• List the Structured outcome when viewing the content list of a Place or of the entire community

    17 votes
    It would make structured outcomes more user-friendly to list a small "badge" of sorts on the content list.   It would ideally look something like this: For clickable structured outcomes (outdated, action, etc...
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  • How can I see when a task was completed after its due date?

    Currently, the only place to see the completed date is to view a task and look at the history log to see when someone marked it as complete (this section also uses a relative measurement instead of a date which is hor...
    Michelle Forber
    created by Michelle Forber
  • Slight gripe about the Profile Completion CMR chart

    We have a lot of profile fields that are populated automatically by syncing through LDAP from PeopleSoft.  Apparently the Profile Completion chart picks the top 10 fields with the highest percentages to display, ...
    Dennis Pearce
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  • Using the Jive API Explorer Data Export tool

    I am new to the API explorer and I have some questions. I am trying to export data from our cloud jive instance that pertains to any jive documents with a specific tag that have been viewed and/or downloaded. Is there...
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  • Extended Properties

    What is it? Extended properties allows integration partners to store data within Jive instance. This data is stored in the form of key / value pair and associated with Jive objects. The data can be persisted / accesse...
    Uttam Phalnikar
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  • Script to create new users

    Hi, I need to create new users via REST API script (around 2000 users), has anyone ever done this before and can help-me with this script?
    Adriano Silva
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  • Hi, I'm new to the Community and very excited to be here! Can you help me understand how you structure your training materials - do you  have it categorized by beginner, intermediate and advanced?

    And can you please also point me to where you store all the training materials and best practices. Thank you!!   John
    John Proano
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  • Osapi to retrieve all projects in a group

    Hi ,   Can you please provide pointers to fetch all projects in a group using osapi.   ~Swati
    Swati Deodhar
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  • Let users make the Top & Trending stream more relevant to themselves

    4 votes
    One of the things that makes activity streams more relevant for users, is the ability to fine tune what actually comes up in it. The Top & Trending stream can be very useful as long as users feel convinced that th...
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  • Como cadastrar um usuário normal

    Esse procedimento serve para cadastramento de usuários normais em Jive.   Como usuários normais (ao contrario de colaboradores externos) se entende usuários que podem ver todos os lugares de...
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  • How do you remove someone from a system Newsletter?

    Hello All,   We have an external user who is receiving a daily Newsletter from Jive via email and she wants to be removed. Will someone please advised as to how I can stop her from receiving any additional Newsl...
    Christopher Walton
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  • Is there a way to suppress a specific item from a specific field from the API

    Is there a way to suppress a specific item from a specific field from the API? For instance if I access this:https://community.jivesoftware.com/api/core/v3/contents?fields=author,-resources, I removed the resources bl...
    Ricardo Fonseca
    created by Ricardo Fonseca
  • custom theme header and footer javascript best practices

    Greetings !   I am working with the custom footer and header in jive admin (which are great!) and had a question about any javascript limitation, best practices, etc to follow. Basically, is it ok to embed java...
    tony nemil
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  • The ability to support MP3 Files

    37 votes
    Our sales reps use MP3/MP4 Podcasts frequently. The ability to upload and play that file type would be extremely beneficial.   Thanks, Courtney
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  • Support for the Audio and Video HTML5 elements

    5 votes
    I mean technically Jive doesn't "not" support it but the parsing filter will remove them from a document or discussion as it does with style elements.   This would easily allow podcasts to be used, as well video...
    David DeWald
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  • Who Voted?

    45 votes
    Scheduling meetings, making formal decisions, sharing a poll to a specific group. In these scenarios it becomes helpful to know who voted and who has not. It might become difficult to make a clean UI that depicts this...
    Jarin Schmidt
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  • The ability to move multiple documents at one time

    12 votes
    This would be a great feature to have when you're starting out and making mistakes before understanding groups and spaces.  We understand this was a plugin before cloud written by Ryan Rutan and the plugin will n...
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  • Ability to export/zip content

    46 votes
    Some users would like the ability to export/zip all the documents contained in a specific container for backing-up to dvd or archiving purposes, and I can't find a simple way of doing this. The idea though should cove...
    Ashley Sokal
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  • Flexibility in security settings for uploaded files (zipped)

    18 votes
    At the moment, many different file types are zipped on upload, for security reasons. The only way to prevent this is to either: turning the zip-functionality completely off (see above link) switch from the default ...
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  • Indexing Bookmarks

    0 votes
    I spend my time with Regulated organisations implementing Jive. One growth area with increased regulation is the need to Monitor content being posted into Jive - this may be for Market Abuse, Insider Trading, Breach o...
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