Version 1

    In the community there are places you go to collaborate.  These places are generally named for a specific topic or purpose.  There are three main places available; spaces, groups and projects.  Alternatively you can also use your personal container.


    Each place can contain multiple types of content including discussions, documents, blog posts, polls and other additional content types.



    Spaces are created by administrators in a specific hierarchy.  Users are granted permissions to each content type in the space to foster role-based collaboration.



    Groups are created by any user and are created when needed.  Each group stands alone in a flat structure.  Users can create a group and invite people to the group to help collaborate. Groups use team based collaboration where all members of the group have equal rights to the content.



    Projects are places that are created in spaces and groups for project management types of collaboration.  They allow the assigning of tasks and adding checkpoints (milestones) for the project.