Version 2

    New functionality for a better understanding of the discussion


    The new interface doesn't just look better, it also has new functionality. One of the more powerful new features are Themes. They allow you to see topics that are being discussed and how they relate. It's quite different than the old word cloud that you can see below the themes box.


    How does it work?


    Lets start with the Themes:

    • The big bold phrase/word is the Theme. The Themes are different than the topics in the word cloud in the sense that the articles don't necessarily need to mention the themes. The text analysis engine automatically suggests these themes based on the relevant content.
    • The smaller words are the associated phrases.
    • The graphs give you an idea of the discussion volume and trends, as well as the sentiment for the theme.
    • You can click the Graph button to get another view that shows how the themes are connected.
    • The themes are scored and ranked by volume.
    • Clicking a theme will filter the search results based on the theme (creates an AND search with the theme).

    And now the Word cloud:

    • Each word represents a phrase that has been mentioned often.
    • The larger the word the more mentions are behind it. You can also see the list on the right with the count of mentions.
    • Clicking a word will filter the search results by that topic (creates an AND search for the topic).
    • You can download the word cloud by clicking the download button.


    Themes are a powerful new feature. Check it out and let us know what we can do to improve it.