• Jive Release Schedule

    **Please note that any future dates in this table are subject to change. ** Want to gain insight into Jive, connect with other Jive Customers, and discuss the latest and greatest? You should join the Jive Customer...
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  • How to update attribute value in GET JSON response

    I am using Python and the Rest API (/api/core/v3/people/{personID}) to update a user account to deactivated (jive.enabled = False). I tried updating the enabled attribute, but I am getting a 400 (Bad Request) response...
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  • Customizing Group Menu Bar Items

    Hi, For a group on Jive Cloud instance, can we customize the menu items? For example: change the edit the names of typical items like Content, People, Reports?   Thanks, Priyanka
    Priyanka Dave
    created by Priyanka Dave
  • Gamification: your opinions on where to begin?

    First off, thank you in advance for all of your helpful feedback and examples! My newest venture is to figure out gamification for my instance and implement it as strategic and thoughtful as possible. I know there are...
    Adrianna DiNapoli
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  • Where are the jive.tile.* functions documented

    I've searched around and can't find any documentation on it.   I'm looking to determine if a tile is placed in a NARROW or WIDE column.  
    created by wb9tpg
  • Node.js Production Checklist

    Node.js Production Checklist RisingStack Engineering In this post I'd like to give you a checklist what you should do before going to production with Node.js.... In this post I'd like to give you a general...
    created by ryanrutan
  • Is there an Event for Joining a Team and to reset points?

    Is there a an event that can trigger Joining a Team?   Also is there a way to reset the Team Points? (the only way i found was to delete the Team and re-create it).   Thanks
    Louis Gascon
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  • Microsoft brings Node.js debugging to Visual Studio | InfoWorld

    Microsoft brings Node.js debugging to Visual Studio InfoWorld Node.js Tools 1.0 for Visual Studio supports deploying Node.js applications in Microsoft Azure NTVS is a free, open source extension for Visual...
    created by ryanrutan
  • Jive Anywhere + Gmail cartridge + Right-side chat

    Has anyone noticed that the Gmail cartridge for Jive Anywhere doe not work properly if “Right-side chat” is enabled in Gmail Labs? I’m using the version 3 Beta, if that matters.
    Joel Salomon
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  • How can I track who is following a blog?

    I don't see where the metrics are located to see how many users are following a blog thread. Is there a way to do this?
  • Unable to get content from trending api

    Hi All,   Im using Jive 7 and im unable to get content from trending api, I have a dev instance with eae service is up and running,   are there any configuration changes i need to do ?
  • External users

    Why does the external users can't upload the document in the external group?
  • Hide Avatar image in Jive Cloud

    Hi all,   Is it possible to hide the Avatar image of Space and Group in Jive cloud(jive-n). If so how? Thanks in Advance.   Regards, Niharika
    Niharika Kanwar
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  • What time zone in Jive do Arizona-based users select?

    I just got this comment from a user about Jive preferences:     I didn't see how  to amend to Arizona time zone as we are half the year as Mountain and half the year under Pacific time zone.   &...
    created by cservilio
  • Duplicate Place

    Hi Nils,   I have created a space in plain Jive while checked that same in using /places v3 services. Searched by place name and found two items with same name with different Ids. One of type place while other o...
    Divya Garg
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  • Follow a person via the osapi?

    Hi,   I notice that you can add users to your streams but can you PUT a person in your "following" list. I don't see a create or update method for this unless update Person is the method?   Thanks!
    Audra Blissett
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  • how to access system property on soy?

    Hi,      does any one know how to access system property on soy file? Regards, Ankit
    Ankit Saxena
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  • share on Android?

    With the new Android app,  how to "share" content (behind the scene heads-up  with other users) 
    Matt Laurenceau
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  • Unable to access/stop/restart my dev server

    Hi, I've been unable to access my dev environment. I tried restarting the server, but that fails too: I ran the apprestart sbs command and was notified that zero applications were stopped successfully (or started s...
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  • Is there a unsupported way to hide the header and footer?

    Hi Developers   I have already asked support and they said there is no OOTB way to suppress the header and footer on a per Jive page basis.  Does anyone have the CSS hack or other method?  I'm likening...
    Robin Bolton
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