Version 3

    Not all posts are created equal. Some are short, others are long. Some are positive, others are negative. Still some are written with intensity, others are not. What does it mean that a post is written with intensity or that a message is considered intense. Well, with Jive Insights Advanced we've started to show you the post intensity and making intensity searchable.


    Intensity is a great feature for combining with sentiment. Now you can specifically address issues that are negative and high in intensity. There's a subtle difference between negative posts and negative-intense posts. The former can indicate general annoyance, whereas the latter could be indicative of a more prominent dissatisfaction.


    How does it work?

    Intensity estimates how intense the author is in conveying his/hers point. People that write in all caps or use a lot of exclamation points can be seen as more intense. The algorithm behind this is smarter than that though, it's also based on the words used and other neat things.

    The intensity is displayed in the post drawer below the Date and above the Labels.



    Combining intensity and sentiment for more accurate results


    The intensity of posts is also searchable. This means you can add a filter to search for posts that are low, medium or high in intensity. Combining this with sentiment can be quite powerful in identifying posts and authors that are highly dissatisfied.

    When creating a new search you can find the intensity filter in the list and set the sub-filter as intensity is/is not to include or exclude a particular intensity. There are three levels of intensity: low, medium, and high.

    When you've added the filters you are interested in you can click search or refresh.