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    The Community Discovery module distills thousands of online conversations into actionable business insights delivered via an easy-to-understand Insight dashboard.  At a glance you can identify the topics of most concern to your online community and quickly drill-down to the specific content behind the insights. Jive's Community Discovery module is powered by an integration with Networked Insights' engagement and sentiment analysis engine.  On a nightly basis, the plugin transmits an extract of user-generated content (posts) to Networked Insights where it is analyzed and presented in dashboard reporting format.


    The insights delivered by the Community Discovery module give community managers and business analysts immediate access to the tenor of the conversations taking place in their online communities. An insight is derived from the analysis of content in relevant posts around a specific topic and is presented on the Insight dashboard in relationship to other insights based on level of engagement and sentiment. Engagement tells you how popular the topic is, and sentiment tells you the collective mood around the topic. Insights can be discovery based, "What are my customers/employees talking about and how do they feel about it?" or keyword driven, "How do my customers/employees feel about topic X?"





    In order to use the Community Discovery module you will need to have purchased this capability. This feature is compatible with Jive 3.0 and above.

    The plugin will perform an extracts and uploads the file via FTP to a remote location. The Jive core application requires making outbound FTP connections on port 21 to


    Installation Steps


    1. Download and install the plugin. A restart of the application server is required.
    2. In the admin console navigate to Reporting | Settings | Jive Insights
    3. Check Enable Data Transfer, enter the username and password credentials supplied and click Save Settings







    The extract and load will automatically run as part of the nightly data mart data load process. Login credentials to the reporting dashboard will be forwarded once the data transfer has been validated.

    Community Discovery Version Compatibility Matrix

    Community Discovery 5.0.0 - Jive 5.0.x

    6.30.2011 - New release for 5.0.0.



    Community Discovery 1.6.1 - Jive 4.5.x

    1.14.2011 - Updated Plugin Downloads - Adding new version that adds functionality for 4.5.x & combining all supported versions to a single plugin page. Scott W.