Version 1

    Checkpoints are time points, such as milestones, along your project timeline that remind you to check on the progress of your project to help you stay on track.


    To add a checkpoint to your project:

    1. Browse to, or select a project that you want to add a checkpoint to.
    2. In the header section of the project, click the Actions link and choose Checkpoint.
    3. In the Create a new checkpoint window, enter information in the Name and Description fields, and choose a due date.
    4. Click the Add Checkpoint button. Your checkpoint shows up as a flag icon on the date you specified within the Project Calendar, and on the Checkpoints timeline.
    5. Click the checkpoint flag icon in either the Project Calendar or on the Checkpoints timeline to view a pop-up window containing information about that checkpoint. Edit or delete the checkpoint by clicking on the links at the bottom of the pop-up window.