• Setting the title of an app

    Came across this little gem today. Might be useful for people shipping add-ons/apps to multiple customers.   The name of an app as displayed in the apps chrome in Jive is statically set in the app.xml. Differ...
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  • Widget order changes on publish!

    I have had this occur a few times on me in the past but honestly forget the fix and think that others may have this problem as well. So, time to problem solve as a team!   That being said, the order of which I p...
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  • Opening template link in IOS app

    When I click on the specific create template link inside IOS app (see example attached), the link will open up in the device's mobile browser instead of inside the app.  Is this the expected behavior.
    Yatman Lai
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  • Rubber Duck Debugging

    Here's mine! Meet Barry the Expert..   Now share your new office ally below!
    Charlie Saunders
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  • Great Minds Don't All Think Alike

    General George Patton once said, "If everyone is thinking the same thing, someone isn't thinking at all."  Surrounding ourselves with people that think differently from us is important.  How important? Too i...
    Lisa Henderson
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  • Email Header Template

    I'm trying to change the email header template in the admin console under "System-Settings-Message templates" to replace a graphic that is pointing back to an old theme that is no longer there.  Every time I try ...
    Erin Clements
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  • forward e-mail notifications from jive not working

    Hi,   I have a question regarding e-mail notifications from Jive. We had to find a workaround for external employees to inform them about changes in specific groups within our Jive platform. We tried to set up...
    Katharina Kulawinski
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  • What is the best way to report on Structured Outcomes when using Business Objects

    We are looking to report on not only Marked as Correct and Helpful but all Structured Outcomes.  I am wondering how others are reporting on this.  Is this information stored in the analytics database?
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  • API call has stopped working for us

    Please help ASAP,   The API call we have been using regularly without interruption or problems has stopped working. Please diagnose and let me know what has changed on your end. Here is the call we've been makin...
    James Bennett
    created by James Bennett
  • Is there a way to show our Main Page's profile edit screen from the Jive My Profile edit screen

    We have Jive Cloud and Single Sign on.  I'd like for (at least part of) the Jive profile edit screen to be a view (maybe an iframe) to our main website's profile edit screen, so they can update their info there, ...
    Ben Evarts
    created by Ben Evarts
  • Jive for Office allowed file types

    I have a customer who is currently attempting to upload macro enabled files through Jive for office. Instance version is, and I have tested on a vanilla instance with a .docm file and I get the below message o...
    created by mat.wojdyla
  • Jive Events Extension User's Guide

    Overview  The Jive Events Extension allows members of a community to schedule, discover and attend events in a social setting.  An event planner can set dates, times, locations, and other information about ...
    Ryan King
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  • Issues with 2015.2 Cloud Release

    Using this table to report on bugs or issues we've found in the cloud release. I will post the resolution in the table below.   Issue Description Date Submitted Submitted By Resolution Known Issue Modifying overv...
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  • Community Manager reports - Administrator exclusion

    Hi everyone,   I was wondering if administrators are or can be somehow excluded from the community manager report data?   Thank you!   Marianna
    Marianna Frantzis
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  • Image Mapping - Browser inconsistencies and malfunctioning

    Hello,   I'm having an issue with image mapping localization. It seems as though the HTML image map I have created in Jive 6's WYSIWYG editor only functions using Google Chrome (where it was originally created). ...
    Tyler Greff
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  • Updating Status

    The only reference I can find in the user documentation on how a user updates their status refers to the News feature.  If we do not have News enabled, how can we update our status?  I used to follow the "Up...
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  • GET Current place id in custom view tile

    hi all, I want the current place id to be displayed in my tile using javascript api
    spoorthy danda
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  • How do we investigate and act on Engagement Index results?

    I've been an advocate for actionable analytics for a long time, and I have been pleased to see and hear Jive emphasizing the term when discussing their objectives for reporting enhancements. I'd like some help in unde...
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  • Smarter Path_Consulting_ Packages.pdf

    Sandra Brueckner
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  • SmarterPath_Product_Overview

    Sandra Brueckner
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