Version 1

    An overview page for a place allows the place owner to change the layout and widgets on the page to surface the collaboration in the exact way they wish.


    To customize the page:

    1. On the landing page that you manage, click the Manage drop down and choose Overview Page.
    2. In the blue popup window, select a layout style from the Layout menu on the left. Choosing a layout will update your content view below. Try several layouts to find one you want to use. You can change it later if you don’t like it.
    3. In the Widgets menu on the right, choose from a selection of widgets to display certain types of activity and/or content.
    4. To add a new widget, select the desired widget and click/drag the green “Drag to Add” button to the desired location on the page.  The area will highlight green where it will drop.  Release the mouse button to drop the widget on the page.
    5. To remove a widget from the page, click the drop down in the top right corner of the widget and choose Remove this widget.  
    6. To edit the properties of a widget, click the drop down in the top right corner of the widget and choose Edit this widget.  Each widget will have at least one property you can modify to change the behavior of the widget.  The default property is the widget title.
    7. If you wish to reset any changes you make to your page you can cancel the changes by clicking on the Discard Changes button.  To restore the page to the default available when the place was created click the Restore Defaults button.
    8. When your content is organized to your satisfaction, click the Publish Layout button.

    Here are some common widgets available.

    • Displaying custom information
      • HTML – allows the input of custom HTML, CSS and JavaScript  
      • Formatted Text – allows the use of the Rich Text Editor available when creating content in the widget
      • View Document – allows the display of the contents in a collaborative document in the widget.
    • Content Widgets
      • Recent Content – displays latest active content
      • Recent Activity – displays latest activity in the place
      • Popular Content – displays the most popular content in the place
    • People Widgets
      • Featured user – feature a specific user
    • Place Widgets
      • Groups – display a list of associated groups based on a common tag(s)
      • Featured Places – feature a specific place
      • Projects – lists all projects in the place