• Going Live with News

    We're going live with News this weekend.  We've added a couple of custom tiles (Stock and a tile to Start a Webex or Hangout).   I'll report back on how it goes.   There will be 4 streams -- World...
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  • Control + Enter for posting note (Producteev)

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    Having to grab the mouse to enter the note or "post" the note after typing it out is not very effecient. Most other apps will have the ability to do a carriage return or to post you can ctrl+enter to actually post the...
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  • What would a 'Jive for Apple Watch' app do?

    Jive hasn't said anything about plans to create an Apple Watch app, but with so many recent announcements from app developers promising creative uses for Apple Watch's capabilities, I have to wonder: How could having ...
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  • Jive Ideation Module

    Overview of this module Jive Software has extended the innovation capabilities of Jive Social Business Software to include ideation. Companies who use Jive today inherently get a lift in innovation because of the solu...
    Eric Griswold
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  • Rocky Mountain User Group Meeting:  May 21, 2015

    Date/Time/Location  Date: May 21, 2015 Time: 3 - 6 pm   RSVP Here  Location: TeleTech 9197 South Peoria Street Englewood, CO 80112 Host: TeleTech Jason Alexander 571-277-1796 (mobile) ...
    Jason Alexander
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  • We have an older user that has left and we have added a new user. How do we get the new user onto a project? Who can we call for help if needed?

    We have an older user that has left and we have added a new user. How do we get the new user onto a project? Who can we call for help if needed?
    Saima Sarwar
    created by Saima Sarwar
  • update/delete activity entry. Can we delete a notification too?

    Hello,   Can we delete or update the activity stream entry and notifications? I came across this document: OpenSocial Social API Server Specification 2.5.0   Here I saw update and delete activity. Though ...
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  • osapi.http.post - proxy form post with www-form-urlencoded or multipart/form-data FormData support?

    Hey Ryan,   We're now utilizing Jives osapi.http.[get/put/post/delete] method with { authz: "signed" } when making API calls to our API services.   I've been using Jive Connects API - Client Application Co...
    Butch Marshall
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  • Bookmark Count for contents and User property using Rest Api

    Hi, I need to get the Bookmark counts of specific contents using Rest Api. I am using Jive 7.0.2 I tried this URL: https://<hostname>/api/core/v3/contents?sort=dateCreatedDesc&fields=%40all&filter=typ...
    Samarth Shekhar
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  • Training Documentation - Non English

    Hi Does training documentation/topics exist in languages other than English - for example French and Italian? Thanks
    Carol Barton
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  • Request for advice - LinkedIn profile visibility widget

    Hi,   Is someone able to assist me with setting this up at all?   Thanks, JF
    James Franklin
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  • Email hidden

    Hi, In jive 8 version hosted, i set user.default.displayEmailAdress = true.  However in admin console, for all user (external or internal),   email visibility is still everyone. May i miss something?
    luc kalaora
    created by luc kalaora
  • Outlook Plugin Support Needed

    getting the install to run without wrapping in SCCM but when we add to SCCM (followed the documentation) we are still getting errors.  I feel if we get someone on the phone we can knock this out
    Lisa Toombs
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  • Prettylinks in profile fields

    Is it in any way possible to get a pretty name for a hyperlink in a URL field of a user's profile? We would like to show something like this: Link instead of something like this http://www.someLink.com/campus-map/?vie...
    Daniel Gilbert
    created by Daniel Gilbert
  • JS People picker does not show external users

    I am starting to doubt myself, as I thought this was working:   The people picker dialog in the JS API (requestPicker in Jive JavaScript API v3.10 → osapi.jive.corev3.people class) does not return external...
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  • Activities web service lead to error if after paramenter value is passed

    Hello,   I see error message if after parameter is given in REST API Activity call as below. Can you please help how to pass value to after parameter in activities service?   https://ecn-staging.emc.com/ap...
    created by wipkands
  • Thoughts on Sharing from Personal blogs or Places

    Hello,   I was just interested in hearing some thoughts about the concept of sharing and how other Jivers use it to increase visibility of content. We are currently encouraging our senior members of staff to cre...
    Andrea Batatota
    created by Andrea Batatota
  • Can a search made with the REST API specified in a date/time filter?

    Hi Jive,      For example the following request:                https://community.jivesoftware.com/api/core/v3/activiti...
    Sikkandhar A
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  • Using Jive iOS SDK to manage Discussion

    Open video

    Fergal Mohan
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  • Producteev App improvements

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    Hi, we are Producteev users from some years. We appreciate it and all that you could do with it but I'm going to post here some MUST improvements that I think you should do in the next period. The calendar starts wi...
    Ivan Piani
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