• How to integrate Jive with existing web application?

    Hello all,   We currently have a web application and I would like to integrate it with Jive. What are the initial steps and requirements? How do I start?   Thanks community.
    Varand Pezeshkian
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  • Announcing Jive Maven Archetype Changes

    Hello all,   We have been working hard over the past few weeks on the latest set of changes Jive's Maven archetype, which I am happy to highlight here.   Unified Archetype  Each time a new major versi...
    Ryan King
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  • Where has all the good content gone?

    Where has all the quality content gone?      Content. It's everywhere. We read it, listen to it, watch it. Of that there is no doubt, but for our purposes, we refer to the hardest content to create ...
    Wayne English
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  • Inbox on Jive Community not properly marking messages as 'Read'

    Is anyone else experiencing this issue? As of now, I have 14 unread messages in my Inbox. I've proceeded to mark them all as "Read." Yet, when I navigate to another page, and then back to my Inbox, it's showing me I s...
    Emilie Kopp
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  • Can we get some information on using External Content Type?

    Can we get information on how to create a project in the Jive SDK to create a new External Content Type a la Producteev?   It would be extremely helpful for customers on the Cloud to start utilizing this functi...
    Jorge Liano
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  • Brand Advocate Site Benchmarks

    Hello Everyone,   I am a Market Analyst over a jive brand advocacy site. Our goal is to increase sales through the sites campaigns, trainings and discussions. I have stats on how well our site is doing, however,...
    Chelsea Little
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  • Most elaborate Jive skin

    Hi everyone,   I'm very curious what the possibilities are regarding skinning Jive. We're thinking of using it in a scenario where a lot of customization would be needed. So what I hope to find out is... how fa...
    Evert Pot
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  • Webhooks and Jive Communities

    Hey, (TL;DR at bottom)    I have been playing around for a while with the sdk and am having an issue understanding Jive Communities and the role they play with webhooks. I will lay out what I am trying to d...
    Patrick Crownover
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  • How to connect JIVE search to oracle web center content?

    How to connect JIVE search to oracle web center content? Or Any way to connect JIVE search to external database?
    Anant Patil
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  • Group Header

    Edit   Live in Atlanta, or the surrounding areas? Check out the Atlanta User Group to see how you can start talking social business with Georgia's finest Jive User Group! Owners: John Thompson, Mary Gibson, ...
    Rich Blank
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  • What is your average engagement?

    I am a community manager for a community that has great engagement rates, but I am wondering what all of you measure against?  (71-40-37 -- Active, Participating, Contributing)   In the past the 90-9-1 ru...
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  • How do I add the calendar tab to my group?

    How do I add the calendar tab to my group?
    Angela Smith
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  • Profile field bug in response from osapi.jive.corev3.people.get()

    I noticed that when retrieving a person object via the JavaScript API on a cloud-hosted Jive instance (Jive SBS 8c1), the Profile field for Company has a jive_label of "Department"   personObject.jive.pr...
    Casey Gum
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  • Ability to Pull User Account History?

    Is there a way to easily find and export a user's account activity history (content viewed, content created, etc)?
    Jessica de la Torre
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  • community.jivesoftware.com , community page is half hidden in Chrome.

    Hi All ,   I am experiencing an issue with the jive community.Some of its pages are not rendering properly , Header is missing for me. In IE it works fine but in Chrome it started behaving weirdly from last few...
    Charu Gulati
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  • Add sub-projects functionality

    Open for Voting
    6 votes
    Even just another added level of project (sub-project) would be more versatile in organizing better the projects. Sub-tasks can remain as they are, as simple checklists. Thanks
    Arpad Andrassy
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  • Missing Code descriptions for jiveobjectype and activity_type

    Hi,   In the jive analytics schema there is a table jivedw_activity_fact. i have question regd two columns direct_object_type and activity_type in this table. These 2 fields have codes but not actual description,...
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  • Jive 7- Limit Templates available?  Or not launch Activity Pages immediately?

    We are in UAT for our Jive 7 upgrade and getting a little concerned about how confusing Activity Pages/Tiles/Templates are going to be for our users.  Has anyone launched Activity Pages but limited the number of ...
  • How To: Create a Custom Jive Project

    Getting your environment setup JDKs Maven Maven Quick start Creating a Project New project setup Running your new project Creating a Plugin New plugin setup Building the new plugin ...
    Ryan King
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  • Jive anywhere with CA's Clarity PPM and Oracle Ebiz

    1. Clarity PPM works great with Jive anywhere using Firefox but on IE8 with the jiveanywhere plugging enabled the modular and popup screens lock up and go grey.   2. I am also trying to use Jiveanywhere with Ora...
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