Version 1

    Product / Feature name: Analytics DB and Analytics Service in Jive 7

    Compatible with: Jive Custom 7, Jive Cloud

    Release Date: Jive Custom 7, Jive Cloud



    Overview: With Jive 7, Jive is introducing a new Analytics Service. This service will power the new Impact Metrics features, a Data Export API, and eventually all of Community Manager Reports.


    What's changed / what's new: Upon upgrade and enabling of the Analytics Service - activity events (e.g. user A created Doc B in group C) will be sent to the analytics service which runs in the Jive data center. These events will then be processed and used to drive Impact Metrics, CMR, and the Data Export API. From an end user perspective, there should be no visible change except the existence of Impact Metrics.


    Technical implications:

    • Security/Authentication: When the Analytics Service is enabled - activity data will be sent to Jive's data center. The service exists in both US and EMEA data centers. The data is sent over an encrypted channel (SSL) and is stored per tenant in the service.
    • Permission/Access: End users will get access to their specific Impact Metrics and Group level CMR reports (transparent to them). To access the Data Export API, admin users will have to provision API access via the new Add-ons section. There they generate a named client ID and client secret pair that can be distributed to whomever needs access to the data. This key can be revoked by the admin at any time.


    Installation notes: For hosted and on prem customers upon upgrade to Jive 7 the option to enable the Analytics Service becomes available. When the service is enabled, activity that had been captured by the analytics DB will be "played" into the cloud service. This process may take multiple days depending on the amount of data. After the upgrade, the analytics DB and the Analytics Service will both be running. We will offer the option to remove the analytics DB completely in a future 7.0.x release - for now we will use the Analytics DB as a reference to ensure we have complete coverage of activity and to ensure a smooth transition from using the Analytics DB for custom reporting into using the new Data Export API.


    For on prem customers who choose not to use the Analytics Service, the Analytics DB will remain the primary source for activity data. For these customers, certain Impact Metrics features are degraded - namely referrer tracking and email counts.