• due to vulnerability  xml attack , need to check camel apache  component versions  used

                            Hello,   our security office department  raises  several vuln...
    created by ssoukanhgna
  • If you want to try social learning in Jive

    I created two SmarterPath courses on how to use SmarterPath for everyone who is curious. Feel free to click the tab "course catalog" in this group on the top navigation.
    Linda Werner
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  • FTW: Jive Selected as Top 10 Web Support Site

    And better yet: two Jive customers made the list.  Every year, the Association of Support Professionals (ASP) recognizes the top ten best web support sites in the world. This year, our very own Jive Community, al...
    Libby Taylor
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  • How can I find what space\group a user is following,member of or own

    Hi , I am trying to  find out which space or group a particular user is either     Following member of Own
    created by sandeepkumar
  • Blog Modifications

    Hi,   We want something like below modification in the red in the blog's window. I inspect them and i found that these are images is it possible if i can replace these images with mine. If so how? If not then is ...
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  • Event Recap: Jive Developer Days — European Edition

    So we just concluded the Jive Developer Days series' first remote/virtual event based on a European audience and here's what happened!   We had a lot of people register and fill out the seats from small to large...
    Rashed Talukder
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  • Rdhh

    Dfgh Posted from Inside Dell Mobile
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  • Edvh

    Texvv Posted from Inside Dell Mobile
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  • not able to log real end users IP in log file

    Hi Support,   We have jive running behind F5.  I adjust F5 to send "X-Forwarded-For" to jive node. after that, I modify the LogFormat in http.conf with below details. but now I still cannot get the X-Forwar...
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  • Ry

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  • Tgh

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  • Power to the Profile: User Sync Deep Dive

    Documents are boring.  Yup, you heard me right. Documents are boring.   We pour hundreds of hours of effort into creating quality documents and there's a ton of good, important stuff in all that documentatio...
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  • Can I edit the global CSS for our Jive Cloud community?

    I would like to increase the size and/or weight of our widget/tile headings (H4 tags). Is there a place in the Theme Editor or Admin Console where I could make this change? I only see color and border options.
    last modified by alillie
  • Jive Mobile App- branding and theming

    We are interested in offering the app to our external community and I came across this outdated documentation on how to customize theming for the app: How To Configure Jive Mobile Themes   Does anyone know how w...
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  • Social Collaboration, Team Messaging And The Future

    Social Collaboration, Team Messaging And The Future Forbes The concept of creating a workplace network that encourages communication, coordination, and collaboration is no longer novel, but I don't believe it has a...
    Libby Taylor
    created by Libby Taylor
  • Jive for Office/Outlook 30.5.0 - Office 2016 & Windows 10 support

    We are pushing today a new update for both Jive for Office and Jive for Outlook that brings full support for Office 2016 & Windows 10. While we wished to release the support for Office 2016 sooner, we took a cons...
    Yuval Twig
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  • New Quest - will users receive points under the Quest if they previously performed the action?

    Haven't seen anything on this yet - I'm in the process of creating a Quest for users to complete while at an internal training.  The Quest mostly involves following a Space, Joining a Group, viewing content, etc....
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  • How many events should appear in the upcoming events tile?

    We are using Jive 8.0.3 on prem   I created 11 events in my group and when I added the upcoming events tile only 5 of those upcoming dates appear. I cannot find any documentation around the amount of dates that ...
    Crystal Plant
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  • Home screen icon

    Hi all,   I wondering if exist some new implementation for Jive Cloud instance to change the "home screen" image on the iOS/Android devices. I found this on the community but it was marked as archived. https://...
    created by dmariano002