Version 1

    Any content can me marked as final, official or outdated to help other users determine the outcome of the content in question.


    To mark a content outcome:


    1. Navigate to the content in question.
    2. Under the Actions menu located to the right of the content, choose to mark the content outcome as Final, Official or Outdated.
    3. You can only mark one outcome of the content, except for success, which can be added as well.
    4. If you mark content as one of the three outcomes the outcome will be displayed above the title of the content and list the user who marked the outcome.
    5. If you wish to change the outcome to something else (example:  Changing something from Final to Outdated) simply select the new outcome and confirm the selection.


    Note:  Outdated will allow you to enter a URL to the more updated content.


    Why is the Success outcome allowed to be included with the other outcomes?  The reason for this is the success outcome can be applied to any collaboration, including comments and replies while Final, Outdated and Official can only be applied to the top level piece of content (example:  the blog post, document or discussion).