• Are you interested in sharing your educational strategy with others? And learning from others?

    Keeley Sorokti and I recently had a conversation about training your company to use Jive. She had a great suggestion to host a WebEx session in which we share how we are working to training our colleagues. I am very i...
    Karen Frock
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  • Onboarding a new Community Manager

    Does anyone already have an onboarding plan for a new hire Community Manager?   I'm thrilled to have a new hire starting as the Community Manager for our external private customer community. He has strong commun...
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  • Sharing Content - Search Results

    Hi All,   I've noticed a problem when searching for people to share content with.  If I have a document open, then click "Share", I then click the "Select People" button (it looks like 2 heads) from the fir...
    Jacob Simanowitz
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  • Feature Idea Versions

    4 votes
    We love the ability for our customers to edit their own ideas in order to add clarification and detail, however we have a very strict procedure that requires each idea to be submitted seperatley.  No bucket lists...
    Renee Carney
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  • When creating videos, making description optional like documents

    0 votes
    Uploaded files does not require a description but videos do :-( - can we make the description when uploading videos optional?  Looked at admin console but could not find any way to do it...
    Christine Arnould
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  • Welcome to the DC User Group!  Please introduce yourself.

    Hello and welcome to the DC User Group! The purpose of this group is to give our customers, prospects, and general social business enthusiasts a place to look for people in their area to discuss social business. ...
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  • About Jive Circle

    Jive Circle is a secure employee directory app that helps you find the right people in your company, when you need them most, wherever you are. Frequently Asked Questions To learn more, visit www.jivesoftware...
    Libby Taylor
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  • html web

    Hi Jeph Yang Yuval Z   I saw you both had posted some useful tips about html info. I am seeking your help to see if you can give me some quick tips. The users of my community would like to put the attached proc...
    Phyllis Wong
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  • Restrict Idea edits by default since there is no version tracking or notification on edits

    12 votes
    I've noticed that I have permission to edit other people's ideas.  It really seems like only the author and the place owner should be able to edit ideas.  Everyone else should just be able to comment and vot...
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  • Can anyone help me with getting some questions answered about Producteev Pro?

    I have emailed, called, and have no response for over 2 days.  This concerns me that when paying for the Pro version, I will get little to no support.  Any comments would be appreciated.
    Tracy Carrasquillo
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  • Can someone share an example to implement rest web services in jive 7 Plugin!

    Hello,   I had implemented a restful web service using jax ws in my plugin code as given in the community :Building your own web service   While migrating this plugin to jive 7 the web services are not wor...
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  • 'Share' function within a document- allow to share as a status update

    0 votes
    Share function within document or other piece of content that allows you to share that content in a status update. Populates the status update window with a link to the content and the option to add text.
    Fatima Abati
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  • Jive 8 Support Center feature available on-premise?

    Hello,   I'm reading the instructions on: Support Center Onboarding Guide to enable Support Center from System > Settings > New Features and select Enabled for Support Center. We have installed Jive 8.0...
    last modified by Hady
  • Space/content/group/people specific follow actions for Bunchball Gamification Module

    8 votes
    I am in the process of looking into creating badges to use in my instances community that reward following specific places, people, content etc. (i.e. follow your manager and get a badge, follow your department space/...
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  • Custom HTML in Your Jive Community

    There are now several different ways you can extend the Jive UI with your own custom HTML content:   an HTML Tile is a great way to quickly get HTML content into a tile for your group or project a Custom View T...
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  • Module 5: Building Engagement & Value

    Course Objectives Course Video Module Checklist Course Objectives Build valuable engagement in your community. Learn: How to define the kind of engagement you need Understanding how and why individuals ...
    Claire Flanagan
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  • Allow emails to be included when exporting attendees from events

    21 votes
    We have needed to send users a special message regarding events they have RSVP'd to like "make sure you arrive 15 minutes early" or "bring a water bottle to this workout event", and currently you are unable to export ...
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  • Image Rotator - Expanded

    Some folks have been asking for 'expansions' on the Image Rotator - Start Here document that I had started. With that, I decided to open up customizations that folks have asked for.
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  • getting started stats

    5 votes
    Really welcomed the functionality of Get Started in Jive 7. but terribly disappointed to learn that you can't run reports or stats -   Jive - is this capability available in later versions?
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  • I really want to be able to bookmark a place

    21 votes
    Only content can be bookmarked at this time.  It would be great to be able to bookmark my most common places
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