Version 3

    Theme for ClearspaceX: DarkX


    Theme files attached below as



    Works only with Clearspace X 1.2.  I need to do a few tweaks to get it working in 1.3 and 1.4.




    This theme uses the color scheme of Clearspace X, but with a dark twist. The default white background was changed to black with purple colors similar to the Clearspace X logo were used as highlights in text and other areas (see attached screenshot). I did this theme mostly for people to use as an example of a simple theme when writing other themes, and because it was fun to write!




    • Unzip the file into your jiveHome/themes directory.

    • Log into the Admin console

    • Navigate to System -> Settings -> Themes

    • Under Global theme map, click "change global theme"

    • DarkX should appear in the drop down list

    • Select DarkX and click "set global theme"


    Requirements and caveats


    Minimal testing was done on this theme. It is known to work in Firefox with Clearspace X version 1.2 beta.




    • README.html

    • account-success.ftl

    • custom-css.ftl


    More Information


    Please see the readme file for more information.