Version 1

    Status updates let you share what’s going on right now with others in your community. You can add links, pictures, or @mention a person, a place, or a piece of content to increase the visibility of your update.


    Status updates can be created as a community wide status or in a select group.


    To create a status update:

    1. Click Create > Status Update.
    2. Enter your update and include any photos or @mentions you’d like to include.
    3. Include tags if you’d like your status update to be searchable later. Entering # before a word in your status update turns that word into a tag.
    4. Choose where to post your status update.  The default will be in the community but can be changed to a place.
    5. Click the Post button to post your update.
    6. If you posted the status update in the community it will appear in the Activity Stream.  If in a place it will appear in that place’s activity stream.