• Name and Email Visibility

    Summary One potentially confusing aspect of managing your community is ensuring that your users' email addresses and names are exposed only to the people who should see them. The default configuration for these settin...
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  • Chicago User Group Members - Add Your Name

    I am not sure if people will find this helpful, but I saw one from another user's group (in London) and thought it was a good idea. Update if you feel so inclined.   Name Job Title Company Name Internal/External ...
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  • Finding the Content ID and Place ID using Jive v3 API

    Summary Understanding the Different Types of IDs Content IDs Place IDs How do I find the correct content ID or place ID for the v3 API? Option 1: Using the Search filter Option 2: Using the entit...
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  • How to Abandon My Jive Community Profile (Stop Emails)

    FAQ Q: Why is deleting my account from the Jive Community not "1 click away"? A: As with any online community, there is a constant balance between system need and user demand.  From a system perspective, Jive has...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Is it possible to embed the registration into a public HTML page?

    For the registrants of our community, there are a number of restrictions we want them to be aware of before they register. Since it is not possible to modify the registration form itself with additional text, we plan ...
    Kevin Barrett
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  • Installing the GoDaddy intermediary certificate into the Java 7 TrustStore for Jive 7

    Summary What does the issue look like? Who is affected by this issue? How do I install the GoDaddy intermediary certificate? Related Materials   Summary Chrome and other browsers are now phasi...
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  • 'includeBlogs=true' not working when pulling content from the parent place

    Hi Jive Developers,   I'm trying to pull all content generated in a place, but I'm having a hard time getting the content from sub-spaces as blogs.   For example, I'm trying to get all content in this plac...
    Alberto Rodríguez
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  • HTML Widget: How to add column filters and search capability to any jive table on an overview page.

    The Problem  Users need the ability to column-filter and search across large tables and also maintain the ability to edit the table. Formatted Text widgets do not permit JavaScript to be added to them and even ...
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  • Analytics Data Model

    Overview of Design Activity Fact Table Aggregate Fact Tables Jive Object Dimension User Dimension User Profile Fields Profile Fields Time Dimensions Analytics Event Code Reference O...
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  • Sample HTML: From yulia.serova@ext.ec.europa.eu, To bart.verhaegen@ext.ec.europa.eu

    Message Routing  Property Value Message Sent From yulia.serova@ext.ec.europa.eu Message Sent To bart.verhaegen@ext.ec.europa.eu Message Copied To gabch Message Sent Via Email   Message Content  M...
    Bart Verhaegen
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  • Forms Template: Yulia Template

    Note: This template will be available to the Forms App as soon as the Jive search index has been updated to include this document. The default tag 'fbldr_template' has been automatically added, which will make this te...
    Julia SEROVA
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  • Status Updates for Projects

    Hi there, how can I enable Status Updates, when setting up a new project in our jive community. Some Projects show the line, where to enter a status update and some don't.   Is there a difference in the templa...
    Sascha Poggemann
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  • Qestion test alice[http://bing.com]

    Qestion test alice[http://bing.com]
    Diao Jing
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  • Can you please confirm the below system limitations

    In Jive Cloud, can you confirm the following system limitations:   Spaces/Sub-spaces: No limit to the number able to be created Groups: No limit to the number able to be created Content Categories: Maximum of ...
    Tania O'Brien
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  • Deploying Jive for office in Citrix - Extreme performance impact

    I was curious if any changes were planned for the Jive for office plugin as it relates to Citrix. Aside from the items listed here: Deploying Jive For Office/Outlook in Citrix Environment is there anything else that ...
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  • How to Rename Structured Outcomes

    Summary  Jive allows users to mark pieces of content as having a certain outcome, like "Decision", "Final", "Helpful", and so on.  These are called Structured Outcomes in Jive.   These various outco...
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  • Is there a guide for widgets?

    Sometimes I feel like I'm missing something. Although most Jive widgets are self-explanatory, for me as the ECM at least, there are some that I can't figure out how to use. If I can't, how can I expect my users to? An...
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  • Bay Area User Group Meeting -- Thursday, May 14

    Date/Time/Location  Date: Thursday, May 14 Time: 3:00pm - 8:00pm RSVP Here  Location: Wells Fargo Corporate Learning Center 333 Market Street (at Fremont Street) 2nd Level of Annex Building, San Francisco,...
    Kelly Carlsted
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  • Badge Counter/Inbox inconsistencies between site and mobile app

    I have recieved multiple reports from users (and have experienced myself) an inconsistency between the push notifications (aka badges) and read/unread notifications on the mobile app and regular site. Is there any way...
    Melanie Giuliani
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  • Save the Date: Chicago User Group Meeting on Friday, June 5 2015 at Discover

    Chicago User Group Members -- By default everyone who lives in the Chicagoland area or can join us for a meeting is a member of this group. Add your name to our directory: Chicago User Group Members - Add Your Name &...
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