Version 2

    Get to know the people better


    Get to know the authors participating in your community better. In the new interface you can see more information about the number of people participating in the discussion and who they are.


    How does it work?

    • The default list shows you the top contributing authors, how many times they post and where. It also shows you their sentiment levels.
    • You can press the most positive and most negative options at the top of the list to view the authors that are the most positive/negative.
    • The graph on the right shows you the activity distribution of the authors. The x-axis represents the number of posts and the y-axis the number of authors. It's common that many authors only post once and as the post frequency increases the number of authors decreases.
    • You can also see the basic stats on the right for your search.


    If you click an author you open up the author drawer with more information about that author.


    How does it work?

    • At the top you see the lifetime activity information and the post trend graph. This information is for the lifetime of the authors and not specific to the loaded search.
    • Next come the meta data that applies to the author.
    • Below that you can see the related authors. These are authors that participate in many of the same threads.
    • Even further down (not in the picture), you'll see the themes and the top topics for that author as well as the latest posts the author has written.


    Getting to know your community is vital for it's success! We hope the author information allows you to understand better the people that participate.