Version 2

    Before you go 60-90 Days ...


    1. Full Pilot option Checklist
    2. 5% Pilot Option checklist
    3. What does the ROI say?


    Objection Handling
    The underlying premise of all objection Handling for the 60 day pilot is that this is meant to be

    • Something you can spin up fast
    • No need for IT assistance
    • Just trying to get out of email
    • Free

    This is the core of any objection handling

    1. SSO: In due time but we can pick a use case and a small set of users so this can be controlled.
    2. Sharepoint: Do you really think you can get a hole poked through the firewall and then hooked up? Recall this si a free pilot. tailor the use cases and look at reduction in email
    3. Custom Theme: Speed
    4. External: can you show something to clients and take it away? Use an account team or field reps as a stand in
    5. Hosted/On Prem : really should be a paid pilot

    Prequalification of 60-90 Days Pilot

    Jive Qualifications

    1. Must have Jive RVP approval
    2. Both Rep and SE must participate regularly (daily) in the Pilot.  Both must monitor the Ask Jive group within the Pilot for any questions asked by the prospect.
    3. Customer must commit to participating in a SE-led Strategy Workshop along with a Design and Training session.
    4. Customer must agree to allow Jive to create an Ask Jive Group which will be used in support of the Pilot and be monitored by the Jive Account team for any technical questions that may arise.
    5. Reached out to alliances for partner assistance. If there is a partner who has done this and is willing to help it increases your chance of success.

    Customer Qualifications

    1. Must have access Business Stakeholder – Executive sponsorship
    2. Defined Project / Budget / Timeline
      1. Defined Deadlines
      2. Must have a project team with Advocates from various BU’s to help with Community Management
        1. Solving the Community Manager Issue
      3. Good Use Cases for Your Prospect to Begin With (2 at the most)
        1. A future event with a defined date is a good milestone
        2. Could be a specific project with a team deliverables
        3. Must must be a “real” use case versus just kicking the technical tires. 
    3. Must have an identified group of participating users tied to a specific use. Can’t be just a wide use case without a specific target.

                       i. 0 to 10 Jive For Team. Adjustment -> shorten the pilot

                      ii. 11 to 30 Big Team. Adjustment -> strong community Manager

                     iii.  31 to 50 too big without veteran community management. Look to bring in partner help or subdivide team into 10 or 12 person spaces

    Measurements Sources

    1. CMR
    2. Cloud Tools

    Prerequisites to conducting the Pilot Strategy Workshop:

      1. Have prospect request TryJive trial, following the steps in PARTNER REP-SE Pilot Checklist Template: Getting Started

    Weeks 1 & 2:  Pilot Strategy Workshop, Plan & Design focus

    (The workshop covers an express version of the Plan and Design phases of Jive methodology.120_Strat_Deck.pptx

    Objectives: Plan

      1. Get Agreement on Goals and Objectives of the Pilot
        1. CHAWhat are they trying to accomplish by the end of the pilot? (Keep it real. 1 - 2 use cases only. Good Use Cases for Your Prospect to Begin With
        2. What are their timeframes?
      2. Landscape
        1. What are their biggest pain points?
        2. What are their current tools being used today?
        3. Describe an example workflow or process.
        4. What systems are they using today?
      3. Member Definitions
        1. Who is their audience?
          1. Launch Group and KM team.  Will include some Marketing folks.
          2. Will need to include Mark's team on a 2nd usecase
        2. Is everyone needed for this task invited?
        3. How are they doing their job today?
        4. How are they currently connecting with others to do their jobs?
      4. Get Agreement on Success Metrics
        1. How will you measure success?
        2. Guide them to something achievable.  Maybe in the form of a survey or Poll.
          1. Was it easy for you to engage in conversation, ask questions, etc?
          2. Was it easy for you to pull others into a discussion to get work done.
          3. Was it more effective to collaborate within Groups then in what you were doing before?


      1. Define site’s Purpose and its defining characteristics
        1. This will be reliant on use cases defined in Week 1.
        2. Consider if you will need Overview Pages, Landing Pages, Lobby’s, etc.
      2. Structure site to meet overall pilot goals and objectives
        1. What taxonomy will you need in place?
        2. Groups?  Spaces?  External Groups?
        3. How will users navigate to these areas?
      3. Design key views, groups, spaces
        1. What will these areas look like?
        2. How do the end users consume the content?  What do they need to see?
        3. Consider “gamification” elements like “Featured Users”
        4. Have customer create Welcome blog that clearly states the purpose of the pilot and expectations for participating in the pilot
        5. Create Ask Jive Group.  This group will be used for users to ask questions.
        6. Get necessary design elements (graphics) from customer.  Develop theme.
      4. System Variables of interest
        • Turn On and Off Getting Started
        • Lock overview page as default landing page
        • Turn off group creation
        • Internal vs external nav bar
        • Redirect Help to ask Jive group
      5. Configure application to support goals and objectives
        1. Outlook & Office Connector
        2. Mobile
        3. Video
        4. External Groups
        5. Others?

    Tasks - Plan

    Pre-qualify that this is a good fit for the structured process of a 120 day pilotRep / SECompleted
    Create JC Group (via SFDC) for Customer and create Project to track Pilot progress (project CORE in tryjive)RepCompleted
    Schedule Strategy WorkshopRep / SECompleted
    Lead Strategy Workshop to identify use case(s), advocates, and participantsRep / SECompleted
    Outline Next StepsRep / SECompleted
    Have customer register for Try JiveSE / CustomerCompleted
    Have customer invite Rep and SE to PilotSE / CustomerCompleted
    Have customer make SE an admin of the Pilot instanceSE / CustomerCompleted
    Create and provision Ask Jive GroupSECompleted
    Invite Rep to Ask JiveSECompleted
    Rep and SE create custom Stream for Ask Jive and set email notificationRep / SECompleted
    Rep and SE create a Private Group to coach community ManagerSECompleted

    Tasks - Design

    Schedule Design Session / Review for identified use casesRep / SE
    Configure Jive Pilot Instance along with customer Community AdminSE / Customer
    Pre-seed necessary content in Ask Jive (Toolkit Quick get started documents, Jive Training Videos)SE
    Demo use cases for Sponsors and Advocates.  Obtain "sign off"Rep / SE


    MilestoneExpected Result
    Well themed Landing PageInitially done by Jive
    Launch BlogWritten by or ghost written for business sponsorred_flag.png If the business sponsor is reluctant to welcome the users the question has to be asked if the right owner is bought in.

    Key Assets

      1. Use 120-day Pilot Strategy Workshop Template to lead the onsite strategy workshop.

    red_flag.png In order to have a successful pilot, you will needs the answers to the questions in the Plan Phase Objective section.Outcomes

      1. Summarized next steps from the Workshop
      2. Well documented use cases with clearly identified participants.

    red_flag.pngIf use case(s) or participant / players are not clearly identified, customers will need to do some homework.

    Week 3:  Launch

    Launch Phase Objectives

    1. Define Pilot Stakeholder and Advocate (Champion) engagement and communication plan.
      1. Welcome Blog
        1. SAMPLE - Maria K Pilot for sample "Welcome Blog"
      2. On-going Advocate / Champion participation in the community
    2. Provide Training for Advocates and Stakeholders
    3. Assist Advocate with training for users (onsite recommended)
    4. Theme landing page for inital calls to action
    5. Determine Incentives to drive participation and engagement
      1. Featured User Highlight
      2. Contest


    Schedule and deliver Training / Lunch & Learn with Advocates and Community ManagerRep / SE
    Have stakeholder / Pilot Lead author Welcome Blog with clear calls to actions and expectationsSE / Customer
    Deliver end of week one lunch and LearnTopics
    • Email Notifications
    • Streams
    • @mention !app
    • Walk users thru initial use case execution
    • Close by setting up a poll in AskJive polling on next things to train on
    SE / Customer
    Feature users and advocates.  Come up with "incentives" and "rewards" that will help drive participationSE / Rep / Customer
    Rep and SE participate daily in Ask Jive Group.** Try not to answer questions outside of Ask Jive.  Have advocates funnel questions to JiveRep / SE
    Post Metrics in Community Manager coaching groupWeek one should be climbing rapidlyDiscuss Mobile "Launch" beginning of week 4. Have community manager post the blog and announcementDay2PVs.JPG    feb14-groups.JPGred_flag.png If you don't see a rapid rise in PVs your launch may be questionable. revisit week 2 assumptions and rerun launch. Shorten weeks 6 thru 12 to make up for time

    Week 4 and 5: Manage / Measure (and beyond)

    Manage / Measure Phase Objectives

    1. Define Roles and Responsibilities for on-going management of the Pilot during the 120 days.
    2. Come up with Key Metrics of Success and how that will be measured
    3. On-going refinement of overall usecase and process to deliver value.
      1. Bi-Monthly check-in to review pilot progress.


    Define roles and responsibilities with Advocates, Community Manager, Stakeholders, and JiversRep / SE
    Review CMR's with Community ManagerSE / Customer
    Schedule bi-monthly meetings with Community Manager (Pilot Lead) and AdvocatesRep / SE
    Monitor Ask Jive Group and CommunityRep / SE
    Introduce Mobile with announcement and Blog. Ghost write if needed for Community ManagerREP/SE
    Getting Started will let people start a lot of discussions without putting them in places. Be diligent about moving them when possible from personal container into groups/spaces.Rep/SE
    Deliver second training webex based on feedback from session 1
    Discuss todo s in Community Manager coaching groupMetrics should still be high.Watch Profile completeness and pay attention to working groups. The expectations is that they are the buy places (vs the water cooler or ask jive)Discuss a tweak to the landing pageDay2PVs.JPG    feb14-groups.JPG


    MilestoneExpected Result
    New landing PageA refresh of landing page content undertaken and completed by the community Managerred_flag.png If the community manager is unable to tune the landing page and answer questions proceed to remedial training. You have a risk here.
    100% loginsBy week 4 this is your pool of users.
    50% profile completenessSince getting started drives to profile we want to see people investing in profiles

    Week 6 - Week 12:

    Cheer leadingWeeks 6 thru 12 are called cheerlead because it is expected that the use case is under way in earnest.Get them thinking post-pilot, introducing various integrations that will boost their use cases (and bring us more dollars.)  Share ideas! Praise their efforts! Keep them excited!Be on the lookout for new advocates and offer them encouragement.Task

    Week 6: Blog and Introduce Jive for Office/Outlook. Solicit feedback and gauge effectiveness of messageRep / SE
    Week 8: Blog and Introduce Jive Anywherek. Solicit feedback and gauge effectiveness of messageSE / Customer
    Week 9 Midway checkpoint. Go for early close. Onsite meeting with business Sponsor and community managerRep / SE
    Week 10: Post a BS Blog discussing the close.
    • Next phase
    • Strategy use case
    • cloud/on Prem/hosted
    • theming
    • SSO requirements
    • Security Requirements
    • Additional modules needed


    red_flag.png if the answer to any of the above is "no idea" there is an issue

    Rep / SE
    Monitor Ask Jive Group and CommunityRep/SE

    Post Metrics in Community Manager coaching group


    Leveling off and steady is OK provided that the use case is proceeding


    Day2PVs.JPG    feb14-groups.JPG


    red_flag.png If If PVs are dropping quickly evaluate use case completion. If complete proceed to wrap up Phase. If use case has stalled reexamine week 2 and 3 assumptions and rapidly adjust course




    MilestoneExpected Result
    Ask Jive is tailing offThe goal is have a community manager start to take this by the horns and answer a lot of questions

    Hallmark of this phase is that people are interested in their points or the popularity of their groups. Theme accordingly

    New FansWe should see new use cases and fans by this point.
    Build next step DocumentStart building presentation (including week 10 checklist) with prospect in tryjive

    Week 13 - Week 16:


    Wrap Up Phase



    Collect anecdotes from users.


    Tabulate key metrics

    Solidify production considerationsRep/SE/Services/Security/Hosting/Legal
    Second to last week: Wrap up meeting with Key SponsorRep/SE/RVP





    MilestoneExpected Result
    Expect tapering off of trafficIndicative of pilot ending. Good defense against the (we need a few more weeks argument)
    Unexpected Champion

    Find the anecdotal user for the executive presentation who took to this

    Unexpected Use caseFind a use that was not even forecast at the beginning of the pilot
    Meaningful next step conversationLegal, procurement, IT, etc



    Week 17 onward:


    Possibility 1. Loss: Client is entitled to data. lock down site and leave community managers to harvest what is needed. Work with hosting to get more as needed


    Possibility 2. Win and stay in cloud:


    Possibility 3: Win but move to Hosted or On-Prem. Move is only doable in q4 when cloud and hosted sync (note some features in from cloud will not move to hosting)