Version 1

    Labels are Jive’s alternative to Mailing/Distribution Lists. By spending a few minutes creating labels, users can leverage them to quickly reach out to a group of users within their community.


    Labels are created on a user-by-user basis, and their existence is only visible to the creator. Recipients of shares or direct messages where labels were used, see only the list of participants, not the label itself.


    Labels are great for connecting with your immediate team, or other clusters of users with whom you frequently communicate, by saving you time from having to type out individual names.


    To create a new label:

    1. To be able to use Labels, you must first be following other people within your community. You may only apply labels to users you are following. 
    2. Navigate to the People browse interface.
    3. Click on Following in the left-hand navigation menu.
    4. Under Following, click on Create Label.
    5. Select a color to represent the label and name it.
    6. Click the Save button.  The screen should automatically refresh the first time you create a label.
    7. Once refreshed, now you will see a new “Apply Labels” button next to the “Following” button for each of your connections. This new button resembles a silhouette with dot on the shoulder.
    8. You can create multiple labels and then scroll through your connections and click on the labels button to apply them to one (or more) of your labels and simply select which label from the modal dropdown that appears. 
    9. As you apply labels to your connections, you will see the corresponding color dots appear next to their names.

    To use a label:

    Labels can be used anywhere in the community where you see the “Select People” option which shows up as a magnifying class icon.  This includes messages, shares, document approval as well as many more.