Version 1

    Any content, comment or reply can be marked for action.  This process will send an action item to the user’s Action stream where they can view and resolve each action.  This process allows you to bring collaboration to other’s attention and set a direct need for action on the collaboration.


    To mark a collaboration for action:


    1. For the original piece of content, click the Mark for Action link under the Actions list to the right of the content.
    2. For a comment or reply click the Actions drop down on the reply and select the Mark for Action link.
    3. Enter the description of the action needed. This should be what you need yourself and others to do.
    4. Optionally select other people to bring into the action by clicking the radio button next to “Bring in others to resolve this action item.”
    5. Enter the user(s) name to bring in or optionally use a connection label to include many people.
    6. Click the Mark button to finish the action.


    Resolve an action:


    1. Navigate to your Actions stream.
    2. Find the action you need to resolve and click the Resolve link to the far right side of the action.
    3. The modal pop-up will show the action description, participants and a link to the conversation.  Click the Resolve link at the bottom of the pop-up.
    4. Enter the resolution of the action in the description field.
    5. Click the Mark button to finish the resolution.