Version 3

    Perhaps the most valuable aspect of being able to analyzing your community is sharing those insights with others. With the Jive Insights Advanced Online Reports, sharing is made easy. You can easily create an online report about any search on any topic, author, thread or source. The reports can span specific date ranges or summarize the last week, month or quarter.


    How does it work?

    When you've create a new search you can view the results and verify that they represent what you want to share. When you're certain that you want to create a report from the results you can click the export menu at the top of the search builder. From there select online report.


    To view all of your online reports you can select the view all reports option in the drop down. They are also accessible from the black bar at top under reports.


    From the reports popup you can find the old reports and share them via email.


    Clicking the mail icon will open up your preferred email client and attach a link to the report.


    Once you've created a report you can open it. The report is generated as a webpage with HTML content. From there you can choose what boxes you want to include, change the title and write a description, password protect it and write descriptions for each of the boxes.


    The report can be printed and shared via email by clicking the buttons on top of the page. When writing a description the report is auto saved when you focus the mouse out of the description box, to be safe it's best to click save report at the top of the page.


    The report is easily shared with links and the recipients will see what you see but are unable to change the content (descriptions and titles).