• Document Title Prepends Comma Character and Content is Blank

    When creating a document and save it, the Title prepends a comma to the Title and blanks out the content. Has anybody encountered this type of bug before?   Was able to replicate the issue the user was having us...
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  • Ability to Search for Apps in Cloud

    Is there a way for users to search for apps in cloud? They currently don't show at all in the search results.
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  • Include Body of Content in Email

    Hello,   We recently removed the $(contentBody) from our email templates for security concerns, but some users are getting confused because of the setting in their preferences "Include Body of Content in Email" ...
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  • Does anyone use their Jive instance as an ISMS?

    Hi all,   Does any one use their Jive instance as an Information Security Management System (ISMS)?   We really want to get as much information on our Jive as possible, but the widgets and tiles to seem to...
    created by patohagan
  • Getting Started > Installing the Jive Node SDK

    The following instructions describe how to set up the Jive Node SDK on your local development machine. The Jive Node SDK runs on Mac OS, Windows, Ubuntu, Red Hat, CentOS and requires Node.js (version 0.10.x or higher)...
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  • Jive Databases in pgAdmin

    A few tips to get things out of the core application system database and the ActivityEngine database. Things that are not available in the Analytics database   For pgAdmin installation guide, follow pages 2-8 her...
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  • Avatar/profile photo clarity

    During the 1st Chicago Co-Working Day on Friday, we discussed the new profile that will be introduced in 2016.2. There was a lot of concern about how the profile photo and avatar would work in this new version. I want...
    created by lorilea
  • Resend a System Welcome email

    39 votes
    Original request/discussion here: http://www.jivesoftware.com/jivespace/message/430233   Very straightforward use case: There are times that you discover a typo in an email address or some other event prevents t...
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  • Remove the grey gradient layer applied to an event banner

    6 votes
    * Community type: External   * Pertains to what feature? Events   * Software version you are on: Cloud   * Idea details: In 2016.1 Jive-X release, the new event banner is a nice feature.  Unfortuna...
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  • REST API call to export the contents of a list of Documents

    I am trying to figure out the REST API call to do a flat file export of the content of a couple hundred Documents.   These Documents are all in a single Container but they are owned by a several different Au...
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  • Ampersands and Quotes in Blog Titles dont render?

    We use the Cloud version.   We've noticed that any blog post titles with quotation marks or "&" dont render correctly.   Example: "Blog Post Title" will display as "BlogPostTitle" &#...
  • X-Jive-Run-As with a federated user

    Has anyone had any luck using the "X-Jive-Run-As" feature with Federated users. I'm on a Cloud Instance.  I'm able to "X-Jive-Run-As" non-federated users, however I get a 403 with federated users:   Headers...
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  • Allow more than one "Mark for Action" in an original discussion or in any one reply

    11 votes
    I have the following use case:   I create a discussion for our steering committee agenda and then after the meeting, I reply and post the notes of the meeting.  Out of the meeting, we usually have 5 or more...
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  • Undocumented Jive System Properties

    System properties can be set in the Admin Console (System > Management > System Properties) and allow a great number of fine-grained configuration options which are not available through the user interface. Many...
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  • Setting Default Tile Config Values

    Hi, I'm trying to create a custom tile with configuration and would like to know how to set default values for the options. I've followed the instructions given at Creating Custom View Tiles. The way this handles defa...
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  • SSO redirection is getting hanged when accessed through MS word or outlook

    Hi everyone,   Some  of the users when accessing application through  link, in outlook or  word document they are redirected to SSO page and page is getting hanged there. The issue is replicable ...
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  • Bulk Content Management for Personal Content

    1 vote
    Add the ability to select content such documents in your personal content library and move them to a specific group or project. Will help tremendously in migration and moving large groups of documents to the same group.
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  • Process to add a new webapp node to an existing cluster

    Does anyone have a working cookbook process to add a node to an existing cluster?  Example scenario:  You have a working cluster of 4 webapp nodes (On Jive 8) and increased usage has required you to scale up...
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  • Creating Custom View Tiles

    With the Jive Cloud release (and version 8.0), you can build your own HTML view within a tile. This UI extension behaves like an app inside a tile — you can place it anywhere you can place a tile, but you can al...
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  • Best Practices: 11 Steps for Quick Case Resolution

    Summary Please keep the following in mind when filing a support case. Providing the following information in your case description will help reduce the amount of time it takes to identify the the issue you're seeing. ...
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