Version 1

    Having the ability to create your own custom streams allows you to customize the way you view activity across the site. While “Activity” surfaces site-wide activity and “Connections Stream” showcases the activity of all the connections you’ve established, the Custom Stream feature allows you to further “filter out the noise” by picking and choosing people and places to follow in a very targeted fashion. You can set up custom streams for teams, working groups, projects, etc…


    To create a new stream:

    1. For an internal community, click the Home button to access the Activity Stream
    2. For an external community, click the drop down next to your name or avatar and choose Inbox & Activity.
    3. Under Activity click on > New Stream.
    4. You’ll be able to search People and Places in the search box provided in the stream set-up window. You’ll also see suggestions for People and Places presented to you. To add a person or place: click on the add button or drag and drop the entry into the empty column to the left of the search or suggestion results.
    5. You can turn email notifications on/off for each of your custom streams on this page, as well. The notifications button can be found above the list of people and places you’ve selected to follow in this stream.   These can also be modified in your preferences page.
    6. Give your stream a name.
    7. Click Done.

    The stream will immediately begin to populate.


    To edit your streams:

    1. Click on your custom stream.
    2. Click on the small edit wheel that appears next to it.
    3. In the modal box that appears, you can edit, delete, and set the stream as your default view.