• Sample RSS Tile

    Hi,   We are trying to implement an RSS tile and looking for an sample code. Can someone please provide this?   Thanks Kranthi
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  • Rules for Hiding Activity

    Hi Jive Support team   Does anyone know hoe to use this option under the Jive/Preference   'Rules for Hiding Activity:'   One of our uses is asking and I couldn't find anything under the Jive Help &#...
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  • Jive Daily add on version 1.5.1 .zip file

    Hi We are having some issues on the Jive daily app connect version of 1.5.1 We found that Post command gets failed using oauth2 access token but its working when killed the app and access it app again then it works ...
    created by nels_rosh
  • Adding an external contributor to a group

    How do you set it up to allow group owners to add external contributors to their groups?   Thanks, Trish
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  • 'Unanswered Question' setting is sending too many inbox notifications

    Hi,   We have spaces set up with Discussion Settings to email specific emails after a question has gone unanswered after 24 hours. What I can't seem to figure out how to change is the frequency at which I receiv...
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  • How open is your external community?

    Hi all,   We're looking to open more areas of our community to the public. Right now, we have a ton of areas "behind a wall", so you have to be logged in AND a customer to see most. I'd like to open as much as I...
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  • Recent Activity Widget NOT Working

    Hi We have been seeing Recent Activity widget problems more every day, we have tested it by adding new content and is not appearing on the widget, Is there a fix coming out regarding this bug? Thank you! Zayra
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  • All Producteev notifications (Web app, iOS app, email) stopped working. What do I do?

    All Producteev notifications (Web app, iOS app, email) stopped working. What do I do?
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  • Include Themes (Design) Into Custom Theme

    Hey,   is there a way to include the design that you can configure by accessing the themes menu point through your profile picture into a custom theme that you would upload in the admin console? Is there a spec...
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  • Binary Data Storage - Seeking working example

    Does anyone have a working example of using the Binary Data Storage API?  I am getting 500 errors when I am posting the binary data to Jive using the temporary URL.  I'm attempting this from a Jive app. ...
    Robert Hanson
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  • Why does it divulge my email address on @mention notification emails?

    I noticed that when people @mention me I get their email address in the from field but if it is just a notification then it is communities-no-reply@jivesoftware.com.  I don't necessarily want to have my email add...
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  • Have you deactivated Status updates? With the aim to avoid confusing users between Discussions and Status updates that dissappear?

    We're on the process to configure our Jive internal community for 10,500 people, in Jive on premises 9.   Several users post a status update, and then come back to me and ask me: I can't find it! Where did it go...
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  • Any way to pull a report on how many people have partially completed a challenge?

    Hello,   I was wondering if there's a way to see how many users are in the process of completing a challenge through Bunchball's Nitro Studio Analytics (Data Export).  The goal is to see both how many peopl...
    created by barbaral
  • "No application available for this action" (Producteev: please answer!)

    This has been asked several times in the past and nobody has answered it. It's really annoying as I love Producteev, and have no idea why the owners don't plug it more as nobody knows about it! I found out about Produ...
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  • Is it possible to assign the subtasks to somebody in the team?

    It's very helpful to assign the sub task of an activity to a specific member of the team and to see the same activity under the to do list of that team member
  • See all my tasks in all networks

    How can I see all my tasks across all networks like I can on the iPad app? On the iPad I can do this, but cannot find the same function on the webpage.   -A-
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  • An error occurred sending instance registration to client 'http://*.*.*.*/jive/oauth/register' (status=404 Not Found)

    I have tried some things to get remote development working using nitrous.io following the nitrous.io explanation but I couldn't get it working. Now I have setup my own ubuntu linux machine and was able to make an addo...
  • How to remove shared content from a group using the API?

    Normally you would just click the gear beside the content and remove link or delete the share from the bread crumbs; however, in Jive Cloud 2015.2 there is a bug that prevents these options from working.   I see...
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  • Restarting Web Apps

    Hello all,   I just enabled Iframes on my Jive.   How do I restart Web Apps to enable this change?
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  • Cause of Not receiving activity and inbox data frequently in Jive hosted environment

    Hi All / Ryan Rutan,   We have a jive hosted environment and in past few months we are facing multiple issues, where the activity streams stop working and we stop getting inbox notification. Our community is Ji...
    created by puja_kumari