thanks   Guillaume
    Guillaume LESAINT
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  • External Storage Framework refresh token flow in SDK returns a bad token

    As mentioned in https://community.jivesoftware.com/message/1505201   We're having trouble keeping our storage provider connected to Jive for longer than a token's TTL. We're using the Node.js SDK.   1. on ...
    zbigniew tenerowicz
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  • Why do tags in private spaces show up in Popular Tags widget on homepage?

    Why do tags in private spaces show up in the Popular Tags widget on homepage? The Popular Tags widget is configured to show tags from sub-spaces as well.  However the  tag in question is in a private subspa...
    Nik Edmiidz
    created by Nik Edmiidz
  • Not allowing assignees to exclude tasks

    Hi Guys We have just joined this formidable group and we need some help Does anyone could give some clarification whether is possible not allowing an assignee to exclude a task he or she has not created? For exampl...
    Gelson Cappellesso
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  • I have access to another user's private project

    Hi,   Just signed up - me and 2 other users so far. My Producteev instance shows one of the other user's private projects in the sidebar. I don't want or need to see it; I've clicked 'stop tracking this project'...
    James Ogilvie
    created by James Ogilvie
  • How to use jive-sdk node module to call jive REST APIs

    What were we trying to do? We (people from ThoughtWorks, Inc) have created application (add-on) using jive node sdk. In application we wanted to call jive REST apis on server side. We implemented this using node's ...
    shilpa kondawar
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  • REST API v3 - How to filter discussions to query only un-answered questions?

    Hi,   I can see that in API v2 there is a call for that, it is something like this objectType[thread] thread[open]: https://community.jivesoftware.com/__services/v2/rest/content?filterGroupID…ttype~obj...
  • osapi http get error

    I try to use the osapi in my jive app to get  responses via  getfeedback api   Here is  my javascript code   osapi.http.get({    'href' : 'https://api.getfeedback.com/surveys/' + ...
    luc kalaora
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  • Jive's Bright Future

    I’m honored to address this community with my first post as Jive’s CEO! As many of you know I was a customer for many years before I even came to Jive. When I joined just over a year ago, it was because I ...
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  • Missing .jspa file

    Hello guys,   I am trying to run the macro example Google Maps Macro . However, due to missing .jspa file. I am not able to trigger the action class. I searched my directory and noting actually in my drive. Is...
    dongfang xu
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  • Browser information in JIVE

    Hi,   Can anyone tell me about the table which stores data around browsers? I would like to know how many users are using Crome, ie or firefox etc..   Regards, Naveen Upadhyay
    Naveen Upadhyay
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  • Adding additional fields to content types

    We're looking to add a non-standard field to every content type in the application.  What would be the best way to approach this?
    Gareth Collinson
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  • Error in Installing jive 7.0 rpm

    Hello Jivers,   I am facing an issue in installing Jive 7.0. Please have a look: I have the openssl version 0.9.8 too. I just want to link my Jive 7.0 files with the older version of openssl. Has anybody done...
    Urvashi Sharma
    created by Urvashi Sharma
  • What do you think about the new Getting Started documents in the Jive Community?

    We are currently trying to fill in as many gaps as possible in the developer documentation, with an emphasis on the getting started experience. We want to help newcomers understand exactly what is offered by the Jive ...
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  • Any updates on the Intrateam conference going on this week?

    Hi Karen Gettman   Just trying to keep up with all the conference action this week.  How did your session go at the IEC event in Copenhagen? Sounds like you and Kim England are having busy weeks on the spea...
    Adam Mertz
    created by Adam Mertz
  • Can we move past the carbon copy?

    I still see a lot of people cc'd (literally) on Jive posts across communities we work on.  They must know it stands for carbon copy, right?  Blue/black inky paper that even your local state government has di...
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  • My producteev doesnt send verification email

    i click to send the verification email and it doesnt send
    eric palumbo
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  • Knowledge Base Implementation Guide

    Introduction Setting Up your Knowledge Base Define your community Topology Space Hierarchy in Jive Deploying the KB Space Templates Example Types of Templates Tagging Knowledge Base Articles ...
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  • Deep Dive: Google Docs Integration for Jive-n

    Overview  We are happy to announce that we are taking the Google Docs integration from a Beta version to a generally available release for cloud customers.   The full scope of of Google for work integrations...
    Yoav Derazon
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  • Welcome to the Jive Community!

    Welcome to the Jive Community!   I'm Libby Taylor and I'm the Jive community manager. I am here to help you navigate around the site and answer any questions you might have about where to post or how to find thi...
    Libby Taylor
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