• Jive daily

    Some of my colleagues asked me where to find the backslash in the iOS version of Jive daily. I'm using Android so I couldn't help. Is there a special trick? Thanks in advance.
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  • How to Access the Official Jive Developer Sandbox

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  • How to Join This Community and Get Customer-Only or Partner Access

    How to Join This Community How to Get Customer-Only Access How to Get Partner Access   Looking for customer-exclusive content in this community? If so, you are in luck! You can get access to custome...
    Libby Taylor
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  • How do you create a backup of Jive spaces?

    We are moving away from Jive and would like to know if Jive provides any backup/export features
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  • cannot receive a reset password

    Team,   I can't received reset password mail, I has disabled anti-spam still can't received, can you help to solve it?   There is my user account tiger@litekco.com
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  • Producteev - notification emails stopped working

    Hi,   Notification emails across my entire network have stopped being received.  I have been on to our email provider and white-listed "@producteev.com" but still no messages are getting through to any of m...
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  • Notifications and password reset e-mails not coming in. Bounce list?

    Hello team,   recently any e-mail messages (notifications, password reset messages etc.) are not coming to neither me nor our client anymore. E-mails do get received, however, by coworkers of both of us, which p...
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  • Producteev app for os x is not available from Mexico

    Hi, Producteev app for os x is not available from Mexico via AppStore.   Thanks
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  • What is the problem with Producteev?

    Hellooo?????? Is anyone here??????????????????? I am still waiting answer to my queston from 31.01.2018. and I can`t beleive what is happening. No reaction till now.   The only thing I see is frivolous attitud...
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  • Convert To Discussion: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

    I'm trying to use Jive for Outlook to convert an existing email thread into a Jive discussions. However, when I attempt to post my discussion I receive the following error:   Can't post discussion. Object refer...
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  • Is the .Net client for the Jive API being maintained?

    Ryan Rutan Is anyone from Jive maintaining the .Net API? There has not been any activity on the GitHub repo since Nov 9, 2016, and there are a number of open pull requests including one I just added.   Pull Requ...
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  • Is there a way to get a list of unregistered and deactive accounts?

    Is there a way to export a .CSV of accounts that were created, never registered, and since deactivated? For example, this could happen for an employee who never showed up to work on day-one, even though an account was...
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  • Can you load more than one video on a blogpost and get them not to play all at once?

    Hi,   My CMO did a series of short videos in her blog post and when they play they all play together. is there any way to work around or fix this?
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  • Looking for Jive Engineer - SF South Bay or Remote

    We have an opportunity for an experienced Jive Engineer/Developer.   Show your value with these top requirements: Hands-on Jive8 and Jive9 experience Experience developing custom features and plugins using the...
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  • Known Issues in Jive 9.0.3

    Component Problem ID Severity Release Notes Title Admin Console, Theming CUSTOM-4810 S1 Themes created with some language characters are not saved and do not appear as available themes Widgets and Tiles CUSTOM-4736 S2...
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  • Rest API Basic Authentication with german Umlauts

    Hi im currently working with the Rest API on different jive environments and discovered an issue. When I'm using my own user (On all environments the username is Calvin_Schröder by default) i can't run my requ...
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  • How can I add new tiles on pages?

    I have deleted tiles for content on a page and tried to change the content on existing tiles with no success.  How can I add new tiles for content to a page?
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  • Is it possible to know what stream users are following a place in?

    It's pretty easy to tell what users are following a particular space or group however we've recently become interested in understanding how many of those users are following the place in their "Inbox" stream aka will ...
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  • DES Issues Global?

    Is anyone else having problems with the DES? We haven't been able to login via the API explorer or run any of our scripts since Friday 2/16. We've had a Sev1 case open but haven't noticed anything on the status page (...
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    There is widespread agreement that the Information Age will continue to see significant – if not exponential – growth in the volume of data that we create as employees (and consumers). Not only does this k...
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