Version 2

    Meet the more intuitive and flexible search builder


    Creating searches is essential to the usability of Jive Insights Advanced. After some great feedback from clients, we decided that our search builder needed to be more intuitive and flexible to meet different needs. Here's what we came up with:


    How does it work?

    Click the new search button in the top left corner.

    Give your search a descriptive name.

    Use the search bar to set the parameters that you want to search for (see below for more details).

    Add the search criteria you want by clicking the plus sign at the end of the search parameters (you can delete by clicking the minus).

    Set the correct parameters in the dropdown menus or write them in.

    Click search when your ready to see the results!

    This is the basic way of doing it. If you are a power-use you might want to know the details about how the search builder works.


    The details

    The search bar is really smart and can understand most of what you're trying to search for. Just start typing in the parameters you want to add to your search and see the suggestions made. For example, you can add a date constraint or a sentiment constraint just by typing the appropriate words in.


    "Last 24 hours" will set the date parameters to the last 24 hours. "Negative" will suggest setting the sentiment to negative. Just try it out and see for yourself!


    If you feel more comfortable choosing the parameters on your own you can do it by using the plus/minus signs. Just use the drop down menus to set the right search parameters or type in the words you want search for.


    Superusers can write in their own boolean search!


    The new search builder is more intuitive and will speed up the basic task of creating a search.