Version 1

    The activity page allows the place owner to have a lightweight low customization landing page that can get up and running quickly when they do not need a high level of organization for the content within the place.


    To modify the activity page:


    1. Click the manage drop down and choose settings.
    2. To modify a specific template, first determine if the tile needs to be configured.  Some tiles will auto populate based on certain activities in the place.  If the tile can be configured, the gear wheel icon will be available.  If not, it cannot be configured.
    3. Each tile can move up and down in relation to other tiles.  Click the buttons for up or down to move the tiles to the position you need them to be at.
    4. To remove a tile from the page, click the trashcan icon for the tile. In its place will be an empty place with the “Add a tile” link.  If you choose to not add a tile to this position, once the page is saved all existing tiles will move up automatically.
    5. To add a new tile, click the Add a tile link.  Tiles are organized in certain categories.  Select the category and then the tile you wish to use. Selecting the tile will add it to the page.


    Activity pages also allow you to use a pre-designed template with a set of features (content types) and tiles already selected.


    Select a template for your place (requires the activity page):


    1. Click the manage drop down and choose settings.
    2. Click the Browse templates button at the top of the page.
    3. Select the category (example: General) and then the template (ex: Team Collaboration) you wish to use.
    4. Click the Apply Template button to apply the template.


    Just because you use a template does not mean you cannot modify the tiles in that template.  If you do decide to change some tiles you can then save that template for your personal use in any other place you manage.  This will limit the amount of repetitive work you have to do.


    1. Once the activity page has been saved, click the Manage drop down and choose Save as new template. 
    2. Give the template a new name and optionally a description.  You can also tag the template.
    3. Click the Save button.  The template will appear in the My Templates category for any place you manage.