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    I just finished a webcast yesterday and would love any and all help from Jivespace community members in answering the ton of questions that I just didn't have time to answer during the webcast itself.  I'll try to answer as many as possible over the next week but am providing this link to everyone (all 2,045) who registered for the webcast.  Also, if interested, read my pre-webcast blog post - Winning in the conversation economy -- Marketing success stories for additional context.


    For a super gold star feel free to create a separate discussion thread in Jivespace, answer it, ask for more thoughts, and come back here and paste the link under the question (I know, that's asking a lot).





    How do you control negative comments about your organization?

    General rule is that 5%-10% of posts are going to be negative.  It's part of being authentic.  At the same time, stepping in quickly and just responding can easily diffuse someone's anger or negativity and change their tune.



    one aspect that is lagging even further   behind is the aspect of do we (1) measure success and (2)   bill for/pay for marketing services?

    Good thread on ROi and measurement here - Reviewing ROI/ROA models for online business communities...


    As a start up company that has no real brand awareness how can marketers ensure that there is ROI from social media marketing and how can that be measured?

    Fair question because ROI can be tough to measure.  Then again, what's the ROI of email.  That was simply a better communication medium at the time as social media is now.  The question and concern is more around why would companies not engage in a communication channel that both consumers and business people have widely adopted and use (80%+ for both).  In my opinion, it's no longer about being on the leading edge here, Marketer's who don't invest in this are likely to RIP as the rest of the world moves forward.  I've always loved this video that was done a couple years back that drives this point home.



    Though most of my 2010 budgets are not dedicated to social, but i would say 25% of my efforts will be placed in generating engagement. Am I on the wrong track?

    Not according to most analysts.  Top performers are investing that percentage and more into social.


    Demonstrate how social media acquires leads?

    This can be tricky, no doubt.  I'll highlight one customer here - Nike.  They not only saw leads from their community, they saw sales.  In this BusinessWeek article they talk about seeing 40% of community members switching to Nike.

    Also, this is a great slide deck where they talk more about it-


    Does Social Media Marketing apply at ALL to hyper-niche products being sold in B2B environments such as   Industrial/Public Safety/GOVT/Military???

    Yes, absolutely.  Example I'm very familiar with-


    Do you think social media is for SMB?   Cause the sense I have is that all of the companies that are making money out of social media are large companies.

    Social Media is actually levels the playing field dramatically for small companies because it's no longer about huge advertising budgets.


    how do you protect those social threads   from competitive tampering and spin? (that produces negative content)

    Moderation can be an effective tool to minimize these types of issues.  But also, if a competitor is coming in and not being authentic it's usually pretty easy to call them out and get the community itself to turn on them.



    Can small businesses, that may not have   budgets for all this integrated into own site, do this as effectively using   existing social networking channels (Facebook, Twitter, industry networking   sites, etc.)?


    what about medical device companies?


    When you open your site for discussions   aren't you allowing competitor information to appear and negative posts by   competitors.


    How can ad agencies package and provide   social media services and sell them to clients?


    will you touch on video?


    My company, which offers healthcare IT   databases and consulting services, is just getting started with Twitter,   Facebook and LinkedIn. What advice can you give me in using these social   networks to connect with prospects and customers?


    what is "jive"? is it a   community-building site?


    do you have examples of small businesses   employing the strategies you're suggesting?


    How does Jive differ from Evolve24 and   the Radian6 tool for media/public conversation analysis? What differentiates   Jive?


    D & A - what do you think is next in   terms of social media?


    How can big industry B2B players use   what's been discussed in this workshop? Leadership in our company says our   customers aren't using social media for problem resolution and discovery.   What data indicates they are wrong?


    How do you suggest starting with enabling   real-time research and social marketing? I am the VP of BD and Marketing for   two companies.


    Do you have examples of retailers using   these social media strategies?


    How do you invite people into your   community and keep them to come back and actually POST on your forum lets   say...


    How can you leverage social media to   reach out to certain indutries like the government?


    With Facebook what is better a group page   or a fan page as they both seem similiar and have some differences?


    My company currently follows a handful of   forums that are related to our own company, and it is well known that we read   and respond to all threads that are related to our products and company, but   we do not have a forum on our own site. What would the benefits of having our   own forum for communication instead of utilizing 3rd party forums as an   involved community member?


    What is a good ROI metric to apply to   social media investment? Heads, content creation and other resources.


    There's no question that companies need   to worry about their social media brand and footprint on the web. How do you   suggest companies approach their individual employees’ participation on   sites like Facebook and LinkedIn which lists employer info or is even   substantially based on employer info.


    Does either company have strategic   relationships with th Social Media companies or the ERP/CRM vendors? What   about large Integrators (IBM, Accenture) Steve


    Re: where do I start -- do you prefer a   blank page or an up and running website?


    What is the % of the Government agencies   that social media?


    Any suggestions for getting old school   sales reps to buy into the social media type of engagement...versus the   telepone. Some tips or advice since Social Media is still a bit more   difficult to measure its effectiveness this has been a difficult sell.


    How do you deal with a company   environment where the online strategy is geared around   "controlling" negative publicity/online conversations, verses   actually engaging customers and changing internal core problems that need to   be addressed? How many companies are using SM as propaganda PR verses real   customer engagement?


    Are any web analytics tools including   metricx relevant to social behavior?


    how about if the negative conversations   are smear campaigns by competitors?


    Can you suggest social media for   companies that have much more rigid media and PR policies?


    Any analytic software to gauge your   business social awareness?