Version 1

    One of the main decisions you will need to make when creating a group or project is which type of landing page you will need to employ.  Each page has it’s own uses but both do the same thing:  surface the content and collaboration of your place.


    Overview Page

    The overview page uses various layouts and widgets to allow the place owner to fully customize what is being surfaced and where it’s being surfaced. 


    This page allows the place owner to have a wide range of flexibility but also requires more overall work to set up the page.


    The widgets on the page can vary by type and you can add as many on the page as needed. 


    Activity Page

    The activity page uses a set layout and tiles to allow the place owner to display the collaboration in the place.  These pages are great for places that require little organization and want to focus on getting the collaboration going as soon as possible.


    This type of page is rigid in layout and can have between one to seven total tiles but also can make use of the predetermined place templates.  Each template has a preset set of tiles that will be added when using the template.


    The tiles, while limited in total number and placement on the page, can be added/removed and moved up and down in the display to customize the template to your needs.  Once any changes are made you can then save that customization as a personal template you can use again without having to redo the work.


    How do you choose?

    As stated, each landing page has its strengths. When making a decision there are a few factors you can take into account.

    • Do you need to have your content in a very focused and organized display?  If so, you’ll want to look at using an overview page.
    • Do you need to get people in and start collaborating immediately and don’t really need a lot of structure in your place?  If so, you’ll want to look at using an activity page.
    • In the end any place can use either landing page.  Note:  It’s strongly recommended to pick just one to use.