• Add-on localization/i18n

    Hello folks,   I am working on a Jive add-on and wondering how localization/i18n works for add-on's? I stumble upon this documentation: https://community.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-99941#jive_content_id_Support...
    Alan Wu
    created by Alan Wu
  • jQuery plugins provided in Jive

    Summary How to Check which version of the jQuery core is installed in your Jive Community: List of jQuery Libraries in Jive Versions   Summary There is a variety of jQuery plugins and libraries pa...
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  • How come I don't see the Single Sign On settings on Admin Console where I can configure the option to log-in to Google or Facebook.

    Kindly advise on how to configure setting to enable log-in to Facebook and Google.
    Anne Palma
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  • How to find place ID of a Jive group using displayName

    Hi Team,   We have a requirement where we need to find placeID of a Jive group using displayName for which we are using the following API call: https://<jive-proxy>/places?filter=type(group)&fields=-res...
    Bhanu Chappati
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  • Award submission confirmation

    Hi Becky Leung   I emailed you with our award submission today, could you let me know if / when you receive it?   Thanks!   Dan
    Dan Thomas
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  • UX Widgets

    Introduction  Enhance your community with amazing content display options.  Enable and control search and navigation across multiple community sites.  Empower large, diverse communities with service po...
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  • Allow authors to prevent downloads - Read Only docs

    44 votes
    Authors of either a Jive document or an uploaded Office document, may not want users to download the document. Instead, they only wish to have users interact by viewing the Jive doc, or using the DocVerse preview tool...
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  • Disable document downloads

    2 votes
    We would like to be able to prevent end users from downloading documents.  Ideally this setting would apply per document.  There is a great need for this in our community.
    Stacy Plante
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  • UX Widget projects open sourced

    I wanted to let everyone in the Internal Communities group know about some Jive widget projects we are in the process of open sourcing.  Our internal community has found these projects to be very helpful for sett...
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  • Looking for best practices in providing help/support for a large Jive Community as a social intranet

    How do you support your users?  A Help/Support Center?  What types of content do you have the most success with?  What role do your Advocates play?  We would love a Help Center than ran itself (suc...
  • Jive 8 Center Widget Pixel Size

    Does anyone know of a guide for widget pixel sizes that exists? If not, what the exact pixels are for this?  
    created by crline
  • Jive Chime FAQ Document

    (also found at http://jivechime.com/faq.html)   What is Jive Chime?Jive Chime lets you quickly and securely connect with teammates to get the answers you need, when you need them. And no piecing together convers...
    Gili Guri-Mill
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  • Video Thumbnails

    42 votes
    When a video is uploaded a thumbnail image is created from a screen grab of the first few seconds of the video.  It would be nice if this could be configured at the individual video level or in the admin console....
    Gary Williams
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  • Looking for some benchmarks

    Hello my fellow health care community professionals! I'm working on an executive report, and looking for some benchmarks from other health care organizations using Jive. Anyone willing to share their CMRs on here?
    Don Shell
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  • Using Jive Daily vs. Jive v3 App

    Note that with the 2016.1 Jive-n cloud release, Jive Daily is the new Jive-n flagship app. With Jive Daily, you can access your employee community or company intranet on the go. For more information, see 2016.1 Jive D...
    Sandy Cook
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  • Options to customize the discussion navigation bar

    Hi All, Ryan King Please help me. We would like to add the navigation for some action in right side space in discussion screen which we highlighted in the bellow picture. Where we need to do the change for customiz...
    Sunil G
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  • What intrinsic motivators are most likely to get your members to participate in your community?

    To learn more about motivators, check out Module 5: Building Engagement & Value.
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  • Opensearch; authentication and users

    I am trying to configure Opensearch within Jive to use our internal search application which I have already recoded to enable atom and rss responses. The issue I am running into is whenever I try to "test" the service...
  • How do you convince to your employees the value of your new external community?

    Hi,   Wondering if anyone has any best practices or tools to share on this topic. Currently developing a strategy to convince service teams the value of our online user group/community to actively recruit new me...
    Adina Schoeneman
    created by Adina Schoeneman
  • Responsive document

    Hi,   I have to create a document with two column layout but its has to display a single column in mobile. Could anyone give a suggestion
    Kevin Joe Michael
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