Version 1


    Allows unsubscribe from all e-mails by one click without needs to log in or go through a confirmation e-mail.


    Unique Link for unsubscribe is generated by plugin and needs to be used in Email Template (e.g. digest or footer).

    Link has format {jiveURL}/unsubscribe.jspa?username={username}&sh={securityhash} and is unique for particular user.



    Installation steps

    • Install plugin via Jive Admin console
    • Restart Jive application
    • Add new Jive System Property with key jboss.unsubscribe.securitykey with any value. Keep this value secret.
    • Add a unsubscribe link to message template like Email Digest or Email Footer by this code
    <#assign objectConstructor = "freemarker.template.utility.ObjectConstructor"?new()>
    <#assign unsubscribeHelper = objectConstructor("")>
    ${EmailNotificationHelper.generateTrackableURL(emailTemplateName, jiveURL + unsubscribeHelper.createSecuredUnsubscribeLink(user))}

    Note: Line no. 4 generates unsubscribe link.


    Tested Environments

    • Jive 6.0.3


    Issue Tracker

    If you find any issue or have any idea please create an issue directly on github -


    Plugin Support

    This plugin IS NOT supported by Jive, and use of this plugin should be done at the user's discretion, or as advised by their Jive Support representative.


    Copyright and License

    The Apache Software License, Version 2.0