Version 1

    Source: The request could not be validated as originating from within the SBS application"

    Author: Jared Smith-Mickelson

    # replace the values of these two variables with your own  
    curlcmd=(curl -b cookies -c cookies)  
    read -s -p 'Password: ' password; echo  
    rm -f cookies  
    # generate a JSESSIONID  
    "${curlcmd[@]}" "$coreapi/v2/authentication/formlogin" --data "username=$username&password=$password"  
    # generate a X-JCAPI-Token with any GET request  
    "${curlcmd[@]}" -s "$coreapi/v3/people/@me" > /dev/null  
    while read f{1..5} name token; do  
        [ "$name" = 'X-JCAPI-Token' ] && break  
    done < cookies  
    "${curlcmd[@]}" "$coreapi/v3/contents" -H 'Content-type: application/json' -H "X-JCAPI-Token: $token" --data-binary '{  
          "type": "text/html",  
          "text": "<body><p>My new status update.</p></body>"  
      "type": "update",  
      "parent": "'"$coreapi"'/v3/people/@me"