Version 1

    Tasks are the small pieces of work that help you achieve a larger goal. You can create tasks for yourself, or assign them to other people. Tasks can be created inside of projects to help guide project members to the project goal, or they can be assigned outside of a project to help you and others stay on track. You decide whether to add a task to a project or not when you create the task.


    To create a task using the create menu:


    1. Click Create > Task
    2. Enter a description for the task
    3. Choose the project you wish the task to be created under (choose None for a personal task).
    4. By default the task will be assigned to you for personal tasks.  If placing the task in a project a “X” will appear in the name that will allow you to change who the task is assigned to.
    5. Choose a due date for the task.
    6. Click the Add Task button.
    7. Optionally there is an “advanced” link next to the close button.  Click that to access the full task creation options.


    To create a task from the Actions menu in a project:


    1. Navigate to the project you wish to create the task in.
    2. In the header section of the project, click the Actions link and choose Task.
    3. Determine whom the task will be assigned to.  Note: you can only assign a single person to a task.
    4. Enter a description, optionally change the project and choose a due date.
    5. In the notes section, enter any additional information for the task as needed.
    6. Enter tags for the task to improve search’s ability to find it.
    7. Click the Add Task or Add and add another (if you’re adding multiple tasks).